'i did not sign up for feels in this movie'


#okay #excuse me?! #locked you in your room? #I don’t know if anyone is watching the movie #but if locking in your room involved cooking food with the one person whom you had feelings for #and roaming around a tower #with lots of pleasures you could seek from #because it’s Tony Stark #please sign me up #and what did she do to that person? #send him several down to the floor #do you have any ideas what you’ve done? #yes, you’re trying to save people #but you are in their country without permission #and looked at the aftermath #people die #I just couldn’t get what she’s trying here #I mean if you hate Tony so much #why stay at his tower? #or because you think that’s what he’s supposed to do #since you think he killed your parents? #his weapon is at the top of the line #and yet, she said she stared at the weapon for two days straight before blowing up? #and even if it did blew up on the spot #it’s not his fault as he didn’t order the hit #did she apologized for raping his mind? #she was hell bent on killing the Avengers #but suddenly she switched side? #she did it because Ultron was going to kill everyone #including her #all she cared about is herself and her brother #I’m not saying Tony doesn’t make mistakes as he’s human #but when he did #he didn’t run #he stayed #he tried to fix the mistakes as best as he could #what could be said about the others? #they ran #for Wanda, he could have handled it better #but when does he have the time? #he’s been cleaning up all of your messes #without him, I bet all of them would be in an even worse situation #I’m just appalled by the fans reactions to Tony #whatever he did, it’s always wrong! #sometimes I wish Tony would just quit and enjoy the rest of his life #in happiness #with people that truly care for him

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1)I know you've already seen Eileen for minor character appreciation, but I just have to tell you how much I fucking love her. She is BADASS. She was never helpless, and she holds her own. She even got the drop on Sam, and also told him and dean that she "prefers to work alone." Which is such a line that we always hear from super masculine dudes?? But she totally rocks it?? Eileen was only in a handful of episodes, but she made a huge impact on the audience and the characters. She was a strong,

2)independent woman who showed how you can express feelings in a healthy way while still being super badass and that that doesn’t mean you’re weak. She was a complex female character who did all this WHILE BEING HANDICAPPED. I cannot stress how amazing this is because I grew up in a family in which hearing loss is hereditary. It missed me, but my brother is almost completely deaf. My mom, my aunt, my grandma, they all have it in varying degrees.

Sign language was the first language I learned because it was all my brother could speak for years. I feel strongly connected to that world because I witnessed it. I have seen several movies and shows centered around deafness, but I have never seen such a wonderfully round, complex, and NORMAL character who was deaf. Whose story wasn’t about that, so much so that it’s almost an afterthought. I love seeing a mainstream show portray how it is to befriend someone who is deaf or hard of hearing because that is my life. You look at them when you’re speaking and you enunciate because they read your lips. Touching their shoulder to get their attention. Treating them like you would anyone else EXCEPT for the way you communicate.

Eileen was such an important character because she portrayed so many things that are rarely seen on television. A badass, complex female character with a disability that doesn’t define her. It only makes her more awesome. So yeah, fucking Eileen.

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Can you write a scenario for how the Nordics would act going through a break up? Thanks!

Sweden: Sve would be a mess. Though unless you knew him and to the untrained eye, he would seem relatively unphased, but in reality, he would be ultimately pondering what he could have done differently. What lead up to it and if he could have seen the warning signs prior. It would be hard for him and he would mope in his own ways like not putting dishes away or not baking or making food as much as he once did or watch any movies with romantic themes. For the other Nordics, it would be hard to watch. Poor Sve…

Finland: Get in losers we’re baking…. Yeah, Fin would be one of those that basically would bake his feelings and eat them. I mean bad to the point you would see him crying into the batter of what he was baking. And you know it would be super bad when he would bake a batch of 24 cookies and only be able to serve 10. Emotional, and of course when he would lay in bed alone, it would only be worse. The guy does not take this kind of thing well.

Iceland: Icey would literally go into the broody teenage thing. He would probably dress in black and live off of black coffee and hipster music. He would ponder the world, write poetry and find himself on his blog a lot. Wondering if there was something wrong with him that made him unlovable and freaking out if maybe he would be single forever. Worried mixed with sad and mad, because it wasn’t all him, yet he would feel responsible. Hard to be Icey at this time….

