'i want to be tortured and paid for it'

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Scientists don't see Veganism as an option to stop Global Warming and that really makes me doubt about their qualifications. They suggest so many stupid,impracticable ideas but Veganism just is not an option at all and that is just like is it so important for them to eat meat or dairy or eggs or kill and torture animals why can't they live without them i just don't get it because Vegan foods are much more delicious and healthy they don't even want to know about it...

I’m convinced that it is because at the end of the day personal preference in taste is what they are living by which is pretty selfish tbh….that or they are being paid to protect the ag industry which is actually pretty plausible though super unethical.

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I'm getting my braces off soon and I really want to post a picture with them off on Instagram but I don't know what to say for the picture.. Any ideas? Xo I'm 19 and I've had them on since I was 15, so this is a big moment

hmmm I have a few! idk if you will like them tho😂

em[BRACE]ing freedom
___ years of torture finally paid off
it all paid off
goodbye braces

I used
naked teeth😜 or something like that!

I hope this helps❕

Finally home.

Today, I didn’t get too far on the storyboarding, but I got some ideas for a few silly episodes.

Most of the episode ideas for basing a TV show off of our classroom would be actual events, just with more jokes or one liners put in.
Such scenarios would be:

*Sadie always missing something, like her ipod or some sort of family beloved object or makeup, when it always ends up in plain sight or directly next to them. Until it slowly starts happening to everybody, with all their objects…. dun dun dunnnnn. (Just to tell you, I’d end up being accused as the thief of the class.)

*zach and Adam want to buy food after school, and they go through the torture of what happens when you borrow money from lil’ ol me. Instead of getting paid back seven times the amount the next day, (since that’s why Zachary ends up being broke for giving away money,) he has to do her at least 4 favors/tasks. What could possibly go wrong? (A lot of things; but they most likely wouldn’t do it anyways.) Then Adam keeps wracking up prices over and over… and over… yep!

*me preparing to throw an epic class party, which will either be extremely dull or will burst up in flames. (Flames of joy, not hellfire, sorry bad metaphor.)

*we try to play video games in the classroom again, only to be

*Sadie tries socializing more.
It….fails. again and again.

*my normal moments of panic if Gumora lets Sadie sit directly next to a drawer filled with staples and scissors

*crab battling and slap boxing in class

*since it’s gonna rain like fuck tomorrow, all of us dancing around in the rain and freaking out instead of being normal kids and sitting down and doing our work…. but that’s not a new thing with us.

*past romances and future romances; pretty much a big chart on who liked who in the classes, and who still does and who never will be. (Yay for depressing valentines day! Whoop whoop for failed romances!)

*Audrey and James giving some words of wisdom; along with a secret view at their gross “love” with each other.

*all of our past Christmas episodes before, edited to look like better, full-scale footage of our parties

Obama’s War Against the First Black Republic: We’re back to the Andre Apaid era and more image and perception manipulations to manufacture world indifference and consent to UN-US-EU-OAS-NGO terror in Haiti. Yet, the only reason the corrupt and raunchy Michel Martelly is still in office is because of their powerful tyranny against the majority poor in Haiti. (Read, Torture to Silence Dissent in Haiti Is Paid for with US Tax Payers Money.)

Martelly’s son Olivier Martelly is indicted on drug/money laundering charges but no media publishes this. That’s like Barack Obama’s children getting indicted and held in Russian, but it’s kept secret from the American public.

My whole career, I’ve defended Haitians against the wrath of empire. I don’t want to see what the OAS, the UN and CORE group are about to do in Haiti to get their way to preserve Michel Martelly’s unilateral decrees and land giveaways to foreigners these last five years. Empire wants Haiti lands, islands, strategic position, deep water ports, rare iridium, its gold and underwater riches. They have the racist colonial narrative, billions of dollars they’ve siphon off the world’s poor they oppress and weapons to terrorize the planet. I write today to remind everyone that for five years, since 2011, Haitians peacefully demonstrated against Michel Martelly’s rule. In this last year, they’ve stopped his fake elections. Empire is livid. They won’t let go. http://dlvr.it/KM16W4

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Do you know the deal with a certain Novelist and Honor's Lister? Seojun seems to have more drama than he's letting on.

Of course he does, it comes natural when you willingly let yourself associate with someone obsessed with making drama for themselves and someone else that’s too weak to put an end to it. I think there’s more to it than what meets the eye– he can’t be torturing himself like that out the kindness of his heart, he must be getting paid to keep them company. I know I wouldn’t do it without compensation. As for the two of them, maybe they’re using their brains for once and trying to figure out a way to get rid of Miss  Trainwreck. Ship her out the country for good, make sure she never ever comes back to inconvenience their decent lives? The ultimate betrayal, and I want to witness every moment of it.

Dear Tomato,

Finally, after 2 torturous weeks, I finally got what I wanted. It was rough from the start. I had to do a major fix to my timetable, I had to consider other options after a failed Gemex attempt, adding that to some people problems, things really took it’s toll. I’m so glad my efforts paid off. I’m really so happy.

I’ve probably emailed more people these 2 weeks than I have ever in my life.. profs, students, office admins… there were so many things I needed to do to get to where I wanted to go, but there were so many things I didn’t know. I didn’t know anything. So I had to ask. If there is something I realise only now, answers don’t fall from the skies anymore. Things have changed. We’re not kids anymore. People don’t expect you to need help, and then give it to you. Now when you need help, you search for answers yourself, or they’ll never appear. That’s the so called dog-eat-dog world we’re finally stepping into. 

Anyway it’ll be too long for me to document everything, but yeah my end product: 5 Core, 1 BM, KOREAN3 (OMGOMGYESSS), pretty perfect timetable. Fee-paying options laid out and settled, deciding between countries now. And many great things to look forward to, lessons, people, new friends etc… I can finally sleep well :)

I know I almost always fall short even if I work very very very hard.. I have had that happen many times. But the 5% off-chance that things work is why I always try again. Victory is much sweeter that way, I find. :D