'i should go get breakfast'

Sappy Mushy Romantic-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Reader sucks at getting sleep, but her boyfriend’s shirt keeps her warm n cozy (”is that my shirt?” prompt, requested). Basically fluff with little to o plot, its literally less than 500 words bc I couldn’t think of a creative or original plot so enjoy my sucky writing! hope you like it @ anon!!!

Warnings: none, unless swearing counts


An irritating buzzing sound was the first thing I heard when I woke up Friday morning. I groaned in protest at my alarm clock, blindly reaching for my phone and checking the time.6:15
Great, I had literally only gotten two hours’ worth of sleep. Today was going to suck ass.
I sat up in my bed, yawning, and staring at the wall across my room for a solid minute before getting up and grabbing some clothes from my closet, throwing little to no effort in what I wore. Today’s pick was a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a navy-blue sweater. Not far from what I usually wore, except a little more boyish and the sweater was huge on me. I tiredly made my way to my bathroom, brushing my teeth and putting my hair up, and doing a very minimal amount of makeup, just some mascara and concealer, really. I had stayed up all night, but that was my business, and I didn’t need people poking and prodding and asking questions.
There was a knock at my door before my boyfriend, Jughead Jones, stuck his head in.
“Hey, I’m a bit early today, but I have some news about Jas- Is that my shirt?” I raised my eyebrow and looked back down at the sweater, realization hitting me.
“Huh, guess it is.” I shrugged my shoulders, too tired to be embarrassed.” I can change if you w-“
“No! No, no, it’s okay, really.” Jughead smiled, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.” I mean, you should wear it, it looks nice, really brings out your eyes…..” Jughead trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.
“Is the Jughead Jones suggesting that his girlfriend play the disgustingly cheesy wear-your-boyfriend’s-clothes card?” I taunted, stepping closer to my boyfriend. Jughead scoffed unconvincingly, sputtering.
“Please? Me? You’re crazy.” Jughead crossed his arms.
“Oh, Juggie.” I sighed happily, uncrossing his arms and intertwining his fingers with mine.” Underneath that cold, hard, edgy exterior you cover yourself in, there’s a sappy, mushy romantic, begging to break out.” I teased my boyfriend, standing on the tips of my toes and pressing my lips lightly to the bottom of his jaw, the only place I could reach.
“We should get going, I wanna go to Pop’s and get breakfast.” Jughead tilted his head down to look at me, a slight smile playing on the ends of his lips. I leaned against his chest, puckering mine slightly. Jughead rolled his eyes, the smile becoming bigger, and leaned down to give me a quick kiss. I grabbed my backpack from my bed and followed my boyfriend down the stairs and out my front door, walking hand in hand to our favorite diner.

About this time now a very grumpy and sleepy Isak is being smooched awake by his sunny boyfriend because they are supposed to meet at kollektivet for breakfast. 

“Come on, Baby. We’re gonna be late”  Even says as he stands up, thinking about taking the duvet with him, but then again he’d never do that to the love of his life (read: he knows he wouldn’t survive this). Isak huffs annoyed. 

“Who makes plans on saturday morning anyway? ‘s the day of sleeping in….who cares if we’re late, i need more time.” he sighs into his pillow. A tad over-dramatic if you ask Even, who chuckles down at him, smiling fondly. 

“Babe, if we are late you know that Eskild will make why are you late, you naughty boys jokes for the whole time we’re there, right?” 

And… good point. With a groan Isak rises from the cozy warmness that is their bed and maybe he will complain a good portion of the way but maybe he will also let Even smooch his cheek and maybe he will even hug Eskild back when they get to kollektivet and his Guru is throwing his arms around him. Almost lifting him from the ground with the force of his hug. 

Maybe he missed his Guru to pieces.

Seven Days

Summary: This is for @saxxxology ‘s June Writing Challenge. Sam and the reader get involved in a dirty talk competition. So much smut ensues.

Warning: smut, orgasm delay, use of ice, SO MUCH DIRTY TALK

Word Count: 7200 (Not sorry at all)

A/N: This one got away from me. I hope that’s a good thing. @oriona75 @withoutaplease @blushingsamgirl @spectaculacular-sammy @thinkwritexpress @aprofoundbondwithdean

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Will you move in with me?

The story of how Isak and Even decided that they should move in together Enjoy <3

Note: This was supposed to be a drabble but it became so much longer than I intended because…..I just couldn’t stop bloody writing. I really hope you guys enjoy this and it makes you smile.

Even looked down at the golden haired angel sleeping peacefully in his arms. Isak’s head was pressed against Even’s heart and he could feel his warm breath tickling his neck. Even sighed and caressed Isak’s soft pink cheek. They were both wrapped in a blanket with Isak’s laptop sitting neglected on the corner of the bed. They were in the middle of watching a Nicholas Cage film Isak insisted was “absolutely iconic. The master of film Even I mean it!” before he fell asleep after the first 15 minutes of the movie.

