'i'll give you a bell.'

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The Signs as Mom Lines
  • Aries: Who threatened you at school? Where do they live!? *sharpens knife, runs out of house and off into the distance*
  • Taurus: i packed your lunch and some snacks for you. if you're still hungry just give me a call and i'll bring you some Taco Bell.
  • Gemini: i'm not like most moms ;) i'm a cool mom.
  • Cancer: I love you. I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE.
  • Leo: want to go shopping after school? i can't carry ALL the bags by myself haha
  • Virgo: if you didn't sleep in so late you might actually have time to do productive things with your day
  • Libra: *walks into kids school with starbucks* i'm so sorry i'm late honey, i got so distracted.
  • Scorpio: you have to the count of three you little fucking asshole. why don't you ever want to hang out with me lol?
  • Sagittarius: ew. you are NOT wearing that to school. go fucking change
  • Capricorn: Idc if you're 12, you will get a job and learn the value of a dollar, you little jellybean
  • Aquarius: lmfao show me that one youtube video again
  • Pisces: Honey, I think you're so special and unique. I love you so much. Oh, wait. What was i saying again? I can't remember but i think you're so awesome

Ok, after 3 days of work, (with breaks and school in mind of course) I’ve FINALLY finished this. This is to show my appreciation for all of these users, for being the best!

Here are the lovelies’ objectsonas/object ocs from top left to the bottom:

Mae from Night in the Woods (represents Nik but I don’t know their tumblr)

Pitcher- @mochazuki

Flowerpot- @undeaddog

Diospyro kaki (Persimmon)- @kimboster

Sketchbook- Me

Hourglass- @ii-hath-consumed

Egg- @gethacoolshoeshine

Lava lamp- @icemintfreeze

Book/King- @transrollcake

Glue- @papiomikes–warehouse (oc)

MP3 player- @zealzealous

Diffy the defuser- @wubwubwoobs

Camera Obscuro- @redmist108

Book(?)- @thanksdunkel

Hat/Top hat (is supposed to represent @toonirl, but I didn’t know what their objectsona was)

Moon (is supposed to represent @plantaplants, couldn’t find their oc)

Jaw- @squidplzplz

Finder- @papiomikes–warehouse (objectsona)

Mushroom- @gameover101 (I couldn’t find an oc or objectsona from them so I just took their hat and turned it into an object)

Ink well- @toonirl (past objectsona)

Tea bag- @mmahinadraws

Tarot deck- @plantaplants

Edit: Gave credit to transrollcake

Edit 2: Gave credit to kimboster

anonymous asked:

Oh my god! Headcanons on Jason wearing a sweeter that says:"if you jingle my bells I'll give you a white Christmas" to tease the reader on Christmas and how it turns out! (if it's not too bold to ask that)



- okay, so it’s like the 23rd of December and you’re just waking up

- you’re surprised that Jason isn’t in bed with you because usually you’re up before him

- “jay! baby!”

- he would walk back into the room with a tray of food (the food, at this time, was covering the text on his bright red jumper)

- as soon as he set the tray down, you looked up to thank him and when you did you saw the incredulous jumper

- “jason what the fuck”

-“well isn’t that a lovely way to talk to someone who slaved over the oven for you”

- it took a while before jason realised you where talking about the jumper

-“what? you don’t like it?”

- he smirked

- the motherfucker smirked at you

- you were not pleased. however, by that night, you had grown to love the jumper. you thought it was the cutest thing ever on jason

- it also started to turn you on

- you and Jason were in the middle of a steamy make out session when jason moved to take off the jumper

- “keep it on”

- jason smirked again and then you continue with the jumper on

- that was until you heard the door shut and you realised Tim had been standing there for the last few minutes

- you and Jason looked at each other before hearing tim mutter the words “I will never unsee that jumper”

- you blushed and Jason laughed

- long story short, jason wore the jumper to Christmas dinner at the manor

I hope this is okay! Thank you for requesting :)

Lucky for us Valentine’s Day falls on a three day weekend, which = plenty of time to read and swoon. 


Do you want to build a snowman?

ACNL/Frozen AU?? 

haha based on some frustrations my friend had about building the snow family properly because dang it’s frustrating to build them all correctly

Spoilers for the S4A Finale
  • Belle: Rumple, you can't take over the world!
  • Rumple: But I'll give you libraries.
  • Belle: What?
  • Rumple: ALL the libraries, Belle. Think of a library, and it's yours.
  • Belle: Even . . . even the NY Public Library?
  • Rumple: I'll make the lions real and also your pets. Do we have a deal?
  • Belle: . . .
  • Belle: . . .
  • Belle: I shall name them Dewey and Congress.
  • Rumple: I'll start the car.

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To be honest, this animal crossing trade and adopt thing is like human trafficking. It's like: I'll give you ______ if you give me ______. The worse part is when it's bells, because it's like you're paying for a slave and then they come to your town and it's like, they still do remember their original town. It's just similar to it though in the way people want to trade/sell their villagers. The only difference is that the animals don't care/get sad about it and think it's cool to move elsewhere.

nope no no no please do not compare actual human slavery to the trade of virtual animals in a video game NOPE