Norway: Norge would be very quiet and not seem to be able to focus. He would seem distracted and unable to keep his mind on any one thing. Even forgetting to eat. Norge is sensitive and much like Icey, he tends over think, so he too would be the kind that would try to figure out if it was his cool personality that was the problem, though he seemed to put any coolness away during the relationship. Mostly quiet and to himself, locking himself away and doing much self reflection.

Denmark: One word, Cry… this dude, especially if he really as though they really had something going. He would no doubt drink a lot the fist couple days. Drowning in his own sorrow. Wondering why he messed up so bad and why he even existed, because without them, life seemed meaningless. Then he would go into the ice cream stage and basically mix ice cream, cookies and candy. After that stage he would just cry himself to sleep holding onto his former S/O’s pillow. It would take a good month to get a handle on him. Then he’d start snapping back into reality. The Dane being way more sensitive than anyone thought before

Back to Basics

Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 2,333

Genre: Smutty Smut

“You’re being so quiet tonight, baby”, my boyfriend whispered against my ear, “is something wrong?” I shook my head and smiled at him as he sat normally again, a pout on his adorable lips. I pat his cheek gently and leaned up, kissing him just as sweetly, “I’m okay. I’m just a little tired”. He nodded slightly, but he clearly didn’t believe it. A few minutes go by and I find myself playing with my food again instead of eating. Ah I just want to sleep. I closed my eyes for not even a second before they shot open and met Taehyung’s hand on my leg. I stared at it then slowly looked up at Namjoon who was sitting across from me, thankful he wasn’t paying attention at all. His hand slowly crept up my leg so I was quick to push it down, glaring at him. “Taehyung, not here”, I sighed as his hand slid back up again, pushing my dress up further on my thigh, “someone could see”. He shrugged and drew an infinity sign over and over dangerously close to where I didn’t want him right now. We got through dessert and he still hadn’t made a move to touch me—sexually. I don’t understand why, but whatever. Everyone started getting up to leave so I did the same, feeling Tae’s hand slide down to my knee then drop as he stood. “Are you two coming back with us? We’re going to have a movie night”, Jimin smiled, taking his girlfriend’s hand, “unless you need some alone time”. Taehyung shook his head, pulling me into his side, “we’ll meet you there”. We said bye to everyone then went outside, requesting an Uber. “Are you really tired?”, Tae asked softly, rubbing a pattern on my lower back. I curled into his side and nodded, wrapping my arms around his torso, “I could sleep for days”. He was quiet after that and then the Uber pulled up and he opened the door, letting me get in first. I slid all the way to the window on the far side and he got in after me, thanking the woman for picking us up.

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the signs as dad jokes
  • Aries: how to defeat your enemies; you cut off their feet
  • Taurus: I wandered why the ball was getting bigger, then it hit me
  • Gemini: need an arc to save two of every animal? I Noah guy
  • Leo: my friends bakery burned down last night now his business is toast
  • Virgo: I'm always on time with my jokes, I guess you could say I'm always pun-ctual
  • Libra: a bicycle can't stand on its feet because it's two tired
  • Scorpio: are cats empathetic because they're feel-lines?
  • Cancer: did you hear about the guy whose left side was cut off? He's all right now
  • Aquarius: I wasn't planning on getting a brain transplant but then I changed my mind
  • Sagittarius: don't trust stairs they're always up to something
  • Capricorn: there was once I cross eyed teacher who couldn't control his pupils
  • Pisces: I saw a beaver movie last night and it was the best dam movie I ever saw!
Yellow Tulips

Fanfiction Pairing: BoruSara

Characters: Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, Mitsuki, Inojin Yamanaka.

Rated: T+

Status: Oneshot

Prompt: “hey, can you make a borusara fanfiction where Boruto and Sarada just gets cute in a festival and Boruto tries buying her flowers and all? but Sarada has guys like all over her already? thank you!”


“Boruto, look!”

It was a coincident; it was not intended, not at all. It was not in Boruto’s to-do-list to go to the festival, especially alone, he usually had a lot of girls asking him to go with them, since he was after all the son of two heroes of the shinobi world, he was pretty popular everywhere, and usually he would accept one of the offers from the fangirls, hoping that they would keep him company during the festival times, but none of those girls could ever be her, not even close.

