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hello tkog, how's it going! recently when im rewatching the "everything in its right place" live of their 2006 gig, i noticed that even when thom left the stage, the band is still play. and i know that thom's vocal is controlled by jonny, but how about the keyboard part, ed maybe? meanwhile even after EVERYONE left the stage it's still making some changing beat and reverse sound, and thom's vocal is still looping. so how do u think they did that?

Hello there, it is going well!

For live performances of Everything In Its Right Place from 2000 to 2009, the band’s roles were as follows:

  • Thom sings, plays Rhodes piano.
  • Jonny samples and processes Thom’s vocals with his Korg Kaoss Pad KP1 and pedalboard. Starting in 2003, he also samples and processes Phil’s percussion after Thom stops singing.
  • Ed processes and samples Thom’s Rhodes piano with his pedalboard.
  • Colin plays bass.
  • Phil plays drums.

Ed’s Role

Jonny’s processing of Thom’s vocals is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the Everything In Its Right Place live outro, but it is Ed’s looping of Thom’s keyboard playing that gives Jonny the room to mess around. When the whole band is playing, Ed runs loops of the Rhodes piano through his delays and other effects to build up interesting textures. He usually records a longer sample of Thom’s playing, and uses the DL4′s “play once” function to play back a shorter section of the loop. He’ll often layer a processed version of the same chord progression that Thom is playing, creating a much thicker texture than the Rhodes piano could provide on its own. However, once Thom leaves the stage, Ed at some point switches to “playing” the loopers (his Line 6 DL4 and Akai Headrush) themselves without using too many other effects.

Ed manipulating the volume knobs of his Akai Headrush E1 and Boss DD5 at the end of the 2001 Canal+ performance of Everything In Its Right Place (youtube).

The band’s 2001 Canal+ performance of EIIRP provides a good demonstration of how Radiohead often end the song. Near the five minute mark, we see Thom leaving the stage for the last time, while Phil and Colin following close behind. At this point, Ed, panned left, is turning a loop of the Rhodes into a spiraling pad by adjusting his Boss DD-5, while Jonny, panned right, is manipulating a loop of Thom vocals with his Kaoss Pad. By about 5:45, Ed has switched to an unmodified loop of the song’s primary chord progression. When Jonny leaves, the loop of the main chord progression is all that remains (plus one of Ed’s delays which is slowly beginning to self-oscillate).

Ed’s Line 6 DL4 during the 2001 Canal+ performance (youtube). The unit is set for looper mode, with all of the delay knobs set to zero to disable it. Ed is adjusting the mix knob, which controls the volume of the loop.

From the Radiohead’s 2003 Glastonbury performance of Everything In Its Right Place: Ed triggers the “play once” function of his Line 6 DL4 with his right hand while adjusting the delay time of his Boss DD5 with his left. He takes a potato chip, and eats it.

Jonny’s Percussion Sampling

On the Glastonbury 2003 performance. Jonny captures a clip of Phil’s drums four minutes into the song, then manipulates this new loop for the subsequent two minutes. This loop is the only percussion present for the thirty seconds after Phil stops playing. Jonny similarly records and manipulates a loop of Phil’s percussion at the 2003 MTV $2 Bill concert. It’s worth noting that like on Canal+, Ed’s looped Rhodes is all that remains at the end of Glastonbury performance.

Jonny with his Korg Kaoss Pad KP1 during the Glastonbury performance of Everything In Its Right Place, 2003.06.28.

Bonnaroo 2006

Clocking in at over eight minutes, Radiohead’s Bonnaroo 2006 performance of Everything In Its Right Place is a both a spectacular performance and a good demonstration of Ed and Jonny’s looping techniques at the time.

At the start of the Bonnaroo performance, Ed captures a loop of Thom’s short introduction. We hear a long clip of this introduction played back at the end of the song, which nicely bookends the performance. For most of the performance, however, Ed builds glitchy textures with other loops of Thom’s playing. He likely used his Akai Headrush to capture the initial loop, and his Line 6 DL4 to capture the loops which he manipulated more intensely. Additionally, during the section when Thom for the second time begins singing “in its right place”, Ed applies his Phase 90 and other effects to the directly output of the Rhodes piano, rather than to a loop (youtube). As with his loops, this modified version of the keyboard part is layered with the dry version of the Rhodes piano at the mixing desk.

Ed adjusting the volume of his Akai Headrush E1 while trigger the “play once” feature on his Line 6 DL4, MTV $2 Bill concert, 2003.06.05 (youtube).

For the first six minutes of the song, Jonny manipulates Thom’s vocals in his usual eclectic way. After Thom heads to the front of the stage, Jonny records a new loop from Thom’s mic. Since Thom is no longer singing, what he gets a mix of Phil’s percussion and noises from the crowd. The loop is initially run through Jonny’s Boss SD1, which had been used to distort Thom’s vocals, but Jonny soon turns off the overdrive and turns on his Boss RV3. You can hear a clearer example of Jonny sampling the crowd and Phil’s percussion simultaneously in this soundboard recording (panned to the right) from Radiohead’s 2006 performance at Rock Oz'Arènes.

