'i was her friend. i was her best friend.'

Y'all know what I'm really ready for in ACOWAR?

Cassian and Azriel to see Feyre again. Yes, the Feysand reunion will be amazing and beautiful and I’ll probably cry for a year.

But y'all. Cassian and Azriel still have no idea Feyre is their High Lady now. And they already respect and love her SO. MUCH. and that is only going to triple when they find out that their best friend’s mate, THEIR friend, the woman who defended Velaris so faithfully, the woman who is the missing puzzle piece of their Inner Circle is now leading them alongside their High Lord and literally sacrificed herself back into the Spring Court where she was so traumatized in order to protect them and their people.

I’m so emo over this. I can’t wait to see their reunion. Where they thank her for what she’s done, where they pledge their loyalty to her as High Lady, where they thank her for bringing the light back into their brother’s eyes.

I just… give me more AzrielxFeyre and CassianxFeyre friendship. Please.

I know it’s not a competition, and I’m not hating on Ron or anything, but personally, I always felt like Hermione was Harry’s truest friend. Ron and Hermione are his best friends, but if anyone stood by Harry and NEVER stopped believing in him or walked away from him, it was her. She may not be the funniest, and Harry might miss Ron when he’s gone, but Hermione was the one who ultimately proved she was his ride or die, someone to really trust. So I always considered her and Harry truest friends.


my friend lau was comparing herself to shiro and accidentally referred to him as “space dab” instead of “space dad”, so i drew our squad as voltron characters. some colour picks were tricky regarding our respective personalities so i tweaked em a bit. 

pictured here is me looking at a beautiful photo of cr1tikal, my friend michael being emo (with added mullet), anna being a colourful cinnamon roll, her best friend andrea being a huge nerd, lau dabbing like her life depends on it, frank, the most adult friend we know, and samia, a kickass nerd who tells us to work.



May 2007: San Myshuno, California

Marley: Thanks for coming Alma. I’ve just been having a bit of a rough day.

Alma: You know me, I’m always here when my best friend needs me. What’s up?

Marley sighed and looked down at her cup of tea.

Marley: I guess, I’ve just been feeling lonely: the apartment is pretty quiet these days. Andrew is so caught up in his work, he’s never home anymore. Every other weekend he’s away on business. I almost miss living with you. (laughs)

Alma ripped open a packet of sugar and added it to her already sweetened tea and shrugged.

Alma: You two have been together, how many years now? Five? And you’ve never once complained about Andrew’s work schedule before. Are you sure this isn’t about something else? Or someone else?

Marley: What do you mean?

Alma: Come on Marley, don’t play dumb with me. It’s that time of the year again, right? It’s nearly the beginning of summer and every summer you become all down in the dumps about that Nick guy. 

Marley: I’m not down in the dumps. I’m just… - reminiscent. 

Alma: So I was right. Well, I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell you every year you get ‘reminiscent.’ Andrew is one of the good guys, possibly one of the best. And if you don’t stop living in the past, you might just lose him forever. Is that what you want?

Marley: …No, no, of course not. You’re right, you’re always right, this is silly.

Alma: I know how important he was to you- you were going to marry the guy for Christs sake - you! Ms. ‘I never-wanna-be-someones-wife.’ But is clinging to his memory really worth potentially sacrificing everything you and Andrew have?

Marley: (sighs) I’m such a fool. 

But little did she know, Nick was closer than she thought…


She was a friend of mine last year, she had problema at home but never told anyone. She never had good experiences with friends, but she relied on me as a best friend and told me what was going on at the begining of the year. I supported her, but after that I just became a douchebag towards her. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized how much of a piece of shit I was abd decided to talk to her. Then she told me that she wasn’t talking to our group of friends, when I asked why she told me this.
A couple of days after I realized that she was talking about me too, and I feel terrible about it because she was an amazing person; cheery and supportive, but I ruined it all.
And I still being such a coward to try to do something about it.

