'i love you both so much.'

how bts kisses you ☆

lovingly. wherever you look, there is not a place where you can’t feel him behind you. he takes your hand and twirls you, admiring you, so focused and in love with all the pieces that made you whole. he’s not shy - he’s unapologetic and kind, prompting you to never change a thing and always showing the world how much you mean to him. you gave him the greatest confidence, and in return he gave you a honest warmth where you could rest your tired mind and lie your heart in. safe and sound, next to him, wherever you’d go. 
“I don’t want you to leave my side.”

 ↳ slowly. cupping your face with both hands, gently bringing you closer to him.
his thumb moves to caress your cheek after, not wanting to let go just yet. his eyes are widened in slight disbelief at the sight of you - raw and real and there, just for him. but there is a sincere smile blooming on his lips, and it shines more than ever - he knows it is the reflection of yours, which brings that light to him and comforts him like nothing ever could.
“You never fail to make me happy.”

selflessly. his presence, his movements, his smile, they are all glowing with adoration for you, for what you’ve built together. forever so attentive and caring towards your every word, never rushing - he is so grateful. not once you had any doubts, and you’re reminded each time you find yourself in his embrace, as he intertwines your fingers with his and holds on tightly. your pace is his pace, your heart is his and so his is yours.
“I’ll always be here.”

reverently. none of his movements emphasise anything but the utmost respect for you, wanting to shower you with his affection, his love and everything else your heart desires. his smile is not easy to maintain - the energy that could fill a thousand suns can drop a second after arriving, and to recover he doesn’t want to listen - he wants to feel. he takes your hand and brings it to his lips, kissing each of your fingertips, marvelling at how you gave him so much strength merely by being there, by being you.
“Thank you for making me go on.”

↳  passionately. your lips make a path down to his collarbones, his stomach, his thighs, and soften all of his edges. perfect, perfect, perfect - it races in your mind all at once, and you try to express it through every inch of your being, as words could never be enough. he lifts your chin and threads his fingers through your hair and you can feel his quivering breath, his doubts. you try to silence them and lie your head in the crook of his neck, going beyond all in, all for his happiness, and he closes his eyes, feeling them water. God, how he loves you.
“I can’t believe you chose me.”

spontaneously. at the end and beginning of the day, it’s just the both of you, strolling together and chasing the sunrise. he sighs, longing for the place the light arises from, and he knows where to find it. he comes up behind you and laces his arms around your waist, bringing you close and lying his head on top of yours, his kisses covering you whole. you laugh softly, and he’s watching you like you are his entire world, yet just by hearing his tender heartbeat you feel like the universe is at your fingertips.
“Don’t you know how radiant you are?”

↳  fervently. he clutches onto you, shaking and breathes you in. there’s too little time, so he savours each second for as long as he can - he’d never take something as precious as the moments with you for granted. a shiver goes down your spine, and warmth spreads through you as soon as you meet his gaze. you’re not sure if you’ve ever known what love was, but looking at his eyes, shining with emotions clashing against each other all at once, intense and soalive, soul and body, there was no mistake highlighting its true meaning.
“I’m scared of how much you mean to me.”

I just broke with my fiance and put him out last night for lying to me. Honestly, we were headed down that road because I been hearing shit about him being a dog, but even my MAMA brought me proof (Snapchat video), shit was a wrap. Weirdly enough, I’m fine and I feel relieved and happy. He keeps calling and texting but ain’t shit he can do to fix it. I just can’t shake the need to know WHY he did it. Like, I held you down for a year, moved you out yo parents house, motivated you to better yourself, and asked for NOTHING in return but love and honesty. So if you love me so much and I’m so beautiful and perfect and you gon marry me one day… WHY DID YOU SHOOT YOURSELF IN BOTH FEET TRYNA PLAY ME NIGGA??? Honestly, I’m through with men for a while, and I’m not in the mood to hear the misogynoir-istic B.S. about “not being able to get and keep a man” either. He needs ME, not the other way around.


norah_flatley: What an amazing journey it’s been. I’ve been extremely blessed to have done elite gymnastics these past 5 years. I am truly grateful for USA gymnastics for giving me the opportunity to represent Team USA in international competitions. I definitely could not have reached the top level of this sport without an amazing support system behind me.

My parents have been my number one fans through the ups and downs. They have sacrificed so much to give me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I love you both with all my heart❤️ And to Chow and Li, I can not put into words the gratitude I have for you both. They have been like second parents to me and shaped me into the person and gymnast I am today. Thank you for always believing in me and helping me achieve my dreams. Thank you for pushing me every single day to be the best I can be. Thank you for teaching me to always have high standards in everything I do. Even after all the injuries you both have stayed by my side and given me confidence that I can come back from any obstacle that is put in front of me. I am forever grateful for my coaches.❤️ I would love for everyone to know that I will be retiring from elite gymnastics. I can’t wait to finish one more year as a level 10 with my amazing Chow’s team! I am so excited to be joining the UCLA team next year to represent the most amazing school💙💛. Thank you all for the love and support through the years, I absolutely can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds💗 (x)

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Ok... how about cookies!! *gives Oliver some chocolate chip cookies, then gives Anti some chocolate chip cookies* Because you can't have any alcohol and I know you BOTH love cookies, so just some regular old cookies. They're homemade too! So you can't throw them away or I'll be really upset that I spent so much time on those cookies only to have them incinerated.