One of Jonny’s pedalboards in 2006, showing his Akai Headrush E1, and settings for his BOSS SD1 and BOSS RV3. His RV3 is set for a plate reverb, with an equal mix, dark sound, and medium decay. His SD1 is set with full volume and gain, to really push his Vox AC30 into its natural overdrive. Settings are irrelevant for his Akai Headrush because he uses it exclusively as a looper.

What’s surprising about the Bonnaroo performance, distinguishing it from 2003 performances, is that we hear a modified loop of Thom’s voice superimposed with Jonny’s percussion/crowd sampling. This occurs around six minutes into the performance. Jonny’s Kaoss Pad KP1 cannot store loops, and the KP1 is playing back percussion sounds, so Jonny must have recording some of his earlier manipulations of Thom’s voice with his Akai Headrush E1, but chose not to play them back until this point.

Jonny seems to have used this technique elsewhere in 2006, and we can simultaneously hear both his live manipulations of drums sounds and his looped manipulations of Thoms vocals in the previously mentioned Rock Oz'Arènes performance. The band’s performance at Golden Gate Park in August, 2008, also features simultaneous drum and vocal loops. Even after Jonny leaves the stage during that performance, we can hear a clear loop of his vocal manipulations, playing from his Akai Headrush, as well as a reversed loop of Phil’s percussion playing from his Korg Kaoss Pad and running through his DOD440 and Roland Space Echo. Jonny must have the Kaoss Pad’s “hold” function turned on in order to keep it looping after he stopped touching it (the “hold” is what lets him get some particularly crazy effects in this performance by freeing up his hands to mess with his DOD440 and Whammy simultaneously).

Jonny manipulating his Korg Kaoss Pad and DOD440 at Glastonbury, 2003. Alongside his Digitech Whammy, the DOD envelope filter is a favorite of Jonny’s for processing his Kaoss Pad loops.


From the first performances in 2000, Ed has looped Thom’s keyboards and Jonny has looped Thom’s vocals. Starting in 2003, Jonny also began sampling Phil’s percussion after Thom had left the stage. By 2006, Jonny started using his Akai Headrush to record some of his Kaoss Pad manipulations, and would play them back later in the performance while he manipulated new loops of Phil’s percussion and the sounds of the crowd. Ed and Jonny always left their loopers going when the left the stage, resulting in keyboard, vocal, and percussion loops repeating after the stage had been abandoned by the band. Two of the band’s techs would run out after the band had finished, and turned off Ed and Jonny’s loops simultaneously to give the song a precise ending. This overall setup remained the case through 2009 (although in 2009 Jonny would often manipulate loops of Thom’s vocals for full performances).

yes okay niall is a beautiful and pure sunshine puppy, but he can also be a sassy, sarcastic little shit who gets passive aggressive as fuck so greetings friends, let’s take a journey


why u so bitter niall??? who hurt you? not that couch



he likes to sass interviewers in particular




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his tweets are more often than not lovely gibberish but sometimes we get gems like this;

basically i love nialls sense of humour and it is incredibly underrated

how to study as a busy student

i personally go through this a lot because i have to balance saturday band, honor band, auditions, performances, history club, national history day with school and nonexistant friends. so here u go, friend!! this is my advice to keep up with your (busy) studying!! ha see what i did there im so funny

1. have a planning system. this is a no-brainer. but honestly you’re going to need something to help you keep track of all your deadlines AND your afterschool activities. it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; heck it can even be on your phone. but make sure you’re keeping track of everything.

2. use all the time you can to do your homework. if you’re really behind or you have a lot of homework and not enough time to do it at home, do your homework when you can during school. this does NOT mean trying to set the world record for fastest writer while your teacher is collecting the homework. this means on the bus, waiting for your food/the bus/your friends, those down periods during and between classes, during sports practice, and even during lunch. however do NOT make a habit of this!! i get that its a lot, but please still try to have a life!!!

3. set aside a day a week to solely catch up on school work, and another day just to relax. i usually have saturday as my school work day and sunday as my day to relax and prepare for the week. this may seem contradictory, seeing as you may have sports practice or rehearsal on saturday or something. but think of it this way: you’re already going to be working your butt off that day. you might as well keep that flow going and get all your school work together and catch up on any missing assignments. you can also use that sunday off as your motivation to work hard because youre being rewarded with a completely free day.

4. do your homework on friday. please. just do it. this kind of follows the same concept as above: you have school that day anyways, so keep working your hardest. now, if you have no friends like me, this’ll be easy. but if you have plans on fridays (which you should, seriously, go out), stop working 1-2 hours before you have to go somewhere. you can continue any work you havent completed on your catch-up day.

