'i've seen better'


Robert Lewandowski scores FC Bayern’s only goal vs Atletico Madrid (6 Dec, 2016) and celebrates to indicate that he and his wife Anna are expecting their first child.


these fuckers just love to put on a show

Ever notice how people only ever seem to talk about how platonic friendship between characters is So Important when one of the characters isn’t conventionally attractive?

Thank you!

So I did a thing after the first episode of Yuri!!! On Ice aired - I  immediately ran upstairs and created this blog because I knew that this show was really special and I was going to obsess love it to pieces.

Turns out, I’m not the only nerd who fell in love with it! There’s over 3K of you who are now following my crappy side blog alone, which makes my head explode! I am amazed and thankful for the community that we have built in the past six weeks. We’ve got six more episodes left and there’s more people joining us everyday.

We are legion, people!

With this said, I just want to remind everyone to be patient and kind to our new members, and for the new members to be patient and kind right back. Remember, there isn’t one true way to ship, and my ship isn’t your ship. LOVE WINS!

See you at the Grand Prix Finals!  XO

Okay but do you think Oswald has actually started daydreaming about Edward? Like do you think he sits there thinking about how cute his hair looks today or how well fitted that suit is on him or how adorable he looks when he smiles? Do you think Oswald gets butterflies and giddy over replaying their past interactions in his mind???????????????


Andrew Lincoln as Edgar Linton in Wuthering Heights.  

Oh, man. I just looked in my tag and I’ve been added to a “dangerous” TenRose/Rose Tyler blog list. So have a lot of my mutuals and others I recognize. @pipertennant @heartbreakingtennant @whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid you all and others are on there. I wrote out a response and it’s in my drafts. It’s snarky & sarcastic & my type of funny. Some of my best work really. I’m trying to talk myself out of posting it and engaging with this person because it can only lead down a bad path BUT it also might amuse me. What to do, what to do?

I’m a little happy I made the list tbh. Watch out tumblr! I’m a dangerous badass now.

#i’ve lived a good life #but sorry friends this was it

Lmao so I see a lot of “it ain’t that deep” or “you’re making it too edgy and stuff ” type of stuff when people make art and stories and hc about the stuff they like and like??? Why r u so salty? Like it costs 0 dollars to let people enjoy what they do??? Like ??? Damn. Take a nap