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SO DARON NEFCY WANTS TO FUCKIN KILL US you genius Just when Tom and Marco were finally getting along… I mean, we know Safe Kid will be totally triggered ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° My dear fandom, are we in for some “A minute ago she was just a friend and now she has feelings for me but now this other guy seems to be getting her attention and idk why but I hate it” drama!!!! Let’s not forget that Marco never actually answered Star ;) I’m just sayin… Careful Tom…

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Avenger’s Compound

Request: 156 and 157 maybe? A Peter x stark! Reader?

156. You know it’s really rude to talk while I’m interrupting.

157. One of these days I’m going to roll my eyes too hard and I’m gonna go blind.

Warnings: Almost Smut?

A/N: Wow not even 1000 word count. This is weak. 

Tony Stark was your father and Peter Parker was your boyfriend. The only thing is that Tony didn’t know you and Peter were dating.

Usually you and Peter would spend time at his apartment, May loved you and was always inviting you over, but since your dad was out of town for the weekend, you decided to invite Peter to the Avengers Compound.

“Babe, what movie are we watching tonight?” You asked Peter

“Star Wars,”

“What a surprise you’d decide on Star Wars” You rolled your eyes

“Hey! Quit rolling your eyes at me, you know I love this movie. I know you love it too,”

“We watch them all the time!”

“Yeah, and every time I tell you that’s what we’re watching you roll your eyes at me,”

“And you know what? One of these days I’m going to roll my eyes too hard and I’m gonna go blind,”

“Quit being so overdramatic and turn the lights off,” Peter said.

You went over to the other side of your bedroom to turn the lights off while Peter put the movie in the DVD player. You then went back and joined Peter in your bed, cuddling up next to him while he put his arm around you.
“I still can’t believe I let you even turn this movie on again. We watched Clone Wars last weekend,” you said

“Just admit it, you love this Episode, and all of the others!”

“I will admit that I enjoy them, but I certainly don’t love them,”

“So does that mean you only enjoy me, or do you love me, Y/N?“ Peter asked, placing a light kiss against your neck.

You thought for a moment before answering, “Well Parker, I think I only enjoy you,”

“Really? Cause just earlier you were saying how much you loved me,” He said, peppering kisses up your neck to your jaw.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you lied.

“Maybe I should show you,” Peter smiled into a kiss.

Peter placed his lips on yours, gently at first, slowly moving them faster against yours. He pulled away from you and pulled you down on the bed so you were lying down. He moved so he was hovering over you and placed his lips on yours once more.

Peter began kissing down your chest until he reached your shirt. His hands were under your shirt, on your stomach and he started to lift it.

“May I?” He asked


Peter smiled and lifted your shirt over your head and threw it on to the floor.

He leaned down to start to kiss you again, and you ran your fingers through his hair, “Nuh-uh Parker. You too. Strip,”

“As you wish, darling,”

Peter stripped his shirt off and moved back down towards you.

Suddenly your bedroom door opened and the lights came on “Y/N?” Your dad said.

“Oh no,” you whispered

“What the fuck,” Tony said as he stared at Peter, shirtless, on top of you.

Peter quickly climbed off the bed and picked up your shirt and covered you with it. “M-mr. St-stark” Peter stuttered

“Are you two… together?” Tony asked, jaw clenched slowly walking closer to Peter

“No sir- I mean yes Sir- I mean,” Peter said, attempting to get his shirt over his head.

“Shut up,” Tony said

“Y/N, is this true are you and Peter together?” Tony asked

“Well one, Dad you can’t just walk into my room like that! We’ve been over this! Knock!! And two, not that its any of your business but-“

“So yes, you are together then,”

“Dad, just listen to me,”

“No, I don’t want to hear it, Y/N,” Tony said

“Its none of your business wh-“

“Yes! It is my business who you date because you’re my child!” Tony interrupted

“Will you let me finish!” You tried to talk over your dad

“You know it’s really rude to talk while I’m interrupting,” Tony said

“Maybe I should go…” Peter said

“No, Peter you don’t have to go,” you said

“I think you better leave, Y/N and I have a few things to talk about,”

“No! Dad. You have no right to kick my boyfriend out of the house. He might be scared of you but that gives you NO RIGHT! I love Peter and I want him here,”
“Love him?” Tony questioned

“Yes! I love Peter,” you nodded

Tony turned to Peter, “Do you love Y/N?”

Peter nodded, “Yes sir, I do,”

Tony glared at Peter for a moment, “if you hurt Y/N, so help me I will hunt you down and do things to you things that you cannot even imagine,” Tony threatened

“Yes sir,” Peter nodded, you could see the fear creeping up on his face.

“Now please, no sex in the compound,” Tony said as he turned and left the room.

“Ok, from now on, we’re hanging out at my place,” Peter decided .

