'i didn't think this through!' im cry

razorsrosary  asked:

How tf do you go through everyday normally knowing that you have met L i n d s e y and G e r a r d multiple times. I wouldnt be able to breathe and I would cry every other second. Im so grateful that you're so huge on tumblr because you are like the link from all the little fans... to Lynz and Gee. Like,,, thank you so much. Please never leave us x (idk if this sounded aggressive or not but i hope it didn't lmao)

i mean most of the time when i think about it im just like

but when im actually in their presence it feels like the most normal thing? like obviously im excited whenever i see them or one of them but its like seeing any other person who is important to me. but then afterwards it hits me and i think about the fact that a few years ago i was like ‘wow i hope i get to meet Gerard/Lindsey one day’ and that they mean so much to me and that being able to hang out with them is fucked up in the best way possible and i think about how special it is and i feel #blessed for real and im just so happy

i always feel awkward talking about this