Oliver scans the cookies quickly before eating one. Anti steals the rest of them and glitches away. Oliver pouts. “I hate that glitch…”

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Hello! Can I get some headcanons of Akira/Makoto/Akechi on a date? I think it's a super cute ot3 (born from Akechi'S last moments :,) )


Akira x Makoto x Akechi:

  • The three of them would likely agree on a cafe because they are addicted to caffeine. just described myself oops
  • If they decide to squeeze into a booth together, Akira needs to be in the middle because Akechi and Makoto love resting their heads on his shoulders.
  • If Akechi’s in the middle, Makoto and Akira tag team to kiss him on both cheeks. he dies
  • Alternatively, if Makoto’s in the middle, the boys will smooch the top of her head and she’ll simple giggle.
  • Makoto will probably pay since she’s the oldest, but if she’s strapped for funds the boys will take over.
  • The trio will discuss the most intellectual topics and get so absorbed in their conversation that their coffee nearly goes cold.
  • Akira mostly listens to them, and he’ll remind them to drink their coffee.
  • He’ll occasionally kiss the backs of their hands, and the two just blush while Akira chuckles.
  • The banter between them is unreal since the three of them are so witty and intelligent.
  • Eavesdropping customers just drop their jaws and stare at each other.
  • The three of them share with each other quite often; in addition, they don’t eat excessively, so they might order a single plate or two of food. 
  • Makoto is the kind of person that retrieves far too many napkins. Even the napkins have napkins.
  • They laugh so much with each other, and a fond smile is plastered on all their faces as they talk.
  • Akechi is the victim to quite a bit of teasing. For the most part, he’s able to stand his ground, but his heart is relentlessly pattering because he adores the attention.
  • Akira will point out food on both their shirts, and when they look down he flicks their noses. 
  • Initially, there is some tension due to the circumstances behind Akechi joining the Thieves, but it quickly melts away since they’re so lighthearted together.
  • Afterward, they’d probably go on a stroll through the park.
  • They will either hold hands or link arms while discussing their events of the day.
  • This trio consists of AMAZING listeners, so they very rarely interrupt each other.
  • They’re also extremely observant and intuitive; as a result, they can ascertain when one of them is troubled. It’s as though they can read each other’s minds.
  • The three will end the date by walking each other home and reluctantly kissing each other good-bye, or they might simply decide to depart and play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets kissed first. they always tie
  • this OT3 is goals tbh

i’m so glad y’all love Tara and her girlfriend!!! i was scared that people would instantly turn against Tara when she appeared because he does sort of first appear as a ‘rival’ to Charlie (even though she’s not at all haha) anyway all the lovely comments about Tara are making me very happy :) :) :) :’) her girlfriend doesn’t have a name yet but i’ll let you know when i’ve decided! they will both be appearing much more in chapter 3!

i’ll take both pt. 2 | j.j, a.a

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i ‘ l l  t a k e  b o t h  p t . 2

@mattdillpickle: Heyyy it’s me again, so sorry to bother love, but I was wondering if when you are done with all your fanfics if you could do a part two to I’ll take both?? Pt one was super good!! Please and thank you

ship / reader x archie x juhead

warning / smut, mild language

plot / after the party, archie notices jughead and y/n leaving together. a little more sober and curious, he follows the two into y/n’s house. stuff gets intense, leaving y/n with the question she started out with, was it going to be jughead or archie?

a/n / i wasn’t expecting so much feedback from the first one! i enjoy getting requests and whatnot so just keep doing that! and this super short and i apologize !

jughead grabbed y/n by the arm dragging her out of the house, not knowing archie was watching. in that moment, jughead wanted y/n, and the same for her.

“my house is not that far,” y/n breathlessly moaned before starting the car. her parents were out on date night, and that meant they had the house to themselves.

“i can’t wait,” jughead whimpered in her ear, trying to grab at her shirt. y/n was too focused into jughead and driving to notice a car following them. 

y/n hated to leave archie there like that, but he just drunk and could probably care less about the whole thing. 

she finally arrived to her house, with jughead practically on her. just then archie got out too, leaving a surprised look on their faces.

“look i really like you too and, i… i want you,” archie said truthfully. y/n didn’t know how to respond, she liked him too, but she also liked jughead.

“i can share,” jughead said mischievously. he smirked at y/n, as she was just dumbfounded. “i uh yes,” is all she managed to say. 

y/n wanted to squeal, she would’ve never thought in a million years, that this would be happening. everything was going to well, and quite frankly, she never wanted this night to end.

she locked the door, leaving to go into her bedroom, with jug and archie following.

it was now just the three of them. alone. again.

“do you guy want som-” archie put her against the wall and started to kiss her neck roughly. jughead did the same to the side of her.

archie undressed himself quick while jughead started to take off her top. he passionately kissed her while rubbing her through her jeans. archie then flopped on the bed, y/n and jughead doing so right after. 

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“are you sure?” archie panted. y/n violently shook her head yes while jughead continued to undress the other half of her. 