Baby Don’t Cry

pairings: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

genres:  fluff, angst, smut

words: 912

     → summary: It was so painful for Jung Y/N(younger sister of Jung Hoseok) to see her best friend, Jeon Jungkook with someone else. It was painful for him to see his best friend’s boyfriend, Park Jimin, cheating behind her back with his girlfriend. When things get unexpected, it was Jungkook’s chance to win back his best friend–as it was heartbreaking for Y/N. What happens if Jimin wants Y/N back? Will she run back into his arms? Or will Jungkook sweep Y/N into his arms?

A/N: I really wanted to posted this FF from my Quotev account so I decided I could post here. Hope you guys like it! :)

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I was sitting on the staircase in front of my house, burying my face into my chest, curled up as I cried. My heart ached painfully because I missed Jimin so much. Yet, what he did was wrong. What also hurt my heart was the fact that Jungkook had a girlfriend. But he found out what his girlfriend did. I wanted him to be mine but I didn’t think he would love me back. Besides, he’s my best friend.

I was crying my heart out, wishing things didn’t have to happen this way. Suddenly, I felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around my body. I slowly lift my head up to see….Jungkook. I then burst into more tears, crying on his chest. He buried my face into his neck, as he held me tight.

“*soothes back* Shh. It’s okay, I’m here,” he said so sweetly, his voice filled with honey. I slowly stop crying, wiping my tears away with my hands. I lift my head up and pulled away, giving him a smile. He smiled back, the smile I have always loved.

“What are you doing here? What if Doyeon tries to find you?” I ask.

“I’m here to see you. *slight blush and smiles* Don’t worry. I know that she will try to run back to me but she knows that if she tries to get me back, I have to remind her the words I told her,” he said.

“*raises eyebrows* What words?” I questioned.

“*looks straight into her eyes* That I loved someone else this entire time,” he said. I was shocked, yet curious to know who this lucky girl is.

“And who is that ‘someone’?” I ask.

“You,” he said. I was shocked. He loved me this entire time!? I thought he only saw me as his best friend. I knew I was also aching for him to be mine.  I was completely speechless. I don’t know if this was a dream or reality. I snapped out of my thoughts and focused back on Jungkook.

“Are you serious? Is it really me?” I ask, making sure this wasn’t a dream.

“Yes. I have loved you for a very long time, Y/N. You don’t know how much I wished to be with you. To hold you, kiss you, take care of you, and most of all, love you,” he said. Tears were in the edge of my eyes, my heart suddenly beating fast.

“Jung Y/N, my best friend. I love you so much and I mean it. With all my heart.” Before I could say or do something, I hear footsteps approaching. I slowly turn to see Jimin. That jerk. Yet, I still loved him. He was in the most casual outfit, which was the most hottest thing I ever found of him, with my favorite bouquet of flowers. Why is my heart aching so much? He cheated on me. I left him. Now, I feel like running back to him. I’ve missed him, yet he was jerk. What am I gonna do?

“Y/N,” he said.

“What do you want!?” I ask, slightly angered.

“I just wanted to talk to you. You haven’t been answering my calls or texts,” he said.

“Because we’re over, Jimin. OVER,” I said, getting a bit more angered.

“Y/N, please. Let me explain,” he said, slowly approaching. Jungkook was holding my hand, squeezing it protectively. I look over to him.

“Jungkook, I’ll be fine,” I said.

“No. I’m staying right here by you,” he said seriously.

“Fine. *sighs* Just please, let go of my hand,” I said. He slowly let go and I turned back to see Jimin with his hands out. I hesitated to grab them but I slowly reach them out. Jimin grabbed both of my hands, soothingly and helped me up. He then held them, tightly, his thumb brushing over the top of my hand.

“Y/N, I know what I did was wrong. I fucked up. I didn’t mean to. I was just drunk at Yoongi hyung’s party. Doyeon forced me to kiss her. I couldn’t fight her back so I went along with it for a bit. But, I swear….I promise you that we didn’t fuck or sleep together. I pulled away. After that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’m so, so, sorry, Y/N. I missed you so much, baby. So, can I have another chance to make it up to you? I SWEAR, I will make it up to you for every mistake I ever made,” he said, as he was being honest.

