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Hi Cassie! I really love your books and I can't wait for LOS to come out. I was wondering if we are ever gonna know/see more about Tessa and Jem's married life. Are we going to see them interact more with Emma? Are they able to have babies? If so, will they be warlocks or shadowhunters? Or both? Or maybe Tessa doesn't want children because she can't bear watching her children dying again?

If Jem and Tessa had babies they would be, just like Will and Tessa’s babies, Shadowhunters (with maybe something a little extra in the power department.)

I know Jem and Tess are very loved and we do see them in glimpses in TDA but the story isn’t about them (and I’m very wary of them swooping in and fixing everything, especially when Magnus is around off and on, that’s a lot of warlock firepower!) 

I don’t think Tessa would hesitate to have children again if the time was right. She’s enjoying just being with Jem – it’s only been five years since the Dark War – but she loved being a mom. Imagine if we chose never to love anyone because we feared they might one day die? Tessa isn’t bitter, or angry, about the mortals she has known who have died after long and happy lives. She is grateful she knew them and looks forward to seeing them again one day.

Y'all: we need Diversity and Representation™ in big budget movies!!!!1!!

Also y'all: Go crazy over Beauty and the Beast (2017), a movie with only TWO people of color and THREE women in a top-billed cast of TWELVE, a movie with only THREE non-white actors playing characters (and two of them are inanimate objects. The only characters played by actors of color are Père Robert, Plumette and Madame de Garderobe). The only gay character only implies he’s gay and no one really talks about it. Everybody else is straight, most of them (even the inanimate objects like wtf, can only white actors do voice overs for furniture??) AND IT OPENS AT $174.75M

MEANWHILE, Power Rangers (2017), a movie with four leads of color, a character that’s on the autism spectrum and actually says he is, an LGBTQ+ character that also says she is, a character that made a terrible choice but wants to redeem herself, a bilingual character with a sick mom and a character that even though he was declared as the leader hE DOESNT BECOME A SELF ABSORBED ASSHOLE WHO THINKS HES THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE TEAM. IT IS SUCH AN ORGANICALLY DIVERSE MOVIE WITH SO MUCH HEART AND ITS SO FUN AND IT HAS ONLY MADE $40.5M


edit: the intention of this post isn’t really to attack Disney or BatB and I know that not everyone is a fan of the Power Rangers, my point is that here and all over social media we’ve been asking for diversity, and if they gave us this cool new diverse movie, the least we can do is go support it, like we went to support BatB! If they see it’s successful to have diverse characters and actors, lack of diversity in casts (like in the voice cast for BatB) could stop being so notorious.

Don’t Resent Me

This is the sequel to Forgive me, which was written for the forgiveness challenge. You have to read that first cause it picks up right where that one ended. I’m not sure it *really* fits with this week’s resentment challenge, but let’s say it does. Also, I used one of the prompts from my inbox for this:

@ladymegg asked for: 43. “I swear to god if you touch me…” This is probably not quite what you imagined? I’m so sorry!

Now on with the actual story which got so long you’re getting a read more.

The woman, William’s new mother, clings to the boy she considers her son. When her arms tighten around him instinctively, Will starts to squirm. Mulder wants to see it as a sign that Will recognizes him, which is silly, or Scully, which seems likely; but in the end, he doesn’t know. Mulder has to stop himself from sprinting over there and grabbing his son out of the woman’s clutch. This is his son, he thinks, but this woman, this Mrs. Van de Kamp, she loves the child, too. And, as much as even the thought burns him, Will must love her as well. Mulder glances at Scully, quickly, before he turns away again. Her face is pale, ashen almost, and fixated on their son. Both her hands are on the car door; she’s ready to run away, to flee. Leave their son here and never talk about it ever again. They’re good at that, after all. He’s brought her here without any warning; he couldn’t have told her, he reasons, because she would never have come had she known. When her knuckles turn white from grabbing the door, Mulder winces and averts his eyes. Forgive me, he thinks again; his forever mantra now. Maybe one day she will. Maybe one day his son will as well.

The thing is that Mulder doesn’t know if he can do this without her. He knows he doesn’t want to. What he’s not sure about, though, is whether or not he’d do it anyway.

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I can't get over 7x15

7x15 is so IMPORTANT. They show us that Jesus is comfortable enough to tell Daryl how he feels about Sasha and Rosita. Also, we see that Daryl does his best to make Jesus feel better (he didn’t have to say anything, we know him, he could just stay quiet but he answered Jesus showing he cares for how he feel) They show us how their relationship is evolving. Not to mention the scenes where Jesus sees Daryl like he is the only one or the last scene where Jesus tries to stop Daryl but then remembers what Dwight made to Daryl and just stays there looking at him. I don’t know if it’s me but I can’t stop thinking they really want to show us them together and I can’t feel more happy about that.

