'im human deal with it'

I’m still breathing ;;;;

i don’t think people realize that when i’m describing myself to them in terms of my personality disorder and i say i “see” myself differently every day, i mean i actually see myself differently. looking in the mirror or examining my physical appearance is literally changed from day to day–or really even hour to hour–depending on, like, fifteen different factors. and the personality that goes with each one is also very fluid. it is, without exaggeration, like i’m looking at different people who have very mildly similar characteristics to my own every day, and guess what else? i have absolutely no emotional ties to myself. if most people look in the mirror they have that “that’s me” natural reaction. nope. none of that shit. who the hell is that? i haven’t the foggiest idea. so don’t fucking tell me “nobody really knows who they are” and “everyone has those days” because you have no clue. you really don’t. shut the fuck up.

probably the hardest thing is deleting a message instead of replying because you know you dont need to justify yourself

starting tonight, ill be on a short hiatus

lately ive been using my nsfw sideblog to post a lot of silly and crack drawings & comics because of the pressure the serious comics im making put me under. some people have been taking that stuff seriously and honestly im too tired to deal with it, so until i finish the next part of “darker than black” (the only serious comic i have going on there) i wont post any art there. the same thing goes for this blog. i wont posting any art here until i finish the next part of “we need to talk”.

i love discussing positive and negative aspects of my serious comics, but if the stuff i draw to relax creates that same kind of discourse, then its not relaxing anymore and its just another joke i made thats been turned into a big deal by others.

please, remember im an actual human being with thoughts and emotions. when you say bad stuff about me or my work, it genuinely hurts. thank you in advance for your understanding.