'i guess i need to work on my body language'

Just an annoying thing; my two current bosses and one former boss love to try to pull pity parties.

One former manager would often say to me things like “Ok I’m going to take a break, I haven’t eaten anything all day.” Like ok? You’re the manager, you don’t need to explain to me where you’re going or why you’re taking a break. She’s done this multiple times. Just go. And she’d also often comment to me about how long she’s worked in a day (always the same times, every time). Like she was leaving one day and as she was walking out, she passed me and actually stopped, turned around, and told me the same old, same old (I think something about how long she’s worked that day and how she’s so tired and hungry?). Like ok, you want to leave because you’re super tired, but you have enough drive and energy to take the time to stop yourself from leaving, turn around, and complain to me, nice. (It all probably doesn’t look bad in words but the tone and body language made it).

My other bosses will often tell me to serve them or save them some food (I work in a little restaurant). And they’ll tell me about how hungry they are and how they want food because they have been working or something haven’t eaten in however long. And in my head I’m just like dudes, it’s fine. You’re the bosses, you own all of this. You don’t need to give me a reason or excuse to get some of your own food?

It’s just a pet peeve I guess. Idk why it irritates me so much but it does.

evermore (connor murphy x reader)

A/N: fuCK i’m so bad at titles! okay it’s 2 am and i just finished this bc and it might suck but i don’t care. i’ve been going through a really bad writing period where everything i write sucks but it’s been too long so here ya go

this was requested so please enjoy anon! (the request was for a connor x reader based on evermore from beauty and the beast)


“How could I do this?” I mumble, pacing around my room and running my hands through my hair. I had taught myself to be stone cold, not let anyone in, deal with everything myself. But that girl had done it, she weaseled her way right into my heart, taking her rightful spot.

I fly towards my desk, realizing what I had to do. I pick up my phone, hands shaking slightly, and dial the number that I had memorized. The number of the girl I had dated for the past three months. I couldn’t do it. I knew she was just gonna leave me, just like everyone else had, leaving me heartbroken and alone.

“Hey, babe.” I hear the familiar voice come through the phone.

“You need to come over.” I say, cutting straight to the chase.

“Hello to you too.” She chuckled.

“Just come over… please?” My voice strains at the last word, giving into the amazing amount of stress I was feeling. She notices immediately, and I can hear the gears in her brain whirring through the phone.

“Con, are you okay?” She asks. I can hear her moving, she’s heading over right now.

“Don’t call me Con.” I answer quickly.

The line goes silent for a second and I can practically hear her confusion.

“Okay.” She pauses, “I’ll be there in a couple minutes.”

I hang up the phone quickly, dropping it on the floor like it was on fire. How could I let her do this? Look at what I had gotten myself into. I take a deep breath, I could - and would - stop this.

I hear the doorbell ring from downstairs, slightly muffled through my closed door. I start down the stairs and place my hand on the silver lock of the front door. I turn it slowly and crack open the door, revealing the slightly concerned face of my Y/N. I stop the thought, she wasn’t going to be yours anymore. I take a deep breath and open the door wider, motioning for her to come in. She complies, the confusion evident on her features.

I close the door, locking it shut and pause, unable to move. She reaches for my hand and I quickly pull away. I can see I had hurt her but I pretended like I didn’t notice.

“Let’s go up to my room.” I mumble. She nods, following me up the wood stairs.

I open the door, trying to stop all of the different thoughts running through my head. She follows me in, perching on the edge of my desk, her legs crossing at the ankles. She fiddles with the sleeve of her sweater, picking at the loose pieces of fabric, twirling and tangling them. I recognized the movement, she always did that when she was nervous. I hated myself for doing that to her, making her so anxious.

“Y/N, we need to talk.” I say. I should make it fast, like ripping off a bandaid, right? Oh my god, I have no idea what I’m doing.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, concern leaking into her voice.

“T-This isn’t… I think…” I trail off, unable to form a complete sentence. My eyes dart around the room, anywhere but her. I know if I even glance at her I’ll chicken out. I need to do this - for her and myself.

“We need to break up.” I say, finding my voice.