He chuckled lightly, knowing Isak could feel his heart beating against his cheek in his dreams. The thought made Even’s body tingle with warmth from the tips of his toes. As he gazed down at the most beautiful boy he had ever laid eyes on, Even knew that every single thing he was holding in his arms right now was everything that mattered the most to him. Isak was, is, always will be for eternity, everything to Even. His arms wrapped tighter around his sleeping beauty, the world disappearing around him when it dawned on him just how much Isak meant, how much he will always mean.

He continued to stare down at the man of his dreams as Isak made a little sleepy whimper. Even grinned and could not resist it any more. Slowly and gently he leant down and pressed a small tender kiss in between Isak’s eyebrows.

Just like magic Isak moaned himself awake, his arms reaching up to wrap themselves around Even’s neck before he even opened his eyes.

“Even” he sighed as he opened his eyes and saw the beautiful boy’s face hovering above him, only inches from his.

“mmm yes beautiful?” he replied, kissing the tip of Isak’s nose, making him giggle.

Suddenly his eyes grew wide as he struggled to sit up in Even’s long arms that refused to let him go.

“oh shit did I fall asleep during the movie?”

Even smiled “yes and I was thankful because it was so much more entertaining”

Isak rolled his eyes. “Ah shut up film snob” he said, finally managing to sit up comfortably, pressed against Even’s chest, arms still wrapped tightly around his small body.

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Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Fluff, tiniest fractional mention of smut

Word Count: 857

A/N lmao I’m bad at fluff

I’m so sorry there’s too much sarcasm in this oh god

This was really difficult to make long, sorry anon.


With a stretch and a yawn, you opened your eyes to behold the white ceiling atop you. Coming to your senses slowly, you remembered last night. Yawning again and rolling on your side to see Baekhyun sleeping peacefully next to you, you regarded the protagonist of last night’s events. A smirk toyed at your lips as you contemplated the contrasts between the current innocent ambience of him and his controlling persona before you two had fallen asleep. He sighed gently and you studied his light brown hair that somehow managed to fall perfectly across the pillow and frame his face delicately. His eyelids flickered slightly. You reached over and placed your hand on his cheek, tracing shapes onto his skin. You dragged your fingers down to his parted lips.

“Do you like studying my face, jagiya?” you gasped slightly and pulled your hand away. His eyes were still shut but a smile crept across his lips. He opened an eye lazily when you didn’t reply. “Well?” he grumbled, his low morning voice sprouting small butterflies in your stomach. When would you get over how he sounds when he’s just woken up? He scrunched his eyes shut again and buried his face into the pillow.

“I do.” You lay on your back and returned your gaze to the ceiling, stretching your arm up in front of you. Your hand then found its way to Baekhyun’s hair, ruffling it playfully. “Should I go and get breakfast ready?” Baekhyun groaned in complaint as he felt you begin to get out of the bed. Two strong arms suddenly pulled you backwards by your waist into the mattress. You yelped out in shock. “Ah! Baekhyun!”

Baekhyun pulled you into him, holding your back against his chest, cradling you into a little spoon.

“Don’t go…” he mumbled into your hair.

“Don’t you want breakfast?” you asked, breaking free from his arms and rolling away. Baekhyun pouted behind you.

“I want youuu… Come back.” He lazily attempted to pull you back but you continued to roll away from him. “Y/N…” Baekhyun whined. “I’m cold without you.”

“Good.” You smirked and hopped off the bed.

“But babe… You’re my sunshine; you warm me up,” Baekhyun tried, a hint of sarcasm in his voice and a hopeful smile on his face as he awaited your reaction. You held your hand on your hip.

“Please don’t say anything like that again. I’m making breakfast.” You made your way around the bed, leaving Baekhyun in a grumbling pile of duvet and pillows.

You returned upstairs with a tray of food, entering your shared bedroom. “Did last night really wear you out that much? It wasn’t that spectacular,” you said, placing the tray on the bedside table next to the pile that Baekhyun seemed to have hidden himself in. His head suddenly popped up from the duvet, his hair dishevelled and his mouth open in shock.

“Wh-What?” he spluttered.

“I’m kidding.” You bent down and tilted his chin up to look at you, pecking him gently on the lips. “It was good.” You held your faces close together and Baekhyun leaned forward to kiss you again but you pulled back, tapping his nose. “Eat first.” Baekhyun sighed, sitting up and taking small bites of the food you’d prepared. You clambered back into bed with him and moulded yourself to his side, resting your head on his chest and draping your arm over his waist.

After eating, he began stroking your hair and admiring your face like you had done earlier.

“Babe, how do you look so good in the morning? Messy hair, no makeup and cute pyjamas. I think this is my favourite edition of you.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and you tilted your head to look up at him with a frown.


“Yep!” He smiled a toothy grin.

“Well you look cute too,” you said, reaching up to kiss his cheek.

“Do we have to get up today?” Baekhyun sighed, sinking back down into the mattress and retreating further under the duvet so you had to get up and reposition yourself. “Can’t we just go back to sleep?”

You sat cross legged watching him return to a comfortable position before reaching over him to take a bite of the food you prepared.