5. drop one or two things. this sounds really painful!!! but being in a lot of extracurriculars and having a nice application/resume is not as nice as your mental health. not being able to balance too many things at once will stress you out and make you sick. like, i used to be in drama club and i also had piano class on wednesdays. once i got older, i realized that these things looked nice on my honor society application, but i didnt have time for what really mattered. (plus i didn’t rly like them anyways.) if you can work your way around it, fine. but otherwise, keep the things close to your heart and drop what you absolutely don’t have time for.

6. if worst comes to worst, talk to your teachers. they will understand, if you’re struggling to be a well-rounded student and keep up your grades at the same time. this doesn’t mean lie or use your teachers as an easy way out. but rather, if everything becomes too overwhelming, talk to someone.

i really hope that helped @ the original anon who asked me this question! sorry this was so late! i’m quite the busy student myself hahaha

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ok um im so sorry like NOAH FENCE but……….  

niall: ey mate, proud of you

harry: why’s that exactly, niall?

niall: last two in the band to not have gotten a girl pregnant!



harry: true!

*nods and highfives*

Me: *coughs up blood*

Me: I’m fine

Me: *sleeps two hours over a span of three days*

Me: I’m fine

Me: *sees the grim reaper looming out my window*

Me: I’m fine

Band I Like: *puts out new music*


monsta x as family doctors


  • Normal doctor
  • Smooth appointments and paperwork
  • You can’t even feel it when he gives you a shot like you’re in and then you’re out
  • Appointments last 3 minutes max
  • All prescriptions are helpful without any side effects
  • Greatest family doctor in the country


  • “Are you sexually active?”
  • Muscles can’t fit in the lab coat
  • If he gives a shot to a child and the child starts crying, he will start crying too
  • prescribes his own smile to cure things
  • Weighs himself on the baby scale for fun
  • breaks it


  • spends too much time buying band aids of varying designs
  • “what color do you want?” “doctor, I’m 35” “we have hello kitty ones”
  • and different posters to hang up around the office according to the theme that day
  • wants all the kids to like him so he has other doctors administer shots
  • “What’s wrong? Oh you’re shoulder hurts? You poor thing omg I feel so bad come here lemme give you a hug”
  • “what about the medicine?”
  • “yes, that too”


  • A second parent
  • “Eat whole grains, avoid fried foods, exercise an hour each day… but don’t eat apples to keep me away, I will always be here.”
  • does the most extensive physical checkups like he checks your heartbeat, your spine, your eyes, your fingernails, your teeth, your throat, your toenails
  • gives you sugar free lollipop on your way out
  • that pediatrician you keep from when you are 2 to like 36


  • That doctor available for only 2 hours for 3 days a week
  • The waiting room ends up being packed but no one knows where the doctor is
  • He’s actually in the back trying on different colored gloves
  • Looks fine in a lab coat tho
  • spends too much time trying to get the blocks on the weight scale to balance perfectly no matter how long it takes


  • Have you seen the fighter mv
  • Would insist on using that diamond encrusted stethoscope
  • Nobody really knows how he got into med school or if he did at all
  • “Doctor my leg hurts when i do this” “yeah… don’t do that”
  • Prescribes tylenol for everything. Even if you’re missing an arm.
  • “This is over the counter, you don’t need to prescri-” “shhHH it’s magic, trust me”
  • Screams when he has to administer injection because he hates needles
  • Yeah, no one is sure he’s an actual doctor


  • Will spend his entire income trying to deck out the lobby
  • Like plasma screen tv and plants and magazines and a kiddy space
  • Spends all his time playing with the legos until someone walks in
  • “Yeah, no, I was just… I wasn’t actually playing I just…. I’m a doctor I swear.”
  • tries to make puns out of the medication he prescribes on the note but patients can’t understand
  • they get the wrong medicine and end up suing him

Sometimes I wonder how normal people manage to not get obsessed about…literally everything! Im in love with at least 23729 bands, books, tv shows, historical characters, movies…idk stones?
I mean how do they…live? How can the even breath without wanting to talk about those things 24/7? God that must be so boring.

things about brendon urie that i heart

-his thick fuckin thighs holy wow
-smiley boy 24/7 like does this guy ever get sad i hope not
-high heels
-“that breaks my heart that youre calling yourselves trash that really sucks”
-is tired of i write sins not tragedies
-continues to sing i write sins not tragedies
-fucking nice to everyone like ?? how im not even nice to myself
-ends up shirtless by the second half of every concert
-always screaming for some reason
-or just making some odd noise
-hes just cute and hes 2 years old someone give him a lollypop

i might say i hate 1d a lot but i honestly love them so much they mean So much to me, these kids we got to see growing up all with their dreams and visions and they stayed their humble generous incredible selves and they’re all famous a huge stars but don’t forget where they come from and where they belong and always give back to people and they’re so grateful for what they’ve got and help so many people daily not only with what they do and all the charity activities but also their incredible and amazing music which we got to see growing up and changing as they change and as we change as well and they have been through so fucking much we can’t even imagine and what im trying to say is one band one dream one direction