The room goes quiet, nothing but stone cold silence. I manage a glance at her. She stares at the wall, processing the words that had just emerged from my mouth. I can’t read her face as well as I usually can, an emotion I can’t detect on her face.

“What?” She whispers.

“I-I said, w-we have to break up.” I repeat, my stutter coming back.

“I thought things were going well.” She whispers, half talking to herself. “Why?” She asks, her voice louder as she turns to me, looking for an answer. I couldn’t tell her the real reason. I’m quiet for a second, desperately looking for some excuse to give her.

“It’s just not working out, I guess.” I spit, trying to sound strong and… okay.

“I guess I’ll just leave then, get out of your hair.” She says, her voice raising slightly. I see a million different emotions portrayed through her body language, hurt, anger, sadness, pain.

I ignore them. Don’t crack, Connor, you need to do this.

She rushes out through my bedroom door and I hear her sandals slap against the stairs. I wait to hear the front door close before collapsing onto my bed, overrun by emotions. My brain was telling me this was the right thing to do, I couldn’t let her in more than I already had and the only way to stop it was by cutting her off completely. But something was telling me I shouldn’t have done it, she was the only thing I had going for me, the only person I could truly rely on and trust. Shit, what have I done?

I pace around my room for hours, trying to figure out what I should do. A million thoughts were running through my head, leaving me confused and dazed. I couldn’t let her just slip through my fingers like that, I had to fix what I had broken. I quickly grab my jacket and rush down the stairs, taking them two at a time. I sprint down the street, barely able to see in the dark. The cool night air nipped at the exposed skin, making it flush red.

I finally arrive at her house, taking my usual route through the backyard. I knock on her window, hoping that she’ll even open it for me. I don’t deserve her. I just broke up with her without giving her any explanation and now i’m just showing up in her backyard in the middle of the night? What am I even supposed to say? Oh god, I did not think this -

“Connor?” Y/N interrupts my thoughts, her voice drawing me back to the present situation.

“Y-Y/N. Um, I just…” I trail off, desperately searching for words to somehow convince her to forgive me, “C-Can I come in?”

She pauses for a second, obviously thinking it over, before throwing the window open and backing away, allowing me to climb in. I clamber in, my long limbs hopping the wall and enter the familiar bedroom. It looked the same, the blue bedspread on the small mattress, the wooden desk in the corner, the shelves stocked with worn books all still there. Yet, something was different that I couldn’t put my finger on.

Then I saw it, the pile of memorabilia in the corner of the room nearest to me. Just from glancing over to it, I recognized my face in photos and my handwriting on scraps of paper.

“What are you doing here?” Y/N asks, wrapping her arms tight around her chest and kicking at a ball of paper on the ground.

“I-I wanted to, um, apologize? I just, I didn’t mean it, okay?” Her eyes snap to my face, confusion etched onto her features. The moonlight filtered in through the window, making her look like she was glowing.

“I didn’t mean any of it! I just - I’m scared, Y/N. I’m scared you’re gonna leave me and I’ll be alone and you’ll hurt me and I don’t know what to do!” I babble, not able to stop after the first confession.

I feel Y/N’s arms wrap around me, holding me in a loose hug. I don’t do anything at first, my hands hovering over her back before they grasp her fast to me, holding her like she might slip away if I don’t hold her tight enough.

“I’m not going anywhere, Con, I’m always gonna be here for you.” She whispers to me, still holding tight to me.”

I collapse into her arms, tears freely flowing from my eyes and staining her white shirt.

“I’m not going anywhere.” She repeats, rubbing her hand soothingly across my back as I bury my face in her hair.

‘I love you, Y/N.” I mumble, voice slightly muffled by her hair.

“I love you too, Connor.” She mumbles back, kissing my cheek gently.

And we just stand there for hours, holding each other and sharing gentle kisses and murmuring sweet nothings to each other. And yet, it’s all we need, just the two of us.

Nalu AU 7

This is Part 2 

Part 1


~we hate each other but our parents are friends and set us up on a date and we’re messing with them so they’ll lay off tho you’re taking this fake dating to extremes and i quite like it but shut up i hate you why is your hand on my knee when they’re not around we’re just pretending ??~


-Prompt by encountcrarchive-


“Well would you look at that, never thought I’d see the day.”

