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My little witch travel kit


  • A drawing based on a coin of Athens, for Athena (removable, in case I feel like switching her out for a different spirit or guardian)
  • Small stack of papers, for sigils or folding
  • Five crystals for simple grids, to recharge runes or jewelry
  • Tiny whistle, for noisy cleansing with no mess
  • Three cords, for knot magic
  • Bundle of cotton swabs and a small bottle of perfume (put perfume on cotton swab, wave around. For cleansing, incesnse substitute, or offering. Bottle can be refilled with scented oils when perfume is gone)
  • Miniature salt dough runes for spells or divination
  • Packets of salt and pepper, for banishing, cleansing, protection, etc
  • Miniature grimoire that fits in the bottom of the altoids tin. Will be filled with rune meanings, correspondences, and whatever else may be needed on the go. Hand made using this tutorial

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Characters: Y/n, Sam, Dean, OC Izzie

Pairing: Sam x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluffiness!!!! Pure fluffiness and implied future smut.

Word Count: 819

Summary: Y/n takes care of Sam after the mess their daughter created.

A/N: Ok, so, just some random fluff cos I wanna write something short seeing as I’ve done 3 back to back series, and another one starting like tomorrow. Sam this time, cos I just wanna switch it up. So, yea. Hope u like it.

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“Dean, just hurry up. I can’t let her see me like this”.

You heard the hushed whisper, walking down the corridor and peering into the kitchen.

You stifled a laugh at the sight of Sam sat in a chair, Dean standing behind him, trying to fix the mess that was his hair.

“Well, why the hell did you do it in the first place?” Dean groaned.

The words quietened, but you made out a ‘shut up, Dean’, before tiptoeing round to the other door and standing behind them both.

You watched Dean struggle for a few minutes before sneaking up behind him, your arms hovering at his sides before digging in to tickle him lightly.

Of course, Dean being Dean, jumped up and began giggling like a moron, falling to the floor as you continued your assault on him.

Eventually, the tears that were running down his face indicated maybe you should stop, especially when he said he was gonna pee his pants.

Helping him up, you kissed his cheek and watched him walk away, leaving you to deal with Sam.

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Super Normal Average // Jungkook

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Rating: M

Word Count: 2.2k

Request: Could I request a fluffy smut with Jungkook? The reader has a crazy friend that tells her that if she does not spice up her love life, she will lose her boyfriend (JK) because of his adventurous and competitive personality. She tries to surprise JK with dressing up as a policewoman and hes like wtf yet intrigued but she messes up and she ends up telling him about her insecurities?

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long! I wrote out the entire thing and then somehow my Evernote fucked up and I lost the whole thing :( [I’m using GDocs again now]

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

“Ow,” he slapped his hand up to his forehead at the contact.

You sat back on your heels, rubbing your own forehead in pain. “This isn’t working,” you sighed, throwing the handcuffs haphazardly off to the side. It landed somewhere in the sea of bedsheets and clothes. Your boyfriend leaned forward, wrapping his arms around the small of your back as you straddled him. You rested your chin on his head and squeezed his shoulders as your way of returning the embrace. You knew it had been a terrible idea to listen to your best friend. The second she drunkenly began spewing nonsense about your relationship –which she never very little about to begin with– you knew you should tune her out. You loved her to pieces, but she had a way of picking at your insecurities.  

“It’s okay, you still look hot,” Jungkook chuckled, muffled by the uncomfortable fabric of your ridiculous policewoman get-up. The warmth of his bare body radiated through to your skin, and all you wanted to do was touch him. You didn’t want to do any of this policewoman nonsense; it wasn’t your style. And admittedly, every fiber in your body wanted to be dominated.

You squeezed your eyes shut in frustration for a moment, letting the silence float through the air. “Thanks,” you mumbled, climbing off Jungkook’s lap. You sat beside him, bunching up the sheets in your hands to avoid looking at him.

“Can I ask why?” Jungkook said after a while.