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you got any portfolio tips for someone applying to art school? (kcai is high on the list for me so i thought you'd be the best person to ask)

INTERESTINGLY, that very fact might be the exact reason I’m not the best person to ask…. KCAI is a fine school, but lemme’ just be perfectly honest for a second and tell you that it’s not difficult to get accepted there.  Even if they don’t accept you, they will likely tell you exactly what they’d like to see from your portfolio.  For instance one of my buddies in animation had transferred in and applied with a photography portfolio… she didn’t really have a drawing portfolio to show them, but she wanted to learn and work in CG, so she just kinda had to make a case for herself and that was that. 

A school like, idk, CalArts, is considerably more difficult to get into, and so I’m not exactly sure what kind of portfolio they want to see.  What I would say though, is to include the art that best defines and summarizes YOU, or YOU’RE GOALS.  Art that’s an indicator of your PASSION, and what you want to ACCOMPLISH.  It’s not a bad idea to include a variety of studies/life drawings and stuff like that… those will help show that  you’re well-rounded.  But make sure to include what you feel is indicative of “your work”. 

I had a portfolio review with someone (from KCAI) before I applied, and I was just putting all sorts of things in there to showcase my different ABILITIES…  I put in some really well-rendered fanart… and then like, a simple, limited-pallet doodle I had done in MSpaint of some of my characters…. and she couldn’t have cared less about the well-rendered fanart.  Instead, she asked me to talk about the characters in the MSpaint doodle.  She said they were more interested in giving students a space to grow and develop their ideas, and I thought that was really cool. 

I have heard similar stories from people applying to CalArts (Jorge Gutierrez got rejected a couple times too, ‘cause he was putting together a what he THOUGHT they wanted to see.  They’d seen some of his more personal stuff–the super mexican-y stuff–and said they were more interested in that.), SO I mean… again, I can’t speak for all art schools, but from what I can tell anyway, there seems to be a bit of a pattern.  Put together a portfolio that speaks to you and what you wanna’ do!

Good luck dude!

to everyone that sent me messages during the day, I want to say thank you for your support, I really can’t begin to explain how much that helped me
But I’m sorry I had an outburst, I was bottling my emotions which I shouldn’t have been doing because I knew I was going to lose it eventually
And to the people that unfollowed me, I’m not mad or angry, I’m sorry, we come here to escape the negatively of the real world and we don’t want to see more negativity here in our safe place
But seriously I love all of you so much

Okay I'm calling it now, Ravus is probably gonna get his own DLC

I’ve been saying that since the start, but based on the new scenes we just got you can’t deny that it won’t happen. I’d be more upset if they didn’t give him DLC tbh.

A part of me hopes it’s like Separate Ways from Resident Evil 4 where you see all the same scenes but from his perspective. Ravus wasn’t ever fleshed out and he really deserves more screen time. But I guess only time will tell.

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I've always wanted to have a career in art but I'm worried I won't always be in a stable job such as if I were to be a free lance artist but I would get no clients - Do you have any advice? Thank you!! -Georgia

This is a really reasonable concern! Something that I wish was mentioned more is that even full-time freelancers often took years to get it to a liveable income. If you walk into a bookstore or comic store, I would wager most of the writers and artists you see work other jobs alongside. Those other jobs might be unrelated, or they might be in the same fields (I do other illustration work outside of comics, for example) – people find all sorts of combinations that work for them.

My main advice if you do choose to pursue freelance work is a) be comfortable with the idea that it may not be your only job, and b) pay attention to how you most enjoy working, so that you can see what sort of arrangement might suit you best. For example, some people may want to work in a studio or do corporate illustration work because they get to work in their field all day and grow their skills quickly, while others may prefer to work at a store part time because that lets them give all their creative energy to their artwork.

There are so many different ways of doing a creative career. It definitely helps to think about what you want, set specific goals, and find steps that work towards them…but know that those goals may change every couple of years as you get to know more of what kind of work configuration both suits your working style and pays the bills!