Igneel chuckled boisterously as he sat atop a desk, shaking his head. I couldn’t help but smile back, feeling my cheeks heat up. I stood next to Natsu, holding his arm in my hand and tapped the floor with the tip of my toe. Well, we finally showed both our parents, and I think it’s safe to say that our plan was working greatly. I’ve never seen Igneel grin that big except for when he comes to visit me and Jude for holidays.

He hopped of the table and strolled up to us, “This is real, isn’t it? You’re not just messing me with here?”

I blew up my cheeks and Natsu scoffed, shaking his head. I felt his hand on my waist as he pulled me into his side and held me, “C’mon dad, you’ve seen us together for years. This was bound to happen eventually right?”

I felt my stomach twirl around again, leaning against him more willingly as Igneel raised an eyebrow. I couldn’t be acting all uncomfortable around him I guess if we were to pull this off. I gave Igneel a big smile and buried my cheek onto his chest.

“I guess,” He sighed, nodding approvingly.

“With of course all that insistent pushing you guys did.” I added, looking at him skeptically.

I felt Natsu pinch me and shoved down a noise in my throat.

“We only gave a little shove in the right direction,” Igneel shrugged, “And it seems it payed off anyways, so maybe a ‘thank you’ might be in order?”

I smiled through gritted teeth. “Thank you.”

“Mmhm.” Natsu hummed with fake enthusiasm.

“Alright, well I have to get back to work. You guys can hang around I guess, but there’s not much to do here.”

Igneel referenced to his warehouse that we came to visit him in and waved to us as he headed back to his office. I felt Natsu turn me towards him and wrap both his arms around around my waist, giving me a sweet smile. “Did you really need to bring that up?”

His tone didn’t match his body language, but I saw Igneel moving around in his office through glass windows. Shit, he could still see us.

I hung my hand in the collar of Natsu’s shirt, smiling widely back, “Sorry. That stupid smile he gave pissed me off.”

Natsu pressed me closer, “You screw this up and you owe me two full weeks of your bed without complaining.”

“Fine.” I agreed, because let’s be real, if either one of us were to mess this up, it’d be…me. Me. Oh shit, wait no-


I huffed, rolling my eyes. Maybe it can be motivation to not screw everything up.

Natsu smiled at that and leaned down to my lips, and I held my breath. He hesitated at the last second, glancing up to my eyes, before kissing me softly. I felt his arms tighten around me, as if he knew I was about to melt into a puddle right here and now.

Was Igneel even looking? Or was he just really in character? I didn’t really care right now to be honest anyways.

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. Natsu was a really good kisser. I don’t know where he got it from or if it’s some natural talent he was born with, but I could barely keep my knees from giving out every time he kissed me. It was kind of ridiculous really.

I kissed him back, leaning up on my toes to wrap my arms around his neck. I deepened it anxiously, gently grazing my teeth off of his bottom lip and pressing it in between mine. I let go, switching my eyes over his shoulder to Igneel smiling down a clipboard he pretended to be reading.

I guess we can check him off now.

“Let’s go get ice cream,” Natsu said, sighing blissfully. He led me back towards the doors with his arm around my shoulders, and a certain look on his face I couldn’t read.

.                                                                                                        .

~One Month Later~

I felt the column of my bed post digging into the spine of my back, my legs wrapped around Natsu’s hips and the warmth of his hands on my thighs. His hand rode up my skirt as he tried grasping me more securely, kissing me deeply on the lips. I could feel his tongue graze against mine and his teeth nip my bottom lip, making me struggle to keep down the moan coming up my throat.

I pulled away from his lips to catch a breath and immediately felt him kiss my cheek and move down slowly towards my jaw, and down to my neck. I felt his tongue against the column of my neck and exhaled shakily, biting down on my lip.

“You know,” I struggled to process my words, “I don’t even think he’s upstairs. He was in his office when we walked by, remember?”