My conscious was telling me to run back to Jungkook, my other conscious telling me to run back to Jimin. I slowly pull my hands away and sigh, looking down. I look back at both of them, my heart aching to run to either one of them.

So, who was it going to be?

Jungkook? My best friend who confessed his love for me.

Jimin? My ex-boyfriend who wants me back and will change for me.

Or, neither of them?


Asher: “I see the issue. You’re upset your new friend has been spending so much time with me lately.”

Elena: “No, I don’t care about that. She can make her own choices.”

Asher: “Aww, you know you’re still my very best friend. I don’t like her more than you if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Elena: “Yes, that is what I was worried about. You caught me.”

Asher: “I knew you were jealous. It’s alright, I understand. But you don’t have to worry, I’ll always make time for you.”

Elena: “Of course you will. Who else would put up with you for so long?”

Asher: *smiles* “No one I can think of.”

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lol I request a lot. Can I get Reiji, Ranmaru, Kira, Eiichi, Eiji, and Tokiya for this scenario: close friend of theirs confesses to them but they reject her. They stay close friends. However, after a few years the guy starts to realize they had fallen in love with her. Close friend is oblivious about their feelings cause they gave up all hope that the guy would like her back. What the guy would do and outcome please~ Once more, you are doing splendid work!

As discussed with Reader-Chan, I only wrote Reiji because I could not think up of the rest. I apologize! College has been stressing me out and It has been taking a toll on me mentally. Please understand, but I am still going to do my best to provide quality requests!

Reiji Kotobuki

To say Reiji was surprised by his friends confession would be an understatement. Since when did she begin to feel this way? However, he did not feel the same way. He only saw as her as a good friend and a little sister! So all he could do was reject her feelings. He felt bad for rejecting her confession, but what was he supposed to do since he did not feel the same way? After the incident, the two were never quite the same. They did not hang out as much as they used to or talk because the atmosphere would turn awkward. When Reiji joined Quartet Night he lost contact with his friend for the most part, a casual text here and there and maybe going out to a movie together like old times. As time went on, Reiji noticed his friend has actually grown up and matured into a beautiful young woman. Of course her personality stayed, which was what made Reiji grow feelings for the girl. Soon enough, he realized he has fallen in love with the girl. However, how could he tell her after rejecting her confession years ago? He almost regrets rejecting her in the first place. Reiji would try to flirt her and give hints to get his feelings across, but she seemed oblivious to them! He however took this as if she was no longer interested and moved on, when in reality she gave up on him after he rejected her those years ago. Which he did not blame her, he did reject her in the first place rather harshly. Reiji decided to try his best to prove himself to his friend and win her heart. 

‘Sad. Was going to bring some food to you.’

'What kind of food?’


And those were the last messages between her and I. She was my best of best friend. But so many things had happened between us. It’s been almost a year now, and I’m missing her so much. Wish we could talk again, my dearest friend.


Chrismd X Reader

I had spent the entire day at home, my old home trying to decide what mum needed in her last days. How was I supposed to make these decisions? Her last book, her last blanket, her last everything. What if I got it all wrong? Going through the books on her endless bookshelves I grunted in frustration. “Y/N” Chris took the books out of my hands and looked at me in the eyes “Why are you going through her books?”

“She is never without a book and I don’t want that to change now, I just can’t choose. What if she hates the book or she gets half way through and never finishes it?”

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I think I met my new best friend last night. & I really want her and her husband & their dog to come over again because that’s exactly the friendship I want. Like, I could actually see myself hanging out with her while Ry and Andrew stay home or do something else, and it has been SO long since I’ve felt comfortable enough around someone without needing Andrew to help guide me in conversations. I’m so bad at making my own friends and holding my own conversations, but last night was different and she made it so easy. We have so much in common and I just hope she likes yoga because then I’d be set in the bff department while being here. How soon is too soon to hang out again 😂

did i tell you guys about the rly rly awkward experience i had at work on saturday

i dont feel like going into detail so here’s the short story

basically i was friends with this girl all throughout high school. senior year we had a HUGE falling out bc her ex girlfriend/her best friend was my fp… except i wasnt diagnosed yet and didnt even know what bpd really was at the time so i didnt know what i was feeling was infatuation so i thought i had a crush on the girl’s ex and that made the girl relly angry.

so we ended up like never speaking to each other again. there was drama in between so w/e. over two years of not speaking.

ive tried to make up with her over the past two years but she told our mutual friends that i ruined her life so i respected that and eventually backed off.

