'i wouldn't want to be a fat dude'

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Hey,I'd like to ask.Why is it that you draw an already established character,such as Nozomi,as fat?When clearly we can see in the anime that she isn't.Why though?I mean,I see no reason as to why she needs to be fat but if you wanted to draw a fat character wouldn't you draw an already established fat character or even better,your own?Why change someone else's design to fit your own liking?I know that Nozomi isn't my character but I'd like to know.This is really a curious case,isn't it?

ever heard of headcanons my dude? i’m not hurting anyone, i’m not saying it’s canon

i just draw something that makes me happy

also lol there’s nothing curious or unusual here, many people draw their headcanons

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Ain't maid cafe dude the same guy who said all artists suck and are corrupt bc one guy wouldn't draw him inflation shit fast enough

Yeah he’s pretty cancerous 

He threw a fit many days in length because artists want to be paid for their stuff and he couldn’t get his fat fetish porn at a price he considered reasonable 

i can feel the carcinogens from here 

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Why do people have to make non-fat characters fat? I get that this is tumblr and you'll get more notes for having people be fat or trans but Bubbles would be very active and the professor wouldn't teach her bad nutrition so she wouldn't be a fat slob. Also good job assigning gender to a child that never expressed being male. Girls can be rough tough and very tomboy without wanting to be a fucking dude

Why do people have to make innocent cartoony little girls into teenage sluts? HOW DARE MULTIPLE ARTIST BE CREATIVE AND TURN CARTOON CHARACTERS INTO SOMETHING ELSE!

Like Chill anon. 

I agree that Bubbles can totally be a slim, fit, or even a heavily muscular lady. And yes Girls can be really tough and very tomboy and still look and be feminine. I never disagreed with that fact, so yes Buttercup could have been a badass tomboy who likes to wear skirts or what not or even turn out to be really girly grown up. And you know what there’s plenty of versions of that out there. It has been drawn many times by many different artist. 

Just not my ONE illustration I choose to be creative and show the powerpuffs in a different light. It’s just another artist’s vision. I’m not declaring these are their actual grown up pictures. It’s fan art, a fan-made interpretation of another creators work. And some people enjoy those other interpretations. Let them enjoy it. 

If you want to see more art of the girls being skinny and very girly just go google it or commission other artist to do more of your ideal version.