'i love to read'

hey yall. i just realized something.

this is probably gonna be long but whatever. stick with me.

soooo im currently rereading the original pjo series. and i am feeling. so many. things. i realized a lot of things too.

okayyy so in PJO, we view percy as reckless. stupid. always acting on impulse. basically that dumb guy that never thinks befire doing things. BUT in HOO, we start viewing him as mature and smart and strategic and all that. But he didnt grow THAT much. Percy didnt age that much in hoo.

Remember that iconic scene (Mark of Athena, i think?) where they meet some kind of monster/bad ppl (im too lazy to search it up) aboard the argo II and it was percy that thought of saying that Dionysus was with them? Percy knew about their fear of dionysus, and how he turned them inti dolphins. So he got some diet coke as “proof” that he was there and asked frank to turn into a dolphin. Genius, right?

Annabeth called him smart after that.

That was the only time we considered him smart. (Well not ONLY, just one of the few times.) But guess what? He’s been doing smart shit like that for years already.

I cant really mention all of the times he did something smart/wise. If i did it would take me days before i finish typing.

So i realized why we only thought he was smart in hoo but not in pjo.

In PJO, it was in first person, so we saw everything through the eyes of percy. In this series, he only focused about how stupid he was, about how great other people were and how better they are then him. But he doesnt focus about all the good/smart/wise things he’s done. Percy doesnt know that he’s smart. All he knows is that he is stupid, worthless, and all other negative things.

in HOO, however, we were reading from another person’s point of view. We saw percy from another person’s eyes. We noticed things that he doesnt notice himself.

Hazel called him a god, once, because he was just THAT attractive. Everyone else looked up to him, and thinks he’s the most powerful/strongest person to exist.

But Percy doesnt know that. All he knows is that he’s stupid.

SOOOO, long story short, Percy hates himself.

Ok bye sorry if this was long I just love Percy so much and i a m f e e l i n g s o m U C h

If you haven’t read @hearmyvoiceoftreason ’s fic Standing at Your Back Door yet please for the love of all that is holy do yourself a favor and go read it! It has very quickly become one of my favourites and I am so excited to read more 😭💗😭 I seriously love it so much!!

(This drawing is for my shidge request post. I will be posting the rest of the sketches tonight.)


Storytime (07/25/17) Go Nitro, Chapter 1: A Project

Tonight was the first night Ryan read something on stream that I suggested. I am giddy beyond measure. I suggest that he read the first three paragraphs from Jeremy’s book Go Nitro. I also had to transcribe it since not everyone has the text yet, but I was more than happy to do so. It was just all very, very, cool.


flatmates au~
what if miyu wants to toy with mura by putting his coffee in two separate containers, demanding different preparations for each boxes, and mura doesnt realize theyre both actually the same coffee (tho he does taste test them and feels suspicious lol)

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More Anons here are wishing me a Happy Birthday than people in real life, I really love you guys, you’re making this shitty day a little better.

It’s dark because you are trying too hard.
Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.
Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.


There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet,
trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair.
That’s why you must walk so lightly.
Lightly my darling…
—  Aldous Huxley (b. 26 July 1894), Island

God I’m almost an adult now and I have one year of school left and I just got slapped with the realization that I don’t have a future and I’ll continue to disappoint my parents because I can’t think of a career that I have the motivation to pursue

I might be working on another story. I’m not dead, not really on hiatus, I’m just reflectioning and setting everything up. Anyway, if you want any sims of my previous legacy, tell me! If you have anything to ask, don’t be shy either. :)

have a lovely day  🌵

also shoutout to @simsomedia and @ssecret22 for their sweet words   ❤️

The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

i love that transition almost every kpop fan goes through from calling group members by their stage name to calling them by their real name/nicknames

Microreview Round Seven: BOOKSHELVES

I was tagged by @aimeereadsalot and @the-forest-library, thank you!! :)

To play: answer the prompts and tag your friends to do the same. Optional: use #microreview and check out @microreviews for “rules,” reviews, and more!

