'i knew he could do it'

Wait do Alteans know what gay is?
  • But could you imagine Lance coming out?
  • Lance: Hey guys? I'm hella gay
  • Hunk: Knew it dude
  • Pidge: Yeah man you aren't exactly subtle
  • Shiro(because he is a polite bby): We don't love you any less
  • Keith: *Quietly freaking about bc what the fuck?????? How didn't he notice??*
  • Allura & Coran: wait what's a gay?

I think I’m actually going to be pretty pissed if sjm doesn’t up her diversity game in the next books.

There are a lot of opportunities for her to do this - she has in no way written herself into a corner where diversity is no longer possible (this may have to do with world-building holes, but, anyway…).

There are Courts we haven’t seen yet, characters, Chaol is going to whatever in the hell place he is going that could have diverse people, I’m sure there will be more relationships developing that don’t at all need to be hetero or even monogamous, tbh. There is just… a lot of potential for this.

(edit to move some of my tags to the post bc… my tags got ridiculous…) If I knew before what I know now about these books, I may not have read them in the first place. But I did, and now I’m here, stuck in this fandom dumpster of smut and meta and so-called theories, and I like living in this damn dumpster. I just wish it weren’t filled with white hetero monogamous couples all the time.

And so I’m… going to be quite disappointed if some things don’t change. I don’t know what I’ll actually do. But I know I won’t be happy.

Always Be There (Archie x Reader)

Request: Can you do a romantic Archie Andrews Riverdale Imagine?

“Are you alright?” You asked Archie as he came out of the boys locker room holding his hand in the other.

“I’m fine. What are you even doing here?” Archie answer back. Not believing him you picked up his hand, and as you did Archie winced at the touch. Rolling your eyes at the lying boy you made sure there was no bruising and everything looked in place. He probably just twisted it the wrong way.

“I heard you got hurt during practice so I rushed here, and as I can tell it’s a good thing I did.” You said as you crossed your arms giving Archie a look of disappointment. “Why did you keep on playing if you knew you were injury? You could’ve made everything worse” Archie looked at you at a loss for words not wanting to fight with you since you were right about the situation.

“I just really want to make captain. Everyone is depending on me to and I can feel the pressure building.” Archie mumble out ashamed of his actions as he thought it through more clearly now.

“Your lucky that nothing got worse. If it did captain would of been off of the table and then you would of let everyone down but most importantly yourself. If you want this, fight for it but don’t put yourself at risk Arch, you will only get burned in the end.” You said softly trying to comfort the upset boy in front of you. Lacing one of your hands with his, you pulled his face up with the other. “You know I’ll always be proud of you no matter what’s on the front of your jersey. So will the rest of your friends and family. We love you Arch captain or not we still will.” Archie finally gave you smile but you could see the pain in his eyes.

“I didn’t really think it through I just knew I wanted it. I didn’t care about myself at that point and now I’m regretting it” Archie let out trying to keep calm as the pain was now shooting through his wrist.

“I think we should take you home Arch, get some ice to put on it and something for your pain.” Archie nodded and let you lead the way to your car so you could bring him home.

“Good evening Mr.Andrews” You called as he walked into the door after a long day of work. You were sitting down on the couch with Archie head in your lap. His hand was now wrapped up but he was still in pain. Not wanting to hurt himself anymore you guys decided to have a night in to watch movies.

“Evening Y/N and Archie” Fred said but stop when something caught his eyes. “What happened to your hand Archie?” Sitting up from your lap Archie started to explain to his father

“I injury it during football practice today, it’s not broke or anything just really hurts”

“Next time try to be more careful, we wouldn’t anything to happen to your wrist. It would take away two of the things you love the most, football music” Fred warned, Archie just nodded his head happy that his father wasn’t upset with him. As Fred left to go cook supper Archie turned towards you.

“What would I do without you?”

“Probably not much since you would have a broken wrist”  You joked and Archie smack your chest lightly as you both laughed.

“And heart” Archie said changing the mood to serious. You smiled it always made you feel some type of way when he would say sweet things to you. Only Arch managed to make you feel like this was all you needed in life. “I love you Y/N” Archie said with a grinned pasted on his face.

“I love you too Arch” Leaning in to kiss him you couldn’t help but feel lucky. Archie was every girl dream guy and you managed to get him. Feeling his lips against yours was alluring, you didn’t need anything else in this moment. Both of you guys pulled to catch your breath after the overwhelming feeling.