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Obi and Anakin are in a battle. Obi Wan orders to fall back bc he saw it was a trap but Anakin thinks they still have a chance so he goes and is overpowered. Obi saves him but he ends up badly injured and Anakin feels so guilty. I really love all your angsty fics.

Tinkering with mechanics are easy.

Tinkering doesn’t require emotions or thinking or battle plans.

Tinkering means he doesn’t have to think about the way Obi-Wan had coughed up blood, white teeth stained with blood as blood ran in rivulets into his beard and darkened the copper and golden strands as he held onto his injured ribs.

…Karking Force he was thinking of it again and let out a frustrated breath through his nose that caused Ahsoka to look up from the pad she was reading on, a sympathetic look on her face. “You could just go see him. You know he wouldn’t blame you, Master Obi-Wan never blames you.”

‘No but Cody certainly does.’ He didn’t say that as he stared at this young padawan. “I should have listened to him. If I’d listened to him all this wouldn’t have happened.” He sighed.

“Yeah, but hey, there is a bright spot in all of this.” She grinned, showing her sharp canines.

Raising an annoyed eyebrow, Anakin set his tools aside. “And that is?”

“I got a valuable lesson in who the best tactician is. Jumping is important but sometimes you need to consider the situation.” She chirped, seemingly quite happy since they knew Obi-Wan would be fine.

For her it was alright, it wasn’t her fault Obi-Wan got hurt.

For Anakin the situation was different, the guilt eating him up from the inside. “I guess when you put it like that…” He sighed. “Still.”

“Well go say sorry to Master Obi-Wan then.” She waved a hand at him, smiling more gently.

Glancing down at his oil stained hands, Anakin gave a slow nod then got up, taking an antibacterial cloth to clean off his hands before he headed towards the set up medical tent where he knew Obi-Wan still was.

He passed the commander on the way but despite the unhappiness the clone was giving into the Force, he made no move to stop Anakin or distract him.

Which was a relief.

It meant that one, Obi-Wan was well enough for company and two, Cody was not going to let this affect his performance as a capable commander.

Its a relief to see Obi-Wan sitting up in the medical bed with the sheets around his waist, the crisp white bandages stark against the pale skin.

The man instantly perks up when he sees Anakin and waves him over. “There you are, I could feel you sulking across the camp.” He chuckled faintly, leaned into the pillows behind his back.

“I was not sulking.” Anakin huffed quietly even as he came over and sat down at the others bedside. “I was working.”

“You were doing your guilty sulk.” Obi-Wan smirked faintly. “Did Ahsoka talk you out of it? Tru usually had to do it when you were a padawan.”

Anakin gave a little grumbly mutter then sighed and nodded. “Alright, fine, I was doing a guilty sulk. I just…I should have listened to you.” He sighed, reaching out and taking Obi-Wan’s closest hand in his, giving it a little squeeze.

Squeezing gently in return, Obi-Wan hummed. “Sometimes your gambles work out, other times they don’t. That’s just how it is Anakin.” He offered gently.

“Yeah but usually you don’t pay for my mistakes.” The blond spat out sharply before sighing and rubbing his mech hand over his face. “…Sorry. I just… I don’t like seeing you hurt and this is my fault that you did get hurt.”

Quietly, Obi-Wan watched him before snorting and shaking his head slowly. “Did you tell me to jump between you and the mud slide?”
“Well n-no bu-”

“Did you control me into place then or tell me to go there at all?”

“No but I was the one who pushed our luck and the dam broke because of that and flooded everything which caused the mud slide that also loosened the boulders that smashed your ribs. Obi-Wan your ribs pierced your lung!” Anakin waved his hand at the other and sighed again. “Just honestly Obi-Wan.”

“I’d give you a shake but I’ll settle for this.” Obi-Wan squeezed the others hand again. “Anakin, you don’t control my actions. What I do is on my own shoulders and this.” He gave his bacta bandage covered ribs a gentle touch. “Is my own fault. Now, I do want some help.”

Deciding that arguing was not worth it, Anakin sat up. “Sure.”

“Can you please get me some water?” Obi-Wan smiled. “Because I’m really thirsty.”

The two stared at each other then Anakin let out a sharp snort and a nod. “Yeah, alright old man.” He grinned. “Okay.”

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so whos your closest mutuals at the moment? im looking for active blogs like you

kjdghkdfjhgkfjd mkay so people im currently chatting to are:

@taron-egertonn literally chatting this babe rn, so go follow

@restlesstymes great blog! full of film knowledge

@eggogorgon blake is the ultimate stranger things/twin peaks fan

@drivingmradam brittany is a star wars legend

@viola-davis vilu is my tumblr wife confirmed

@capameribruh formerly nools but still a cutie 

@samerulesapply i wouldn’t be as knowledgeable about mcavoy without her

@aliciavikander meera is my fav gif maker and just goD a sweetheart

@deadhpool this queen is the queen of gifing like all the things

@henricavyll great blog!! especially for outlander and henry news!!!