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Supercorp is lovely and all but *slips you a $20* can we get some Superlane head canons? Maybe you'll inspire someone to write something

these are really stupid, i’m sorry but here-

their bed is always a mess

  • which you wouldn’t expect because lucy was raised for her bed to be neat, corner folded
    • something about flipping a quarter on it. kara doesn’t really understand why humans do the things they do
    • lucy’s pretty tired of neatness and inside the lines and you have to think about how it’ll reflect on me lucy by the time she’s a teenager
  • but she tried to keep it organized at first and it just?? doesn’t work
    • she gets hot pretty easy but yknow everyone likes falling asleep with the covers over them but sometime through the night it just gets so uncomfortable so she pushes it off
    • and of course the furnace she calls a girlfriend kicks off all the covers too
      • actually it’s a little ridiculous, because sometimes they’ll end up shoving blankets back and forth on each other
        • lucy wonders if it’s wrong to want to punch your girlfriend even if you know it won’t hurt her

    • so every morning they wake up and the covers are all twisted, strewn across the floor
      • kara trips over them when she tries to go make early morning rescues
        • lucy laughs. so hard
  • with lucy running the other branch of the deo, they don’t get to see each as much at work
    • kara likes to drop off food for her though
      • it’s so sweet. lucy will come to her office and a bag will be on her desk with little sticky notes
        • kara forgets to say everything on one so they literally liter lucy’s office, and lucy loves it because she can see exactly where kara went and what she was thinking as she hastily scribbled down another i love you
    • sometimes there’s flowers too??

      • lucy loves them
      • one agent made a joke about them. he had to pick himself off the floor after lucy deemed an “emergency training session” was needed
    • lucy makes sure to pick some flowers up on the way home
      • she’d put some in kara’s office but there’s something about watching kara watering the plants and humming to herself
        • that something is love. lucy is a sap but doesn’t realize it
    • lucy gets the scientists’ help to build kara a more sturdy pen
      • she doesn’t understand how kara got the habit of chewing on pens?? because wouldn’t they have all broken immediately?? but she does, and lucy doesn’t want kara walking around with ink stains all over her
      • the scientists are confused

        • “ma'am you know this isn’t actually our jobs?”
        • “it is today”
      • kara sends everyone pictures of it, it’s so dumb but she’s so proud of it
  • they go and visit lois and clark
    • the first time is awkward
      • they go to metropolis for dinner and it’s just silent, silverware clicking against their plates
      • lucy doesn’t really know what to say, and it’s so hard not to get frustrated at lois, at herself
      • she doesn’t realize lois and her have stopped eating until kara and clark both lean over to them and ask if they’re going to finish that

        • lois just groans. “she does that too huh
      • it’s a little easier after that. not so hard to breathe and she could kiss kara for that, for getting her to try this
        • she does. many times
      • they try to have dinner once a month now
  • as nice as dinners and game nights are, the nights where it’s just them are the best
    • kara orders way too much food, i mean, even too much for kara
    • lucy will set up with all her work on the couch while kara paints and it’s just. nice and quiet
      • lucy got used to quiet after her mother died. after lois left and her father was too uncomfortable to be in a room alone with her, staring at ghosts that weren’t there
        • you look like mom lois tells her one night, alcohol heavy on her breath and sometimes she wishes lois never told her that while other times, she clings to the thought

      • but this quiet? it’s weighted, but a familiar one that wraps around her shoulders, a comfortable presence just behind her ribs
    • lucy can’t help it if she ends up distracting kara
      • kara always forgets to wash her hands once she’s done
        • she uses a brush, but paint always manages to coat her hands, color her fingertips
      • it’s such a wonderful image, kara colorful and thoughtful, and lucy just taps at kara’s shoulder and kisses her
      • so when fingers slip through her hair, they maybe leave some red and blue and green in it
      • lucy sighs when an agent asks her the next morning why is paint in her hair
        • kara laughs when she tells her. eyes soft and smile tender when she looks at her and says a masterpiece

        • it’s so dumb and lame and lucy punches kara in the arm because she most definitely is not tearing up at something that corny

no offense but this took me 15 minutes of making everything less pink and saturated + 30 minutes of giving each character colors closer to those they had originally and??? it looks a lot better to me????

it’s a lot less saturated and even if everything isn’t fucking pink you can still tell that the colors are pinker than usual (especially if you look at screenshots of yellow diamond from message received)

i just kinda feel bad about yellow pearl because i think i might have messed up her clothes’ colors, but they used to blend into her skin before

i like it she looks more golden and regal

You told me you need me but then the second she needs you, you came back rushing into her arms like a father holding his child. Haven’t you ever realized that I need you too? I need you to always be there for me especially in times that I need you the most. I want you to be here, holding me and telling me that everything’s gonna be alright. I need you now more than ever but where are you? Somewhere out there, holding her. Comforting her. Saving her from the mess that she created herself. But what about me? I thought you already knew that I needed saving too.