“We have things to do, we can’t sleep forever-” His arms had found you again and yanked you downwards into his body, throwing the duvet on top of you both. He snuggled into you and created a strong guard of his arms around your waist to stop you from escaping.

“Just five more minutes,” he moaned. You finally gave in. You could feel him gently breathing on the back of your neck and knew full well it wasn’t just going to be an extra five minutes.

Chapter Six

When Felicity’s parents announce that they’re hiring someone to be her personal bodyguard, what she hears is that she’s going to be stuck with a 24/7 babysitter… something she is so not on board with.

When Oliver takes up the offer to work for the Smoak family he thinks it’s just another job, but he has no idea what he’s about to get himself into.

Protecting the “tech empire heiress” is the easy part, matters of the heart are where things get a bit more complicated.

A big thanks to Sara @gothsmoak who created the stunning cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi my awesome beta :)

Rating: T  This Chapter’s Word Count: 4750

Hey guys! Wow this week went really fast for me, it feels like I was just posting the last chapter, so hopefully it went by quickly for you too :) Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words on the last chapter, reading your comments makes my day. In this chapter we have a character interaction that I think you guys have been looking forward to, so enjoy!

“What’s the countdown at now for days until the move?” Shado asked while he stretched to finish out his workout.

He rolled his neck, “Nine.”

“You excited? Nervous?”

His mind unwittingly flashed to the dream he had woken from that morning, but he shoved those images away again. They could easily be explained away by the Chinese takeout he had found in the back of the fridge and probably shouldn’t have eaten before going to bed.

“A little bit of both I think,” he replied, standing up from the floor. “I’ve never been to New York City before, so I’m excited for that, but it’s also a whole new routine and territory to get used to. Keeping her safe in a city that’s almost ten times bigger than Starling… and then when she starts school and we’re traveling back and forth all the time…”

He could feel his muscles that he had just relaxed starting to tense up again just thinking about all the potential dangers that could pop up in two cities he wasn’t familiar with.

Shado placed a hand on his shoulder reassuringly, “It will be fine Oliver.”

“Yeah,” he consented. “Thank you.” He grabbed his water bottle and his discarded sweatshirt, “Well, I should get going. I’m having Thea over for breakfast this morning. I took the day off so that we can spend some time together before the move.”


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Jealous - James X Reader


Requested by @duchessdaisybat

Hi, I’m requesting a James March imagine where Y/N is a ghost too and she worked with Miss Evers as a maid before she accidentally fell down the stairs and died. She and James have always had a thing for each other, but she hates that he’s so obsessed with Elizabeth that he doesn’t even treat her the way he used to and she starts spending more time with Donovan and James doesn’t like it. And you can take it from there: pretty please write this.


I still remember the day I died like it was yesterday. I don’t remember dying, I don’t remember the pain of the broken bones I suffered from my fall down the hotel stairs. I don’t even remember the period in which I went from being human to a ghost. But regardless of how I got here I along with many others now call the Hotel Cortez a permanent residence.

This hotel has been my home for close to one hundred years now since my fall in 1928 and I have loved every second of it. I used to work alongside the owners main maid but after my fall I decided to enjoy my time in the hotel and he let me step down from my job even though Hazel, his main worker, still serves him to this day despite the fact that they died around the same time I did.

James was a kind man often described as manipulative and malevolent by others but he never did wrong by me so I trusted him implicitly. After all he is my former employer and we do have to spend eternity together whether we like it or not so it’s for the best that we get along and don’t hold our dark tendencies against each other. To be honest I almost loved watching James kill. It gave me a different kind of thrill to see him take the life of another man.

“Hello Y/N, how are you on this fine day?” James asked waltzing up behind you as you were talking to Liz at the bar.

“Well I’m very good James.” I smirk turning to face him, “and yourself?”

“Better now that I’ve found you my dear.” He smiles and turns to Liz to order a drink. James and I have always been rather close and most people in the hotel assumed that it would lead to something more which it had on many occasions but his ex-wife Elizabeth was always an issue that pushed us apart. She didn’t directly forbid our relationship progressing but James had an obsession with her still and I couldn’t get past the fact that no matter how long he didn’t have her in his arms he was still fixated on her.

“So my dear what would you say about having dinner with me in my room on Thursday?” James asked suddenly snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Of course.” I blush, “I would love to.”

James smirks before walking off and I’m left once again with Liz.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” she says, “He’s still obsessed with the countess I just don’t want him to hurt you again.”

“Don’t worry about it Liz it’s just dinner, his infatuation with Elizabeth can’t possibly interfere with that could it.” I reply but I don’t even completely believe the statement myself.


Thursday came quicker than I anticipated and I eagerly got ready for the dinner James had invited me to. I put on the most elegant blue dress I own along with my favourite pair of black heals and diamond earrings. I left my room and walked down the hall until I got to James’ room which was only a few doors down from mine. I knocked on the door and waited for over a minute until it was yanked open and Ms Evers appeared on the other side.

“Hazel, may I come in?” I say stepping towards her but she moves to block my path.

“I’m afraid Mr. March is rather busy Y/N.” she says in a voice I recognize from when she’s trying to hide something from me.