“oh my god, so beautiful.” archie moaned kissing her thighs. y/n gasped at the feeling of his lips. jughead then quickly undid her bra, he then kissed every inch of her stomach up.

archie met his length at her opening looking for confirmation, y/n looked up and nodded. 

all of a sudden, pain was all she could feel. y/n’s screams soon turned into moans once she started to feel the pleasure. he went in such a fast pace, it was hard for her to keep up. jughead wasn’t making it any easier as he whispered dirty things in her ears.

once archie released, jughead quickly exchanged positions. jughead started by eating her out slowly and suspenseful. y/n soon found herself pushing jughead’s head deeper into her. she was going to cum, but then jughead removed himself. he lined his length with her, then slowly went in. 

y/n could not hold back her groans and moans, while archie massaged her breasts, admiring her figure. jughead still continued to go slow, but deep until they both fell in satisfaction. y/n rode out their highs before jughead placed a sloppy but sensual kiss on her lips. archie laid down out of breath, as did jughead.

“that was amazing.” archie breathed. jughead only let out a small groan in agreement. y/n placed her head in the crook of jughead’s neck, her legs resting on archie’s chest.

“i like both of you.” y/n blurted. jughead only pulled her in closer and kissed her forehead.

“and i wish it could be like this all the time.” y/n gushed as archie looked at her meaningfully.

“we have a whole morning to stalk about this.” archie mumbled into her skin. y/n huffed in return, but she was tired.

she turned to her side, in the arms of the boys whom she loves. it felt like home to her. she didn’t want to have to face the consequences of either jughead or archie. she just wanted both.

knowingly that is not likely to work out, she closed her eyes and dismissed her thoughts all at once.

but it still crept in her head that she would have to make the decision. sooner or later.

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hello lovelies💞💞 I’m sorry (again) this was so short. a lotta people requested for a part two and i was determined to get it done tonight! if you wanted an alternate ending please submit it to me, or if you just want to request! like i said before i’ll right any ship, including girl x girl, boy x girl or even a gender neutral ship. i’m all ears! i currently have requests on their way, it only takes a day or two. feedback is everything to me and i still want to hear your opinions or ideas so ya! -lilyxx

helLO my lovelies!!! Alright so last night we hit 3k!!! and i’m !!! excited !!! thank you all so so much (again)! Having this blog is something that i love/enjoy and having so much support makes it 10x better. 💖 So to thank you all and celebrate this milestone I decided to do some name edits and url edits!

 (info under the cut)

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What's Reigen and Serizawa's relationship like?

They get along really well, both as friends and as work partners. Seri’s anxiety calms down with Reigen (since he is a therapist after all) and the two benefit each other. At first, after Seri stopped working for Claw, Reigen took him into his company and had him do hugs for each therapy session. Needless to say it did help- both the customer and Seri himself. They probably still do it (cause who doesn’t love free hugs from a giant cuddly bear?)

((Also i want to thank you so much to those who commented on my post about blog activity! It really made me really happy :D ))

What are you afraid of?

Fandom: Xmen

Warnings: cursing, danger?, Angst, feelllsssss

Pairing: m/m Peter Maximoff x male reader

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him!”

86. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

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@cosplayinganimedork requested:

86 6 Hello! I love your stories. Can you do a Peter Maximoff x Reader story where the reader is male (I can never find any stories that aren’t female) based off prompts 86 and 6 where Peter and the reader are secretly gay and dating but no one knows because they don’t know how everyone would react? But Peter somehow accidentally gives it away to his friends that he likes the reader and then both have to come clean to everyone about their relationship? Thank you!

Answer: thank you so much for this request! I love writing m/m though I don’t have much experience with it so I don know how good this is. I didn’t really write the part when they were supposed to ‘come clean’, but if enough people want it I’m willing to write a part two. I was super inspired with this one so I wrote a lot, might have gotten carried away …

I hope you like it!

“Hey y/n, we’re going out tonight, wanna come? The last one to get a girl to dance with them looses,” Scott Summers waved, calling him over. Y/n winced internally, trying not to stare too long at Peter as he joined the four men. But the jovial silver-haired mutant didn’t even blink when he shook his hand casually and smirked.

“Bad luck my man, so far the bets are against you,” Warren chuckled while tapping his cigarette cinders on the damp grass. They were all grouped around a tree in the flourishing mansion garden, Kurt hanging from his tail, Warren and Peter leaning against it, the latter eating a Twinkie and jittering on his feet as usual, and Scotty sitting with his legs stretched out and hands behind his head, soaking in the afternoon sunlight. It was Friday, they only had an hour of class left before they were done for the weekend and training for some, like y/n and Warren, the latest recrutes.

They had met in the underground battle rings, on same sides, and after Apocalypse the Archangel had come back for him, having created a small bond of friendship with the mutant. He took him back to the x-mansion, where he became one of the X-Men. That, was when he met the funniest, most beautiful man he had ever seen. The one and only Peter Maximoff had swept him off his feet and charmed him from day one with his smirks and witty comebacks, and a few weeks later he fell desperately, miserably​ in love with him. A kiss and a confession later, Peter’s reprocicated feelings were brought out to daylight and they started dating. Peter was to scared to tell the others yet though: nobody knew of his sexual orientation and he had some really big rejection issues, but his lovely boyfriend was willing to wait, anything to make him feel better. Besides, he wasn’t out of the closet either.