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Sorry if the whole clean-freak Anti thing is over, but just image Jack knowing when Anti shows up for one of his little clean rants. Like he could just be in the middle of eating a meal or something with Signe and then all of a sudden he looks up all serious like and says, "...he's here." *in the distance* "DAMMIT JACK WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT DUSTING THE SHELVES! WHERE'S THE FUCKING LYSOL? THIS PLACE IS A FUCKING MESS!"

Nah, it’s not over. I always adore/welcome Anti-related asks :D

And then Signe like, rolls her eyes and places her hands over her hands in annoyance. Tbh I’d feel so bad for them if that happened XD


HERE IS SOMETHING FOR @angiewingie I SAID I’D DO FOREVER(?) AGO, HER ELEMENTAL SAIYANS (i cant find the original link :’) ) Thank you so much for all your kind words and your brilliant ideas!!

@puppykakarot also did something for this which inspired me a lot!

i was messing around with a lot of things and some things turned out well…some not so well heh

edit: forgot to mention that goku suffers from chronic hard-nipple syndrome

guys tonight’s show was incredible it was the perfect show up until the church scene which was a Certified Mess holy shit

voldemort fell over when he was transfiguring out of harry and then sam and poppy flubbed lines in the “i really liked her” bit and noma was laughing when she was supposed to be bossing draco around and then anthony slipped on the snow when they were coming out of the doors

literally incredible 

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Girllll, please tell us everything about today?!?! How was the moment you saw Ali fixing Ash's hair??? I would probably be dead. Please make me feel like I was there. Thank you so much for sharing. You are sweet.😘

Okay so my friend made them both posters and wanted to take a pic of Ali and Ash holding them. Ash felt like her hair was a mess and asked Ali “Can you fix my hair?” because her hands were full. Ali was too busy reading the poster so she really wasn’t paying attention. Ash just kept asking, “Can you fix my hair? Can you fix my hair? Can you fix my hair?” Then Ash started shaking her head around trying to fix it herself. Ali eventually realized what Ash wanted and fixed it for her. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

Beautiful | Older!Ignis x Reader |

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Prompt: Beautiful

Pairing: Ignis x Reader

Genre: Romance , Fluff | Warning: None

Words: 541

Author’s Note: This is a little something for @chocobros, who is such a darling to go out of her way and do matchups for people and also someone I’m more than happy to call a new friend. ❤

I hope you like it! ❤

Delicate fingertips traced across the marred tan skin before drifting across the prominent cheekbones and down the chiseled jawline where your hands rested, fully cupping the beautiful man’s face. Soft chestnut tendrils tickled against the skin of your fingers, the single strand of hair laid away from the remainder of slicked back up do. He had aged like fine wine and you drunk it in thirstily.

“What are you doing?” The alluring English accent questioned falling from smooth lips, a hint of intrigue lacing the words as the pad of your thumb brushed across the surface of the pink skin.

A small hum fell from your mouth as half-lidded eyes fluttered, sterling orbs flickering across his face at his expression. Although his eyes no longer were of use, his face was still as expressive as always.

“Just thinking about how beautiful you are, Ignis.” You replied smoothly, voice as soft and melodious as the most well constructed, orchestral song.

You could feel the heat rise off the apples of his cheeks at the compliment, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. He was flattered when you complimented him. Usually, it was him doing the complimenting, but ever since losing his sight and gaining the scars on his face, he just couldn’t. He wasn’t the same.

He couldn’t even tell what you looked like anymore. Did you change in the ten years he’d been blind?

“If anyone is to be called beautiful, it would be you, my love.”

He was still so insecure about his looks since he was injured in Altissia during the fight with Leviathan. He didn’t know how beautiful he truly was, especially to you.

But you always silenced them, telling him how beautiful he was day after day and kissing away his concerns. But he still had them, deep inside of his heart tucked away with his many insecurities.

God, he was so lucky to have someone like you. To be in love with such a pure and angelic person that made him feel like a love struck teenager all over again.

A breathy chuckle slipped from your plump, bubblegum pink lips as they made their way across his face, leaving a trail of pecks over the marred skin. The scent of your hair wafted into his nose which caused his left hand to reach up, curling the calloused digits through the silky smooth locks that perfectly framed your breathtaking face.

He committed to memory every moment he had spent with you, drinking in your delicate features and memorizing every inch and curve of your body.