@mcavoys my url twin i love he


@alfonso-herrera fuck knows where vinny is but i know hes watching me

@chanw00kpark we share a name, aka legendary

@directedbydeltoro my main mans whom loves del toro as much as i love mcavoy

@skellydun dylan a true legend!!!!!!! 

@michaelfassbender a true legend of gifmaking tbh, still lowkey intimidated but glad we’re mutuals

@thepunisher literally started talking to sere this week but i love her. 

@dunkirk-alex i love lauri and also a legend so!!!

yeah thats everyone off the top of my head tbh!

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I see that you finally got around to Rogue One! Any feelings on Spiritassassin (Chirrut/Baze, most married couple in space)? I'm not-so-secretly hoping you ship it and are inspired to write because I love your work. =)

i most certainly do ship it (i CRIED AND YELLED AT THE TV THERE WERE TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE) but hhhhh as inspiring as their tale was, i think it was told so damn well already, i don’t have anything to add?? at least not at this moment in time. idk it’s SO RAW AND MY HEART IS ALL HHGHGHGH *quiet mourning sounds*

but i really appreciate that you’re thinking of my writing 

oh god my feelings help me ;A;


Bars and Bets part 3

Prompt: OMG if you’re still taking requests, can you do a part lll for bats and bets? I absolutely love the first two parts! The way you write Rex is just 😍

Tags: @mp938368

Word count: 985

  • This is your first date with Rex, which happened just before the little dinner party you have with

Part 1, part 2

Oh good Force, you were so nervous. It shouldn’t be this bad, really. You had a small hand held mirror in your desk and checked your hair, done up in a simple braid that was turned into a bun. It was one of your more typical hair looks, but slightly more put together. You wore a tasteful y/f/c dress. It was short, but not too short for someone in your position. Also a pair of comfortable heels that would finally make you close to Rex’s height. You checked your reflection - minimal make up, a simple natural look with a bright bold lip. It wasn’t what you normally wore, but you had wanted to impress him. Impress Rex. Oh Force, take you now!

Knock, knock, knock

You jumped at the sound of knocking on your door. You glanced over at the door and smile, right on time as always. You cleared your throat, “Be right there!” You placed the mirror back into your desk and hurried over to the door. Straightening your dress, you walked over to the door and hit the button to open it. Rex stood there, dressed in what appeared to be borrowed civilian clothes, possibly by Obi-Wan as the older General was the right height. He looked strapping, in the deeper color palette than his usual white and blue armor of his blacks. Rex’s face went slightly slack as he saw you. he snapped himself out of it fairly quickly and cleared his throat, “Ah, Y/N, you look lovely.”

You blushed, “Thank you Rex, are you ready?”

“O-of course,” He smiled offering you his arm, “Shall we?”

You took his arm with a soft smile and left to you date.

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Hey! My name is Caitlin, I'm always listening to music, I love reading and I'm obsessed with David Bowie, Star Wars and Harry Potter. I'm fascinated by the stars and people say I have a galaxies on my face because of my freckles. I'm very laid back and weird and I absolutely love travelling. I love your writing and thank you! 🌹💫

C A I T L I N: Pure, clear. Form of the Latin Katharina, from the Greek Aikaterina. It was borne by a number of saints, including St Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century martyr who suffered torture on a spiked wheel.

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💚 💤 💢 💖 (for star wars) for the ask game?

💚 - Ship that you secretly like:
Luke/Han/Leia. Maybe not too secret, since I do use it in one fic, but pansexual polyamorous Han Solo is my jam.

💤 - Ship that is canon but you don’t ship:
Obitine. Sorry, kids. I much prefer those two platonic.

💢 - Ship that is most misunderstood:
Uh… idk about this one, actually. Every ship’s got some perception problems here and there.

💖 - Ship that needs more love:
Listen, there is never enough love for Obikin. It is my life. But also ObiAniDala. Get on it, kids. I need those 3 cuties together and happy.

ok so Leia was heading to Obi-wan before the Battle of Scarif, and before she ever knew she or anyone would have the plans. It wasn’t just a last resort, “vader’s bout to get us we gotta go somewhere” decision. the fact that she was going to Obi-wan is probably the reason she was with the rebels and not on Alderaan.

so think in the context that a) Bail was knowingly sending his daughter, who has the genes of one of the most powerful force users ever, to go get a Jedi, b) Bail knew that he was sending the biological child of Anakin to Anakin’s former master and friend, c) Obi-wan definitely would knows who Leia is, d) Bail knows that Obi-wan is keeping an eye on Luke.

I’m not saying Bail Organa knowingly sent his force sensitive daughter to the only fully trained Jedi he knew how to get in touch with and also her force sensitive brother, but Bail Organa knowingly sent his force sensitive daughter to the only fully trained Jedi he knew how to get in touch with and also her force sensitive brother. Because he and Mon Mothma decided things had gotten to this point.


mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade