'i want all of you. forever.'


Hey guys. I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be taking a bit of a break from Tumblr. As many of you now know, Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, committed suicide today. As a fan of the band, this deeply breaks my heart, and I know that it will forever. No words can describe what I feel right now, mainly because I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve lost people before, but this just seems so much worse, and I can’t find it in me to really do anything. Even as I’m typing this now, I’m still crying over the fact that he really is gone. 

I’m also writing this as a form of goodbye to my hero and inspiration. He will forever be in my heart, and even though he is gone, his legacy will continue. I also give my condolences to his family and the band as I can’t even imagine what they are going through. So, Goodbye Chester. You are and always will be missed. 

And please, if you are thinking about suicide, know that there is help available. It doesn’t have to end, and it will get better. Just give it a chance to get better. 

US Suicide Hotline Number: 1-800-273-8255

R.I.P. Chester Bennington (March 20, 1976 - July 20, 2017)

So ist es immer, touka/yomo fanfic (headcanon)

Summary: Yomo and Touka share a nice moment together the day after her wedding.

i wrote it this morning and i totally forgot to post it! i hope it’s not too ooc, touka apparently knows that yomo is her uncle (it was hinted before..) so i do mention that in here, i also want to believe that they share some corny family moments like this once in a while ♡ enjoy! /////


“It’s… kind of a big deal, you know? Being married and all that,” he says, trying to gather some wisdom. “So much, uhh… stuff to do, you know, responsibilities, many adult decisions to make and… yeah.” He frowns, what the hell is he even saying?

Touka frowns too, blurting out a giggle.

“God. You’re terrible with words, did you know that?”

Yomo smiles, cheeks softly blushing.

“Y-Yeah, sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m awful with words too. I guess small talks don’t run in the family.”

Yomo shakes his head, and he’s not smiling anymore. His face shifts to one side to look at her, and Touka finds nothing but truth within his eyes.

“No,” he admits, and he’s being serious right now. “You’ve always been great with words. Just like your mother.”

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hollandroden Sad to have missed today :/:/ It was a @teenwolf day to remember.
Hall H at Comic Con - AFTER 8 COMIC CONS!!! It has been a blast. Thank you to all of you who have loved this show like we have. I’m currently up in Canada for work and was devastated to have missed being with everyone. There will always be a part of my heart that will yearn for my Teen Wolf years to live on forever. PS- I swear when they called me to set today- I just kept hearing Lydia…it was bizarre… Lydia I guess wants to say hello ;) We all miss her.

hiii guys!! i always have too much time in my hands during the summer break and so I thought to myself,,,why not make a follow forever?? so here i am! making it! anyways! shout out to all you wonderful people for making my dash so amazing and making me smile and laugh everyday! I hope y’alls summer is going great and i hope y’all are staying hydrated in this freaking h e a t

ok so first i’d like to give a special shout out to Naghma aka @uniquely-mii!! although we have a six hour time difference, i just wanted to thank you for always being there for me and for simply being you! you’re honestly one of the best people i know (and one of my best friends on here:’)!) and i really enjoy talking to you! (i also love how we always talk in caps unless it’s something serious,,idk how that started but i love caps and it’s my aesthetics)hopefully one day soon our schedules will align and we’ll be able to skyPE once and for all:’)! i really hope we get to meet one day so i can finally give u the biggest hug in the world and so we can finally get to hang out! i love u so much and stay amazing (ps my rooster says hi:) ) xxx

also shout out to the LOUIS MAKES EVERYONE (?) gc aka my lovely wife becca, zoe , keri , america , and bella! idk what the question mark in a box that comes after “EVERYONE” bc as yall know, i still havent updated my phone so im left in the dark when it comes to those things rip (i should probably update my phone soon),,which brings me to my next point ! thank yall for putting up with my constant emphasizing “..” and me being ghost 78% of the time rip i still love u all tho and i hope we all get to meet each other some day:’) know that im always here for you all:’) stay cool guys xxx


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once again thank you all for everything and following this mess™ of a blog! i may not talk to u all but i still love every single one of yall!! stay safe and have a fantastic summer!!

hollandroden: Sad to have missed today :/:/ It was a @teenwolf day to remember. Hall H at Comic Con - AFTER 8 COMIC CONS!!! It has been a blast. Thank you to all of you who have loved this show like we have. I’m currently up in Canada for work and was devastated to have missed being with everyone. There will always be a part of my heart that will yearn for my Teen Wolf years to live on forever. ❤️❤️❤️😥😥😥 PS - I swear when they called me to set today- I just kept hearing Lydia…it was bizarre… Lydia I guess wants to say hello ;) We all miss her.