“Maybe we could even ask the girls to come along,” y/n pushed aside his distressing thoughts, throwing a teasing look at Scott.

“Yeah, why not? I’ll ask Jean to tell them.” He could tell he was trying to sound casual, but everyone knew of both mutants neverending crush on each other, and it was killing them to watch them continue on ignoring it. Maybe tonight was their night.

The bell rang, and they all parted ways, exited to be over with it and finally go party. Y/n was mainly planning on drinking, at least enough to take his mind off watching the love of his life flirt and bat his beautiful, dark chocolate eyes at some random college girl in a cheerleader skirt. He hated it.

As he trudged up the steps behind Warren on his was to the training room, leaving some space so as not to risk a sudden flap of his giant wings, he felt something flash by him. He barely caught a glance of silver before he felt his heart flutter at the feel of soft lips on his cheek, familiar and warm. He smiled, but the instant was gone as quick as it had come, without a sound or anyone noticing. He realized he had pressed what felt like a wrapper into the palm of his hand. He gripped it tight, shoving into his pocket.

He waited until he was alone in the changing room after Warren had left before pulling the Twinkie wrapper out, feeling his lips curl into a small smile at the messy handwriting scrawled on in silver sharpie, which he had bought him as a gift to match his hair.

Meet me at our spot after class?

Love you babe


 He barely had the time to set foot into the small alcove that the mansion seemed to be full of when a hand gripped his arm an pulled him in, holding him captive with another hand on the small of his back. He let out an ungracefull “Hey!-” before he was cut off by soft, plump lips in a sweet, longing kiss, lips moving in sync, then tongues rolling together in some sort of dance. 

 “God it’s been too long,” Peter whispered when they broke apart, setting his forehead on y/n’s, staring at him with his giant, puppy-dog like eyes.

 “You were just in my room last night,” huffed y/n lightly. He snaked his arms underneath his boyfriend’s, hugging him close. “Yeah but Warren was there too, I had to pretend like I was just there for the ice cream. Why couldn't​ they have made us roommates? Imagine all the things we could do?” He laughed softly, making his chest rise and fall, resting his chin in y/n’s soft hair. Y/n kissed him once again, and was met by willing lips. “Yes, that would be quite fun,” he mumbled when the speedster started moving down to his jawline and neck, leaving small wet marks that made his skin tingle. He was right: it had been too long. But not like Peter thought. He pushed aside the thought that had been haunting his mind for a few weeks now, becoming harder and harder to bear. 

After a half hour of more kissing and soft, reassuring words he left, dragging his feet reluctantly back to his dorm. But his conscience wasn’t settled. He had tried talking to Peter before leaving, in vain. His boyfriend had clearly noticed he wasn’t doing to well. 

 “Tonight, after the party, we’ll go out, okay? On a date somewhere, I promise.” Peter had said. Y/n had just stared at his laces, not saying anything.

 “Why not at the party, Peter?”  he finally asked. Peter’s eyes took on a pained expression. 

 “You know why…” he looked down. 

Y/n sighed. “It’s been months, don’t you think it’s about time they knew? How much longer are we going on like this? Months? Years?” Now it was Peter’s turn not to answer, and he l simply looked away. 

 “I’m getting tired, Peter. Tired of being your secret.” he had said, then left without even a kiss. The though still bothered him greatly. But he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer. 

The lights flashed in tune with the boom of the bass, the rythm pounding with the beats of his heart. “Come on, y/n, you’re going to loose! Get out of the booth!” A sweaty Warren called while flashing a smile to the brunette pulling his hand. He had to admit, he had a deviously bad boy look that seemed to attract girls from mile radius, with a giant leather jacket (to hide his wings) and golden locks. “Even Kurt got the little redhead in the corner!”

 “I’m good man, just taking some beer, i’ll be right out there.” Handsome, but not as much as my boyfriend, he thought smugly. They hadn’t talked since that afternoon though, and he was starting to feel uneasy. 

 He searched the crowd for him, not finding that familiar silver jacket. Furrowing his brows, he got up, leaving his drink and dove into the crowd. He slid through the sea of bodies moving in sync, passing Kurt and a cute little redhead in a paint-stained sweater who looked too innocent to be here, but then again so did Kurt, and he went deeper into the club. Finally, he caught a glimpse of him. He prepared to go up and talk to him, hold him, anything to be with him, when he noticed the figure that had approached the silver-haired mutant. She was, to any straight man, the perfect woman, if you understand what i mean. She draped herself over him, taking all his attention. Y/n boiled in rage, then saw Scott give Peter a hearty thumbs-up and he thought he would explode. Peter responded with a wiggle of his eyebrows y/n knew was fake, then proceeded to grab the girls ass as she grinded into him. 

He felt his fingers curl into fists, his jaw clench. Y/n couldn’t take anymore. He pushed through the crowd, not caring about the drunken insults and protests thrown his way. He tried to look ahead through the tears blurring his vision, holding back the urge to punch the first person he saw until the floor was colored crimson. He passed booth, downing what was left of his drink and everyone else’s before running out the door. He passed Warren making out with the brunette, not even answering to his quizzical call, ran past the cars into the night. He didn’t know where he was heading, into the city, following the lights of racing cars, but he just kept on running. He was drunk off his ass, and he could feel the alcohol affect his poor judgement. But now a single thought ran through his mind, and he couldn’t get it out. 

