→ works in progress;

A list of future fics that are either currently being written or are in planning just for the sake of keeping track for both myself and others who are curious!

Updated | July 1, 2017.

R E C E N T:

Hiraeth | Pt.13

Hiraeth | Pt.14 (Finale)

O N E S H O T S:

Heart of the Sea | Jungkook

• Pirate/mermaid oc

• Currently: Less than 1k words (0%)

La Vie en Rose | Jungkook 

• Punk skater Jungkook/ballet oc au 

• Currently: Less than 1.4k words (0%)

Kaleidoscope Eyes | Jungkook

• Blind Jungkook au

• Currently: Still in planning (0%) 

Young Hearts Fade | Yoongi

• Zombie apocalypse au

• Currently: Still in planning (0%)

S E R I E S:

Bad Habits | Pt.2

• Ongoing series (2/4)

• Currently: Less than 1k words (0%)

The Bygone Boy | Pt.2

• Ongoing series (2/10)

• Currently: Less than 1k words (0%)

D R A B B L E S:

• “Things you said in the kitchen” | Wonho (Monsta X)

• “Things you didn’t say at all” | Kihyun (Monsta X)

• TBA | Taeyong (NCT) 

• TBA | Moonbin (Astro)

→ possible future fics (still storyboarding);

• Punk au | Taeyong (nct)

• Your Name au | Jungkook

• College au | Namjoon

• Vampire au | Taehyung

• Rota Fortunae | Taehyung

• Boxer au | Namjoon

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"Obi-wan didn't style her own hair... I'll leave that to you to figure out who did her braids" WAIT IT WAS ANAKIN WASN'T IT. THAT'S WHY HE WAS SO TWITCHY ON THE SHIP WHEN SHE WAS BRAIDING HER HAIR WASN'T IT. "She did not notice Vader’s hands curl into fists before he turned away." TOTALLY ANAKIN AM I RIGHT???!? (cough. I mean if I'm wrong that's totally fine too hahaha, I'm just so excited by your fic updates, and also hot mess(tm) vaderkin and longsuffering!obi)

Hmmmmm… I think I shall respond with a gif.

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Just for clarification, I’m not talking cornrows or dreads or anything like that. Although that would be very cool on a different Jedi. 

I’m talking stuff like this gif set and these pictures. Complicated updos that would take a long time and give Anakin something to do with his hands while he’s supposed to be ostensibly “meditating” since we all know he can’t sit still for more than five minutes. 

The challenge of course, is to come up with something suitably stable and long lasting enough to stand up to a fight with the Separatists. As lovely as long flowing locks of copper are, they’re easy to grab hold of and long hair can get hot, so it needs to be off Obi-Wan’s neck. So thus tasked with a problem, Anakin set out to solve it and if in the process he gets some alone time with his master to center himself and calm down, all the better! 

And, yes, that’s why he was so twitchy on the ship. ^___^ 

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Although I definitely think the picture looks like V, and I really hope he is included in this update 😭the more I stare at it the more the picture I see both V and Saeran in it. Like right def looks like V but if you cover it I see Saeran. Even if I'm wrong I'm really excited about this new update XD

His name is Saehyun Koi, he likes to do art…graffiti specifically.
He’s kicked 46 people in his life but also in his spare time he fosters stray kittens and works in the community garden.
His pants are always too tight and his shirts too loose and he never leaves the house without sunglasses on, even at night.
He’ll punch you square in the fucking jaw but then help you up and buy you a beer.

He likes to walk by bakeries just for the smell of it

I just got home from work and noticed my husband wasn’t there.  So I called him up on the phone and was like

“You’re in the park right now capturing pokemon without me.  How dare you?

It was even worse than I thought.  He’s already caught 6 new ones.  I must admit I was feeling a bit hurt, but he did agree to come home and wait awhile for my phone to charge, so I think we can work through this relationship stumbling block.


He seems to be… he seems to be doing well… making friends and generally much better than when I first met him! It’s great! We went out to dinners and had lunches more often when he first joined Spirits and Such, but nowadays he’s a little more busy. Props to him, very proud :)

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I READ OPEN TAB IN 3 DAYS AND it's so well written and the way you portray characters is fucking phenomenal. I noticed that you have Dave Matthews in the notes section and I have a new song that Daichi should sing. Shake me Like Monkey. Amazing song, it fits well. If you want sexy songs they would be Every Other Freckle by Alt-J or Shady by Adam Lambert. I loved your fic, it's honestly the best I have ever read, and I'm so excited for when you update it. I'm even thinking about making a fan art

3 DAYS!!!!!! That’s an incredible feat.

Seriously like… that’s a lot of reading. So many chapters. So many words. How did you do it? You must be some kind of reading super human. I applaud you.


So I decided to write you something.