Years ago, I had similar concerns. The defining moment that led me to decide to dive into my career with both feet and never look back was when I finally understood that most things I had learned about life regarding striving for success in school and earning a living with a job or career was a lie. I graduated college with high grades, I did everything “right"…. however I was consistently out of work for years at a time after receiving my diploma. This was especially difficult for me because I had held a job since I was 12 (working as an assistant at a traveling agency for a family friend until I was able to work legally at other businesses). Whether it was City Hall or other office gigs, video game stores, teaching art to toddlers, middle schoolers, or kids in high school, or even teaching college courses about storytelling and illustration, I always had some form of income. When the recession hit in 2008, it was a difficult time for me. I am the type of person that only does something if it makes sense and simply applying for nonexistent jobs and waiting for callbacks did not make sense to me after a while, despite that being what I was taught to do. I quickly realized that I had move differently than the people around me and forge my own path. So I took an hiatus from my self-published comic, "Millennia War”, which was selling decently online and at conventions but not well enough for me to eat off of and began taking on freelance projects with local clients. That path was pretty rocky at first because I wasn’t earning much of anything. In any case, I continued to be patient and used what I earned from those local client projects to get by while building a reputation online and at conventions with my work. Consistency is key. Eventually, Amandla Stenberg and Stranger Comics noticed my work and gave me the platform I needed to reach a bigger audience as well as attract bigger clients. The main thing an artists needs to do is stay consistent in posting / publishing work and believe in yourself. There will be dark days where you won’t be sure if this is path for you and that’s where it’s important to have a strong support system. If you don’t have a support system, you must be your own support. You must dig deep within and conjure up the motivation to continue. After the recession hit, I hit rock bottom. I was in a bad place. However, because I endured those hardships and never gave up, that experience transformed my train of thinking and forced me to grow as a person. When everything is going wrong and you just can’t catch a break, you have to learn how to see the positive in every situation and work on that mindset daily. That is the only way to attract what you want. That is the only way you can move forward.

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SO I was watching the La concert, and Taemin was so happy and energetic and goofy -- I noticed he was a bit more interactive with the crowd and he was even trying to speak more English. I went to the dallas concert and I couldn't help but notice that he was tired and he was pretty quiet -- Key even edged him on to say something in English. Taemin is my ultimate bias and I really wanted to see his goofy side but I can understand that he was probably tired -- but do you think he was also shy then?

I feel a bit jealous of the LA people because they got to see a lot of taemins fun and goofy side :D I’m thinking he feels more comfortable in LA since he’s been there so many times? I hope he knows that dallas and other places love him too

Why you think that way? Of course he totally knows you all love him! But you need to understand that as a human being he might need some time to feel comfortable, not only to rest well after a huge jet lag but also to feel confident enough to do something that he’s not used to do. In Toronto he had to face being extremely tired + shyness of speaking in a language he’s not used to speak in. But he still smiled a lot, he gave his everything. Of course in L.A. we need to think he loves that place because he worked there filming PYN + Drip Drop and that means a lot for him, he got finally a nice rest after the annoying jet lag and he realized he could speak in English because no one was there to judge his level and the only thing he needed was willpower. So please, don’t think this way. The fact that Taemin was hiding down his hood means how HARD it was for him to do that, but he didn’t want to leave North America without trying. I still remember Taemin almost didn’t speak in Spanish in SWC3 stops in Mexico and Chile, but he got to even scream in Spanish in Argentina - I can’t remember exactly what he screamed but he did. As I explained with my previous opinion about Taemin’s personality, he only needs time to feel confident to open himself and be himself, because yes, no matter his huge shyness, Taemin is able to notice the love of shawols even if he’s almost dying on stage, because he will always give his everything for all of you, so don’t worry.

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Genderbent JCS? I think a female Judas would be LIT, honestly. It would put different subtext behind her anger towards Jesus for how he treats Mary; it would make the entire betrayal itself really charged; it would just be BADASS to see a girl in that role in my opinion. Thoughts?

I LOVE the idea of Lady Judas. I also have an answered ask somewhere about a genderbent “Godspell” talking about that same charged relationship and the “betrayal with a kiss” being really interesting with a girl. Your point about Mary is also interesting…though it might be more interesting to also see Mary swapped – I dunno, I’d have to think about it more and go through all the beats to decide. I don’t want to fall into the trap of pitting women against each other just to create ~drama~. 

Either way, a woman singing all those rock operatic ballads? It would be amazing. I want more girls screaming in rage and despair as opposed to crying in a delicate soprano. 

I went to see Power Rangers today and I’m crying (no spoilers)

I don’t know what I expected from this film, but being moved to the brink of crying by the representation in it was definitely not it. 

Some of you might already have heard that there is a black autistic character in the film, but may be a little wary of him. And of course you are, we all know how autistic people are portrayed in films. We’ve all seen autism used as a plot point and the characters treated as a burden, or as emotionless droids that need people to take care of them and teach them how to love. 

So I hope you can being to imagine my overwhelming joy at having seen us represented so beautifully today. To find an autistic character who isn’t just portrayed as having a developed personality and inner personal life, but who is the heart of the entire team. Jason might be their leader, but Billy is without question their emotional center. The one who is excited to be a hero. The one who treats virtual strangers as his closest friends. The one who loves them so deeply that it hurts him to see them fight. He even stims when he’s excited, which was something that was so great to see. 

Okay, so the film itself has a lot of story issues, and I know a bunch of fuck boys are going to be ripping into for mangling the story or whatever, but please, please go see this film. If not because of how highly enjoyable it is - because it really is amazing fun to watch - then to see an autistic character who is treated like a human being. A black male character no less, who is the most emotional and friendly and open person on the team. 

I’m so, so happy that kids are going to get to see Billy Cranston. I’m so, so happy that autistic kids are going to be able to see themselves on screen portrayed in such a positive light. 

Thank you Power Rangers, for being the representation that we deserved

"Love and Care":The Freshman

Prompt: “Different doesn’t mean wrong.”

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A/N: With all the fights with Kaitlyn, I’m not really pissed at her for the general list of things she’s done but mainly mad at her for not defending Tyler and Abbie when it came down to it. In this story, MC confronts her about it.

I sat at the kitchen table, staring at everything I was trying to write. I was hurting so badly, I just wanted to have more to show when I saw James tomorrow after I flew to LA.
I heard the door open, and quickly turned my head, anxious for a distraction. Kaitlyn peered around the door, but pulled back when she saw me.
“I can see you, you know?” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Fine.” She muttered, “I’m just getting some of my stuff and crashing with Natasha.”
My brow furrowed in concern, “For how long?”
“What does it matter to you? ‘Mom’?” She retorted.
I opened my mouth to scold her, but couldn’t find the words, “Kaitlyn…”
“What? Are you seriously mad at me right now?” She snapped.
“Yeah, little bit.” I replied.
“You don’t get to be mad at me, you ruined my gig!” She hissed.
“I ruined your gig?” I scoffed, “I didn’t do anything. Zig was trying to protect the people you used to call your friends! I can’t control him, just like I obviously can’t control you!”
“Not for lack of trying, I’ll give you that.” She murmured.
Her words struck the air between us, and they stung as they burrowed deeper into my heart.
“Kaitlyn, I never wanted to change you. There have been times when you made me mad, yes, but every time it gets rough between us I’m not the one that bails. I’ve been nothing but loyal to you— hell, I’ve been nothing but loyal to Tyler and Abbie, when your new friends were straight up bullying the two of them.”
“Loyal? You think you’re loyal? What happened to being my best friend? All of the sudden you’ve gone from being my best friend, to being everyone else’s friend. Lately it seems like you’d rather be Zack’s best friend than mine.” She shouted.
“Because Zack actually cares about me! For so long, I’ve been asking everyone ‘What’s wrong?’, ‘What can I do to help?’, or ‘What do you need?’… Zack, Tyler, Abbie, Zig, even Becca? They’ve asked me, for once somebody’s asked me. The last time I was there for you, I dropped everything to go to a concert of a genre I hardly even like to support you. The last time you were there for me, you gave up a spot in a sorority. That was first quarter, Kaitlyn.” I shook my head, and stared back at the computer.
She looked offended, “Kohl, you can’t just—”
“Stop.” I interrupted, taking my computer to my room and stopping at the door, “I can’t do this right now. Not now, not ever. When you see how you’ve been treating Abbie, Tyler, and me, all you have to to is apologize and your friends will be waiting. But if you keep treating us like this, I can’t guarantee you’ll have any friends to come back to… You’re different now, Kaitlyn, and you’re not the same girl who became my best friend at the beginning of the year.”
“Different isn’t always wrong, Kohl.” She argued.
“In this case it is. I want my best friend back. Not whoever the hell this punk rock jackass is.” I explained.
“And what do you know about punk rock? You listen to '50s jazz.”
“And what I learned from that is that love is never overrated.” I contradicted, “As my friend, you are loved, that will never change. But there’s a difference between love and care. If you don’t care about me, why do I keep caring about you?”
I couldn’t look at her without bawling, and I couldn’t let her see me cry. I shut the door to my room and cried myself to sleep.

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Do you get the feeling, from seeing different pics and clips of sprousehart, that maybe Cole wasn't really expecting to fall for one of his cast mates? It's probably not something he consciously thought about but since he hates the celebrity life, I'm sure he wanted to avoid it like the plague. I feel like Lili surprised him. What are your thoughts? I love reading your ideas and perspectives on different things.

Awww…thanks!!! While I definitely think this is true—-do consider Lili appears to be more grounded, working class Ohio in her background, so I don’t know that she’s really particularly into the whole celeb thing, either.

Additionally, I don’t know that Cole FULLY hates the celebrity life—-I think he hates it as someone whose childhood was robbed from them so they could be their mommy’s l’il meal ticket and via the Disney Channel Kiddie Slave Train….cause this version, consider:

  • He lives in LA, even though the show films in the ‘Couve. He could just as easily live in the ‘Couve, Victoria, Seattle, PDX, Berkley or any rural point (since he seems to enjoy wilderness to some degree) anywhere on the Pacific Coast—-all of which would be a slower, less Hollywood, cheaper, etc (if anything, you’d think he’d LOVE the PNW, given how outdoorsy it is—-rain aside). Actually, even Juneau would seemingly work for him.
  • Granted, his friends are in LA (which seems to be a large component), but just sayin’—it’s hard to buy “I hate Tinseltown”, when you opt to live there.
  • Most of his friends are still connected in some way to show business—-unlike his brother, who really DID seem to leave it behind
  • He seems pretty relaxed (and to even enjoy himself) at industry events, cons, etc–which defines “celebrity life”, as well.
  • Granted, it’s probably at the CW’s prodding, but seems perfectly happy to give interviews—in fact he and Lili give the most. Which is also, of course, because they’re most in demand—but he was early on doing media stuff
  • They both choose now to troll the fans, drop hints, etc
  • Most importantly, He CHOOSE to return to acting and seems to really, really like it. And not to do low budget, artsy indie stuff, either. Because it’s (overall) on his terms, doing something that IS interesting to him (cause despite being a teenage CW show, it’s also interesting, different and he’s getting a lot of positive attention and being taken seriously.

Now interestingly, I agree in that I doubt he set out to date his co-star (and DO I still think, however, Bughead is simply art imitating life as Lilicole)—-BUT, weirdly, again, their relationship seems a LOT more conventional and non-celeb than when he was with his loony ex….but I’m pretty sure, on top of spending his $$$, being bitter about no longer getting to tap that, etc—there was unquestionably also a star-fucker quality to Bree’s attachment to him, as well.

With Lili that doesn’t exist. She’s legit into him, for him–and they can kinda commiserate on the whole public/private thing….Not the former child star, not her co-star, she has her own $$$. She just likes her hot, smart, snarky boyfriend. She looked at him with heart eyes a year ago, not because he was Cody from Suite Life, but because he looked ridiculously sexy and had probably just said something hilarious.

As it should be….


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Do you regret having phallo? I saw another person posting about how he regrets it and idk it really worries me. I want phallo so badly but seeing that makes me scared

No, I don’t regret having phalloplasty. I also didn’t experience severe complications like others have which changes our outcomes, recoveries, number of surgeries, relationships with our surgeons, perceptions of ourselves, and perceptions of how our surgeries have influenced our lives. His regrets are his own, my lack of regrets are my own. Neither is more important or should hold more weight than the other. Likewise, neither of our results are indicative of what you should expect because each recovery is completely unique to your anatomy, your surgical team, and how your body recovers. Keep in mind that hundreds, if not thousands, of phalloplasties are performed around the world every year. You can’t look at one person’s experience and say that reflects what we all go through or feel.

It might help to think of it like top surgery. The potential for complications is lower because it’s a less invasive procedure but those risks are still present. The people who’ve experienced those severe complications don’t negate the ones who had little to no issues recovering and vise versa. You can read about thousands of top surgery recoveries and how people feel about their results but at the end of the day that has nothing to do with what your recovery will look like or how you will feel because they aren’t you.

Paris Con

I think after listening to Emilie yesterday and seeing Rumbelle fan reactions I think I becoming even more disillusioned.

Am more confident that Rumple will die. All his past good deeds and sacrifices forgotten. Belle will move on, all the while propping bestie Killjoy. And seeing heroism where it really isn’t.
Not by definition anyway.

To be honest I’m considering avoiding all Emilie events. I don’t want to hear “,fans” put her in a place where she needs to defend Rumbelle.

I don’t want her to be like JMO and blindly ship a relationship on the show without acknowledging its problems.

But I also don’t want to listen to her run the relationship into the ground and take all hope away.
I hear one positive interview with her and then next feels like Rumbelle is doomed.

So I may not go to any events at the con to meet Emilie.
Lana and Robert will do. And it makes me sad that I don’t want to go to any Emilie events because I don’t want to hear fans and her agreement with them.