 When Peter heard the surprised yelps his head whipped around and he felt his stomach drop. He saw that familiar head of hair he had spent so much time burying his nose in, and wanted so badly to call out to him and push the girl away. But Scott could see him, and Kurt was barely a few feet away. He wished so badly they would disappear,  wanted to kick himself for being such an idiot, regret making it hard for him to breathe. Why hadn’t he seen him earlier? He knew this would hurt him. Then the girl turned, looking up at him through mascara drenched eyelashes. She grabbed his chin, tilted his head, and for an instant her face was replaced by another, until he could feel her breath on his lip, could hear Scott cheering him on, she was so close, they were almost touching, her eyes closed and- this wasn’t the smell he loved. Those eyes weren’t the ones he had dreamed of waking up in front of every morning. He slid past her arms and raced through the crowd, barely a blur despite the throng of people slowing him down.

 Peter rushed out into the cool air, panic rising up his system. “Y/n!” He screamed.

 “What happened? I just saw him run out if here he didn’t even answer me,” Peter turned his head to look at Warren, a girl still under his arm, with a hopeless, lost expression.

 “I’m such a fucking idiot. I’m an absolute asshole.” He said, gaze still lost. A girl poked her head out of the bar. “Hey, come back! Why did you leave?” She pouted, yanking on Peter’s sleeve.

 He had snapped out of his initial shock, and he could feel the anger rising. He pulled back so hard she almost fell over in her ridiculously tall heels. “Get off!” He burst. “And go back inside and find some other fuckboy to screw tonight, I’m not coming home with you, alright?” He spat,”And you know why? Because I’m an absolutely fucking idiot, i’m a screwed up piece of shit who just let the love of his life run off crying and I won’t even be able to find him! He’s probably drunk on the streets being mugged or something and I’m here yelling at some girl with Daddy issues who probably doesn’t even know my name! I Don even like you! I don’t even like women! What the hell do all of you guys find in women? Just let me get my boyfriend!” He continued yelling when she had run back inside, terrified and claiming he was a phsycopath. He was left breathless, a deep pang fear taking over the blinding anger, losing his lucidity with the thought of what could happen to a drunk y/n alone on the streets. 

 “Oh my God, you’re in love with him!” Warren said, surprise in his eyes. A gasp could be heard behind him: he whipped his head to Scott who had come outside, seeing him run off, and Kurt peeked behind him. Peter huffed,  shoving Warren off, tears welling up in his eyes. Without a word he took off, not so much as a glance back.

Y/n finally stopped running, his chest aching and legs screaming in pain. The bile in his throat rose and he belched right there on the road. Where even was he? He looked around, hugging himself. The alcohol was wearing off quick, as always with him, and his lucidity was returning. It was completely dark, he couldn’t tell if he was in an alleyway or in a parc, all he knew was that there was hard concrete at his feet and something that could be a wall, cool and rugged, against his hand. 

 Suddenly light invaded the area from behind him. He realized with a sickened thought that he was on a street, the wall beside him was the side of the tunnel. His shadow shortened, and as he turned around the bright white blinded him, and as he heard the honk he braced himself for impact. He closed his eyes, and once again the same thought kept running through his mind, and at that moment be accepted he would never have an answer. 

 Is he embarrassed of loving me?

hi i just hit 200 followers so here’s me appreciating everyone 


@diorgalore/ @ofworstbehaviors: an amazing writer with amazingly developed characters. val was the first one i got to interact with ( she’s my favorite mistress. DFBIUJ ) and from then we have developed dean/juliana ( MY ANGST BABIES ) and beckett/chloe. i’m not sure why none of our ships can have happy endings and too many mf problems but i don’t really complain bc i love the angst tm. phone home soon baby. ur my fav camila. 

@prcud: julian/andy is literally both so fucking angsty and shippy at the same time. i love them so much. ur literally my favorite stas to write against and you are just one of the softest, cutest babies i’ve ever met. i enjoy writing with you dearly because i know i will always be getting quality content :’) and i love when you send me ask memes because i always get excited that you’re thinking about our ships too i love u sis

@maesterpieces: every time i read our threads i get a headache . BFIUDN our ships cause me so much pain and anguish i love them so much and i just want them to be happy. i just want caleb and lola to have a kid . and get a nicer house . and also lola to quit being a fuckin indecisive bitch . and i want julian to kiss ronnie on her head and snuggle with her and tell her he loves her . i just want fluff . except i fucking love our angst . you’re one of my fav people to write against baby. 

@brckenones: i always have so many threads with you and i never get tired of them. all your characters are a fresh breath of air and i love the fact that if i don’t feel muse for one thread i have others to reply to and we con constantly write together. you’re one of the sweetest people and you completely understand my riverdale opinions and agree with them which is so crazy and i love it and i love ben and meredith and i just want archiebetty season 2. you’re such an amazing writer and u always add fcs that i’m in love with and even tho we have os many i always secretly want more ;’)

@ofcataclysmic: you have given lola some of the best ships of her life and i love it because every time i write her against u i am hurting ( alex .. my baby ). i also love rocco and your writing bc i fucking . love angsty gangster shit and i just wanna strangle him but also hug him . we r truly the worst at im’ing each other like literally never get one another’s messages FDBIJS but it’s ok bc we’re still gal pals n i love u sis 

@safcri: bonnie and clyde literlaly have nothing on scott and kerris . but listen . we have the ugliest ships . CDBJSK i’m so excited to write blake against you and i love rory and i love when gunner calls her a child and i love your whole entire blog and i love our text threads and i love corinna and salvador’s messy ass annoying ass relationship and i just love . i have nothing else to say . BDFUSN except i want mORE . 

