'im happy'


Jiyong letting us know he’s on a boat

mika and yuu in c3 for @yuichiroswife

So I was in the car with my dad the other day...

And we were talking about Star Wars, particularly the last Jedi and where it was going, and fan theories. We got to the stuff going around about Rey’s parentage and I said, “Yeah, a lot of people are still clinging on to the Rey Skywalker theory although it’s already been debunked numerous amounts of time. I just feel bad, you know? They are gonna be really disappointed when the movie comes out.” He nodded, and then I went on to say, “Also I know a few people who think she’s a solo, which…I mean, come on.” AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY FATHER SAID??? IN THE MOST MATTER-O-FACT, NONCHALANT WAY, HE SAID : “The only way Rey is gonna be a solo is if she marries Ben.” I SPIT OUT MY WATER ALLLLLL OVER THE STEERING WHEEL. I WAS LIKE “HUH? WHAT??? WHAT WAS THAT YOU JUST SAID?” And he started laughing and said, “Well duh, I thought you knew that. That’s the only way that’s going down.” And I just….

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speaking of acting tho…………
its about a black witch girl that moves into a new town and she hasn’t gotten her powers yet and i might be playing the best friend who shows her around
im so scared because i don’t want to fuck this up
the guy whos casting has worked on The Walking Dead so im extra nervous because i am not up to par BUT
im stoked
i head out friday to LA and 
this whole experience is so surreal because i never ever thought id become an actor or even try to pursue it

what ever you do, don’t imagine amy going home after jake goes to jail. don’t imagine how quiet and empty their apartment feels without him. and how she can’t really remember it ever being just her apartment. it’s like he’s lived there forever. and now suddenly. he isn’t there. don’t imagine her waking up with a lump in her throat because he isn’t in the bed too. don’t imagine her not being able to bring herself to put away his leather jacket which he left hanging on the handle of their cupboard. or her staring at it for minutes on end sometimes. don’t imagine her looking up from her desk at work and almost expecting him to be looking back. don’t imagine her going to visit him at jail for the first time. how she smiles when she sees him, tears sparking in her eyes, but she swallows them down and doesn’t let them fall. not yet. don’t imagine her breaking down in the car after that visit. sobbing, her head on the steering wheel. instead imagine the smile that breaks out across her face when jake is finally released. imagine the sob of joy as jake runs into her arms and she hugs him like there’s no tomorrow. imagine her and jake going home. talking. laughing. hugging. kissing. imagine them together. imagine them happy.

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Hi! I really love your YOI Sun and Moon AU and suddenly the idea of Yuuri reflecting Victor's light comes to my mind... Like, it's so relevant that Yuuri's skate in YOI reflecting Victor's love and emotion and I'm so emo rn as well

*finger guns* you’re welcome

but really it’s day and night, not really sun and moon. the idea is mostly about how one cannot be without the other

Things I have thought while in public

“Oh my goossshhh your hair is so cute.”

Woah you’re hot.”

“Her voice was so nice to listen to and her smile was so adorable.”

“Your nose is really boopable.”

Who authorized your kid to be so quiet and patient. Wow.”

“Your car is rad, my dude.”