           The reason why Boruto always accepted the fangirl’s offer was that whenever the festival is near, Sarada, his team-mate and family friend, would always get tons of offers to go with a random guy, Sarada would accept lots of flowers during the festivals,  Sarada had this weird thought that she would never turn down flowers, because she told Boruto, that it was a sign of prosperity, and she could never decline an sign of so.

           But the weird thing is, she never goes with anyone during the festival. Instead, she would just be on her normal ninja gear and walk alone the crowded streets, and sometimes she would bump into friends, or guys that would offer her to some food and even some fancy things, she wouldn’t decline, besides, who would?  She would just send them off and tell them to just put the flowers in her doorstep with the excuse of she can’t carry it around because of how heavy it would be for her, (And it ended up with rows of guys carrying flowers behind her to wherever she’s going).

           Boruto would always watch her during the festival, it all started when they were 13, and Sarada was sitting next to Boruto on the bench, she was looking down to her book, and her glasses would just slide down her nose and she would put them back to place, and it goes like that over and over again, Boruto couldn’t help but to watch Sarada read, to watch her habit of biting her lip whenever things get intense in the book, or how she would look up from the book to catch Boruto blushing and looking away, hoping Sarada wouldn’t notice how Boruto was looking at her that way.

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I've just read your post about Steve and PTSD (post/119400101825) so, do you have any new thoughts about this after watching CACW?

(x) Hmmm. CACW didn’t really get into Steve’s depression and lack of belonging as much as other movies. I mean, the writers touched on those themes (especially in the letter to Tony in the end), but I didn’t feel like they explored them in the same way AoU did. 

The one thing that did stand out about Steve in Civil War, though, is how quiet he was. He wasn’t picking fights or actively stopping the Accords – he only said he wouldn’t sign. This wasn’t the kid from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run from a fight, or the man who got up in Fury’s face about the helicarriers. Steve didn’t get angry, he didn’t stand up and yell, he didn’t give a speech that embodies the Captain America ideals. He was just quiet.

It’s a big step away from Captain America in previous movies. Steve has always been a little bundle of righteous rage, but the times we see that in CACW are so brief: when Tony talked about ‘protecting’ Wanda, and then in the last moments when Tony tried to kill Bucky. That’s it. Steve only fought to protect the little guys from bullies, but he didn’t fight in typical Cap style – because unlike AoU, we see Steve more than we see Captain America in this film. 

Steve chose not to sign the Accords because he personally didn’t believe in them – he didn’t go around trying to convince others not to sign, he didn’t stand up to Ross and say ‘Fuck you’, nor he didn’t speak to the public, and I think it’s because Steve was already done with being their Captain America. Finding Bucky and ensuring his freedom was Steve’s last mission, the last thing he needed to do as Cap. This whole movie had Steve tying up loose ends: he said his final goodbye to Peggy, killed Crossbones, set up the new Avengers, he kissed Sharon (which was a long time coming, apparently), he saved Bucky, and then he threw down the shield. This was the end of Steve’s fight.

Civil War was the final straw, in that Steve became so separated from what the government wanted Captain America to be that he had to walk away. The ways in which the modern government wanted to use Captain America are not what Cap was created for, and that’s been a running theme in his storyline. Steve Rogers can’t keep being the government’s soldier, deployed to kill when they choose, and here he rejects those ideals entirely; he’s lived long enough to see where it’s headed. So in concluding Captain America’s arc that started decades before (in helping Bucky, in the arms race, in the fight for world freedom), Steve can finally walk away from the shield. He has Bucky and Sam, who are his home and family, and he’s not needed as Cap anymore – at least, not in the way Steve chose to embody the hero. He no longer belongs, because Captain America is an ideal, not a job. And that’s where Steve got lost for a time. 

I wish that CACW had touched on that a little more; I wanted to see Steve talk about the suit, or the ideals, or how the existence of Captain America fundamentally can’t align with strict regulation that inhibits freedom. I wish they had spent more time exploring Captain America’s place in the modern world (or lack thereof) instead of a few lines in the end. The theme is there, but it’s so subtle and muted, and I feel that’s where Civil War failed in concluding Steve’s narrative. We needed more insight.