@wearyhands: WE JUST STARTED OUR NEW PLOT BUT I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED LIKE I CAN’T BELIEVE WE FUCKING WIVES .. n i can’t believe hunter is so soft for keila just like i’m soft for u and i just wanna protect ur muses and we have like 10 different text threads going on right now but it’s pretty great and ur just . precious

@saintedlys: callie and tristian . my original otp . your level of writing is still something i aspire to get to even now like you’re literally just so amazing and i’m in awe every time we write even if it’s been half a decade . also thank u for introducing me to dev patel. 

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Let me try again

So to start, I want to thank all of you who have been so sweet and supportive after we had a bit of negative interaction. I don’t really understand why there seems to be people in the world who just want to cause problems and make up lies. It seems to be more prevalent lately both in the political world and in everyday life. I had to tell my husband not to participate in that kind of behavior. I love him for wanting to be supportive and defend me, but I don’t think getting into a battle on Tumblr with someone who really doesn’t matter is the right direction for us to go.

Again let me thank all you who have been so supportive and concerned for my feelings. I don’t want to sound like a drama queen or be thought of that way. Truthfully I was having so much fun messaging all of you and exchanging pictures and I don’t want to let one bad apple spoil the fun.

After getting a taste of negative reality and seeing some posts from other Mormon women who have had a far worse time with a stalker, I do feel like I should be a little more careful. I was starting to get a little pressure from some individuals to go farther than I was ready to at this point and to actually meet. I’m not sure where this experience may take me but I know I need to take it a step at a time. I feel like I’m really being brave in some areas and trying things for the first time that I never in the past would have considered I would do. I know for a lot of you that may not make sense from your perspective, but it’s my woman’s perspective. We received a lot of great advice to just ignore all that and I think that’s true but I will be honest, it has had an effect on my attitude.

I do want to clarify one of the posts that my husband made. When he was defending the pictures that we posted, he said there’s been no photoshopping. That is true, there has been no real changes, other than cropping my face out. But I did remind him that we did enhance the lighting a little bit and maybe smoothed out some of my 49 year old blemishes, I have spent a fair amount of time in the sun over the years. Also those pictures were taken with a nice SLR camera, you know a girl wants to look as good as she possibly can.

So we have decided for our next post to go in a little different direction. We are going to post a picture taken with my husband’s phone. Poor lighting, I have no makeup on and I’m just out of the shower, as real as it gets. No changes to the picture other than cropping out some of my face. I have agreed to show more, so there will be no question it is actually me.

Now if anyone still want to make up lies at this point, my husband says “they can go f….”, well I won’t put what he said. I am going to move on and enjoy my exploration.

So here we go…..

I love you

Three simple words but I couldn’t say them. They echoed in my head over and over but still I kept them trapped. I was never good at hiding things, especially from you. Like I feared, you noticed immediately.

“What’s wrong?”

So many times you listened when I needed you,. Sad times when you would cry along with me, happy times when we would hug and laugh. My restless moments when you held my hand and told me it would be ok, and I believed you. I was overwhelmed by how much I loved you, but I was terrified to speak. 

We had met in fall.

I was uncomfortable and so were you, both brought by friends to an outing meant for the two of them. Stuck and uncomfortable, we searched for topics of interest in common. To my surprise we had a lot. Talking came easily, laughter even easier. I smiled more that night than I had in the last year. I fell asleep dreaming of your smile, hoping I would see you again.

We saw each other more. We took advantaged of every chance we got. The more time we spent together, the more comfortable I became.  My thoughts and dreams were filled with you. Days, weeks and months flew by. I missed you when you were gone and cherished every moment we shared.

Our firsts came and went. We held hands for the first time, and I thought I would die, my heart pounded so fast. When you kissed me I wished that time would stop and I could hold onto this moment forever. We went on dates, saw each other more, and slowly my heart filled.

When did I realize I loved you? I wasn’t even aware how far gone I was until I was past the point of no return. A thousand glances, accidental brushes, shared smiles and laughter slowly overcame me, until I couldn’t deny it to myself any longer. You were a light when I needed one, my place of rest. I wanted you to be happy, I wanted you to smile always.

It terrified me.

I wasn’t a wonderful person, so many faults and imperfections, all glued together with a large amounts of sarcasm and anxiety. Did I really deserve to love you? Didn’t you deserve better? I resolved within myself, I wouldn’t tell you, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I would be strong enough then to let you go when you found someone better.

All this swirled in my head as I stared at you. You were waiting for an answer, wondering what was wrong.

“It’s nothing.” The lie turned to ash as it crumbled from my lips, it tasted bitter on my tongue. I knew you didn’t believe me, but you didn’t call me out on it. You simply sighed and kissed my cheek.

“Well, I’m here if you need to talk.”