“James is expecting me for dinner Hazel may I please come in?” I say more insistently and she’s about to object when James’ voice rings throughout the room.

“Whoever it is Hazel tell them to go away, come back and serve Elizabeth and I this instant.” He bellows and I look at Hazel in shock before shoving her out of the way and running into the room to see James and the countess sitting at the dinner table originally set up for James and I.

“If this is your sick idea of a game James it isn’t very funny.” I say through gritted teeth as he stares at me in horror.

“Y/N I’m so sorry dear Elizabeth wanted to move up our monthly dinner because she is getting remarried to Will Drake.” James says in his defense but I just laugh.

“She’s getting married and you still value your date with her more than you do your date with me.” I practically scream.

“Can’t we just reschedule dearest?” James starts but I cut him off.

“No, no more rescheduling, no more games. If you don’t wanna be in a relationship with me then just stop playing games okay? I’m done with your shit James.” I say and turn to leave slamming the door behind me.

I walk slowly down the hallway half expecting James to chase me down, but he doesn’t. When I get to the elevator I break down into tears before punching the button of the first floor. It hurt more that he didn’t come running after me than it did that he blew me off for an engaged woman that doesn’t even love him.

I walk sobbing and wiping my tears to the bar and I’m met by Liz who immediately walks around the bar and engulfs me in a tight hug.

“He blew me off for Elizabeth.” I sob as she just strokes my hair until I start to calm down and then she sits me down on a bar stool and returns to the other side of the bar so she can lean over it to talk to me. Liz has become the most comforting and important person in my life since she first came to the Cortez. We could tell each other anything and it became my greatest joy to talk to her so she was the only person that could make me see straight in this situation.

We talked forever until I stopped crying and I had a few drinks and that’s when someone else walked stumbling into the bar and sat directly beside me. He ordered a scotch and that’s when I recognized his voice and turned slightly to see Donovan looking just as sad as me.

“Why so gloomy?” I say sniffling slightly. He turns my way and sighs before speaking.

“I just found out Elizabeth is marrying Will Drake,” he says sighing again, “What have you been crying about?”

“James blew me off for Elizabeth because she is getting married.” I say tears returning to my eyes, “I guess we both mixed with the same wrong crowd.

“I guess so.” He chuckles sarcastically before downing his scotch in one go as I take sips of my drink.

Before long we are both engulfed in partially drunken conversation about anything and everything in our messed up relationships and it honestly felt so good to open up to someone who understood the pain I was feeling.

“It’s been a hundred years of the same thing with James and when I told him I wasn’t putting up with it anymore he just sat there.” I say as I let a tear slip down my cheek. Donovan reaches out a hand to wipe it away and I look up so I’m properly looking into his eyes.

“The countess changed my life and then she just threw me away like I meant nothing to her.” He says looking directly into my eyes for the first time. “I would never hurt you the way that James did because I know how that feels, to never end up with the person you love.”

Slowly he leans closer and stops just as our noses are touching, “I would never hurt you like that.” He says again and that’s when I close the gap between us. Our lips move in perfect sync as he brings a hand to my waist pulling me closer as we both fight for the passion we’ve been wanting for so long, finally finding it in each other.

Before I register what’s happening we’ve left the bar and Donovan slams me against the wall of the elevator as he pushes the floor of my room before resuming kissing me. His hands find their way to my waist and he lifts my legs around his waist and proceeds to carry me down the hallway once we reach my floor. Just as he fumbles the key to unlock the door I hear a door open down the hallway and spot James and Elizabeth walk out of his room and stare at us in shock. I give James a wink before the door opens and Donovan walks us inside.

As soon as we walk in Donovan slams the door and throws me on the bed and that’s when I stop him.

“You know neither of us actually want this.” I say and he nods agreeing and sitting beside me on the bed.

“I miss her so bad.” He says and I wrap my hand in his.

“It’s gonna be okay, “I say soothingly, “But their decisions can’t make us become reckless okay? We need to be here for each other.”

“I think we’ll be good friends.” He smiles with tears welling up in his eyes as I lay down on the bed expecting him to leave but he doesn’t. Instead he crawls up beside me and strokes my hair, “I think we could both do with some company right now.” He says and we both fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.


The next morning I wake up with Donovan’s arm wrapped securely around me and know that I made the right decision the night before. He slowly wakes up and smiles down at me as soon as he opens his eyes.

“I think I drank too much last night.” I groan reaching blindly for the glass of water I always order from Liz every night but realize that in my drunken haze I forgot to ask for it.

“We should go get breakfast, it might help with the hangover.” Donovan smiles and I get changed out of the constricting dress I somehow slept in all night into some jean shorts and a t shirt and we walk hand in hand down to the bar where Liz greets us.

“Boy have I heard about you two.” She says sauntering over to us, “James and Elizabeth came down here ranting about the fiasco you two pulled on them last night.”

“They saw us walk into a room id hardly call it a fiasco.” Donovan says downing a glass of water like it’s the last drink he’ll ever have.

