'i'm a moron!!!!!!!!!!!'

Me to the writers of Game of Thrones season 7

Perhaps this is too vulgar? Too mean? You tell me…
Reasons why I love Static

A good hero works well with others

Look at how the other heroes smile at him, they are genuinely happy to meet him. When Superman saves him, he isn’t upset. He’s happy. He asked to be saved and he was

And it’s not the last time either. You see it here

and here

he works well with the justice league members even though his interactions with them are rare and in between.

He’s literally never afraid to ask them for help

I mean, look at that. He made the bat signal, he was outright asking for help as publicly as he ever could.

and in “Fallen hero” when he thought Green Lantern really had become evil…

Just look at his face. He is shocked. He can’t believe one of his heroes would do this, he tried to figure out why, tried to come up with a reason to explain it, so it would make sense.

And the moment Sinestro, disguised as Green Lantern, hurt Gear. He knew it was true, and he’s horrified that the person he looked up to did this and he’s angry, angry that he didn’t see this.

Static knows when to fight

but he also knows when someone just needs a helping hand

and sure, he jokes around

but he also knows how important the work he does is

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and he also knows what happens if he messes up

His family knows what it is he does and they all support him in whatever way they can.

and that’s why I love Static shock. Yes, they touched upon some serious issues

they didn’t dumb it down for the audience, or treat the issues with kiddie gloves, they addressed the issues and those were also the same episodes that they broke the fourth wall. Dyslexia, gun control, gang violence, racism. They didn’t pull their punches on this show.

They showed us a still very much grieving teenager who almost joins a gang in the first episode, who gets powers that he uses to protect other people without a moment of hesitation, not even thinking of getting revenge on his bullies. Even as a superhero, he still volunteers at the community center his dad runs.

Yes, Virgil makes mistakes, he’s still a kid after all, but he’s so genuinely kind and sincere that we can’t help but love him.

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I don’t know if it actually is Static shock appreciation week officially, but it is for me

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and, because I can’t help myself

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Struggling with some homework today, partly because I can never actively listen in lectures, partly because I’ve had barely any sleep this week and partly because the weather is really nice for once and I don’t want to be working. 😢

marvel’s looking for extras for a lab scene in wakanda and seb just posted a selfie hinting he’s gonna start filming for infinity war, like my son bucky barnes is back, free him from the refrigerator 

So I got this shitty review for Melodies Unheard, and while I’m not Deaf or HoH, I’m still offended.

Apparently, Deaf dancers and skaters would never be able to perform better than their Hearing counterparts because not being able to hear means they can’t show the emotions needed in their performances. Meaning a Hearing person would obviously skate better and it’s “impossible” for Yuuri to have beaten anyone as a Deaf skater.

  • Some well-meaning Tumblr idiot: Umm? You forget that Asians and Asian Americans exist too??? Why are you erasing their voices??
  • Me, an Asian American: Hey. Fucking shut up already if you haven't personally interviewed every Asian American on their opinion.
  • Same well-meaning Tumblr idiot: You wouldn't understand oppression. Fucking stupid whitey.
  • Me, an Asian American with a pic of herself on her own blog: Yeah, okay. Sure thing, buddy.

Gif 1: Me when Kaladin goes to help Adolin in the arena (and during that whole fight scene🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻)
Gif 2: Me immediately following the end of the battle (gifs are not mine, I found them online)

  • Jun: I have something to admit.
  • Jun: I was so tired I put our laundry in the fridge the other day Jeonghan hyung, I'm sorry I think I'm a moron.
  • Jeonghan: I do it every day, it doesn't matter.
  • Jun: What, put laundry in the fridge?
  • Jeonghan: No, think you're a moron.