'i hate musical'

I’m Sorry.

“Food Day”

I’d like to say jello and welcome you food day that is my name

Crumb beer and sit down I’m so glad you even veal-ly chew-ly came

Tea can even go and take a stock or plum-thing like that or plum-thing like that

But first I need to intro-juice my what and intro-juice my when


It’s name I like to call it likes to say it’s nothing (it’s nothing)

It lives and breathes and it insists that it insists that it is plum-thing (it’s plum-thing)

It never liked to leek or rum or stock or steep or eat

It even pot that every-spud-y fried to pot to cake its beet

* chorus *

Cooking brew glass chai’s

Give it a few fries

Nothing goes right in its thyme

Kill all its bad creams

Wonder bread no things

Circles and spirals in mind

But tea dough that this song is not about a no or yes or rye

What’s veal-ly chew-ly what I say is that about a little pie

So crumb along I drink I’m bun I drink we’re bun yes this is bun

What’s chew-ly that I drink about it and it drinks about a ton


* chorus *

I pot you stew I stew but

Rye and fry and

Rye and fry and fry

I won-ton you to dough

I pot you stew but

Rye and fry and rye

Lettuce-ing x4

Birds and bees and television (lettuce-ing, lettuce-ing)

Charred-gourd houses, x-ray vision (lettuce-ing, lettuce-ing)

Many little dill-y rye-mes  (lettuce-ing, lettuce-ing)

Wings forgotten lost their thyme (lettuce-ing, lettuce-ing)

Tele-scones and dill-y games (lettuce-ing, lettuce-ing)

Pea-riods and lots of question marks (lettuce-ing)

60 watts, brighter than my future,
an empty forty, fuller than my life,
there must be more, sometimes i don’t think so,
maybe i’m right. maybe there’s no such thing as a brighter side
A sultry night stare at moons from rooftops,
A broken engine, poisoned never dry,
I pour my heart out to a god that doesn’t listen,
You said you’d save me. You said you’d love me always but you lied.
And i can’t dry my eyes and there is nothing left inside,
one day. the day. the day that i said i,
my heart inside was cold so that you didn’t know,
so all and you, you won’t love me at all,
the leaves come down,
there is no sound,
and if i fall would you notice at all?
the thought of me repulses me,
but you’d say you took me anyway,
i am so alone on a corroded city rooftop,
i saw you walking, you didn’t say anything,
you always told me that you’d never stop loving me,
but you stopped before you started and now all i have is lies.
What am i gonna be?
Who am i gonna be?
And now that i feel lost,
Well i wish that you had grown
while i bleed all alone,
the falling rain
is what is left for me
We’re gonna be
what’s left for me
what is there to learn?
there is less than nothing,
i thought you’d be. be there for me
you weren’t there. you weren’t anywhere.
You lied right to my face
you broke my fucking heart,
One day, one day you tore my heart apart.
And i have nothing,
And i am nothing,
i’m piss,
i’m shit,
i am less than nothing.

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Title: Gustav  
Rating: wacky
Pairings: none but everyone is gustav’s parent
Word Count: 579
Description: Erik, Raoul, Meg, and Madame Giry are left to raise Gustav after Christine is fucking dead
Notes: takes place after lover never dies, drabble, was gonna be longer but fuck

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Just beat Jabbu Jabbu’s Belly and I realized that I’m a big baby. Any time i hear any kind of enemy indication music, especially if I can’t see the enemy, I get really freaked out. I especially hate the sudden music that comes up whenever those stupid jumpy lizards come out of nowhere. Ugh… Im not looking forward to the redeads to come.

i hate most indie music. which sucks because most alternative music is indie sounding (foster the people, mgmt, naked and famous, etc). maybe its too happy for me or something. i would rather listen to screamo than most indie pop music.

by the way two door cinema club sucks ass and most of their songs sound identical. 


But can you imagine planning and putting on musicals at hogwarts??

•into the woods with an actual witch magic and a growing bean stock

•sweeney todd with great blood effects

•les mis with a self building barricade and aging make up

•phantom with a shattering but harmless chandelier

•n2n with a ghost as Gabe

•chicago with a real disappearing swan dive

•singing in the rain with real rain on the stage but actors could be dry for the next scene

•mary poppins would just be a hit in general

•little shop of horrors with a real plant and disappearing acts

•the sets could be self changing and the lighting crew could use their wands as spot lights and just



“Will, you’re such a genius and your writing is divine! ‘A rose by any other name’ is such a clever line!“. And they’re all “Oohh!” and he’s all “Stop” and they’re all “Yay!” and I’m all “Ugh!” and I’m really getting sick of it!