'im human deal with it'

        Scarlet. please keep in mind i’m autistic darlings, i can’t pick up on hints most of the time and it’s not me blatantly ignoring you….i LITERALLY don’t realise when someone is hinting at me for or about something. Also being passive aggressive with me won’t work in your favour either, if you do that you’re just going to end up pissing me off and i’ll block you. Life is hard enough socially for me without navigating a fucking minefield every time i have a conversation with someone. It’s better to be straight forward and honest with me because i’m very liberal with the block button. This isn’t a vague, or about anyone in particular. It’s just a problem i’ve been dealing with for most of my years on the website. Please try to understand i think differently, i process things differently. If i say something or do something to upset you its not on purpose, please tell me if ive upset you because hinting or being passive aggressive won’t work. I know i can be frustrating, talking to me can be like going round in circles over and over ( @hydrasperfectweapon knows this all too well ). Sometimes i need things explained to me, sometimes i don’t know how to process or deal with something so i lash out or i say something that’s on my mind without thinking. If i’ve ever upset you i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to. But please tell me, don’t leave it hanging between us. Speak up if i upset you or read something wrong. I’d rather know than make that mistake again. <3


ive been trying to novelize some of the stuff thats gone down in homeworld

also Overthinking™ bc ocd is a fun time i love doing this instead of writing what im supposed to be writing

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