'i hate photoshop' i say as i open the program and spend 5 hours on an edit

racetotheedgelove  asked:

(My apologies if this this is long winded) Hi, I've messaged you before (fellow November baby who thinks Wes definatly has a little sister somewhere out there 😂) and I'm OBSESSED with starting simblr blogs and am thinking of starting my own blog @issychattersimblr but I have no idea how to go around it with photos and poses so I wonder if you have any ideas...? (Thank you and I love your blog - it's my favourite of all the blogs I follow 😊)

Hey there! First off, I am SO honored that you like my blog and decided to ask *me* this question, of all the people on here! :) Thank you so much you lil peach! 

So, the only way I really know how to “do” simblr is how I “do” it, lol. So of course, this isn’t the be all, end all answer! And ultimately, it comes down to doing what you enjoy and what makes you happiest. But I’d love to give you my personal tips, and some insight into what I look for in blogs that I follow!

1. I prefer story blogs and cc blogs to be kept separate. It just makes it easier to find your original content, if I’m trying to catch up a story or something. Plus, I try not to follow a ton off cc blogs, in the hopes that I don’t download as much cc, lol.

2. For photos, experiment. I am by no means a photography/cinematography person. However, I do like drawing inspiration from film stills sometimes. I like using Pinterest for that, and if I find a particularly interesting angle, I’ll pin it as inspiration. Other than that though, I just try to play around, so that way all my shots aren’t just of their faces, head on. Play with different angles, heights, distances, etc. When in doubt, if I feel like I have too many face photos, I like taking photos of feet lol.

3. Don’t go too crazy with editing, unless you want to. A lot of people on simblr prefer the look of edited photos (myself included) just because sometimes the games natural light looks a little dull. However, if you have no desire to do crazy editing, then keep it simple! I personally use photoshop, but I know there’s lot of free programs out there to use to up the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. If you do have Photoshop however, I recommend creating your own action once you’ve found an editing style you like. So that way you’re done in the click of an icon! I like keeping my editing simple, just because I am more into the writing aspect, so that’s where I’d prefer to direct my energies. But, if you are into editing, or want to learn how to do it really well, then, again, play around! Experiment! Watch youtube tutorials, or ask simblrs you like how they edit, and see if you can learn something from them (of course, without copying their style out-right!). Also, if your computer can handle it, ReShade is a legit lifesaver, and cuts down a TON on editing, if not completely getting rid of it.

4. Download every pose ever. LMAO. Not really. Even though sometimes it feels like that’s my approach. Honestly, I use poses in a variety of ways. Sometimes I already have a scene in mind, and hunt for a long time for just the right pose that’ll fit. Other times, I see a pose that I really like, and adjust/create a scene around the pose! It just depends. But be prepared to spend a lot of time looking for just the right pose! I see lots of simblrs get asks about just how they find the perfect poses, and honestly unless you want to learn to make them and create exactly what you want, it all comes down to patience and time to scroll lol. Also be open minded with how you use the pose. I often use multiple packs in a scene. Also, fun trick, any poses that are on the floor can usually be used on a bed as well, if you use the move objects up cheat (I believe it’s moveobject on, with 9??) until the statue’s feet are on the bed!

5. Ditch perfectionism. This is something I personally struggle with a lot. Sometimes a pose clips awkwardly, or doesn’t work quite right, or I take photos, and then decide I hate them all, or didn’t take enough, etc. Things pop up, that make you want to cringe and give up sometimes. But don’t give into that feeling!! Seriously, no one cares if your pictures aren’t edited to the nines, or if there’s a little pose clipping, or any of that crap! 

6. If you’re writing story based, have a plot YOU enjoy! Of course, if you just plan to do gameplay, this still matters but usually storylines are more of a backseat kinda thing. My simblr is 100% plot driven, literally no gameplay lmao. And the biggest thing that keeps me going is a legitimately get excited for my plots. I get attached to my characters. I think about them, and develop them so they feel real (as crazy as that makes me sound!). Every scene I write, I ask myself if it feels like a realistic reaction or scenario for that character to be in. I’m always thinking of new ways to add drama, in small or big ways. But in the end, I also go with the plot that feels right to me- the one that I get excited to write and work on for hours on end. Don’t do fan-service just because it’s what people want. When you love your story and your characters, it shows in your writing :)

7. Seriously, just do what feels right!!!! And experiment, and go for it! You will only enjoy doing it if you do what you want. Don’t worry about the followers. Don’t worry about the notes. Because that’ll just discourage you and make you feel bad about yourself and self conscious about your work if it’s not as high as you think it should be. Been there, done that! lol. Get to the point where all that stuff doesn’t matter, and you’re just doing it for fun, and you’ll have a blast :)

I hope this answered your question a bit! Talk about long-winded though, lol, oops. What can I say, I’m a writer ;) 

Anyways, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I’d love to help you! Or if you want me to elaborate on anything I mentioned above, etc. I’m here for ya :D