WELL ON SATURDAY I WAS AT WORK AND SHE CAME INTO THE BANK AND I HAD TO HELP HER/// and she seemed p chill but u could tell there was rly awkward tension. 

it was awful.


Rita: “No, please, Sir! Por favor, not my abuela! You’ve just taken my dad from me, you can’t have her, too!”

The Grim Reaper: “Her time has come.”

Rita: “I know that she’s old but can’t we have just a little bit longer?! I don’t have many friends, Mr. Grim Reaper. My best friend is already dead, and my dad, now my abuela…everyone good in my life is a ghost!”

The Grim Reaper: “You now know that death isn’t final. Perhaps you will see your abuela again, child, but I can’t fight fate. It’s Francisca’s time. The magic that I have been created with has bound my hands.”

Rita: “There has to be a way!”

The Grim Reaper: “The only way to resurrect the dead is to offer a sacrifice in their place. Shall I take your life instead?”

Rita: “I - ”

Jimmy: “No! She doesn’t want that, Mr. Grim Reaper. Th-Thank you for the offer.”

Rita: “Don’t answer for me, Jimmy!”

Jimmy: “Grandma will die soon anyway! You’ll be trading all your years so she can have just a couple more! She wouldn’t want that, Rita! You know she wouldn’t! I can’t allow you to do this!”

Rita: “I don’t care! I want to die! Why should I keep living while everyone I love dies! Maybe I want to be a ghost!”

The Grim Reaper: “I have a schedule to keep. Who shall it be?”

Rita: “Me!”

Jimmy: “Francisca!” 

Rita: “Shut up, Jimmy! Really, Mr. Grim Reaper, take me!”

Jimmy: “No, she doesn’t know what she’s asking for! Please, she’s just a child!”

The Grim Reaper: “Enough! I am already running late. I am taking what I came here for.”

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My best friend is dating this guy. He is super nice and said he loves her, but every time he looks at her it looks like he regrets it. I kinda like him. We have more in common, not just in what we like to do but also in our beliefs. He talks louder and more confident and smiles more when he talks to me. When he talks to her he whispers and does this weird fake sad smile. I don't know what to do. I kind of thinking about totally pushing him away or my best friend away. Can u help me

Ah this is definitely a tough situation and I’m not sure you’re going to like my answer here but, if he says he loves her and she’s really your best friend you shouldn’t mess with that. Regardless of whether he’s happy or not, even if they break up, flirting with / dating a friends boyfriend or ex boyfriend is usually a friendship ruining move. 

Maybe you should try to spend less time alone with him and work through your feelings on your own? I know it’s hard but for your friends sake the right thing to do is back off.

Hope this helped babe, I’m here if you need to talk. Please be safe, be strong, and be kind to your beautiful self xx

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Hi! So, my best friend in the whole world seems to hate everything about herself, and I hate that so much because I think she's incredible. She draws so amazingly, and she's incredibly smart and funny, and she just doesn't realize any of it. How can I make her realize how much she means to me?

Awwww it’s so wonderful that you care so much about your best friend <3 <3 <3 Be there for her, like I’m sure you already are: be there, be affirming, be kind – be, in short, you. Unfortunately, we can only support people and give them our unconditional love; we can’t make anyone realize how amazing they are or how much they mean to us until they’re ready to know. And you can just be there, being wonderful wonderful you, until she is, you know? I’m sending you (and her!) so much love, my dear <3 <3 <3

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I feel you on the friend's thing, i practically lived in my best friend's dorm room last year, i hung with out her so much, i can't even remember the last time I've seen her or spoken to her because all she does is hang out with her bf now

I’m sorry, that really sucks. It always hurts losing a friend, especially in that way.