Uhm… it’s kinda weak but I hope you like it anyway (I’m a little bit ill and half asleep but I don’t want to take a nap so here we go.)

“Sing off.”

Sugawara liked to believe that he lived a life unpredictable enough that no new development could possibly surprise him. He was the king of unpredictable, after all. He prided himself in doing and saying things that earned shocked gasps from the people around him.

But not even Sugawara, king of unexpected developments, expected to be awoken in the middle of the night by a drunken Daichi pawing at his chest and chanting the same two words over and over again like a man possessed.

“Sing off. Sing off. Sing off. Sing off,” he mumbled, sitting cross legged on the bed at Sugawara’s side, kneading at his bare torso as if it were Mint Julep that had taken over his body.

Sugawara reached up and rubbed his eyes sleepily.


“Sing off. Sing off,” Daichi continued. “Let’s have a sing off.”

“A sing off,” Sugawara repeated, pushing up into a sitting position, batting Daichi’s groping hands away. “Right now?”

Sing off. Sing off,” Daichi said more insistently, tugging on Sugawara’s hair.

“Alright, alright,” Sugawara pushed his hands away and slowly examined his appearance. He was still wearing half of his bartending uniform, lacking his pants but donned in his shirt and vest- opened all the way down his stomach- with his tie circling his forehead, hanging limply over the left side of his flushed face. His eyelids drooped, lips parted as he panted and hiccuped softly.

“The guys got you drunk again,” Sugawara observed, struggling to keep the smile from his lips.

“Asahi tried to hide the tequila,” Daichi scooted closer to him, cupping his jaw in his hands. He leaned forward and kissed him sloppily on the corner of his mouth, traveling across his cheek as he mumbled, “But I found it. I know all the good hidin’ places. ‘S my bar after all…” his speech was slurred and disjointed and Sugawara couldn’t hold the grin back any longer.

Daichi’s hands slid down Sugawara’s shoulders and he clumsily dragged him into his lap, turning him sideways on top of his crossed legs, wrapping his arms around his middle tightly. Sugawara chuckled and allowed himself to be manhandled, thoroughly enjoying the handsy part of drunk Daichi that never failed to make an appearance after a few too many shots of tequila.

“Suga, let’s have a sing off,” Daichi said again. “And the winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser. Okay deal?”

“Whatever I want huh?” Sugawara tugged on Daichi’s tie.

“Whatever I want,” Daichi corrected, nuzzling the hair that flopped over his forehead. “‘Cause I’m… I’m a win.”

“Mmmm… confidence is key, I guess,” Sugawara smirked.

“Okay so let’s do it.”

“What are the rules?”

“I sing then you sing then I sing.”

Sugawara grinned and leaned his head on Daichi’s shoulder, “How do we know who wins?”

Daichi was silent for a moment before loosening his hold around Sugawara.

“We just will.”

Sugawara snorted, “Okay then. You start.”

Daichi cleared his throat loudly, “Alright. Here I go.” He started off humming, fingers dancing up Sugawara’s bare side. And then he sang in a low voice,

Oh whoa-oh… devour me…”

Sugawara let out a groan and slipped a hand inside Daichi’s shirt, “Yes Daddy.”

“Shhhh,” Daichi hushed him and went on, “Oh whoa-oh… devour me. If you really think that you could stomach me… I want every other freckle, I want every other freckle,” he started repeating the line, pressing his face close and playfully kissing Sugawara’s beauty mark.

Sugawara giggled and leaned back, pushing at his shoulder.

“Okay, okay!” he laughed. “Your turn is done. Now I’ll go.”

“Good luck beating my flawless performance,” Daichi leaned back on the heels of his hands.

Sugawara scampered up and turned in his lap, wrapping his legs around Daichi’s hips. He put his arms around his neck, “Are you ready?”

“Ready,” Daichi’s eyes wandered lazily over his face.

Sugawara twirled his fingers in Daichi’s hair as he started singing lightly, “First time that I saw your eyes… boy you looked right through me. Mmm, mmm…”

Daichi grinned slowly.

Played it cool, but I knew you knew… that cupid hit me. Mmm, mmm…”

Sugawara wiggled his shoulders, “You got me trippin’, stumblin’ flippin’, fumblin’. Clumsy ‘cause I’m fallin’ in love.”

“Ahh…” Daichi leaned his head back. “Fergie. My one true weakness. That’s playing dirty, Suga.”

Sugawara winked, “Your move, Sweetheart.”

Daichi closed his eyes quietly for a moment and then pushed forward, lifting Sugawara up and then pressing him back into the mattress.

“Oooo, I like where this is going,” Sugawara clung to him.

Daichi kissed his neck and then stared into his eyes as he growled, “Lick your sticky fingers, boy, and sing for your dinner. Sing.”

Sugawara shivered.