I saw a twitter rant criticizing a lot of things about Baby Driver and while I didn’t personally agree with a lot of the criticisms (and especially not the way they were phrased) I could see how someone would feel that way.


When expanding on her criticism about the relative lack of black characters (which was a problem) she complained about how it was offensive that one of the black characters was mute.  He was deaf.  He didn’t talk but he signed, and did so really expressively.  Claiming his character didn’t say anything because he didn’t speak is ableist as fuck, and really frustrating.

Also the actor who played him is actually deaf, which is something movies fuck up a lot.

God.  I read it several days ago and I’m still pissed off.

Rain - Zen x Reader

For @icecreamforpresident “ Heeey can I request a Zen x Reader (married already :D) thing something really fluffy please :D I don’t know what I want in detail but something cozy maybe spending the day at home on a weekend while it ’s raining or something like that and lots of fluff pretty please :3″

Word Count: 1026

Trigger Warnings: Really overpowering unrealistic fluff None

Gengre: F L U F F !!!

A/N: I think I took the fluff part too seriously. Like. Wow. This is a lot of fluff that probably is really unrealistic. Oh well, hope you enjoy!

Heavy drops of water slashed at the windows while the winds banged branches against the walls of the apartment you shared with Zen. Your E/C orbs reflected the lightning that followed huge roars of thunder. Needless to say, the weather was not that wonderful.

You and Zen had plans this weekend. He would take you to a nice garden and you would dine on the rooftop of your favorite restaurant. He would push you on a swing like you were children, and you would lay in the field with him and look at all the stars. Oh, how beautiful the stars were. He told you his most personal secrets under the stars. He wanted to make up for working so hard lately on a new project. Of course, you didn’t mind. You had to admit, though, you were missing his company. This weekend was your escape from the loneliness, but the weather said otherwise.

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Recruitments | Part 1

Peter Parker aka Spiderman ~ Marvel Cinematic Universe

You come home to find your mother talking with Captain America on your couch.

Requested by: No One

Written By: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Female

Warning: Fangirling

A/N: You have electrical powers when the news/police/public mention you, they usually call you Sparky… ‘cause  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also, you live in the apartment above the Parkers’.

(Y/M/N)= Your mom’s name


Midtown High

“Hey, Petey.” You greet your boyfriend as you close your locker door, seeing him hiding behind it.

“Hey, sweetie.” He smiles as you plant a kiss on his cheek. “You want to hang out tonight?”

“Sure.” You nod as you walk down the hallway, knocking shoulders with everyone trying to rush out of the building and out of the hell hole the government calls school. “Where?”

“We could go to that cafe you like then go see a movie afterward.” He offers, sneakily slipping his hand into your’s with a blush on his face. “Then we could walk back and, if you want, we can eat dinner at my place. It’s taco night.”

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1. Nicknames: my MIL thought my name was Sandra for a little while

2. Gender: thirteen year old girl
3. Star sign: Pisces and yes I feel sensitive about it

4. Height: 5′7″/170 cm

5. Time: 10:00am

6. Birthday: Feb 19
7. favorite bands: The Smashing Pumpkins, Bigbang, I’ve been pretty into Two Door Cinema Club lately and rediscovering some Silversun Pickups stuff 

8. favorite solo artists: Seungri, James Iha, idek my brain is broken. Tori Amos.
9. Song stuck in my head: Woke up this morning with EXO’s “They Never Know” 

10. Last movie watched: Biutiful. Javier Bardem always gets me.

11. Last show watched: Game of Thrones
12. When did i create my blog: Idk, 2016 sometime

13. What do i post: recipes, bible scripture, Seungri wearing pants

14. Last thing googled: “McSpider” I’m new to Australia and this is glorious

15. do you have other blogs: 🍆🍑

16. Do you get asks: not really, whatever happened to that one person who is hella salty re: T.O.P and Seungri’s dysfunctional romance?
 I welcome any and all topri/Seungri/bigbang musings but tbh I will talk shit about about anything.
17. Why did u choose your url: bc I love pbj and I can stop anytime I want to
18. Following: no idea, I usually follow back if you tag your posts or I see you in my notifications a lot

19. Followers: no idea but I am happy to share recipes and scripture with all of you

20. Favorite colors: red and purple

21. Average hours of sleep: prob about 6/7

22. Lucky number: 8

23. Instruments: I took guitar lessons, but not long enough to develop calluses on my fingertips. Also my guitar teacher was convicted as a pedophile and that kind of interrupted the flow of my learning.  Guitar: it’s hard.