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youngest sibling lance (headcanons)

these are CANON and my proof is that i’m the youngest in a big ass family so suck it

• lance’s jacket is a hand-me-down just look me in the eyes and tell me it’s not (it’s one he’s always wanted from his oldest brother and he was waiting forever to grow into it)

• he probably knew about the birds and the bees and other things WAY before he should have. the god tier result of this is lance knowing exactly what pidge needs when it’s her time of the month and he’s kind and gentle about it. lance respects women.

• lance’s siblings made too many gay jokes about him before he even knew what gay meant. lance’s siblings probably all said “I TOLD YOU SO” at the same time when lance came out as bisexual. 

• lance was definitely spoiled as a child and as a young teen /don’t get me wrong/ but he wasn’t spoiled with items,, he was spoiled with permission. he probably got to do TONS of things that lance’s older siblings were never allowed to do and they constantly complain about this to their mama despite all being adults who don’t have to answer to their mama anymore. they still answer to her

• lance was a young uncle and probably had his first niece/nephew when he was 12-14. he used to pretend he HATED being an uncle but was caught numerous times cooing to the babies. now, lance LOVES children and children love him. he wants at LEAST 4 children in the future. and a dog.

next up is langst. proceed with caution.

• lance always struggled to get attention in his huge family and despite the fact that all of his siblings would tell him “you’re SO spoiled” and “mama loves you the most”, he always felt like he had to catch up with the others.

• look he doesn’t MEAN to, but he deflates at the thought of disappointing people. he really hates the thought of doing something just to please people. (this results in him being a bit prideful which also leads to the rivalry with keith because keith was just BETTER than lance and lance just couldn’t take it) but he WILL do whatever it takes to never disappoint his mama (or his siblings, but he’ll never tell them that.) 

• he probably grew up thinking he had to live up to his family’s expectations of finding a wife and making a family and living happily ever after. but he always knew he was different. he liked girls AND boys. he had big dreams of becoming a pilot and astronaut. but he just always had this tiny thought gnawing away at him that his family would abandon him and kick him out if he ever told them. he began to draw back and talk less and less about his own interests and more about what everyone else was interested in. this is why now lance is perceived as the class clown. someone who always puts humor and other people’s entertainment first.

 tl;dr lance is pretty much the perfect example of the youngest spoiled sibling but caring uncle and i can’t BELIEVE i’ve been blind to it this entire time

Decided to sketch a little something since I saw a bunch of mascot ideas being tossed around for @writscrib

I settled on a jack-of-all-trades kind of person, they’re good at every sort of hobby and so they represent every creator around. I wanted to make sure they were dressed kind of like a busker/street performer and I also tried to make them mostly androgynous. They represent us, so they are in turn, every gender, every everything. (Heck they can even be an animal, animals can paint right?)

My own personal background headcanon is that they’re actually a real magic user/shapeshifter/immortal being that hones all these skills just to stave off the tedium of living forever. And of course, they’re also a mentor/support system for up and coming creators all around.

As an added note, when you support a creator, you give them power to continue, so maybe that’s the secret to how their magic operates and how they’ve gone on for so long? Maybe the people who have supported them along the way are the reason they are immortal to begin with. c; 

anonymous asked:

There is a lot of negativity and speculation in the fandom right now so I want to give you some positive thoughts: imagine Alec softly pressing kisses to Magnus' eyelids to wake him in the morning whispering 'You're so beautiful.' cause Magnus is beautiful with and without make-up and damn his eyes *heart eyes emoji*




I managed to recover my full work with my name, YAY! ^=^ The Daddy Hannibal and Little Will series is exactly now as it was before, with all the cherished comments by my lovely readers that made me so happy and made me keep on writing! I love you all so much, thanks so much for your support and for being there  (✿づ◠‿◠)づ

I would just like to make clear that this crisis is not the reason why I have decided to stop writing in the Hannibal fandom. I finished An Embarrassing Problem the other day, which I really wanted to finish, and in my mind, that was going to be the last story I would update/finish. I may still write a bit, who knows, but as I think I told you some time ago, after all that has happened in my life during these past years, this fandom has become very painful as it stands for the happiest memories of my fan/writing life, now gone forever due to my chronic illness.

It doesn’t help that the show was cancelled, on top of that.

I’m feeling a bit better but with my ups and downs, still doing a ton of rehab and weaning off my meds little by little. I have also been granted yet another extended sick leave from uni until next year. I’ll be around my office from September onwards with the new semester, but my doctors wouldn’t let me lecture yet.