You understood I needed space, and gave it to me. Months had gone by since that first night we talked, but the light brush of your lips against me still made my heart skip a beat. I wanted you to be happy. I loved you so much. Your kind heart, your friendly smile, your stupid puns that always made me laugh. You weren’t perfect, I knew that all too well, but even your faults were wonderful to me because they were yours.

“I love you.”

I gasped and held my mouth. Words I never meant to say had spilled out and hung in the air between us.

A moment of silence passed, I couldn’t breathe.

“Well, that’s a relief.” You said with a grin. “Because I love you too.”

Three simple words, said in a quiet shaking voice, but they changed my life forever.

Thank You

Dream Daddy is amazing. I have so far seen two full story arcs (Craig and Mat) and both were phenomenal, realistic dialogue and thought process and I love it. Deep, heartstring tugging stories with enough comedy to lighten the mood while looking a realistic real life occurances and problems. It also, while sometimes sex centric doesn’t focus on the sex, it focuses on the mushy feelings and the buildup and all the good stuff. All of my love goes towards Vernon, Leighton, and everyone who worked on this game. It is truly amazing and it one of the first genuine game representations I’ve seen of queer people. Not just sex, not just the hardships of being queer, but the hardships of LIFE in general, the good parts and bad parts that everyone has. This is hoe to make a game. Don’t make being gay/bi weird, you make it normal. You make it life. You make it feel real. While this is long winded and most won’t read it all I truly appreciate the effort put into this game and want to thank everyone involved.

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Hiya! Trash Hanzo main/lover so maybe some Hanzo? I really love jealous bb so Hanzo raging, maybe even lashing out at S/O whom found it funny at first but then getting in a big argument and S/O is stubborn like Hanz so they ignore each other until Hanzo can't take it anymore and S/O can't either but Hanz breaks first and begs S/O to forgive him and S/O asks for forgiveness too akward/a learning experience for both but like angst and ends happy! yeyeye if too much sorry just kinda ehdjd :) u cool

Lots of jealousy fic! You guys must like your jealous babs, hope ya like this! (sorry if it turns out short)

You and hanzo were out for once. Not at the mall or anything but grocery shopping. It was calm like usual with the silent Japanese as you two looked for the food you guys needed. You picked up a bag of chips and put it in the cart, asking him “So what else do we need? Rice?” Hanzo nodded and said ‘of course, we just ran out today.” You smiled and nodded okay saying “I’ll go grab it, get the other stuff from this isle!” He nodded and started to look for other things on the list. 

As you got the rice, you heard someone say something to you. You looked up then noticed a man. He was smiling and asked again “Uhm, do you need help carrying that rice?” You guessed he saw you struggling. You smiled and said “Sure” The male then grabbed the rice and said “Lead me to your cart!” You then started to walk back.

Hanzo heard the clank of the rice in the cart then looked up and noticed the man with you. He glared and looked at you. You waved to the man saying ‘Thank you so much!” He just smiled and said ‘any time!” with a wink before walking off. Hanzo waited for him to leave then asked “who the hell was that?” You chuckled and said “Oh no one, he was just helping me carry the bag of rice. It was heavy” Hanzo nodded with a more..angrier frown. You noticed but shook it off. You two continued grocery shopping, soon checking out and getting settled at home. 

You were putting away the groceries quietly as Hanzo helped. He suddenly spoke saying “He winked at you. That was a flirt.” You looked at him as you closed the fridge door saying “He was just simply being nice!’ You chuckled. He just frowned and looked at you saying “It was flirting.” You smirked and went over saying “awe~ are you jealous?” you giggled. He looked down at you and folded his arms saying “yes.” You lightly kissed his cheek and said “Well you won’t have to worry.” He nodded and said “Still. I do not appreciate idiots flirting with you.” You frowned and said “he just helped me with something I couldn’t do…” 

Hanzo just looked up and said “Only I can flirt with you.” You huffed, slightly angered. “Well you never even show any emotion to me…” You accidentally said out loud. He heard then said “what?! Yes I do!” You frowned and said “Barely! Maybe a small kiss on the cheek. We barely go out or even show emotion unless I start it!” He frowned and said “lies! I show my love just as much as you do!” You huffed and yelled “I feel like i’m in love with a brick wall!” He frowned and looked down at you saying “Well if i’m so emotionless, why even bother loving me?!” You felt hurt as you said “Because I actually feel something for an ass like you!” you huffed and stormed off saying “don’t fucking talk to me right now.” Hanzo just stared in awe at your sudden anger. He was super pissed though and felt as if he didn’t do anything wrong.

For the rest of the night, you two didn’t speak. Except for you telling him that he’s sleeping on the couch. You had trouble sleeping that night. You missed him next to you and you wanted to talk to him. You hated arguments, you two barely had any. Hanzo wasn’t doing too well himself. Especially because that couch was uncomfortable as fuck. It was a restless night.

Once it was morning, you were up and making some tea. As you boiled the water, you decided to make Hanzo some. You sighed, wondering if he even wanted to talk to you. You brewed the tea just how he liked it and poured it into a cup for him. You carried the cup to the couch and sat next to him saying “Hanzo…wake up..” He grunted and opened his eyes. He noticed you but didn’t say anything. You sighed and handed him the cup of tea. He took it and sat up, sipping it. You leaned back and sipped yours as well.