Natsu moved to the other side of my neck, and I could feel him grin against my skin as he looked up to me with mischievous eyes, “Hey, he could walk up here any minute to come check on us. Don’t worry.”

He returned to kissing my neck and I let out a relieved laugh, twirling his hair through my fingers, “Okay.”

We’ve managed to keep this whole thing up for a little over a month now, and to say that Natsu liked to take it to extremes was putting it modestly. He insisted on kissing me every chance given, he acted more intimately with the whole hugging and pecking things, and our parents couldn’t seem any happier for us. And yes, I haven’t screwed it all up yet.  

I can’t say that I don’t like the amount of enthusiasm Natsu puts into this plan, I actually really did. Sometimes I get the feeling that we end up kissing just because we like kissing each other. Was that weird? I mean, we were still friends of course, but given our situation, that could count as normal right?

I shook away the thoughts. I guess a little something I picked up from Natsu as well.

I felt Natsu lift me up by my thighs again and drop me down on my bed, crawling on top of me as I started to laugh. He grinned as well and silenced me with his lips, letting me wrap my arms around his neck again to deepen it. I felt his hand on the small of my back, under my shirt and pull me up on the bed more, until my head hit the pillows.

I pressed my foot on the inside of his ankle and flipped him over, pinning his arms with my hands and started laughing. I tossed my hair over my shoulder and leaned down to his lips, hovering just above his and breathed out. I glanced up and saw him staring into my eyes with a light that nearly made me laugh again.

Natsu was just about to lean up to me as the door cracked open and my dad walked in. We both froze in our places as he rose an eyebrow, and I quickly fell to the side off of him.

“Daddy, hey,” I smiled sweetly, feeling Natsu sit up.

“Hey.” He said, giving a fake smile back. “You have school tomorrow and I need you to go in a little early. Just wanted you to get some sleep.”

“Okay, I will.” I nodded.

“And Natsu, isn’t it getting late?” He asked next, looking to him expectantly.

“Actually dad, Igneel is out of town for a few days, so I was thinking he could stay here instead of being home alone for that long.” I said, drifting off with hope in my eyes.

Jude stared skeptically at us both, before sighing and rolling his eyes. I’m assuming he remembered that Natsu was still technically underage. “Whatever.”

I gave him a big grin, “Thanks dad!”

Jude hummed and grabbed the knob to my door, “The door stays open though. And he sleeps on the floor.”

“I’ll make sure of it.” I assured, hearing Natsu sigh next to me.

“Goodnight then.”

With that my dad left down the hallway, and I sighed out letting my head fall down next to his on the pillow. I inched closer and pressed my lips to his jawbone, before he turned to look at me with a knowing look. I leaned forward and bit down on his skin and laughed as he jabbed my sides harshly. I pouted at him and turned over, letting my eyes fall closed.

“Get off my bed.”



“Okay, I have How to Train My Dragon and Wanted, pick one.”

“Go home Natsu.”

I tried shutting the door in his face, but his shoe shoved its way in between the door and the wall. I stepped on his toes, “Get out Natsu!”

“Lucy come on, please?” He begged, giving me big sad eyes. “You’re the only one I know with a home theater, I can’t pass this up.”

I groaned loudly and whipped the door open, shoving him into my house with defeat. “I hate you.”

He grinned smugly as he passed me by, “No you don’t.”

Natsu made himself at home of course and headed straight back to my theater room, and yes, I did have a home theater.  He jumped onto the couch and I guess I succumbed to him. As usual. We decided on How to Train Your Dragon, which he’s already seen a dozen times, but he really did love dragons a  lot. It was kind weird actually, but he got all dorky and excited anytime they’re brought up, so it was cute seeing him stare at the screen for two hours without blinking.

We both watched the credits roll on the giant screen and I felt him yawn against my shoulder, resting his temple against me and sighing. He blinked for the first time since he showed up and looked around to the entrance of the room. I noticed just then the feeling of his hand on the inside of my knee, his fingers grazing against my skin mindlessly back and forth. I stared at him out of the corner of my eye, confused. It was obvious no one was around, why was he all touchy feely? Wait, were we like this the whole movie?