24. What am I wearing: LL Bean robe, America’s Next Top Model pj pants, flip flops. I should go get the mail.

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 39737272 bc there’s no central heat in this house

26. Dream job: writer. At this point I’d take copywriter for the in-flight duty free magazine

27. Dream trip: Today I wanna go to….uhh…a hotel room all by myself. lol jk that’s every day

28. Favorite food: pb

29. Nationality: American

30. Favorite song now: G-Dragon - “Divina Commedia” 💔🎻💔🎻💔🎻💔

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the first time I fell in love felt just like my first time behind the wheel. it was something so common, I had seen it in movies and while walking down sidewalks and I had ridden backseat watching my parents together for years. but once I was in the drivers seat, finally in the moment, nothing about it was familiar. I had to learn about all the different gears, the emergency break, the rearview mirror. I sped through reds I didn’t even notice, stopped short at yellows, and stalled at greens in sheer terror of going any further. my steering was always wobbly and timid, living scared of everyone else on the road.

but eventually, I got more comfortable. no longer hitting the curb on every right turn. realizing when to use the brights, and when to slow down. I could turn on the radio, roll down the windows, and switch to cruise control. I was in love, and I was comfortable enough to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

the issue with getting comfortable, though, is you begin to see the speed limit as a guideline. you begin to see stop signs as suggestions. you begin to feel completely safe. invincible, even. so I forgot to slowdown at yields. used the backup camera instead of looking behind me. paid more attention to the person in the passenger seat than I did the road in front of us. and I thought I’d be prepared for the first crash, I really did–I mean, they say it happens to everyone eventually, and I knew that. the films show them in slow motion with orchestral music in the background, and everyone ends up okay. that’s what drivers ed and romance movies taught me.

but I never realized how painful airbags were until it was my head slamming into them. and I never imagined how the seat belt would dig into my shoulder, trying to hold me in place when all my body wanted was to break free. I never thought of the shattered glass, the skidding tires, the eerie silence after everything had stopped. nothing could prepare me for that. and once you have that first crash, yes, you move on–you get in the drivers seat again, you throw away the love letters and meet someone new. but you can never let yourself get comfortable.

I spend an extra few seconds at every stop sign now. my hands shake as I hold the wheel. my foot hovers over the brake pedal expecting something to go wrong. because every time I pick up speed going down a hill, or find myself getting attached to someone new, all I can think of is that eerie silence. smoke rising from the hood, heart beating out of my chest, breath slow and shaky, trying not to cry. I am constantly stuck in that moment. wondering where everything went wrong, wondering how I was too blind to see it coming, wondering why I didn’t slam on the breaks fast enough or swerve out of the way in time. one second everything is fine, and the next I’m just a piece of the wreckage. the only way to completely prevent heartbreak is to never fall in love in the first place. and I guess that’s why I don’t get behind the wheel anymore.

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Nicknames: Em, Squem

Gender: Female

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5,9″ 

Time: 4:00PM

Birthday: 7th of September!! It’s so close!!! (I’ll be 21)

Favorite bands: BTS is the only ‘band/group’ I actively follow 

Favorite solo artists: Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Bebe Rexha, Drake & Ariana Grande

Song stuck in my head: Feels - Calvin Harris

Last movie watched: Wonder Woman (I keep rewatching it bc its just incredible & makes me feel so good about myself)

Last show watched: Jane the Virgin (almost completely caught up!! highly recommend!!)

When did i create my blog: ughh like 2012? I’m a Tumblr veteran for sure…

What do i post: I started off a just a comedy blog but BTS have since ruined my life and I’m now dedicated to BTS (specifically the sunshine that is Hobi)

Last thing googled: “Is someone from Camelot a Camelonian” (I’m running an original D&D campaign based on Arthurian Legends.