“Well from what they’re saying it sounds like you two had a fun night.” She smirks and I sigh. If Liz heard about it I can only imagine how many people we are going to have to explain ourselves to.

“Nothing happened Liz, I swear.” I say and she looks directly into my eyes, nodding when she knows I’m telling the truth, “I believe you but I’m not sure she’ll be so forgiving.” She says not even looking up and gesturing in the direction of someone behind us.

We turn to see Elizabeth standing not too far behind us waving gesturing for Donovan to come over.

“Good luck.” I say and he smiles and gives me a quick hug before walking off in her direction and they both walk a little bit away from the bar.

“Since when did you two become friends?” Liz asks and I shake my head.

“I don’t even know, it just happened.” I say and she smiles, “It was good to have someone who understood me to talk to.”

“Since when do I not understand you?” I hear a familiar voice behind me as I see Liz’s smile drop and she turns around pretending to be busy but not before giving me an encouraging smile.

“I said I’m done talking James.” I say bluntly without even turning around.

“Who said I’m done talking, Y/N?” he says moving to stand directly behind me, “You don’t just pull stunts like you did last night.”

“Oh, you of all people want to talk about morals?” I scoff, “remind me of who you were with when you promised me a date?”

“It was a mistake, she was getting remarried you know about our monthly dinners.” He says but I just laugh at him.

“Save it James. I’m done waiting for you.” I snap and go to walk away but he grips my arm tightly and yanks me back towards him.

“Get your hands off her!” Donovan yells across the room as he stomps towards us.

“Who are you to say that? She belongs to me or did you forget that last night?” James says talking to me just as much as he was Donovan.

“I’m okay I promise.” I say to him and he nods warily before walking away.

James literally yanks me toward the elevator and I see Liz go to object but I give her a grim smile that tells her that I’ll be fine and she backs off as James shoves me inside the lift.

“James I…” I start but he cuts me off.

“We’ll talk when we get to my room.” He answers bluntly and I decide it’s not the right time to test him so I keep silent the entire way to his room. As soon as we step inside he slams the door and forces me to sit down on a chair at the dining table.

“Do you want to tell me what you were doing with Donovan last night?” he asks angrily.

“Nothing happened James I swear. We were drunk and we fell asleep that’s all that happened I promise.” I say begging for his forgiveness.

“It didn’t look like nothing from what I saw.” He says coldly and I realize how much I must have hurt him.

“I couldn’t go through with it. I thought about you and I just couldn’t do it.” I say grabbing his hand to really get his attention, “You have to believe me I didn’t do anything.”

“I believe you.” He says suddenly and I snap my head upwards to face him in shock.

“Really?” I ask with tears welling up in my eyes and he nods his head.

“I trust you. I love you.” He says so quietly I’m not even completely sure that I’ve heard it.

“I love you too James I never thought I’d hear you say it back.” I say quietly and he kneels down so our faces are at the same height as his eyes grow darker than I’ve ever seen them.

“You’re mine Y/N do you understand that. Don’t you ever forget that again. I can’t even begin to explain how enraged I felt to see you with another man.” He grits his teeth angrily and grips my hands tightly.

“That’s called jealousy James.” I laugh and he grows even angrier.

“I am not the type of person to become intimidated by another man.” He demands but I just laugh at him.

“Really? Because what you’re describing sounds a lot like jealousy.” I laugh again wrapping my arms around his neck and he smirks pressing his lips to mine and I smile into the kiss.

“How could I be jealous when the girl I love has always been mine?” He smirks pressing his lips to mine once more. “I’m… not… jealous.”

“I’m not sure I believe you Mr. March.” I whisper and he looks up at me smirking, “Maybe you should prove it to me.”

James reconnects his lips to mine as I happily lean into him. This is the first day of a relationship I’ve waited over one hundred years for and I couldn’t be happier to finally spend forever with the man I love.


This is by far the longest post I’ve written but it is one of my favourite things that I’ve written. Thank you so much to the person who requested this it was so much fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy reading it.


Home pt. 1 (Jughead Jones/Reader)

Warning: Nothing, pal. Go on.
Note/s: You, like Archie, didn’t know that Juggie is living in Riverdale High after the drive-in was closed down.
Pairing/s: You and precious Juggie.


“Did you get everything, love?” Mom asked me as I stepped out of our family car, an easy smile on her face. “Your books? Laptop? How about money? I don’t want you starve ag-”

I laughed, holding the car door open. “I’m fine, mom, I literally posted a bunch of sticky notes on every inch of my dresser just so I won’t forget”

“Thank God” She sighed dramatically. “You wouldn’t hear the end of it if you repeated what happened to you in elementary” I chuckled at that then she glanced down her watch. “Darling, I think I should get going. I still need to make some breakfast for your father seeing that you ate all of it”

She shot me a look and I shrugged sheepishly. “I was hungry, mom”

“When are you not?” I laughed, hitching the bag strap further up my shoulder.

“I’ll try to lessen my daily intake of food next time” I promised halfheartedly and leaned towards her, giving her a peck on the cheek. “Bye, mom”

She grinned. “Bye, love”

Slamming the door shut, I sent her a final smile before turning around to enter the still empty Riverdale High.

