'im human deal with it'

This ship will probably be the death of me. wtf is the name of this ship anyways i’ve seen ghost blossom and phantom flower???/ im going back to traditional

I am in love with every design I saw of Cagney, like every single one. Every. Single. One.

ayyyy cagney and blind specter HCs

most are ghostblossom but some are just cagney or just specter

these are also human HCs


i’ve already made a seperate post about this but cagney is a fake bitch, he’s nice to everyone but he will backstab most anybody in a second. He only genuinely likes;

The Root Pack, they garden with him on the weekends and they give him advice about his relationship and vice versa, plus Moe sometimes helps with his ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ poems

Wally and Wally jr, he likes the kid because he’s so smart and mature for his age, and he’s just as fake as himself, the kid will put on this 'cute kid’ act that only Cagney, Werner, and his dad knows is fake, and Cagney loves him for it. He likes Wally because he knows almost everyone’s secrets and gossips a lot

how Cagney met Specter was when he was wandering in Isle 3 near the train tracks he saw The Phantom Express stop near him, and he saw this ghost conductor. The guy caught him staring and he waved frantically with a big dopey grin on his face, and Cagney immediately thought 'oH NO HE’S CUTE’. Cagney just kinda turned and walked away because oh no this cute guy caught me STARING at him, and a few days later, Cagney finally worked up the courage to actually go near the tracks again, and he saw the same ghost conductor, but he was talking to a skeleton. Cagney was staring again as the ghost was waving his arms around excitedly as he talked, and the skeleton noticed Cagney and poked the ghost’s shoulder and pointed at Cagney. The ghost turned to look at him staring and waved frantically again with the same dopey grin, and Cagney ran away. When Cagney got back to his home he started watering his flowers and almost dropped his watering can when someone yelled behind him, he turned around to see the ghost quickly floating towards him and only stopping when he was right in Cagney’s face. He told Cag that the skeleton (who he found out was named T-Bone) let him go after him, how he saw that Cag was staring a few days earlier, and that he wanted to hang out. Cag was frozen and all that was going through his head was 'THIS CUTE GUY ACTUALLY FOLLOWED ME TO MY HOME AND IS TALKING TO ME AND WANTS TO HANG OUT’. Spec’s nervous smile kinda faltered bc 'what’s happening have i read this wrong does he actually hate me’ and a few seconds later Cag yelled “YES I WOULD LOVE THAT PLEASE” and Spec was all excited and told him that he had to leave but he’ll see him again to hang out

Spec is very emotional and gets passionate about almost everything, Cag loves seeing a certain smile on Spec’s face that indicates that he’s so passionate about something

I forgot who it was, but someone posted about Specter being voiced by Jack McBrayer (Wander and Fix-it Felix) and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS

Spec is a huge sore loser, he will pout and not talk to you for a minute, then gets over it

Spec doesn’t like silence, he thinks any silence between a conversation is awkward silence, so he either talks a lot or asks a lot of questions/prompts stories

Cagney likes to complain and gossip with Spec

Spec likes to think he’s the tough guy in their relationship, but then Cag comes along and that thought immediately goes out the window because he likes being the little spoon and he just loves attention from his sunflower

Cagney loves lifting Spec in a hug and swinging him around, and he loves kissing Spec’s forehead

Spec is shorter than Cagney when he’s not floating, and Cagney loves to rub it in his face

Cagney gives Spec all his 'roses are red, violets are blue’ poems and Spec keeps every single one of them in a little safe in his room

The Phantom express will tease Spec to hell and back, especially when Cagney walks him to work with his arm wrapped around his waist. Spec just blushes and hides his face in his hands

Spec gets little hearts in the eyes in his hands when Cag is around

Spec always has his hair tied up because of work, and Cagney has only seen him in his uniform, so when Spec has a day off and shows up to Cagney’s place in a hoodie and sweats with his hair down, Cag is kinda shocked bc he’s never seen his chill bf actually look chill?? he always looks so formal and now he looks lazy-but both look so good on him and how?? does he do this??

