'i will eat your soul'

Random Dialogue Prompts:

  • “Laundry is overrated.”
  • “No, the OTHER one is acid”
  • “Why are you questioning the CRAYON?”
  • “That’s cute. Too bad I hate you.”
  • “This is a REVOLUTION, dammit! We’re going to have to kill SOMEBODY!”
  • “On a scale of one to ‘holy crap’, how bad is it?” “Holy crap!”
  • “Eh, it’s just a haunting.” “Just a haunting!? JUST A HAUNTING? WELL, EXCUSE ME FOR NOT BEING SCARY ENOUGH!”
  • “You’re so weird. You know I can eat your soul anytime I want and you don’t give a damn.”
  • “I’m allergic to your bullshit, clearly.”
  • “Do you have a compulsive need to argue about everything?”
  • “Dude, are you seriously challenging me to a death battle over the fact that you don’t hate me?”
  • “I’d like to refer to my earlier point of ‘fuck off’,”
  • “Is he gone?” “Yeah.” “Oh, cool. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-”
Ghost Emoji Review

typical apple emoji. riddled unnecessary gradients and awful shading. way too lumpy for my taste. 1/5 what are those eyes?

very cute. could haunt me anytime. terribly shaded, but makes up in cuteness 4/5

lack of effort is evident. trying too hard to be something it isnt (cough cough, the apple emoji) 3/5

very cute n cheeky. another poorly shaded emoji, no surprise there. 4/5

ugly and unwanted. belongs in a scrapbook of your old Kindegarten arts and crafts and no where else. 0/5

very very cute. i accept this ghost. 10/5

scary, but not in a good way. looks as if it will eat your soul. stay back or i will bring out the vaccum cleaner. 2/5 for effort

ugh. disgusting. dont get me started on this waste of space. looks more like the devil emoji than a ghost with those sorry excuse for hands. 1/5

go back to your bag of discount cereal. come on twitter, you’ve done better. 0/5

disgusting blob of discarded toothpaste. do these emojis not know of this thing called symmetry? it’s not that hard of a concept. 1/5 why is he blue?

unnecessary emoji trying to outshine all the others, failing miserably. looks like a mix of a jackolantern and potato sack. emojidex once again has failed us to no avail. shameful. im calling the ghostbusters. 0/5

Dear Tumblr: Not all white people, cis people, and heterosexual people are bigots who want to eat your soul.

Some, I daresay most, of them are *gasp* people like you! Who can have a wide variety of beliefs and worldviews! Some of which are in line with yours and some of which are not!

And I’m honestly sick of seeing racism, cisphobia, and heterophobia going unchecked on this website. It’s disgusting. Being treated like shit is not an excuse to treat others like shit. A white person called you a n-word? That’s awful - but not every white person is like that. Or if a straight person calls you a f*g - again, a terrible thing, but not all straight people are like that.

Also, being bigoted against one group while complaining against being prejudiced against you is hypocrisy. Plain and simple. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I see this shit every single day on here, and it just really pisses me off. Tumblr is supposed to be accepting people and their differences, but I just don’t see it. This website is so toxic. It’s really discouraging to see a website that promotes itself as being a diverse place for everyone being blatantly prejudiced towards certain groups. The opposite of what is advertised.

It’s not right. And I’m not going to be quiet about it.

Tl:dr being prejudiced against any group is not good, fucking stop

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48 and kai parker please!

Kai Parker - “I don’t want to be alone right now”

You were staring into nowhere. Your hands were trembling while you tried to take small sips from your hot tea. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t shake the image of that horrible thing that had taken Enzo and Damon from your mind.

“You don’t look that good right now.” Kai leaned against the doorframe. He had his arms crossed over his chest and his lips curled up into a smile. “Did you see a ghost or something?”

“Yes…” Your voice was barely a whisper and you felt a shiver rolling down your spine when you remembered the slimy hands and the voice of Kai saying things he would never ever say. “The or something part, especially.”

“Wait?” Kai cocked his head and he walked towards you. “Did I guess something right? You really did see an or something that freaked you out like this?” His smile brightened. “So, what’s my prize? There has to be a prize for that!”

You took a deep breath. You weren’t in the mood for jokes like that, even though you weren’t sure if Kai meant them as a joke. “I’m sure you can come up with a few ideas yourself. My mind is totally empty, apart from that or something.” You rolled your eyes and leaned back even though you couldn’t really get yourself to feel comfortable.

Enzo and Damon had disappeared and no one knew where they were. They could be everywhere and if they could be everywhere, it meant that the or something could be everywhere too.

“What about a cake with loads of chocolate?” Kai sat down on the couch next to you. His hip was touching yours and he placed a hand on your upper leg. “I don’t know if I’ve already told you how much I love chocolate, but I do love chocolate. Especially that new stuff you guys have these days. So much better than the old stuff in 1994.”