You were the love of his life, the woman he vowed to marry.

That is, if you would still have him.

His damaged eye fluttered closed as he leaned up into the warmth of your lips, his hand guiding your face towards him before his lips pressed against your own. The kiss started off tantalizingly slow, allowing him to take his time to enjoy moments like this. Time was slowly slipping away as the final battle approached, he didn’t know how much longer he had with you.

“I love you, Ignis Scientia.”

“And I you, _____.”

But there’s nowhere he’d rather be than in this exact moment, with you.

BTS reaction to their little sister getting heartbroken

Thank you @panda-bitch-aru​ for the request!! I’m super pumped to be doing these now :)

Jin (Seokjin)

Jin would be flipping furious. He is a very traditional manly man and would see himself as not only his sister’s guardian but also her protector. I don’t really think he would be physically violent with whoever hurt her but he would be demanding to know the details so he could speak with the person personally. Jin has the “man of the house” mentality and would not be okay with anyone messing with his sister. 

If I ever see you near her again, I will not let you off easy. That is a warning and a promise. 

Suga (Yoongi)

Suga would act first ask questions later. Out of all of the guys, I think he would be the most likely to start some sort of brawl. Even if he didn’t beat up the person who hurt her himself, it;s guaranteed that someone would be shoving that individual VERY HARD against a wall just to make sure they get the message that Suga’s sister is not one to be played around with. Suga doesn’t fuck with people hurting those he loves. 

Fuck off you asshole. Never show your face around here again or you won’t have any face left. 

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Namjoon would be angry but instead of lashing out or demanding to hunt down the person who hurt his sister, he would instead be a listening ear. Namjoon is level-headed in most situations and would want to be there for her when she needed him. He would bring her water, blankets, whatever she needed to feel comfortable and would sit with her in silence if that’s what she wanted. RapMon would just be there. As a reminder that she is loved. 

Talk to me when you’re ready. 

JHope (Hoseok)

Hobi would be absolutely distraught that his sister was in pain and his entire focus would be on her and what he could do to make her feel better. He would be furious whenever he thought of the person who hurt his sister, but that would not be often at all. All of Hobi’s energy would be directed to caring for his loved one. He would be like Namjoon, attentive and sympathetic, though I think he would be less likely to want to hear the whole story since it would just make him completely enraged and emotional.

Look, I brought you your favourite books, some tea and a laptop. Let’s watch that drama you love. 


Jimin would try to be real tough guy about it and as his sister explained the situation he would be swearing and saying threatening things in strong satoori. Ultimately though he would choose to focus more on his sister and how she was feeling rather than on getting revenge. Jimin would immediately launch into his advice, rattling off reasons why she was better off and how he’d always suspected that the person was not a good thing in his little sister’s life.  Jimin would be one to try to distract his sister as a way of making her feel better. 

Let’s not think about it now! It’s over and they aren’t worth your time. 1 v 1 me in Mario Kart?  

V (Taehyung)

Tae would listen very quietly when his sister explained the situation to him before merely shrugging and pulling her into a hug. Tae would be annoyed that someone made his sister cry but wouldn’t be enraged by any means. He would genuinely think that this was meant to be and that his sister would find someone much better to spend her time with. 

It’s alright. There’s plenty more people in the world.


Oh boy. Jungkook would be angry more out of pride than anything. Sure, he would be sorry for his sister but he would be most furious about the fact that someone was hurting his family. If he was upset enough about it (or in a particularly vengeful mood) Jungkook would honestly ruin that person’s life. Do not cross Jungkook, ever. He may not react as explosively as some of the other members but he is loyal, clever and cunning. He would repay the wound 100000x over. 

So the plan is I find out more about their friends, where they go, how they spend their day and then…

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@the they/them anon im autistic and my friend changed to they/them pronouns and it took me ageesss to learn to use them but what's important is the effort i think like my friend never got mad when i messed up by accident but if i had just decided to use their old pronouns because it was difficult they would have been- it's absolutely reasonable to expect your friend to be willing to tryand use your proper pronouns but it might take her a while to not slip up, but as a friend she should try imo

Here is some anon advice!

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I have this headcannon that one night when Clarkes super pregnant with Alex she's getting to the point where she needs Lexa's help with stuff and it bugs her ALOT cause she's an independent woman. Anyway one night she wakes up at like 2 am and is super hungry so she goes to make herself food and ends up knocking all the pans down and Lexa comings running out to see what's up and just finds Clarke a sobbing mess on the floor "I JUST wanted to make a quesadilla by myself" & Lexa's like "baby.."