“So pizza?” Mr.Andrews questioned as he reentered the room, making Archie and you look at each other wide eyes. Knowing if he came in moments before he would of caught you guys making out on his couch.

“Sure dad” Arch spoke as blush came upon his cheeks.

“Great” As his dad left the room, Archie took your hand and said

“Come on let’s go to my room, where we have more privacy” Getting up to go you couldn’t help but feel like you were on cloud nine.

Expected (Hamliza)

AN: I changed my mind last minute and went with a different prompt! It’s probably awful but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @hamilton4starwars

Request: Anonymous- For the “I love you” prompts: 7 with Alexander and Eliza, like, after Alexander publishes The Reynolds Pamphlet?

7. “I love you.”“Do you think this is a game?”

Warnings: none (shocking, I know)

Word Count: 1,487

Alexander had spent the past few weeks trying to salvage what he could of his career and his dignity. There were very places he could go without getting dirty looks, without hearing the whispers. He knew that he deserved all of it. There was no doubt about that. But he had to work because that seemed like the best thing he could do for his family for the time being. He had tried talking to Eliza, but since Angelica arrived, he couldn’t even get nearer to his wife than three rooms apart. Again, it’s not as though he didn’t deserve it, but he just wanted to try to make things right.

Alexander had been dragging his feet around the office all day. There were papers that he needed in his home office that no one would go fetch for him. No one wanted to have even the briefest encounter with Angelica, a sentiment Alexander understood quite well. But he couldn’t put it off any longer.

A few minutes of just staring at his jacket passed before Alexander actually put it on. Anything he could do to put off walking out the door, he did, until he couldn’t find anything else to do. By the time he finally forced himself outside, it was fairly late and there were only a few of the town drunkards staggering around the streets. They usually left Alexander alone because they were too pissed to care, but he decided to cut through the park anyway. It also made the walk just a bit longer.

There was light coming from the parlor when Alexander got home. He didn’t know who to expect, seeing as normally everyone was asleep by now. He stood at the doorstep for a long while before he unlocked the door and stepped inside. There was shuffling from the parlor as he shut the door gently behind him.

“Daddy?” Philip called.

“Son,” Alex couldn’t help but sigh out of relief. He moved to lean against the entryway of the parlor. “What are you doing awake at this hour?”

“Mommy was crying again. I don’t like it but Aunt Angelica told me to leave her alone,” Philip said over a yawn.

Alexander looked down, no longer able to look at his son. “How often-?”

“Only a night. When she thinks we’re asleep,” Philip shrugged. “I wish you were home more. Daddy. Maybe you could help.”

“I- I don’t know that I could, Pip,” Alexander replied quietly.

“You have to try. I’ll take you up there. Or I’ll bring her down here!” Philip jumped up from the couch he had been sprawled across. He ran over and tugged on Alexander’s hand, smiling up at him. “Just tell her how much you love her, yeah? Even I could do that, Daddy.”

“It isn’t that simp-” Alex started before Philip yanked on his arm and started pulling him towards the stairs. He didn’t argue- no one else needed to be awake. Especially not Angelica.

Philip apparently strongly disagreed. When he got to Eliza’s bedroom, he knocked on the door as hard as he could.

“Mommy!” he called. “Mommy, mommy-”

Alexander grabbed Philip’s arm and pulled him away. “Philip, what-”

He stopped talking as though he no longer had a voice when he heard Eliza’s.

“Philip, what do you need?” she said, her voice thick with sleep as she opened the door.

Alexander couldn’t look away from his wife. It had been at least a week since he last saw her. He had hated every second he was away, but he knew he wasn’t very welcome. All he wanted at that moment was to kiss her. To pretend that nothing had happened. To be like they had been when they were young.

“Daddy has something to tell you. Don’t you, Daddy?” Philip pulled on Alexander’s arm.

“I only came to get something for work,” Alexander whispered. It was a small miracle that he was talking at all. “I didn’t come to-”

“That’s alright. Philip, can you go play or try to sleep? Your father and I need some time alone,” Eliza smiled at their son, who nodded, a grin of his own spreading across his face.

He tugged on Alexander’s arm again until he bent down to his level. He cupped his father’s ear.

“Remember: ‘I love you.’ Easy,” he whispered and kissed Alexander’s cheek before running away to his bedroom.

Alexander stood slowly. After all these years of office jobs, he wasn’t the young, fit man he used to be. Not round or any less attractive, and still aged beyond his years, even if he didn’t always act it. Eliza studied his face intently.

