'im human deal with it'

I was thinking to myself that Hale is also a German-Jewish last name and considering making the Hale family Jewish exclusively for the purpose of Derek arguing with Cora about getting a Christmas tree while Isaac is confused in the background. 

But then the phrase “werewolf on your mother’s side” occurred to me and I couldn’t stop laughing. But now that I’m done laughing, I’m now convinced A: there are alot of Jewish werewolf families and B: that’s legitimately A Thing and why some of the strongest packs are matriarchal. You actually have to be werewolf on your mother’s side to be a born werewolf. 

stop pretending you don’t notice

I am so tired of witnessing the poison of pride

it masks the little humanity we have left

tearing apart the comfort of closeness

you isolate yourselves without knowing

or knowingly push away those already at the edge

just to watch them fall and become another stepping stone for that unworthy sole

how can you not see that you are hurting her?

she is screaming and you have turned up the sound of peer admiration to block it out

where can she fall once the ground has been stolen from her?

the one place she thought safe becomes a bomb beneath her bruised legs

ready to explode that naive purity at one incorrect step

since when is status valued more than friendship?

or appearance more than worth?

I am so so tired

you’re killing her and she is letting it happen

- this is for a friend  


i feel like im dying, im behind on all the work that i need to do, and im getting butchered by sjws. i kinda actually considered killing myself for some reason this morning, and i feel like i just went through a meat grinder. and im posting all of this on a shitty website called tumblr because im a pitiful little bitch and i should probably actually kill myself for the betterment of humanity. and im a pussy and a coward because i cant deal with all this bullshit without bitching on social media to people who i care about and causing them stress. so yeah i should probably just go die now bye.