Come on pretty baby, make me lose my mind,” Daichi lowered his head and kissed down his throat to his collar. “Everybody get together, gonna make love shine…”

“Okay, you win,” Sugawara murmured. “Daichi, stick it in.”

“Your turn,” Daichi said, trailing his tongue over his skin softly.

“Ugh… but…”

“Your turn.”

Sugawara sighed and dragged his fingers through Daichi’s hair, “Okay…” he cleared his throat, attempting to gather his wits as Daichi continued to taste him.

“Uhm… okay…” he inhaled deeply and sang, “So I say, fuck me then feed me. And I’ll be your diamond. If you never leave me, yeah I’ll keep you skyward.”

Daichi lowered down to his chest and Sugawara closed his eyes.

And I won’t be crazy. No I’ll keep you grounded. And if you want it baby, just get yourself around it now…”

Daichi lifted his head, bracing himself up on his hands on either side of Sugawara’s shoulders.

“You’re totally crazy. That song is a lie.”

“Fuck off.”

“My turn?”


Daichi sat up, forcing Sugawara to drop his arms to the bed, and then teased his shirt over his shoulders.

No I ain’t broken but I, I need a fix.” He shifted the shirt and vest down his biceps slowly and Sugawara’s eyes widened. “That satisfaction when I, I get my kicks.” He yanked the clothing down and whipped it over his head like a lasso. “I’m up all night, I’m out of sight…” He tossed the shirt and vest to the floor and then leaned over Sugawara once more, gyrating his hips forward. “Don’t turn on the light… Cause I’m feelin’ so shady lately…”

“Hnnnnnn,” Sugawara wrapped his arms around Daichi’s shoulders and held him tight against his chest. “Okay, okay. You win. Do whatever you want with me, Daddy.”

“Whatever I want?” Daichi repeated, voice low and rough.

Chills raced down Sugawara’s spine, “Anything.”

Daichi pulled his arms away and rolled onto his side, facing away from Sugawara. He reached over and grabbed Sugawara’s wrist, pulling him until his chest was pressed flush with Daichi’s back, arm draped over his side.

“I wanna be the little spoon,” he murmured drowsily.

Sugawara stared at the back of Daichi’s head for a long second.

“That’s it?”

Daichi yawned loudly and shifted back against him, “That’s it.”

Sugawara pressed his face between Daichi’s shoulder blades and sputtered with laughter.

Daichi grunted indignantly, “Suga, shut up. I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Sugawara giggled, pulling his face away. He kissed the back of Daichi’s neck and then reached up and removed the tie from around his head. “Good night, my drunken diva.”

Daichi grunted again and fell silent, save for the rumbling snore that vibrated deep in his chest.

Sugawara draped his arm back over his waist and kissed him again, murmuring, “Unpredictable as always,” before closing his eyes and falling slowly back to sleep.

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i'm so excited for the kintsugi update, i love your writing!! can u share an excerpt from the new chapter? (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


that’s all u get 4 now

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Any chance we can get a sneak peek at the next Beyond the Horizon chapter? I'm always so excited when you update either of your big works in progress!

Now this I can do. It’s still completely unedited, but here’s a sneak peek from the next part of Beyond the Horizon, and I’m putting this one under a cut…for reasons that will be obvious once you see what the pirate and the princess are up to.

Keep reading

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Hello dear! Could I please request 2p england kidnapping his shy, sweet, s/o cause he's madly in love and wants to start a family? And I just wanted to say that your blog is my favorite, your writing is marvelous and I'm always excited when I see you've updated!

(Oh, love! Thank you ever so much!)

She was here! She was finally here! After all these months of looking out for his angel. She was here with him. Yes she was crying. But that could only mean that they were tears of happiness.

After all why wouldn’t she be happy. They could be together now. They could start a family and get little children running around the house. He had always dreamed of starting a family and now he had his perfect wife.

He kissed her tears away and giggled happily, while letting his hands roam around her bound form. She felt so delicate.

“I love you! I love you! I love youuuuuu~! I love you more then anything! We can finally start a family and have our happily ever after! Isn’t that great?”

She just continued to cry. Oh God she truly was excited for all of this! He started kissing down her neck, while a wide grin played on his lips.

“So how about we start with creating our family now?”

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Oh man, I'm so excited for the Dandelion update, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us, you have a beautiful art style! <3

AAW thank you!! 

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I am KEEPING AN EYE ON YOU you better heckin finish it omg I'm so excited I need periodic updates PLS

So far BOOBS. I am working on this at work, so I am having to constantly cover it up when customers come over. 

But I’m doing it for Satan! 

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You're so talented! I thought reading victors side of a story we already knew would be boring, but you've managed to make it extremely captivating and I'm always super excited when a new update comes out!!

Thank you so much anon! I tried really hard to make Viktor’s side interesting and unique but I was very worried telling the same story in a different pov would be too dull. I’m so happy that you think that’s not the case! :D