“You haven’t been sleeping,” she observed.

“Have I ever?” Alexander ran a hand through his hair. A nervous habit. “I truly only came for some papers to take back.”

“You haven’t been visiting. The children miss you. Philip was angry with you at first, but that was mostly because that’s what Angelica told him to be, and that boy has a mind of his own. It didn’t last very long. He reminds me of his father,” Eliza smiled to herself.

Alexander watched her, confused. “It’s late, Betsy. I think you should go back to bed.”

“And I think that you’re in no place to be telling me what I should or should not be doing, my darling husband,” Eliza shot back. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, I- why- why did you send Philip to bed?” Alexander stammered, which was unusual for him.

“I assumed that after not seeing each other for three weeks, you would have something to say,” Eliza shrugged and leaned against the doorway. Any trace of her smile was gone.

Had it really been that long? Three weeks? Alexander could have sworn he had at least seen her with Angelica.

“I didn’t think you wanted to see me,” Alexander replied after a long minute.

“‘Wanted’ may not be the right word,” Eliza hummed. “I expected to see you. I expected you to have a novel’s length apology for me after the apology you gave the public. I expected ‘I love you’s’ until my ears fell off from hearing them so often. I expected you to try. But then again, I expected you to be faithful to me, and look at what brought us here.”

All Alexander wanted in that moment was to take his wife’s pain away. He should have been able to take away the pain he caused. That would be fair. But if anyone had learned that life isn’t fair, it was him. From the time he was a little boy, life had shown him how unfair it could be. And yet he had gone out and created more pain. More unfairness. Just because he had been selfish, only thinking about the pleasure he would get at the time.

Alexander glanced down the hall to Philip’s bedroom before forcing himself to make eye contact with Eliza.

“I love you,” his voice was a whisper again.

Eliza scoffed. “Do you think this is a game? Do you think that you get to just show your face for the first time in nearly a month and tell me that you-”

Alexander closed the distance between Eliza and himself, cutting her off with a deep kiss. He cupped her cheeks and rubbed his thumbs back and forth slowly over her cheekbones.

“And tell you what I should have been around to tell you since you asked me to take a break,” he murmured against her lips. “It may be late, but I want nothing more than to tell you that I love you until your ears fall off. I want to give you that apology. I want to give you everything.”

Eliza pulled away but rested her hands on Alexander’s chest. She watched them rise and fall with Alexander’s breathing, and he knew that she was trying not to cry.

“Let’s go for a walk,” she nodded to herself.

“Betsy, it’s-”

“It’s late, I know,” Eliza cut Alexander off with a sigh. “But I want to go for a walk.”

“Then we’ll go for a walk,” Alexander kissed Eliza’s forehead just as Philip came bounding back down the hall.

He pulled on Alexander’s sleeve. “I wanna go,” he yawned.

“Ask like the young man that you are,” Alexander scolded. Philip rolled his eyes and looked to his mother for support but instead received a shrug.

“May I please join you on your walk?” Philip asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“He’s certainly learned from the best,” Eliza laughed at the look of shock on her husband’s face. “Yes, Pip, you may join us on our walk.”

Philip grinned and started tugging Alexander back towards the stairs. Eliza watched them with a small, exhausted smile for a minute before she followed them outside. Philip took one hand of each of his parents and swung their arms as they walked towards the park.

Bedside Manner

For this week’s Synchronised Screaming session.
Prompt: “Otabek/Yuri P - one of them takes care of the other when sick “

“I’m telling you, I DON’T need rest, I’m FINE! We should go back to practice.”

“You can’t go back to practice, Yakov told you to take the rest of the day off. And he told the staff at the rink, too, so if you try to sneak in they’ll stop you.” Otabek had to say it, even though he knew the words would do nothing to convince Yuri. They didn’t.

“Then I’ll sneak past them, too! Fuck this shit, Yakov can go—”

But what Yakov could do was lost in a fit of coughing. Yuri had to stop halfway up the stairs and lean against the wall, doubled over in a vain effort to clear his lungs. When he could breathe again, he straightened up and glared at Otabek.

“Don’t…don’t say…a word…”

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12am thoughts

Family is everything. Family is important. Family First! Right?

But how come to some people, family comes second or as an option?

Today is Mother’s day in the UK. It’s hard for us as a family to be together because of our jobs so I said why not celebrate Mother’s day yesterday so we’re complete. 

However, some people do NOT know their priorities!!

Someone who made a promise to my Mum agreed to go out yesterday since he’s working on Mother’s day. But yesterday morning, I got a text saying that he won’t be able to make it because he made plans with his GF. 

I was so annoyed! My Mum said not to worry about it but I knew deep inside - she was upset. And I was right because she cried. I feel bad for her. I could’ve easily planned the whole thing but he insisted that he’ll sort everything out. 

He made a promise but chose his GF over us. 

I just don’t get why people do that. 

Mother’s day is once a year. 

He could’ve made plans with his GF like the day after but NOOOO. Ugh. 

SORRY GUYS! Another ranty blog post - I know I promised not to do this anymore but sometimes you just gotta let out all the bad vibes.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and if your country is celebrating Mother’s day today, don’t forget to spend time with your Mum! 

Spoil her and show her how much you love and care for her! Be thankful & blessed for everything that our Mum has done or will do for us! 

Not just for Mother’s day but every day.

anonymous asked:


ooo yesyes they are both precious and I love them ^^


“Dragon you are so precious!” Robin exclaimed after opening the gift he had received, which had been from Dragon.

“I-It’s not anything major…” She looked to the side.

“You knew I’ve wanted these headphones for the longest time!” Robin pulled Dragon into a gentle hug.

“Well… it is your birthday…” She smiled slightly while looking up to him.

He placed a gentle kiss to her forehead before whispering a small “Thank you so much.” in Dragon’s ear.

She smiled a bit more and whispered back, “You’re welcome, it’s the least I could do for you.”.

For Dragon’s birthday, Robin wanted to do something special. Instead of just having a present, he wanted to take her somewhere special.

Like out under the stars, to a place where the stars will be extra clear in the sky. It was perfectly set up. Robin would take her to dinner, and then drive her out to the open space where the stars would be visible.

For dinner, Robin had taken Dragon to one of her favorite restaurants, insisting that he would pay for everything. She tried to refuse, but knew it was useless. She eventually gave in and let him pay for dinner.

Dragon thought they would go home afterwards, but she was instead surprised with a drive through some countryside.

“Where are we going?” She asked curiously.

“Just hold tight for about ten minutes. It’s not that far away.” Robin replied with a small smile on his face.

So, ten minutes later, Dragon was walking out of the car, looking up at the sky, astonished.

“Y-You’re taking me stargazing?! In one of the clearest areas in the area? Robin! You’re the best!” She exclaimed, her excitement getting to the best of her.

“Well, you’re always said you wanted to go stargazing… so I thought this would be fun!”

She ran over and pulled him into a hug, looking up to him with pure joy.

“Thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me.”

“It’s my pleasure, anything for you.”

They spent the night walking around, hand in hand while Dragon pointed out some of the major stars and planets while Robin listened with full interest. It was the best night they ever had.


Welp, here ya go anon ^^

@dragonfrost04 & @datsatoiletvg looky! Someone requested y’all!

Conor Maynard imagine #1

Here ya go, sorry i’ve been like really sick. Flu and strep throat it was terrible but i managed love. Sorry its short i needed to get this out and i wasn’t inspired ya know? Whoops 😬

Readers P.O.V
I awoke with a startle, the light just shining through the black curtains. Before you could even manage a thought you smelt a hint of burning bacon to be precise.

Conor was long gone from the bed as his half was already - partly - made. You knew about Conor’s ability to cook and instantly chuckled at the thought of him doing anything of the sort.

Currently Conor was staying at your place, recently he had finished an album, partied with the boys and made some time for you. He made a promise to spend time with you because before the album was finished endless nights were spent at his place, alone, in his office thinking of the next hit of the album that could or would bring attention to his work. Him doing any of this was a luxury maybe even a miracle.

You got out of bed, did a quick fix on your hair and then followed the smell of food.

The sight of him in the kitchen gave you a brilliant smile. He was clearly struggling but keeping calm all together. He swore about a trillion times before noticing you standing there with your beady eyes leaving a constant glare in his direction of interest.

“Oh, hi” he nervously laughed. You gave him a sympathetic smile knowing just how hard he was trying to make the eggs let alone bacon. “You trying to burn down my place? Or you just having fun”.

“Well I was actually trying to summon a demon but either works well to”. By now you were by his side watching his actions this time giving him pointers. When you guys had finished making whatever this was you cracked a few jokes about his skills and gave him a kiss.

“I tried oh well” leisure was spread across his face as if he had no care about what he had done to the poor bacon. “Well its not, bad?” You had to question it, it tasted like a bagel. Somehow Conor had managed to make burnt bacon taste like a plain bagel. He chuckled amused at himself and you. “I love you” he now stared into my eyes, his deep blue ones capturing my (e/c) ones. You hung your head onto your hand. “Oh yea?”

“I love you more than I love music or even myself” he pretended to do a hair flip on the last one earning a quick earnest laugh. “Well, I would still love you only if you didn’t BURN MY FOOD!”

This time Conor laughed, you attempted a fake pout and a couple tears here and there. A few more jokes and you guys ended up on the couch binging on less burnt foods and watching whatever the hell had a marathon. Conor had layers of clothes on which made his cheeks a light pink and a few beads of sweat collected at his hairline. Before saying anything he began taking off some of his layers.

At first you didn’t know what was happening, each shirt had different words on them and before you knew it they had formed a sentence. ‘Will you marry me?’ The realization hit you hard and all you could do was laugh hysterically. He got on one knee this time with a small black box. You shook your head continuously as if this had been a dream and you and Conor were still in bed sleeping.

“Y/n, from the first day that I had met you up until now you’ve made me have all sorts of emotions. The good kinds the bads and most of all you’ve been supportive of me through it all.” He gave you a few seconds to react before continuing his speech. “I know I can’t always be with you and for that im sorry but y/n l/n will you marry me?”

You wiped your last tears and accepted with a quick nod. He put the ring on and hugged you as to support you from falling. “Yes yes yes yes, Conor Maynard absolutely yes!”


This scene had me so torn and crying and conflicted because the realness of it was unbearable.

Victor is always trying to hide behind his usual fake smile, and usually he succeeds in fooling himself and the other party. But this time, his sadness overwhelmed him, and even he couldn’t cope with the fact that him and Yuri would be separated, their time together would diminish, and they’d walk two separate paths. He showed a “weak” and “vulnerable” side to himself that he would only ever show to his closest family.

Yurio, someone who hates hugs, even in this scene, could sense Victors pain and agony, and he just stood there and LET Victor hug him, because he knew Victor was probably really anxious and scared for the future, and he thought, “I can at least be a shoulder he can lean on, I can at least do this much.”

This was character development for them both and I love that we could see this before the season ended!

Okay but if Keith knew Shiro had a crush on Allura, do you think he talked about it while he and allura were alone in the pod??

Imagine if Keith were trying to play wingman for Shiro, except he was really bad at it

“So… Shiro’s arm… it’s pretty cool… it could light up someone’s world.”

“Did you see how sweaty shiro was in training; it was moist.”

“He’d make a great father, even if his kids are half alien from a species he had only learned about less than a month ago.”

Or alternately: Keith being a little shit

“Once, when I was 15, Shiro got mad at me and locked me in the bathroom and the lock broke so I was stuck there for an entire day. He was so sorry he cried for three hours straight.”


avatar the last airbender book one: water

You know what the worst part of being born over a hundred years ago is? I miss all the friends I used to hang out with. Before the war started, I used to always visit my friend Kuzon. The two of us, we’d get in and out of so much trouble together. He was one of the best friends I ever had, and he was from the Fire Nation just like you. If we knew each other back then, do you think we could have been friends too?

One of the most interesting moments in the live action Beauty and the Beast is this scene where Belle asks why the household staff was cursed and now must suffer for the Beast’s actions when they did nothing wrong and Mrs. Potts tells her that when the Beast’s mother died his father turned on him and she implies that he abused the Beast and turned him into the person he was before the curse and Mrs. Potts says something along the lines of “we knew what he was doing to that little boy and we stood by and did nothing” and I just keep thinking about that like we so often absolve adults who know a child is being abused but make excuses and look the other way when they know they could at least try to help and I just thought it was interesting to imply that remaining a bystander instead of taking action to stop a crime can have just as many consequences as committing the crime itself

I constantly waited for a text, I waited for a call. Maybe even a knock on my door. I waited for a long time, longer then I should’ve. But it never came. Why didn’t you ever come?“ she asked. Finally working up the courage to give him a piece of her mind.

Looking down at his hands he answers, “I wanted to, I wanted to so bad. To tell you how sorry I was and that I’d change and we could work it out. I wanted you back. It killed me to not do anything but I knew you would be better off. You couldn’t last forever with me. I wanted you to be happy, and I knew that couldn’t be with me.”

“You don’t get to decide if I was happy. It wasn’t up to you to decide if you could’ve made me happy. You were my happiness then you were gone. You broke me and you never even said sorry.”

“I never wanted to hurt you,” he whispered.

“Well you did, and it’s to late to fix what you did.”

top 16 ‘daddy characters’ of 2016

so @novocaine-sea and I are thirsty and wanted to compile a list of our favorite animated ‘daddy’ boys.  (this is definitely a joke.  please understand that).

16. Takajou Joujirou

He is a dweeb 90% of the time, but the other 10%… damn.

15. Katsuki Yuuri

Once he finds his eros, 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

14. Genos

I never knew robots could be hot.  Or have ear piercings.

13. Kunikida Doppo

Why he so angry?  I have a thing for glasses and I know you do too, Aja.

12. Ushijima Wakatoshi

Honestly with him, he’s either ‘I-must-protect-he-is-too-pure’ or ‘please-rip-me-to-shreds’ and there is no in between.

11. Dazai Osamu

Attractive goofball that is emo af.

10. Viktor Nikiforov

Who wouldn’t called an ass-naked man winking at you daddy?  I’m looking at you, Yuuri.

9. Miyuki Kazuya

Honestly, if he weren’t the same age as me, I would rank him like number 1.

8. Nanashima Nazomu

His “I’m gonna kill you” did, in fact, kill me.

7. Oikawa Tooru

He’s honestly a complete package.  Looks, smarts, shitty personality… I kid.

6. Kuroo Tetsurou

He looks pissy in this picture and I love it.  He can go from nerd to daddy real quick.

5. Shirogane “Shiro” Takashi

He is so amazing and I LOVE HIM.

4. Mitsuboshi Takeru

L I T E R A L L Y.

3. Sawamura Daichi

Who do you think I am?  Of course Daichi is in my top 3.  I would honestly give him everything in the world, he is the reason I live.

2. Sangwoo

If he weren’t a FUCKING PSYCHOPATH he would be number one.  Holy.  FUCK.

1. Musumi Kazuma

I first laid eyes on him and was like “he is the one.”  He is SO PERFECT AND AMAZING AND I FUCKING LOVE HIM OKAY.  He is the ultimate.  daddy.

thank you for sticking with me through my thirst, and you too Aja since i literally scream with you whenever we find new daddies.

AU where
  • NHL star Jack Zimmermann and long time girlfriend and tennis player Camilla Collins break up. Camilla starts dating Jack’s college friend Larissa “Lardo” Duan. 
  • And the media is absolutely awful to the girls.
  • “Jack how do you feel about your girlfriend becoming a lesbian?” Etc. etc. even worse things are said. 
  • Jack is so frustrated. “Camilla and I are still friends, it was a mutual breakup. And even if we parted on bad terms, you’re being cruel and that’s uncalled for. And she didn’t *become* a lesbian. She’s always been bisexual. I’ve always known that”
  • “Jack why did you date Camilla if you knew she’d eventually leave you for a woman?”
  • Jack’s so frustrated. So he impulsively announces “I’m bisexual too! I could date boys or girls or whoever!!”
  • And the media completely ignores him.
  • And in a queer rage, he calls up Shitty and is like “Pretend to date me for a month, I’m gonna fucking prove my bisexuality once and for all!”
  • Shitty can’t because he maybe just started dating Lardo a week ago.
  • “It’s okay brah. I got you covered. I’ve got this friend who is a literal ball of gay sunshine and exactly your type. Just make sad eyes at him and I swear he’ll do whatever you ask.”
  • “I don’t need a real boyfriend, just someone to date for the media for a month or two.”
  • “Sure, pal, sure. I’ll text you the address of his bakery.”
Godric’s Hollow
  • When James parents died they left him their whole estate, but Godric’s Hollow was special, it was him and Lily’s wedding gift and the charming, secluded hamlet suited them just fine, so that is where the newly-weds decided to live.
  • It soon transpired that James had no clue how to furnish a house, and so Lily and Sirius teamed up to make this place a home.
  • Lily started with the sitting room, buying two enormous comfy sofas that could swallow you whole as you curled up and read a book from the equally enormous antique bookcase she bought and filled, with Remus’ help.
  • Sirius bought an entire stores worth of kitchenware, because if there is one thing he had learnt from his days cooking with the house elves, it was that you never knew what you were going to need.
  • ‘What even is a turkey thermometer and why do I own one?’ ‘Shut up Prongs you didn’t know what a baking tray was until two days ago.’
  • Lily also purchased an assortment of flowers which she placed on every bare surface of the house, adding splashes of colour all over the place.
  • Peter, who was quite allergic to pollen, couldn’t stop sneezing wherever he went.
  • ‘I fell attacked in my own home!’ ‘Pete, you don’t live here.’
  • Sirius and Remus are very big on the whole matching sets thing, and so came the his and her loofahs, his and her sink, his and her arm chair by the fireplace. Sirius even bought a ‘Mr & Mrs calendar collection’. Remus reassured a panicking James that Sirius had done the same thing with their apartment.
  • James and Lily spending an entire weekend painting bedroom walls a specific shade of cream that James had picked (Lily couldn’t tell the difference between three identical shades of cream, but James had been persistent that each one had a different ‘aura’) 
  • James accidentally swinging his arm around and wiping a huge line of paint across Lily’s face in the process.
  • ‘Potter!’ ‘Oh god, I’m so sorry babe I didn’t mean-’
  • Lily’s paint brush crashing not-so-accidentally into James face.
  • The next 15 minutes being a paint war between the two as the cover each other in more paint than is one the walls, laughing hysterically and it ending in a paint soaked kiss on the floor.
  • Three weeks of hard work later and the house is finished. It is finally a place the Potters and sometimes Sirius can call home. They can relax and focus on fighting a war.
  • And then Lily gets pregnant.
  • And the quiet life in Godrics Hollow has to prepare to become a lot noisier.
  • But no one is complaining (well Sirius is a little bit because he is usually the centre of attention, but Moony shuts him up.)
  • James is freaking out because raise a baby? In this house? In this war?
  • Lily is like husband, calm yourself, here have one of these 8 different parenting books Remus and I have been reading.
  • Sirius makes it his personal task in life to design the perfect nursery for this kid, and so seals himself semi-permanently in the second bedroom to work on it. No one is allowed in until it is finished.
  • Peter goes out and buys a pram and a high-chair, James and Lily really appreciated the gesture, they hadn’t been seeing enough of Peter recently.
  • Remus buys a collection of children’s books that he wants to read to the newborn, he has been saying all this time he would be terrible with a child, but everyone can tell he is secretly over the moon with excitement.
  • Lily is the first one to begin child-proofing, when she moves the knife block into high cupboard one day, and James is confused so he asks what child-proofing actually is.
  • James Potter becoming obsessed with child proofing.
  • I mean he finds every single corner in the house, I mean every. single. one., and places a foam buffer on it. He hides every mildly sharp object from scissors to hairbrushes.
  • ‘Really James?’ ‘Lily, you don’t understand, what if it poked it’s eye out with it by accident?!’ ‘…’
  • He buys a safety gate for the stairs, he buys locks for the toilets seats, he replaces the flower vases with plastic ones, he buys cushions for the dining chairs, he throws out the food processor and tries to throw away the toaster, but Remus eventually takes matters into his own hands and stops the rampage.
  • Then, one month before the baby is born, Sirius unveils his nursery.
  • He’s hand painted all the furniture, from the crib to the tiny bookcase, each in there own individual pastel colour.
  • He has put a mobile over the crib, its of the solar system, and its charmed to also show the phases of the moon. He also added in Sirius the star as an extra orbit.
  • There is a fully stocked changing table in one corner and a full chest of drawers in the other.
  • But the real showstopper what he painted on one of the walls.
  • Its a kind of mural. Of a Forrest full of trees and plants with a small clearing at the centre. Walking into the clearing is a large black dog accompanied by a equally large grey wolf with a small rat hurrying along between their feet. Lying down nuzzled together in the middle of the clearing however, is a stag and doe, dozing peacefully, curled around a small fawn that lies in between them. 
  •  The Marauders, Completed. I written above the image.
  • James has tears in his eyes as he hugs his brother, he is so grateful.
  • Then Harry is born and the house comes alive with life and joy and the Potters pour their love into their son.
  • Remus and Sirius would come over almost every day to play with Harry, Peter would join them as well sometimes and the laughter would carry on through the night as the small house vibrated with happiness.
  • Then the prophecy happened.
  • Remus and Sirius couldn’t come over any more, neither could Peter.
  • The house seemed to dull slowly as the absence of the men took it’s toll.
  • The flowers wilted as Lily couldn’t go out to buy her favourite fertiliser anymore, and James broke the stair gate one day by accident, but couldn’t go out to buy a replacement.
  • A certain darkness seemed to want to creep into the house as James and  Lily’s greatest project and comfort, had become their prison.
  • But, as always, the couple took this in their stride, determined for this to make them stronger rather than weaker, if not for themselves then for Harry, who mattered more to them than anyone else.
  • Lily dried and pressed the wilted flowers to make decorations for the walls, and James used the kitchen tools Sirius had bought to craft a new gate for the stairs.
  • They focused their energy on Harry, who although couldn’t go out to the park, go still be zoomed around the house by James with a small levitating spell, or slide down the stairs with a mattress on Lily’s lap, or fall asleep to one of Remus’ stories in a pillow fort his parents had built him.
  • And whenever James was missing Sirius more then usual, or Lily was wishing Remus was here to make hot chocolate for them all, they could look at that mural on the wall and know that, one day, everything would be okay.
  • Because although their world was crashing down, Lily and James Potter loved each other enough to build themselves a new one.
  • Until one dark night on Halloween, after a day of carving pumpkins no one else would see and eating candy they couldn’t give to other children, Harry Potter lost everything. Because the home his parents had so loving built, was blown apart by someone who could not love. He lost the big sofas you could sink into, and the industrial amount of kitchen utensils. He lost a baby gate and foam corners. He lost a master bedroom that still had hand prints on the walls from where his parents has played. He lost bundles of calendars made for years to come. He lost a collection of books selected just for him to enjoy. He lost two people who sacrificed everything they could, just to keep him safe. And when that curse rebounded, everything in its path was destroyed.
  • And in its path was a mural, of a little Forrest somewhere, with a black dog, a wolf, a rat and and family of deer, all looking with love at the little fawn below.