Personally, I prefer the school this way. No people walking around, swallowing up almost every space; no offensive or stupid words being shouted by obnoxious teenagers; no gossips being whispered around; and especially, no Reggie Mantle.

Just the silence.

That’s why I like going here earlier than most people, to revel in the solitude this building has to offer that I can’t get in our family’s house.

I walked down the hallway, my footsteps being the only sound audible. I grabbed my phone from my jean pocket and checked the time.

Three more hours to go.

Both my eyebrows raised as I realized that I’m extra early today. Well, I guess that’s more time for me.

Putting it back, I set out for my locker. Once there, I pulled out some of my necessities and while doing so, I saw a slight movement in my peripherals.

Putting everything in my bag hastily, I turned my head to get a better look just to be surprised to see a certain Jughead Jones the Third walking nearer to where I am, his attention focused on his laptop as he typed away with one hand and holding it up with the other.

“Jug?” I asked, frowning, closing my locker.

He froze for a bit before looking up from his laptop’s monitor, meeting my gaze, shock evident in his endearing features.

Approaching him, I just noticed that he doesn’t have his signature beanie on, his jet black hair still damp.

“Y/N, hey” He forced out a smile.

“Hey” I greeted, still confused on why he’s here so early. “What are you doing here?”

He snorted, uneasiness still radiating off of him in waves. “I just wanted to see how this institution looks like without the people milling around like the execution of Louis the sixteenth is being held here. Now, what are you doing here?”

Not the answer I’m expecting but it’ll do….for now.

“Came extra early” I shrugged, smiling. “You know how I am, Jug”

A smile tugged at his lips, the tension leaving his body. “Unfortunately”

Ignoring how devastatingly attractive he is right now, I pouted. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with me! I’m completely….alright”

He snorted, going back to his laptop. “Alright? That all you got?”

“Okay, since you’re so bothered of my word choice, how about ‘decent’? That good enough for you, Juggie?” I batted my eyelashes at him even though he’s not looking at me.

“No, I’m thinking that the word ‘beautiful’ suits you more”

I stopped breathing. Did he just….flirt at me? Jughead flirted? Is he capable of even doing that?

Isn’t he asexual?


He lifted his face to look at my shocked expression then smirked. Gosh, that smirk. “If it isn’t painstakingly obvious to you, Y/N, then it gives me great pleasure to tell you that I am indeed flirting with you”


“Wha- is this- you-?” I stuttered, unable to complete a sentence with my mind buzzing with multiple thoughts that I can’t grasp at the moment.

Suddenly, the bastard laughed.

He laughed.

I stopped my mindless mumbling and realized that he’s only playing me. That idiot.

With narrowed eyes, I smacked the back of his head which was quite difficult to do since he’s just so darn tall.

Immediately, his laughing ceased and he stared at my indignant form.

“That wasn’t funny, Jones” I said seriously.

Especially since I’m hoping for it to be true. I added in my mind.

He raised a brow. “If you must know, my dear companion, sardonic humor is my specialty”

“You call that sardonic?”

Jug stared at me in a challenging manner.


The Summer (11/?)

The Summer (11/?) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 8,695 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: jealousy, inappropriate humor

A/N: Hey guys! Eliza and I are super excited to announce that this fic has been nominated for two phanfic awards :D So if you’re enjoying this story and want us to win something for it, you can vote for us to win Best Collab or Best Chaptered story! Hope you enjoy this new installment of the summer :D Here are some links to vote for us c:
Best Collab
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Chapter Eleven

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“I miss your face”


Second Chance (Part 2)

Group: iKON
Member(s): Bobby
Type: Smut / Fluff (requested)
Warnings: None

My eyelids grew warm with the sunlight streaming from the blinds casting a glow on them. A heavy arm and leg was lazily thrown over my waist and legs, anchoring me to the mattress. Little puffs of warm air tickled my shoulder, a nose and pair of lips resting slightly against the skin. With some difficulty I managed to pull an arm free to run the sleep out of my eyes and check what time it was. 6:45 a.m. It was early. This definitely wasn’t the first time I’d woken up like this but it was the first time in a long time that it had happened. I missed the smell of his cologne on the pillows and his fingers resting under the hem of my shirt. I missed seeing his messy bed head and gracefully-closed eyes.

I tried to move as slowly as I could to pull the covers away from me and get out of bed. Just when I thought I was home free his arm pulled me back and snuggled me against him. I sighed with a smile as I realized he was fully awake and buying time.

“I was trying to get out of bed,” I said, looking over at his still-closed eyes.

He groaned, “Why?”

“Because I can’t go make breakfast for your members in my underwear and a practically see-through white t-shirt,” I stated frankly. And now that I thought about it, the choice in clothing was proving to be less than helpful because the chill of the ceiling fan was getting to me now with the covers gone.

His eyes opened at that, “Damn right you can’t. You can only make breakfast in your underwear for me. Although the underwear is optional.”