“Where is everyone?”

Okay, maybe not that obvious.

I flipped the channels on my TV, “My dad’s on a business trip. He won’t be back for a few days.”

“And Virgo and the others?” He asked.

“I let them go home early. Nothing to do here anyways when Jude isn’t here.” I said, looking to him with a look, “Why?”

I saw a sly little grin fall on his lips and felt my stomach gnaw in turmoil. Oh God, what was he planning? And where is he going?

Natsu disappeared out of the room laughing and came back a moment later, holding up two bottles of alcohol I’m guessing he took from my fathers liquor cabinet.

“Care for a drink?” He grinned, slumping down next to me and dropping a bottle into my lap.

“Put it back,” I rolled my eyes, shoving the bottle in his chest.

He turned towards me and rested his arm on the back of the couch, giving me a smile, “Come on Lucy, live a little.”

He shook the bottle in my face, but I guess I still looked skeptical.

“He won’t be home for days, you’ll be fine.” He insisted.

He did have a point, if I were to have a hangover, now would be the best time since I could take a few days to clear my system up. I sighed and snatched the bottle from his hand, opening it up. “Don’t spill it anywhere, the maids can’t know either.”

His grin grew twice it’s size as I took a sip, cringing at the bitter taste. A few moments later (or hours, I couldn’t really tell) we both seemed pretty tipsy, laughing at something that wasn’t even funny on the couch together.

“Let’s play a game,” I bit my lip, trying desperately to not burst out cracking up again.

Natsu took another sip of the bottle, the bottom of the glass just barely filled with the bronze liquid. “Alright. What game?”

I scrunched up my nose, trying to remember the game I literally just forgot and started giggling again, letting my head fall to the back of the couch. “Uhmm…okay let’s scratch the game. Let’s tell secrets.”

Natsu scoffed, rolling his eyes, “We’re not at a middle school sleepover Lucy.”

I nudged him with my foot, “Come on, it’ll be fun! I’ll even go first.”

He looked bored, “I already know everything about you.”

I pouted, “Not everything.”

He gave a drunken smile, “Try me.”

“Okay!” I sat up to face him, moving myself right into his face so that we could both focus properly.

“Did you know that I’m actually not supposed to be a senior? I’m actually a-”

“Junior, I know. Because your birthday is right at the applications for school and you got in a year earlier than others.”

I let my mouth drop at him, giving him a look, “Fine. Then did you know that I almost got a tattoo? I started having someone do the needle thing but then-”

“You stopped at the last second with only a little black line, I know.” He nodded again, finishing off the bottle with a laugh. “It’s on your thigh, I’ve seen it.”

I groaned of frustration at him, why did he know all this stuff? Geez, were we really this close that we have no secrets to tell anymore?

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to look in the deep depths of my brain for something that he couldn’t possibly know. “Did you know that…”

I opened my eyes up wide with a huge grin, “Me and Cana kissed once?”

Natsu snorted out the booze from his lips, holding up the bottle as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve. “What?”

“Like full on make out.” I nodded, feeling super accomplished that I finally got a secret.

“When?” He asked, arching an eyebrow at me.

“At one of her parties, that one where I tried to outdrink her. You know me when I get too drunk, I get all affectionate and one thing led to another…” I drifted off, blowing up my cheeks embarrassingly.

“Wow, I didn’t know that.” He did the same, grinning loudly.

“Your turn, go.” I said eagerly, scooting closer to him. My knees bumped against his leg and I rested my cheek on my arm laying next to his.

“I don’t have any secrets.” He said, shrugging.

I shoved his shoulder, “No one just has no secrets, tell me.”

“You already know everything!” He insisted, but I could see in his eyes he was hiding something. He looked away from mine and fiddled with the bottle in his lap. He was always pretty bad at keeping secrets.

I wrapped my hand in his shirt, swaying him back and forth so that he finally looked up to me, “Natsu. Tell me. Now.”

He gave half a smile and took another swig, swallowing slowly. “Alright.”

“Alright?” I said, a grin growing on my face.