#Can we talk about this? #This scene takes my breath away. #Every time i see it my whole body shakes and my tears start coming out of my eyes. #She has just remembered the love of her life. #She has just remembered how scared she was when she knew he was going to be taken and she couldn’t do anything for him. #She wasn’t able to say a word. She wasn’t able to do anything to stop the ghost riders and help Stiles. #She was too scared to lose him. #And all of those feelings came back to her. #And she feels guilty about it, because she knows now she could have stopped them from taking Stiles, but she didn’t do anything. #She lost him and she never get to say him how she feels. #She never got to say him she loves her back.

Okay but thinking about my reaction to Darth Vader in Rogue one like… it kind of goes to show you JUST HOW IMPRESSIVE the writing and acting in the originals was and how they were able to work around their limited effects of the time because you never see Vader wrecking shit like that in the originals but you always KNEW HE COULD? 

Like the entire originals you sit there like “Oh man this guy is a scary motherfucker I can just imagine the shit he could do”

And then you see Rogue One and its like. “Yep. Thats what I thought he could do. Thats exactly what I always knew he could do.”

Ok, so when team Voltron find Blue in s1e1 she flies around in broad daylight in the line of sight of the Garrison, and it’s the day after they rescue Shiro so the Garrison probably wasn’t still on lock down at this point. 

As a fully operational school, surely someone apart from Iverson and his off-sider saw the giant robot lion flying around less than a kilometre from the main building? 

I have this headcanon that Pidge somehow connects the ship to the internet, and as Keith is checking in on all his favourite conspiracy theory boards, he sees a new thread linking the ‘mysterious flying shape in the desert’ with some cave paintings found near a giant hole in millennia-old rock and the disappearance of three Galaxy Garrison students. 

The piece de resistance is some really grainy footage of Blue some student shot on their phone.  

Keith: Pidge, come look at this

Pidge, from over his shoulder: Keith… omg… we’re cryptids

Keith, tearing up: I knew we could do it

It’s also telling that Liam and Niall didn’t take pictures with fans at the wembley arena, while Harry did. He could have easily said no or remained hidden behind his bodyguards in the backstage and yet he posed with the fan/contestant/whoever she was knowing she would have posted it, despite his face and his eyes and the fact that you could easily tell how much he was suffering and that he cried a lot. I think he wanted to take at least one pic to confirm his presence there considering there’s not much he can do other than this unfortunately, and he knew he was not allowed to be anywhere else publicly around Louis last night. it was a subtle but very clever. The band also didn’t make it about them being there (they would have never, after all) considering they could have taken countless pics with backstage people and fans. I love this. I love that Louis is surrounded by people like them.