'i'm great at boats!'

What I think of when listening to the Heathers soundtrack
  • Beautiful: School sucks...nope never mind!!!
  • Candy Store: Bow down or get out Bitch!!!
  • Fight for me: Damn boy!!! You single???
  • Freeze Your Brain: Don't kill yourself, have a slushie instead!!
  • Big Fun: Parents are gone let's get wasted!! Wooo!!!
  • Dead Girl Walking: I'm pissed, horny, hot and you're cute! Let's do this!!!
  • The Me inside of Me: Ok, Bitch is dead... let's make her into a martyr!!(Aka Miss Fleming gets too self involved and helps them get away with murder.)
  • Blue: I'm soooo horny!! NO!!!
  • Our Love is God: I am God! We are god! We will kill them all!!! *V freaking out*
  • My Dead Gay Son: My son is dead, gay (shush), and so am I!!!
  • Seventeen: Please can't we just be normal, no more killing. Just you and me.
  • Shine a Light: Kids are dying, this is great for my career!!!
  • Life Boat: I'm a jerk, but there is more to me than that.
  • Shine a Light Reprise: Heather vs. Heather
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: I had hope once, now it's gone.
  • Yo Girl: Run Veronica Run.
  • Meant to be Yours: Come on Veronica, we are meant to be! I just want to blow up the school!!! It's no big deal.
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: Ok, that's it!! I'm done with your BS.
  • I am Damaged: I'm too messed up! Wait no you're not!!! *boom*
  • Seventeen Reprise: I know everything has gone to hell, but let's try and be normal.

anonymous asked:

Can't help imagine how frightening it is to catch the fancy of an ocean merformer and having themselves manifest to the person one night, while said person is in a voyage. They're just singing a song that asks for good luck in a voyage, and then the water unfolds. Human is scared, because the ocean looks hella scary in the night, but they're curious. It's probably a whale, but then BAM. MERFORMER. Human is just oh poseidon oh neptune spare me while staring up at a creature of legends

OH LORDY!!!  XD  Poor human is straight up terrified for the first few seconds, then the merformer’s just like:

“Hey.  How’s it going?  So… you like… boats?  Being on boats and stuff?  That’s cool…”   ~3^

me going to get my haircut
  • Stylist: So what do you want to do with your hair?
  • Me: Formal!
  • Stylist: Ok...can you give me more of a direction of what you want--
  • Me: I'm a trouble maker!
  • Stylist: Ok great we all like to rock the boat but your hair--
  • Me: Mysterious!

I need to get the spreadsheet before I can do the ACTUAL math, but roughing it out from the sales numbers, I THINK the Fred Phelps fundraiser is going to mean

- about $825 bucks for Futures Without Violence;

- about $300 to Girls Leadership Institute; and 

- about $300 to the Trevor Project.  

THANK YOU, good people of the internet.  And may you rest in peace, Mr. Phelps. 

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