'i don't really like math'

even tho it made me scared?? for some reason?? LOL

I want to talk abt this game, but just enjoy these three cuties instead

rainbowguy97  asked:

I don't really like math, but I want to change! Please tell me what do you find so amazing about it. By the way, I love your blog

This is fab…for me it is that feeling when you have done a gazillion lines of algebra and get a beautifully simple answer…but I feel like opening this up and it would be great if anyone who reads this could comment or add their favourite thing about maths :D

Things people say to me when I tell them I'm majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Old manager at my bakery: Can you redesign our entire website for us? I don't like the way the other people did it and I can pay you much less for it.
  • Ex-Prime Minister (After finding out I'm pursuing a Science Degree and am female): Oh, so you're a science geek! We need more of those. *walks away*
  • My high school guidance councilor: No, don't do that. You should become a doctor. If you have the brains to do that other stuff then you shouldn't waste it on anything but becoming a medical doctor.
  • People who probably don't understand maths very well: Oh my god you must be really good at doing multiplication in your head really fast.
  • People who don't like maths: I don't like maths...
  • People who obviously do not understand how computers work: So, can you program a computer?
  • Ex-Prime Minister a second time: You're the science nerd!!!
  • People who need a kick up the ass: Forget Uni. Go into making Apps. That's where all the money is. Just get an idea for an App, and then make it. You don't need to bother with learning, all the other stuff is useless.
  • People who are unnecessarily intimidated by programming: Oh my god that is so hard you must be so smart.
  • People who mistakenly ask what type of mathematics I'm doing: *polite nodding and a complete lack of understanding*
  • People who don't understand the real world applications of discreet mathematics (that's a joke, there are no real world applications): People will hire you to be a statistician and a banker and you will make lots of money.
  • People who think they're 'up with the times': Oh my god I just heard about this new programming language that's kinda like this thing called matlab don't know if you've heard of it but anyway it's like that but better and by next year every computer will be running it trust me because I know so much about this
  • People who don't understand what computer science is: So, can you hack into computers?
  • People who REALLY don't understand what computer science is: So you can do graphic design???
  • Me: What the hell am I going to do with this degree....