'i'd kill you because you're hurting my friend'

text | joshy👌🏻
  • Jen: Hey fucker. So... About the another night. I'm sorry. I never meant to lead you on or make you feel any sort of way. I care about you, Josh and I think if we ever did go any further I would be scared I would lose you. I usually fuck relationships up and I wouldn't be able to deal if I fucked our friendship up especially because we wouldn't be filming anymore so they'd be no excuse to see me. I just need you in my life and I think as my best friend is the best way. Our friendship is EVERYTHING to me and without it I would be a walking disaster, literally. So this is me proposing to you asking you to be my best friend FOREVER AND EVER because I love you so fucking much. Even if you want some time to think on it, I'll be waiting for you and won't be going anywhere. If your wish is to get the press, the premieres and everything then not ever see me again, I'll agree even if it will fucking kill me. I'd rather see you not hurt and happy than with me upset and everything. You'll find someone, Joshy. Someone much better than my sorry ass anyway. I love you xoxoxo
  • Jen: P.S You're always going to be my number one man.