I rolled my eyes and tried to get out again but his arm wrapped tighter around me and this time I was facing him, our chests touching. A shiver crawled over my skin as a breeze caught the back of my legs and his lips grazed my neck.

“Oppa,” I whined but had nothing to add. My hands rested on his arms as I decided it was no use to compete with him at this point.

Jiwon smiled and rolled over, his body now over mine. Lazy morning kisses were pressed to my exposed skin, followed by a small nibble of my ear. A smile pulled at my lips as my hands skimmed over his sides, a finger slipping into the hem of his sweatpants.

“We still have some time before seven,” he said simply before burying his lips against my neck, the skin turning pink.

Meanwhile my fingers were teasing him at the drawstrings of his pants. And to tease him farther I let my fingers slip into the waistband of my own underwear. When his lips pulled away from my neck and he turned his attention towards my hips he frowned. His hand caught my wrist and yanked them from under the fabric.

“That’s mine,” was all he said before sticking my fingers in his mouth and licking them.

His heavy-lidded eyes stared into mine as he discarded his boxers before sitting back to tug my underwear down my legs. His lip was stuffed between his teeth while his fingers hooked into my panties and pulled them down. My stomach flipped at the familiarity of his fingers on my skin, running over my thighs and up my sides as he pressed kisses to my chest and stomach. After grabbing and rolling on a condom from the bedside table he positioned his erection at my slit, his hands holding my hips gently.

The pads of his fingertips caused shivers to run down my spine and my nerves to jolt as he skimmed them down my sides and over my thighs. He hooked them under my leg and angled it for a better vantage point. As he started thrusting my fingers reached into the sheets and gripped. Jiwon’s fingers made prints in my skin, his thrusts picking up speed. He leaned over and left a trail of sloppy morning kisses along my collarbones, neck, and cheeks before settling on my lips. With our tongues and hips dancing the pit of my stomach felt a fire starting. I hooked my legs behind his to keep him close but he was already close enough, almost too close. He wrapped his arms around me, burying his face into my neck, assaulting it with nips and bruises.

Jiwon’s thrusts slowed down but instantaneously went deeper, reaching spots I didn’t remember him reaching before. With my edge so close I took his hand and put it between us. Luckily he didn’t need instructions on how to please me, it came natural to him. His fingers went straight to my clit and started moving furiously with the intent to finish me off. My head rolled to the side as my chest moved rapidly, my fingers gripping his shoulder.

He came first, his movements halting temporarily. But he continued thrusting feverishly to bring me to climax, making my legs twitch and moans roll off of my tongue like a prayer.

“Just like old times?” he asked, sliding out of me and removing the condom. He held a smug grin on his face as he went to throw it away and kept it on the way back, lying back down beside me.

“Better actually,” I replied, then with the suddenly lack of heat I shivered and pressed closer to him. “We should get dressed, and it’s 7:20! I have to go make breakfast.”

“You don’t have to,” he whined but got up anyways, rifling through his dresser drawers for some clothes I left on my many trips before.

So I stepped into some black pajama pants and slipped into a navy long sleeve shirt before combing my fingers through my hair and making my way to the kitchen. As I got the pancakes ready Jiwon shuffled into the room, his eyes surprisingly still sleepy. He rubbed his eyes with his fist and getting a good look him I realized how hot he looked. His grey sweatpants hung low on his hips, the waistband of his boxers showing slightly over the top. A dark blue hoodie covered his upper half, the hood barely hiding the forest of curly brown hair he seldom managed.

“Yah, take a picture it’ll last longer,” he commented, filling a cup with orange juice.

“Maybe I will,” I smirked, putting the finished pancakes on different plates.

As they cooled and I got the side food ready Jiwon watched me, helping when he could. Once everything was finished he disappeared to wake the others. And one by one they stumbled in in all of their pajamas-and-tussled-hair glory.

“Thank you for the breakfast,” said Jinhwan, shoveling a forkful of pancake into his mouth.

“I just have to say, I think we can all agree that we’re lucky not to share a room with Bobby hyung,” remarked Yunhyeong casually as he took a seat at the table.

“Why do you say that?” Jiwon asked, wrapping his arm around my waist with a quirk to his brow.

“Because I hear enough through the walls. I don’t need to hear your business up close and personal from the other side of the room,” Yunhyeong replied instantly.

“I second that.”


My cheeks grew hot with embarrassment as I hid a sheepish grin behind Jiwon’s shoulder.

“You’re just jealous because you don’t get any,” he defended.

The room then erupted in complaints about our love making. Amidst the boys’s loud debate I managed to sneak a few bites of pancake before stepping into my shoes and grabbing my keys.

“Well,” I spoke loud enough to be heard over their incessant loudness, “You’re welcome for the breakfast. I think it’s my time to go.”

Negan - Let Her Go - Part 2

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

This so overdue, I’m sorry for being a piece of shit and not doing it sooner.

Takes place six and a half months after the events of Let Her Go.

You are finally about to give birth to yours and Negan’s child and neither of you can contain your excitement.

Negan x Reader

Warnings: Labor?