After a few minutes of silence, you spoke. You set your cup down and said “Hanzo. I’m sorry. I don’t like ignoring you or not having you in bed with me..I love you and I know you love me…” You looked at him. Hanzo finished his tea and said, not looking at you ‘It’s okay…I was being the jerk. I know I don’t show much emotion…I will start now. To show that I care.” He then looked at you. You were smiling saying “oh, Hanzo..You’re the sweetest.” He just chuckled and set down his cup saying “You’re sweeter!” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you on him to cuddle as he pecked your lips. You giggled and said ‘Wow! I like this sweet side~”

Hanzo smiled and said “Good, you’ll be seeing more of it.”

Gil x Reader - “I’ve Always Loved You” (Part One)

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Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could do a Gil imagine where your Evie’s sister and when you go back to the isle you and Gil like each other and Evie, mal, Carlos, jay, Ben, Uma, and harry try to get them together and in the end it’s all fluffy thank you so much 😊 and I love your blog so much”

Pairing: Gil x Reader

Warnings: None 

A/N: So I’ve decided to split up this imagine into two possibly three parts as sort of a series partly because I have a lot of requests to do and I want to get out as much content as possible and I want to make this one have multiple scenes to it!

Your POV

“Y/N? Are you even listening?”

You turned and looked toward your sister Evie as she held up two dresses, both blue of course, in front of you. 

“Sorry E, I was distracted.” You blushed turning back to her. 

“As I was saying, which one do you think I should wear to my date with Doug when we get back?” She questioned placing both outfits in front of her figure. You studied the dresses and pointed to the one that was medium length and made of a sort of leather kind of fabric. 

“That one, you look good in leather.” You smiled. She squealed and enveloped you into a tight hug. “I was hoping you’d pick this one! Thanks sis!”

You chuckled softly as she skipped away, eager to start accessorizing the dress. 

Once your sister was out of sight, you went back to watching Uma’s crew train. The swords clashing and sounds of boots pounding on the docks made you smile as you thought of your memories on the Isle.

 Evie was your younger sister by merely a year, she was always the more confident and fashion forward sibling.

 You had taken up the role of being the shy individual who would rather stay inside on a rainy day and read books, much to Evie’s dismay. 

She always tried to set you up with a multitude of boys in Auradon, thought maybe you were more into the prince-y type. But you never found a connection with those boys, because of him. Gil, son of Gaston, the object of your affections and your crush for as long as you could remember. 

Your families had lived across the street from each other, and your friendship blossomed. You had always helped Gil with his homework when he struggled, and he taught you how to defend yourself from creeps on the Isle. 

You had also bonded over being the less favored sibling of your parents. Your mother always resented you for not caring about marriage and royalty, so she gave more attention to Evie. 

Gil was thought of as stupid by his father and was basically shunned for wanting to be a part of Uma’s crew. You snapped out of your thoughts as training had just ended. “You gonna tell her scaredy cat?” Harry Hook grinned as he and Gil walked up to you. 

“Tell me what?” You questioned as Gil’s face turned a dark crimson. “N-Nothing, come on Y/N.” Gil said glaring at Harry and leading you out of the area.

 “What was that about?” You asked glancing back at Uma and her first mate as they giggled in your direction. “Just the usual teasing.” He said with a smile. 

You smiled widely and took his hand as you made your way to “Curl-Up & Dye” to meet up with Mal and Evie.

Third Person’s POV

“So, you think she likes him?” Mal asked Evie once she had explained the situation that had just gone on.

 “Of course! Heart eyes were practically popping out of her head once she saw him training. And they’ve been best friends forever, I know my sister and she cares about Gil just as much as she does me.” Evie answered with a focused expression. 

The pair were currently sitting in Lady Tremaine’s salon while Dizzy was toying around with different shells she had found for her necklaces.

 “Hey guys!” Y/N exclaimed waltzing into the room with her hand intertwined with Gil’s tightly. Mal looked with wide eyes and Evie nodded at her in a sneaky fashion. 

“What’s going on here?” She asked gesturing towards the couple’s hands. Gil and Y/N immediately pulled apart and started shooting down her accusations. 

“Come on E, Gil and I? No way.” Y/N laughed nervously. 

Mal and Evie saw the physical deflation of Gil’s figure as the words left Y/N’s mouth. 

But they knew she didn’t mean what she said, and they were going to need all the help they can get to make these two admit their feelings.

So I was thinking

You know after Hobi’s last vlive

I bet he went into his room

And I bet he fucking bawled his eyes out

It probably took both Jimin AND Yoongi to stop those tears from those beautiful eyes and I can’t even imagine how heartbroken every. Single. One. Of them felt. ARMY, their own fans, did their sunshine baby so dirty and the thought makes me want to puke.

Y'all call yourselves fans, but you’re not. Not if you can’t appreciate every member for who they are as an individual. Hobi gets no love and it pisses me off so much because he’s so talented and kind and everything you could wish for in an idol. He’s a visual and a 4D AT THE SAME TIME AND HE CAN SING AND RAP AND ALMALQNANQOQNQHQGQGQVSMXMSLQNQHQBZOWNDLQMSONQYTZIQNSLQ D


glad I got that off my chest