He nodded reluctantly, taking another long sip of booze and cringing visibly. He grimaced, looking at me with a look I didn’t usually like to see. “Well, you know about a month ago, when we started this whole fake dating plan?”

I looked to him carefully, arching an eyebrow, “Yeah..?”

He scrunched up his lips, giving me big, guilty eyes. “I sort of…planned that out. With our parents.”

I felt the entire night screech to a stop. No, not the night, the entire month screech to a stop. My lips parted at that, staring at him as blankly as my mind.

Did…he..wait, he planned this out? With our parents? Like they worked together to get me and him to do this whole dating thing? What??

“What?” I blurted.

He bit his lip, his voice lowering to a whisper, “I got our parents to help me think of a way to start dating you.”

My mouth fell to an ‘o’. He wanted to…date me? Like, actually date me? Why, because he liked me? Like legitimately liked me? So all of those times we were together in front of my dad, while I was just pretending, he was…serious? It was really him wanting to hold me at very second and kiss me every chance given? It was just a big excuse?

“You…” I was still speechless, my hand slowly letting go of his shirt.

“I like you.” He said, giving me that stupid, innocent look.

I tried to shove away the stupid swarming feeling of butterflies in my stomach and felt the other swarm of betrayal come from beneath it.

“I don’t like being lied to Natsu,” I said softly, arching my eyebrows at him.

He scooted closer to me, placing a hand on my knee and quickly opened his mouth, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to make you sad, I just thought…”

“What? That you could use this as an excuse to kiss me whenever you wanted?” I said, a bit more harshly than I intended too, “Why didn’t you just ask me out?”

He scrunched up his forehead in thought again, “This way seemed like a safer plan to see if we were on the same page, I just didn’t want to screw anything up. And I wasn’t even completely sure if  I was on that page, so I wanted to test it out just to see what it felt like.”

I sighed, pressing the palm of my hand into my temple, “You could have just talked to me Natsu.”

I saw his mouth open again, but nothing come out for a moment. “I was scared.”

I felt a pit of sympathy for him and his thumb start to trace over my knee again. I knew what he did wasn’t right, and it was obvious he knew as well, but it still didn’t sit right with me. Maybe it was just his fear making him do stupid things, I couldn’t blame him fully. 

“I’m sorry.”

He sounded genuine. Well, of course he would. This was Natsu, he wasn’t some douchebag who just said things to girls to make them not mad at them anymore. I knew for a fact there was nothing he hated more than seeing me upset, which always left a warm little tingle in my stomach.

I looked up to him, showing him the pout on my lips. “Don’t lie to me again. I’m serious.”

I saw him smile crookedly, “I promise.”

“I’ll shave your head if you do.”

His grin widened, “Fair enough.”

His thumb ran across my knee again and I saw him glance down to my lips; I held my breath. He was hesitant to lean forward, and I was hesitant to let him any closer. Should I let this happen? A part of me wanted to let him kiss me, but another said I shouldn’t just let him off like this.

Before I could decide I felt his breath on my lips, and gently place them on mine. He pulled away a moment later, looking back up to me for a reaction. I didn’t kiss him back, but something spread through me from that, just knowing that that was something he genuinely wanted to do.

He genuinely loved me.

I felt a smile crawl on my lips. He looked like a guilty puppy afraid of being sent outside. He started to smile too after me.

“You’re an idiot.”

I saw him struggle to keep his smile any smaller, he looked relieved and hopeful. “Are we okay?”

I reached out and held onto his shirt, something I always found myself doing whenever I couldn’t think of anything more intimate to do, and nodded. “Yeah.”

His face split into a grin and I saw him lean forward again, but instead he wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me into him for a hug. I laughed as he buried his cheek on my chest and knocked us both over on the couch. I felt him yawn against me and assumed he was going to fall asleep on me like this, so I stayed in place. He pulled me in closer as I brushed my fingers through his hair, smiling as he sighed.

This was probably the closest I’ve felt with him since we’ve met.



“L…! Miss Lucy!”

I groaned. Jesus, what brick did I smash my head on? My veins throbbed and pulsed inside my brain, and my mouth tasted stale of alcohol.

Oh right, alcohol.