You nodded absentmindedly and took another sip from your hot tea. “I wonder what it does when it grabs you like that…” You swallowed and Kai turned his head towards you.

“What? Who?” He cocked his head and this time it were your lips curling up into a smile while you shook your head.

“The or something I’ve seen? It had slimy hands and it could change it’s voice and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen and…” You shrugged your shoulders. “I was just wondering what it does when it grabs you.”

“O! I’ve got a few ideas!” Kai smiled. “I think it might eat your brain. Or your soul! Or maybe it just takes your memories. Or maybe it can make you feel the worst pain ever!” He almost clapped his hands. “Damn, I wish I had met the or something you’re talking about!”

You closed your eyes and for a moment you couldn’t help but thinking that in a way life must be easy when you were never bothered by something trivial as fear. “Kai?” You looked up at him and you swallowed. “Will you stay with me tonight, please?” You paused for a moment. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“Sure!” Kai nodded and he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “I promise that whatever that or something is doing, it won’t be able to do it to you.”

Remember like a decade ago when Adult Swim promoted Bleach with those really cool commercials with stark images of hell butterflies, somber delinquent looking up at the ceiling, threatened little sisters, and a kick ass demon thing in a mask screaming “I will eat your soul!”

Yeah…all of that cool tone right out the window one arc later.

Also Chad kind of just stopped doing things, which sucked. I kind of liked that he, the Hollows, and a lot of the afterlife imagery and naming was Hispanic without being Eternal Dia de los muertos.

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But what if they had gone through with the original plan, with either Sam or Dean stepping forward to die, and Mary didn’t volunteer to take their place? Cas still would’ve killed Billie. Mary still would’ve joined the BMoL. So, the consequences wouldn’t have anything to do with her, and the same events would take place in the second half of the season.

This is the sort of speculation that just… hurts my brain :P

There still would’ve been consequences. And who’s to say that Mary WOULDN’T have still joined the MoL if it had been Dean or Sam that Cas had saved instead? But who’s to say she would’ve

But… that didn’t happen. Because Mary has been showing all season as “feeling out of place and time.” Like at the end of 12.06 when Billie first offered to take her back to Heaven. I think the only reason she refused to go then was because of Sam and Dean. She was really trying to live and find her place.

And in some ways, I think all of s12 as a whole has been a giant ripple of Cosmic Consequences dating back to Mary showing up in that park, alive.

In 12.06 she faced her first opportunity to “put the cosmic order right” by going back to Heaven. She turned it down.

In 12.09 she had her second chance, and Cas made it unnecessary by killing Billie (which itself is a Cosmic Consequence of Mary having been back in the first place… because Dean wouldn’t have had that “direct line” to call Billie to make that deal in the first place if the events of 12.06 hadn’t happened… because of Mary).

This isn’t to say that Mary is a source of some sort of “problem,” but that we all affect the universe this way. Our existence and choices– even small ones– have consequences. Small choices I made 20 years ago are still affecting the course of my life today. Things that seemed to be of little consequence at the time have all piled up together to have put me exactly where I am (and made me the person I am) today.

Wondering what might be different if I’d made different choices even in those very small details is… depressing and futile. At least, to me it is. You can’t change the past.

But I do think that part of why Mary was even there to step up and volunteer to die for her sons was already part of a chain of cosmic consequences. And the fact that she DID survive while having been ready to die (and clearly in a dysphoric state about everything) was what led her to consider the MoL’s offer in the first place.

She’d been at that point in 9.01 where Sam was talking to Death in that cabin.

And then she didn’t die.

Her choices after that point were bound to be colored by that experience.

2011 - 2017

It’s pretty amazing what you can accomplish in a few years!!! TAKE PICTURES OF YOURSELF AND KEEP THEM. Even if you hate them. Tuck them away and bust your butt each and every day. Eat well. Move your body. Nourish your soul. I so wish I hadn’t destroyed pictures of me at my highest weight. In the picture on the left I had already lost 40 pounds.

Now I’m down another 60!! 

You can do this! YOU CAN! Make choices every day that will help you reach your goals. There will be easy days and there will be days that are really hard. But, I’m telling you, it is SO worth it. 

oh and i ended up pickin up some groceries at mitsuwa today and found this shit 

oh man thomas the tank engine branded candy let’s open this fun and child friendly cand–



and this isn’t even all of it look

i get they’re supposed to be trains but that isn’t a train to collect and put together it’s a goddamn anthropomorphic train centipede 

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....*sits with the puppet*....I'm lonely... Will you be my friend?

Marionette:(turns head and stares intensely at you)…………….no…………
Me:Ryan, please be NICE! They just want a friend!
Marionette:Oh……..(looks at you)I’LL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!