Do you have other blogs: My photography blog but it has work that is being officially marked by an exam board so is private.

Do you get asks: Only occasionally :(

Why did u choose your url: Well when I decided that Hobi was my bias I knew I wanted it to be entered around him and honestly… who can say that he doesn’t have the face of an angel???

Following: 1,453… its a lot but remember I’ve been here since 2012

Followers: 651!!! Ahhh makes me so happy!! I had around 200 but then I switched from comedy blogging to BTS and people loved it <3 tysmmmm

Favorite colours: Yellow and Purple

Average hours of sleep: 7

Lucky number: 2

Instruments: I play a little drums but thats about it

What am I wearing: My baggy bed top… it’s been a lazy day

How many blankets I sleep with: Just my duvet in the summer but with one blanket over that in winter

Dream job: Photographer for Nat Geo

Dream trip: Korea… but I’m going next year for a month!!! so another one would be Hawaii!

Favorite food: Honestly its too hard to choose… I have different favourites on different days… today I’m craving sushi <3

Nationality: British

Favorite song now: Back to You - Bebe Rex & Louis Tomlinson

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Personally I don’t think either boy deserves Nancy but we work with what we get

Steve actually evolves a little during the series. He realises the people he’s hanging out with aren’t particularly nice (and calls them out on it like how often do people actually stand up to their friends? underappreciated), he develops real feelings for Nancy, he does shitty things but realises they’re shitty and tries to fix them. And he doesn’t do this just to try and win back Nancy, either, he does it because he realises what he’s done is wrong. We don’t see him tell Nancy he’s cleaned the movie sign and I doubt he ever does – that’s not why he does it. And when he turns up at Jonathan’s house, he’s surprised to see Nancy there – he hasn’t gone expecting to see her, he’s gone to apologise to Jonathan for what he said and did because he acknowledges it was a shitty thing to do. We see him ask Nancy whether she gave Jonathan his Christmas present and personally I believe it was probably his idea to replace it, or at the very least a joint decision by both him and Nancy. Steve wants to make up for what he’s done and in many ways redeems himself. Yes, he’s completely out of order sometimes, with what he says to Jonathan (though he is, of course, extremely hurt himself because he thinks his girlfriend cheated on him – not that this excuses it but it’s important to take into account) and destroying his camera (again, not excusable, but Jonathan did literally take pictures of them half naked without them knowing which is stalkerish and super super creepy imo), but he’s human and he makes mistakes, and it’s in trying to fix them that he shows what kind of a person he really is. He’s also brave – yes, when Nancy tells him to leave he does, but he doesn’t make it past his car before he decides to go back to help them. Bear in mind Steve has no idea of any supernatural goings on whatsoever and this is the first he’s seen of this literally terrifying monster, and yet he’s willing to go up against it with nothing more than a baseball bat to try and protect both Nancy and Jonathan – a girl he has good reason to believe cheated on him and the guy he thinks she cheated on him with. Steve is willing to risk his life to save both of theirs and this is seriously not appreciated enough.

As for reasons why I prefer Steve to Jonathan – Jonathan’s taking pictures of them makes him a stalker or pervert, albeit an opportunist one, and I don’t like the way that’s excused as “he loves her” or “he’s an artist”. Yeah, maybe he likes to take pictures he thinks are ‘meaningful’ but he doesn’t have permission from any of them to do so and it’s seriously wrong. Jonathan also doesn’t apologise for his mistakes – he doesn’t apologise to Steve for beating him up (whilst provoked, still wrong) or to Nancy for beating him up despite her repeatedly begging him to stop. He also never really apologises for the photos, just gives this weird explanation and then twists it into attacking Nancy. He’s conjured up this fake version of her, the ‘different, not-like-other-girls girl’ that he’s so desperate for and he gets angry that she doesn’t live up to his idea of who she is. Does Steve have some imaginary version of Nancy? No. He loves her for who she is, whereas Jonathan loves who he thinks she is and acts like he understands her and I really fail to see what’s romantic about that at all. He also doesn’t exactly go out of his way to ‘save’ Nancy when he shines a torch through a tree – Steve goes at the monster with a baseball bat to save Jonathan, let alone Nancy. Jonathan won’t put himself in anywhere near as much danger. He will, of course, to save his brother, but that’s a different argument – I love Jonathan’s relationship with his brother and the lengths he’s willing to go for him, but I don’t think he’s a better match for Nancy than Steve. Jonathan has a lot of good points and I’m even willing to accept that he loves Nancy – but it’s a weird, possessive love, and at the end of the day, Steve loves Nancy, and Jonathan loves his made-up version of her.