So. I’ll be around, only a bit less actively (as of late). I hope you understand <3

With all my fluffy and kinky love ❤


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how do I get over a breakup and move on😞

after a breakup y'all gotta work on YOU, put yourself first, maybe even be a little selfish. If you spent time on a relationship and not on you, nows your chance to fix that. Of course take the time (days, weeks) to cry and be a little sad but don’t let that consume you cause I promise after a few months you’ll get past it! Start going to the gym, eating what you want, wearing more makeup and less clothes or vise versa, whatever YOU want!! Drink more water!! this won’t last forever boo

Ugh, I really want to write a Heathers-esque story where none of the three Heather like characters are cishet, actually all secretly in a poly relationship, and only act horrid towards dicks who deserve it, and Veronica like character is the girl who they’ve wanted to be apart of their relationship forever but were too nervous to talk to, but after she starts getting close to this new guy who’s bad news, the heather esque characters say fuck it and try to seduce the veronica like characters while trying to stop the jd like character from causing chaos… but I have no fucking time and I already have a thousand other stories to work on

So, the news of Chester’s death hit hard on me and I’ve made a decision. I’ll be deleting this blog and I don’t have the intention of going back on Tumblr for like, forever.

I wish I could talk about the reasons that made me take this decision, but I can’t. Not without engaging certain people here and I certantly don’t need more fandom drama in my life.

I just want to thank all my followers for putting up with me, for all of those who asked me stuff. Particularly, I want to thank: @lena-lipbite-luthor, @busysciencegeek, @karamelizedlove, @karadanversprince, @mon-kai-el, @starcrossed-comets, @ thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain, @ylvalev

Thank all of you for you help/friendship, I’m going to miss you guys. I was a pleasure being here! 

ok shoot so i guess ill actually give it a shot. ok so i’ve got 5 slots open for some stream sketch commissions 3 (maybe more?) are up for grabs currently theyre 5 dollars a peice and i will work out a stream time if all slots are filled if it takes forever to fill all slots ill just stream the ones i got. you can pay me after its done but i will watermark it till im paid, paypal only btw 

I feel like im not outwardly expressing myself enough on tumblr. Com im not sure why its just a format that causes me anxiety mostly its hard for me to share personal day to day things because im not sure whats appropriate for the tumblr space and im hypercritical of how i interact with different social medias and. Well any social setting at all really.
BASICALLY a) im scared to share cos i want to be well received and my ever shifting personality is confusing Me so if i post something and yall see it You Think Of Me That Way Forever
B) im not sure how to talk, at all, ever, always feel like im doing it wrong
CONCLUSION, i am not sure why i am making this post. Thanks

i almost never want to actually READ m*nr*p*ll*r & find myself engaged in the styling & outfits on the site disappointingly infrequently but as far as lesser-known internet ladymags go i still have & am probably gonna retain forever an emotional attachment to it bc it was the first place i was introduced for real to (/absorbed at all) the idea that you are allowed to just plain not dress for men or look comprehensible to them in any way.  i was too averse to absorb that from lgbt women as a youth, bc i did not want to be one, so like shoutout to Approachable Straight Empowerment Feminism for enabling me to become a clothes-obsessed eccentric asshole 

anonymous asked:

Nny, how do you feel about marriage? Would you ever get married?

Marriage, huh?

I see no issue with people who decide that they want to have their lives intertwined in one another forever. In all honesty, I think it’s pretty sweet.

I can’t say I’ve ever really imagined myself to be the marrying type, although I’m sure that has something to do with the fact that I’ve never felt close enough to anyone in that fashion to warrant wanting to make it the government’s business.

I think…
I think I would get married, were I in the right sort of relationship with the right sort of person, though I can’t say for certain at this moment in time if I would ever be interested in making it so official as to have paperwork or churches involved. I wouldn’t really consider myself the legal or religious type, anyway.
I think I would be more interested in something a little more… personal, maybe. Symbolic.

At any rate, I don’t pay taxes. You’ll understand that tax breaks aren’t of any particular interest to one who doesn’t pay them in the first place.
Though, I suppose my potential partner might need to pay them? Not everyone is as blessed as I to be so thoroughly shunned by the government. I would probably do it legally for the sake of their wallet, if nothing else.

Not to sound like a total sap here, but I think I would like it if I could someday find something so simultaneously comfortable and stable that I would be capable of deciding for certain that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with it.

So, to put it simply, yes. If given the right circumstances, I would like that.
I doubt severely that those circumstances will ever arise, though, so I wouldn’t go expecting anything of the sort from me any time soon.