What genres or types of books dominate your shelf?
I can’t really make out a single genre that dominated my shelf (not for lack of trying, I catalogued my shelves and there’s not one dominating genre), but about ¾ of my books are fiction, so I’ll just say fiction. 

What do you wish you had more of?
Nonfiction (but it’s often very expensive), classics (especially old editions), and hardcovers. 

Smallest book? Largest book?
Definitely one of my Reclam books. I don’t know which one is the shortest, but if we really go by smallest, then all of them win since they’re the same size. The largest book is The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Oldest book? Newest book?
in terms of when it was written: oldest = Euthyphron by Plato; newest = two books published on the same day (May 4th 2017) and those are The Pearl Thief (by Elizabeth Wein) and Release (by Patrick Ness) 
in terms of the edition I have, the newest books are the same, but the oldest one then would be The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are (by Alan Watts), where the edition I have was printed in 1989. 

Does anything live there besides books?
Two daggers, a Lego astronaut (who sits on top of The Martian, of course), a little Toothless the dragon figure, a globe, and a sonic screwdriver, as well as one set of fairy lights. 
I would love to have more cool stuff on my shelf, but it gets really tedious when I need to get books from my shelf for pictures :D 

I tag @sparkylovesbooks, @flamingmirrorbookish, @nightmare-in-the-stacks, and @aliteraryprincess

SLBP: You get chapter passes from us at 7am!

Sengoku: You get chapter passes from us at midnight!

Me: I could play one at night and one in the morning so I’m never bored

Also me: Play them as soon as you wake up and then check on that zero all day long

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It’s been awhile, glorious sunshines, but I am returning to the tumblr-sphere! (And channeling my inner Leslie Knope :D ) I just got back from a rough week at a missions camp where I was in charge of a group of unruly 13 year olds and I am ready to JUMP BACK  INTO SOME CREATIVE GOODNESS!! 

For all you curious gophers, that mean FAN FIC IS COMING!! 

In order, I am working on: 

1. In Starling Green (sneak peek: DIGGLE!!!!!!) 

2. There’s A Machine Where My Heart Should Be (hint: flashbacks) 

3. The rest of them, because I think I’ve got a list somewhere and I’ll find it eventually (por exemplo: Wonder Woman/Rogue One AU - yes that is happening) 

7. And somewhere in the middle of that maybe a handful of PROMPTS to get me back into writing (so send those in) 

Yes, my stupendous swans, I am super hyper and excited about all this stuff. And no, brilliant boisterous bananas, I have not had an excess amount of sugar. I just started reading some AWESOME fic that got me SUPER EXCITED to get back  to writing in this truly talented pool of fans (to whom I may pale in comparison, but I am honored to see my work alongside theirs in any case). 

And on that note, some fic recs for my inquisitive iguanas: 

 1. Felicity Smoak and the City of Gold by @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline - HOLY HAND GRENADES BATMAN! I just finished reading the first three chapters of this fic and I am already in love. It is just SO AWESOME! I have no words. If you’re not reading this already, then click on the link because it is GORGEOUS! 

2. Safe Haven by @thatmasquedgirl - it’s an “oldie” but is seriously one of my fave AUs and THERE’S A PREQUEL OUT NOW THAT IS PURE GOLD! It’s wonderful and I could fall down this black hole any day. I don’t even know what it’s based off of but anything my Masque is FANTASTIC so just go read it! 

Thank you for sticking with my craziness, magnificent marigolds! I love you all! 

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Day 20 - Free Day - Positivity — I’m gonna be real for a second and say that the 5D’s fandom might be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Here’s my 5D’s OC, C, linelessly showing some love to Yuuka Sasaki, @dearlybelovedfeels’ 5D’s OC, AKA my pride and joy, my life, created by a wonderful woman across the pond who constantly gives this States girl several reasons to wake up & create. Check out her fic, Waking Up Normal (by DelilahAzure), on ff.net and ao3~