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(some) iconic jongdae moments in 2017 // #HappyChenDay

every time you smile, a star is born. when you laugh, a flower blooms. when you sing, an angel descends from heaven. when you exist, the world becomes a better place.

happy birthday to the most beautiful, loving and caring angel, kim jongdae 💞

fuckin uhhhh i hate it when ppl repost my art, idc if you say you’re doing it with “good intentions” to give my art exposure or to “help” me spread my art bc thats bullshit you’re just having fun gaining followers off of other people’s hard work so hop off maybe ^_^

anonymous asked:

Favourite song from high school musical?

From the original? What I’ve Been Looking For, but only the Ryan and Sharpay version. But from the trilogy(?) as a whole? thiS KID. 

LIKE. the production. the sets. the transitions. the Fosse break. NICE.

to be fair tho, Bet On It is a super close second.  


clizzy being super gay for each other way back in 1.04

happy belated birthday @queenvsansa​!