The Little Things (Drabbles)

Shattered!Verse Drabbles

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Group/ Member: GOT7/ Im Jaebum

Pairing: JB x Reader

Originally posted by imbanny

It was the little things that made their relationship so special. Be it a glance, a touch, or a kiss, it was the random, happy moments shared between them that made trying worth it.

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My overall internal turmoil regarding Moana

It seems that I can’t stop writing about Moana because I haven’t quite expressed how I feel about it: idk, it’s super complicated, but I expected to feel this way, despite supporting the film. Ultimately, I think that there were more positives than negatives for me, but still. The action of taking elements of multiple islands and passing it off as something vaguely Polynesian is something that can be tremendously harmful.

You’re kind of stuck between: well, do I take this representation and be happy that it’s here or do I completely reject the act of homogenizing Pasefika peoples and commodifying our cultures? 

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Character Dev Meme

Okay, so I’m putting this character development meme right here that I made. I took some good questions from other dev posts and included them in here and also adding some of my own. I think it’s a really good post to follow when knowing your own character and that’ll be helpful for someone, hopefully. If you want you may add more or leave some out. I don’t mind, honestly. :D


  • Name: 
  • Age: 
  • Sexuality: 
  • Employment: 
  • Birthday: 
  • Sign: 
  • Eye Color: 
  • Hair Style/Color: 
  • Height: 
  • Clothing Style: 

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My mom just watched Civil War, and I’m crying.


“WTF is wrong with Steve?!”

“The other two movies were better.”

“Hawkeye and Ant-Man are fucking morons. Not only did they ditch their kids, their families probably don’t even know where they are.”



“How much property damage did they cause?”

“’Steve, don’t do this, you’re going to make things worse.’ aaaaand there he goes, doing it anyway, and, what do you know, everything is worse.”

“Tony and the others aren’t even being mean about it, and Steve and everyone are being such assholes.”

“Except Sam. I still like Sam.”

“Why didn’t they just… they should have let us write this movie.” (After we talk for a few minutes on various scenarios)

“Steve kissing Sharon was weird. Just… no.”

“Is Paltrow going to be in any more movies?”

“I don’t know how I feel about Spiderman. I like him as Spiderman, but I didn’t care for the stuff with him as a kid.”

“I’m so angry.”

“Ant-Man was weird and dumb and out of place. Why did they even invite him?”

“You’d think Steve would have listened to Natasha, at least. And everyone is trying to be friendly when they convince him to sign the thing. Until the airport. Which he started.”

“What else has Black Panther been in?”

“Steve carjacked a police car. And beat a bunch of them up.”

“Did they leave Tony in the snow to die?!”


“You know, I bet Bucky would have been fine if they had left him alone.”

“Seriously why Sharon and Steve? He dated her aunt, that’s nasty.”

“When’s the next Avengers movie? Who’s going to be in it?”

“I really miss Thor.” (Me too, mom. Me, too.)

siberia-04  asked:

I know how you feel and I totally 100% support your pic "spam". IN A HEARTBEAT is simply too precious. ❤️❤️❤️

I followed the project since the beginning, and while I did think it would be longer I never expected them to include some of the stuff that they did. It blew me away how many different subjects and feelings they managed to cover in just 4 minutes! Like seriously, it’s insane.

Sign me up for a full 1½+ hour long movie, I can’t even imagine all the possibilities. 12/10, true masterpiece, all other films can go home, delete the internet and leave only these 4 minutes and 6 seconds

Resolutions (A Whoever You Want to Picture With One-Shot)

                 Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.

           You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.

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