Cagney has really soft hair and loves people touching his hair, and what a coincidence,,,, Spec loves touching Cag’s soft hair,,

They have cuddle sessions where Cag’s head is on Spec’s lap and Spec just feels and strokes his hair, and Cag always falls asleep sooner or later

Cagney asked Spec why he’s a ghost but he can touch things and Spec just shrugged

Cagney never cries, but Spec cries a lot, even if it’s happy crying. Spec once cried because he saw a dog walking near the tracks and it was 'such a beautiful dog’

Cag and Spec are very different in many ways, Cag is introverted while Spec is extroverted, Cag is very mean and judgemental while Spec is very optimistic and Is very passionate, etc

if you asked Spec why they’re together, he will go on a five hour long rant about how Cag is perfect, but if you ask Cag, he’ll either shrug and say “he’s great” if he’s done with the convo, or go on a TEN hour long rant about how Spec is perfect

Cagney loves and supports his boyfriend doing anything unless it’s him getting hurt

Cagney gives Spec so many flowers, The Phantom Express is filled with them

Spec’s really innocent and Cag kinda gets frustrated and flustered when someone tells a dirty joke bc he knows but Spec doesn’t and that makes it way more funny and then spec asks why it’s so funny and he has to say 'Nothing, boo’ and Spec repeatedly asks bc he doesn’t get it but he can’t tell him

Cagney calls Spec 'Boo Bear’ or 'Eye Candy’ when they’re alone, or just 'Boo’ when they’re in public, and Spec calls Cag flower names like 'Sunflower’, 'Tulip’, and 'Poppy’ because it also sound like papi and it drives Cagney insane

Cagney thought Spec was actually calling him daddy when he called him 'poppy’ and he always got flustered when Spec called him that and Spec was like “??? maybe he just really likes the nickname????” then Cagney told him and he just went “o h”

ya know i originally made this blog in July so I had a place to talk abt how much I love my favorite sex workers so I could reblog them and praise them and let them know I appreciate them since I couldn’t on my sfw blog and now so many of them have followed me back and when I remember that now I am ACTUAL MUTUALS with my idols it’s so insanely exciting and my heart does the “!!!!!!” thing and just wow I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you!!

@grimygurl @sadbaffoon @beebeego @peachieparadise @nubilefae @stonedlilbrat (and anyone else I left out) I’m so glad we’re mutuals and I’m sorry that I haven’t personally reached out to you guys and let you know how much it means to me that you recognized my existence cause you guys are my favs and I love you tons 💖💖

I’m still breathing ;;;;

For all those that are wondering when im going to draw more SU art. I will, i tend to draw around steven bombs. I wont be done with SU until the show is over.

Also mostly the lack of art is because my life has been pretty hectic lately. My dog died about 2 weeks ago, my great aunt died 2 months ago, i just had a new job interview today, im still working at my current shit job until i start my new one that will give me a LOT more free time, I’ve been to the doctor a LOT within 2 months, i started taking depression meds, and ive been more in a mood to play Overwatch to blank out my mind and relax.

Im human like the rest of you all. Im trying to deal with my own mental battles and trying to please yall with content either its fanart or original stuff.

This new job will have me on a set schedule. Same hours and days i work. Ill have holiday weeks off and weekends off, since i will be working at a school. I might also be getting a puppy and if i do ill make her a blog for pictures and moments of her. Would be fun. Ill also have time to work on my projects like comic and other ideas.

Just give me time. 💖

starting tonight, ill be on a short hiatus

lately ive been using my nsfw sideblog to post a lot of silly and crack drawings & comics because of the pressure the serious comics im making put me under. some people have been taking that stuff seriously and honestly im too tired to deal with it, so until i finish the next part of “darker than black” (the only serious comic i have going on there) i wont post any art there. the same thing goes for this blog. i wont posting any art here until i finish the next part of “we need to talk”.

i love discussing positive and negative aspects of my serious comics, but if the stuff i draw to relax creates that same kind of discourse, then its not relaxing anymore and its just another joke i made thats been turned into a big deal by others.

please, remember im an actual human being with thoughts and emotions. when you say bad stuff about me or my work, it genuinely hurts. thank you in advance for your understanding.

i don’t think people realize that when i’m describing myself to them in terms of my personality disorder and i say i “see” myself differently every day, i mean i actually see myself differently. looking in the mirror or examining my physical appearance is literally changed from day to day–or really even hour to hour–depending on, like, fifteen different factors. and the personality that goes with each one is also very fluid. it is, without exaggeration, like i’m looking at different people who have very mildly similar characteristics to my own every day, and guess what else? i have absolutely no emotional ties to myself. if most people look in the mirror they have that “that’s me” natural reaction. nope. none of that shit. who the hell is that? i haven’t the foggiest idea. so don’t fucking tell me “nobody really knows who they are” and “everyone has those days” because you have no clue. you really don’t. shut the fuck up.

probably the hardest thing is deleting a message instead of replying because you know you dont need to justify yourself