Lmfao this is totally what it’s gonna be like. Clarke will cry abt everything. Clarke sobs one day bc she’s staring at Lexa and just “You’re so pretty and soft and I would kill to look like you” and Lexa’s like,,,, ok pls don’t cry. And yeah Lexa’s gonna walk in a lot to Clarke sobbing on the floor a lot bc like she accidentally knocked over the milk w her stomach or something and she’s crying so hard 😂

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What does the outside of Opera's ship look like? Is it sleek and visually appealing, or an industrial, function over form kind of thing? Was it custom-built for her or did she pick up some junker somewhere and fix and modify it herself? (apologies for the uninteresting question but I like worldbuilding)

A standard ship for the interplanetary delivery company that Opera works for the Speed Star is nothing special. It’s not likely to win any races or survive a dogfight, but it can get somewhere and get back and that’s all Opera cares about.

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Did Ant talk about Jas in the livestream??!

Yeah a little!! He just said that he misses her a lot and he couldn’t go with her to visit her family because he has work “and someone’s gotta pay the bills!” Omfg. Someone said hi to jazzy cause I think they thought the girl laying on the couch in the beginning was her and he was like “Jas isn’t here” and he looked sad boy is a mess with her gone

Star accidentally shrinks Marco with her wand and she freaks out and shes like “IM SO SORRY!!” she cups her hands around him to stop anymore from stepping on him.

“Uhh…It’s okay I guess.. Just turn me back!”

“I don’t know how! :( Ludo still has the book.”

He just sighs and says “Of course he does.”

“Please don’t be mad!! I’ll try really hard to find out how to fix it!! I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to…I just mess up all the time..”

Marco’s like “Nonono don’t cry! Here… Uhh. Pick me up.” she does what he says and he hugs her face. “It’s okay! I know you’ll come up with something! An even if you can’t…guess​ what?”

“What?” she sniffles.

“I get giant nachos.”

“What should we toast to? Infamy, Valium, Mariah Carey’s inability to read?” Pearl traipsed along the kitchen island like she was cartwheeling down a knife’s edge, kicking over glasses she wasn’t fond of until they crashed into a confetti of broken fragments on the tiles below. Still clutching a bottle of absinthe, Pearl hopped down from her marble stage and let her glittered stems dangle. “I’ll be your Kylie Minogue fairy from Moulin Rouge tonight.“

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Your promots are soooo good!! I love them!!! Can you make one of them going to Italy as boyfriend and girlfriend and Matteo showing and telling him more about him?

I hope this is in any way of form somewhat alike to what you were expecting and I’m so sorry I took so long, I have no excuses, I’m just a mess. Anyway I really hope you like it.

btw they are in Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli look it up, it has cool dinosaurs (and yes that’s the whole reason I chose it)

Luna looks around amazed by everything, tugging his hand everywhere and jumping on her toes, the excitement obvious on her sparkling eyes and on the way her whole body seems to buzzing.

“This is so incredibly beautiful, Matteo.” Luna tells him turning around to look at him with the biggest, brightest smile. “So this is where you grew up.”

“Why did you say it like that?” Matteo asks her, grinning.

“I don’t know.” Luna says letting go of his hand to spin slowly. “It just makes sense.”

“Makes sense?” Matteo asks, following the trail of her hair on her bare shoulders.

“I don’t know.” Luna repeats. “I can see you playing around this streets when you were little, in this park.”

“Well, you are not wrong.” Matteo informs her. “When I was a kid they never let me out much, but sometimes, Ana, my nanny, would take me here and I’d run around the park, watching the dinosaurs and naming them in my head.”

“You names the dinosaur’s statues?” Luna asks him giggling.

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so i'm nonbinary and i came out to one of my best friends and told her my pronouns and the name i chose, and she uses them! but she does slip up and when she does, she feels really bad. and i don't like people feeling bad because of me. do you have any advice on what i could do?

Talk to her about it. Let her know that you understand that she’s going to slip up every now and then while she is still adapting to your new name and pronouns, and that you are okay with this and that she doesn’t need to feel bad for it.

Of course you can’t stop her from experiencing her feelings, but hearing you say that it’s okay to mess up sometimes will hopefully make her feel a little less bad about it.