Chapter 1

You woke up to the sunlight streaming softly through the curtains and the sound of his voice talking to your very swollen belly.

“It won’t be long until you’re here now little one. I can’t wait to meet you, it feels like yesterday that your mommy told me she was pregnant, that day changed my life forever. I’m going to teach you to play baseball and soccer and eventually, I’ll show ou how to pick up a girl because I’m clearly awesome at that, I did get your mom after all. I love you Sebastian and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms,” he said softly as he rubbed and kissed your belly.

“You always had a way with words Negan,” he looked up at you and smiled when you spoke.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Long enough to hear you tell our son you’ll teach him how to hit on women.” you replied with a light chuckle.

“Well, who knows. You might have to teach him how to hit on guys.”

“Well, we have years until he’ll be hitting on anyone, and no matter what I’ll love him.”

“Me too. Now, should we go get some breakfast?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he pulled the covers off of your body and climbed out of bed before helping you out and then walking you down to the kitchen, the smiles on your faces clearly showed how excited the two of you were to have the baby.

Negan started making breakfast for the two of you while you sat in one of the chairs and watched him with a smile on your face. Sebastian kicked you suddenly sending a jolt of pain through your body, at first, you thought he was just being really energetic but then it happened a couple more times until you felt a pool form between your legs.

“Negan,” he turned to look at you and his eyes widened when he saw the look on your face, “It’s time.”

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they will see my strength (in this love i’ve found)

Merry Christmas, @chris-evahns! You wanted a two parter - an Ark AU, and arranged marriage or fake dating. I tried to work as much in from your prompts as I could! Hope you like it.
Rating: T for language.
Words: 7K+, oops. 
Note: Things are basically the same as canon. Clarke’s dad is still executed, as is Bellamy’s Mom. Lyrics for the title and inset are from “Hard Love” by Needtobreathe. I worry Bellamy and Clarke are a little OOC here, but since it’s an Ark AU, I took some liberties. If that’s not your thing, skip this one, friends.

Trading punches with the heart of darkness
Going to blows with your fear incarnate
Never gone until it’s stripped away
A part of you has gotta die today


Clarke wakes up 4 days after her Dad dies with a knot in her stomach and her head aching. She doesn’t know how to do this – she doesn’t know how to grieve, or how to lose someone. She’s never had to go through this before.

“Clarke?” Her Mom knocks. “Someone’s here to see you.”

“I don’t want to see anyone right now.” Clarke wills her voice to be somewhat civil. She hasn’t spoken more than few words to Abby Griffin since Jake Griffin was floated, especially now that she knows her mother practically turned him in.

“You should get up. I made breakfast. I have to go to the clinic.”

Clarke takes a little vindication in how tired her mom seems, but doesn’t pause for any more thoughts of sympathy. She hears a sigh, and then retreating footsteps, before the sounds of someone talking at the front door. Clarke rolls over, ignoring them, and shuts her eyes tight, trying to will herself to go back to sleep.


Clarke sits up, eyes wide. Nathan.

“Miller?” She asks, and the door to her bedroom creaks open.

“Your Mom let me in.” He comes in, but hesitates before sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I wanted to check on you.”

Clarke stares at him. “I don’t understand. You were in the Skybox.”

Clarke and Nathan grew up together, and with Wells, they were like the three musketeers, until Nathan started hanging around with a different crowd of friends. Clarke didn’t hold it against him, but she didn’t expect to see him here, either.

“They had my trial early. I think my Dad pushed for it.”

“And?” Clarke sits up fully now, turning to face him, pushing her unruly hair out of her eyes.

“Probation, for now.” He smiles ruefully. “Not taking a space walk anytime soon, though.”

“Have you seen Wells yet?” She asks, and he shakes his head, frowning.

“No. I– my Dad told me about yours when I got out. I’m sorry, Clarke.”

Clarke feels her throat tighten. “Yeah. Me too.”

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Sweet Caroline

Pairing: Dean/Reader & Sam/Jess
Prompt: Y/N is a member of Angel Real Estate office, and is sent to the small town of Harmony, North Carolina, to look at the land for a client; she doesn’t expect to meet Dean Winchester.
Tags: AU: Big City meets Small Town, Jess is pregnant :)
Words: 1771
Note: Nothing really having to do with Harmony, North Carolina, just a pretty name and I know it’s a small town :)))) also please let me know what you think!!!?
Tagging: @ddean, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @mrswhozeewhatsis

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boom-squirrel  asked:

ANIME IS REAL! so, with which one would undyne rather hang out with in your opinion: goku or sailor moon? imagine: super undyne or sailor undyne! @_@ well, i should go and get breakfast. see ya around! :)

Definitely Son Goku - and if it’s just for the raw power D:< Although she would get bored after he spent 734853823 episodes charging that Genkidama, I guess.

Wherever You Are Part 3

ITS FINALLY HERE! THE LAST PART! I hope you guys like it. If you want another part in Luke’s POV I may be able to be persuaded, but I like how it ended so it would just be life during that time from his POV. OKAY ENJOY! 

[Part 1] [Part 2]

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