I cracked open my eyes and saw my maid Virgo, looming over me with her jaw slack.

“What?” I breathed.

“Did you go through your father’s liquor cabinet?” She whispered, bewildered.


I glanced around the theater room and saw Natsu, still asleep on my chest and empty bottles of booze lying on the ground. I finally woke up for real and shoved on Natsu’s shoulder, “Hey, wake up!”

He groaned and loosened his hold on me, gazing up to Virgo staring at us.

“Virgo. Hey.” He cringed at the taste in his mouth, leaning up off of me.

“Please don’t tell dad,” I pleaded.

“She doesn’t have too,” I heard a deep voice say.

I whipped my head towards the door and saw my father, standing there with his arms crossed and a clear frown underneath his mustache. Wasn’t he supposed to be on a business trip? How long were we knocked out??

Natsu let out a long sigh, holding up a hand to wave at him, “Hey Jude.”

He narrowed his eyes at the teen.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

He sighed and strolled in further, “Canceled the trip. Decided against the deal.”

“Now you tell me,” He said, switching his eyes between the both of us. “What in the hell you two were thinking.”

“My fault, I’m the one who brought it all out.” Natsu said.

“Yeah it was his fault.” I sighed, rubbing my forehead.

I felt him pinch me and laughed, and saw my father roll his eyes.

“Oh right, I didn’t tell you,” Natsu spoke up before my dad could, grinning as he rested his chin on my shoulder, “We’re dating now.”

Jude looked unamused at us both, “You’ve been dating for months now.”

“I mean really dating dad, you know, instead of the fake dating you and Igneel helped Natsu put together to try and trick me into really dating him?” I said, my tone sickly sweet.

My father fell silent, looking at me with guilt, then at Natsu with narrowed eyes. He composed himself and held his head high, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

I saw him turn around towards the door and hummed. “Of course you don’t.”

He stopped to turn down the hallway, “Clean this room up.”

With that he left, forgetting all about the drinks that Virgo was currently trying to pick up. I fell back on my side and sighed heavily, feeling an arm wrap around my back again. I felt Natsu wrap his other arm around me and laughed as he pulled me on top of him, letting my lips fall down on his. His hand went to my hair, asking me to deepen the kiss and I complied, grinning against his lips.

I felt a smack on my shoulder that snapped me away from him, “Get up and help me!”

Virgo smacked me again until we both fell off the couch, crashing onto the floor shrieking.

“We were having a moment,” Natsu hissed.

Virgo bore her eyes into ours, holding up a bag full of bottles and trash, “I’m sure you had a lot of nice moments together. You’re not the one washing the lipstick off the clothes you leave here. Now get up and help me.”


Now this is the end. Like it?

amargedom  asked:

if you had the power to do anything in this world (only one thing), what would it be?

Admin C: Just one thing? Hmm, that makes this hard… I suppose I’d love the power to tell stories that inspire people. There were lots of great stories I enjoyed and was impacted by growing up, from Tolkien to Roddenberry to Pierce. To pay that forward and write something that inspires others would be pretty great.

Admin S: Hmmm, are we talking like “realistic power” or like “super power?” Cause with the super power one, I’ve had many a discussion with my brothers about this (who happen to be nerdy just like me). Can I be shallow and say I wish I had the ability to teleport? Although a lot of my close family lives near me, many of my best friends have moved far away; I wish not only I could be there to see them cause I miss them, but I wish I could see them to talk things through when we both need to. On the other hand, my realistic power I guess would be to be able to pick up languages at a drop of a hat. Unfortunately although I’m good with reading body language and facial expressions, when it comes to actually studying languages I end up speaking in a combination of all the languages I have learned, kinda like a combo of Spanish-Italian-Hebrew-Farsi-Chinese-French-English.

Admin L: Augh, what a tough question! Generally, most things I want in life are pretty attainable, and if I want something bad enough I can usually achieve it if I work hard for it. But if I could chose one thing…maybe to have a great singing voice? I love to sing in the shower, but I make my own ears bleed! I just want to sing along with my favorite music :D

And failing that, of course there’s always the old superpower standbys.