'i'm not a tsundere!'

Forget ship wars, the only true Servamp ships are...
  • Mahiru/Housework
  • Licht/Melon
  • Kuro/Confidence
  • Misono/Friendships
  • Hyde/emotional stability
  • Sakuya/Happiness
  • Tsurugi/Money

Enough said.

‪Can you imagine Velvet holding out her hand for Magilou to take it and Magilou, being a dumb awk adult who doesn’t know how to hold hands, just fucking slaps it thinking Velvet wanted to do a hi5.

Velvet just looks at her all, “…” and Magilou’s like, “Yeah down low! Now up high!"‬ so she raises up her hand to continue, but Velvet takes Magilou’s hand and laces their fingers together instead. Magilou lets out an awkward yelp because this is Kinda Gay™ and Velvet just smirks, they hold hands, and it’s Pretty Gay™.

  • Jumin: Is this seat empty?
  • Zen: Ya, and this one will be too if you sit down.
  • Jumin Han: Luciel taught me a new word today.
  • ZEN: Oh. Which one?
  • Jumin Han: Tsundere.
  • Jumin Han: I think it describes you perfectly.
  • ZEN: Wtf?!
  • Jumin Han: If you say so~ :3
  • ZEN: Stupid trust fund jerk.
  • Jumin Han: Ah, I have to go now. I have a meeting in 10 minutes.
  • ZEN: Like I care.
  • ZEN: ...
  • ZEN: Don't skip lunch, okay?

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In your human au, would Jasper be Lapis' ex? One she dumped for a good reason?

I suppose you are talking about my Digimon Xros Wars AU :3c ‘cuz that’s kinda the only au I’ve been formaly working on (?)

With DarkKnightmon using Lapis for his own evil purpuses, Laz decides to use one of the armies to make an alliance and use them; The Crystal Gems are way to good for them so she chooses Jasper who is more violent and will do anything for the victory.  She refuses at first but end up joining Laz after she showed her how strong she was~

By the time they reach Forest Zone, Jasper discovers that Laz only used her brute force to get information and eliminate the ones in her way and DarkKnightmon attacks Jasper with this, their alliance is over and here we discover how abussive is the relationship between DarkKnightmon and Laz making Steven wanting to help her more and so Jasper.

But far from being “allies” at some point (to later being all together to fight the Death Generals), they never got that together~ buuuuuuuut after Forest Zone, Jasper started to develop this big crush on Laz which she and Steven might be aware thus if sometimes the Crystal Gems need help and Jasper is there, Laz asks for it and she can’t say no unfortunately for Jasper, Laz choose the dorito nerd over her


Finally finished with all of the Hajiplushies! If I missed any canon variation of Hajime/Izuru, please let me know!

Everything is in the chronological order of appearance! Feel free to use if you’d like since they are all transparent!

More of the plushie things!: https://kimmysfandomblog.tumblr.com/plushies-page

(or the tag #kimmy’s plushies)

I put the backs of the plushies on a separate post because Tumblr is not cooperating with me :(

It’s really good that Oikawa has Iwa-chan to put him in his place. 

With Oikawa’s pompous attitude and foolish actions such as pushing himself too hard, Iwaizumi knows Oikawa better than anyone since they are childhood best friends, and knows how to handle him best.

Oikawa needs Iwaizumi to be stable, and Iwaizumi needs Oikawa to keep himself going. There’s honestly no better match or person that can keep Oikawa in line and confident other than Iwa-chan. The only person he ever listens to is Iwaizumi. 

They both simply compliment each other perfectly.  (ಠ_ಠ) ♡ (○゚ε^○)v♪

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Hey. I may not be goth but guess what? I'm Alternative. I'm Mexican. I'm Tsundere. And I'm willing to lower my standards to be your girlfriend. I'll even call you names like I do everyone around me. So, what do ya say?

A real Tsundere would never lower her standards to be my GF

KnB character descriptions
  • Kuroko: now you see me, now you don't
  • Midorima: tsundere nanodayo
  • Aomine: I'm the best madafuka
  • Murasakibara: I'LL CRUSH YOU but first candy
  • Akashi: I AM ABSOLUTE
  • Licht: [About Hyde] What a weirdo. I can't believe I'm going to make out with him.
  • Mahiru: Well... you don't have to.
  • Licht: Nah, I'm gonna.