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Hello! Anon from Brazil again xD I actually started learning english bc I couldn't find any good sterek fanfictions in portuguese (yes, I'm aware that it's a HORRIBLE reason to learn another language)... 5 years in school and the teacher couldn't teach me what "good morning" means, i really hope that she never find the truth about my -not so- suddenly good grades XDDD

Oh my god….you learned English…..to read Sterek……

That is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever heard AND I SAY CELEBRATE IT. EMBRACE IT. I swear, whenever I think of the countless things the Sterek fandom has done, I am never not going to include the fact it encouraged someone to learn a whole other freaking language!! 

You are too cute, nonnie. TOO CUTE.

Update time

Hello everyone! I feel as though it’s time to offer up an update and tell you all how I’ve been and where I’m heading.

First off, I just want to thank all of you for going through this grad school journey with me. I remember the day I made this blog, sitting around waiting for a seminar talk to begin on a Friday afternoon in January 2013. I have no doubts in my mind that I could not have made it through without this blog and all of you. This community has been one of the best parts of grad school for me. Knowing that I wasn’t alone has helped me do everything I needed to do to be successful. You all helped me keep my sanity, laugh at the good times and the bad, and hold my hand through every new experience.

This Saturday I graduate. I picked up my gown and hood and everything today, and I’ve been on the verge of tears ever since.

I’ve got offers for part-time faculty teaching positions in my department through the summer, and then I’m joining our occupational therapy department in the fall. I know it may sound strange, but I am more than thrilled to be able to work in a cadaver lab again. It was so nice to be welcomed into a department and be told how qualified and amazing I was, and that they wanted to get me before someone else could recruit me. I was selected because of my qualifications, and not because of some political departmental move. 

I am so happy. 

So for now, as things trickle down and I wrap up projects and papers, my posting on here will probably slow down. I will post things as they happen and become relevant, and I will be as sad to leave you all as I am my research lab!

I would still like to provide any advice and knowledge I have to you all, so if you have thoughts or concerns, keep them coming! Also, I would love to give shoutouts and love to the whole gradblr community, so if you have a blog you’d like me to promote, just let me know! And if anyone is interested, I may even post my personal blog so you all can keep up with me through life!

This is not goodbye, I will never say goodbye. I will let you know if there are new blogs to come, but for now I want to keep the love and support going in this wonderful gradblr community! So thank you all again. You will forever hold a remarkable place in my heart.

this happens a lot probably
  • sportacus: hey robbie come help us with this!!
  • robbie: i don't know if i'm the.. The Best person to be doing this
  • sportacus: just try, you'll do fine!!
  • robbie, after nearly destroying the task they were trying to complete:
  • sportacus: you did great we couldn't have done it without you!!
  • Alec Ryder: Behold! I have created AI that learns and adapts based on human sensory input!
  • Ryder twins: You fucked up a perfectly good computer is what you did. Look at it! It's got anxiety!
If Jamie and Claire could text : seeing Jamie/"Alessandro" on the beach in Voyager Edition [[BOOK SPOILERS]]
  • Claire: JAMIE
  • Claire: oh thank god I CAN SEE YOU
  • Claire: who the bloody hell are those soldiers you're wth??
  • Jamie: Marsali lass, stay hidden, d'ye hear?
  • Jamie: and since when do you use such unladylike language?
  • Claire: oh Christ sorry
  • Claire: this is marsali's phone but it's me
  • Claire: ClAire
  • Jamie: ---
  • Jamie: CLAORIRE?
  • Jamie: TRUKLYTT???
  • Claire: truly
  • Claire: I'll prove it
  • Claire: you dropped your phone in the sand right before those last messages
  • Claire: and now you've got your hand on your heart and look like you're about to pass out
  • Claire: //THE BEARD//
  • Claire: Jesus h roosevelt CHRSIT!
  • Jamie: Christ, mnd
  • Jamie: when i learned the gddm porpoise had taken ye
  • Claire: god I know
  • Claire: and I left my phone on the bloody Artemis so i couldn't reassure you
  • Jamie: and then I came for ye learned that ye'd been lost in the storm and
  • Claire: oh my love
  • Claire: you must have been frantic, I know I certainly
  • Jamie: and THEN
  • Jamie: to learn that //NO//
  • Claire: have I ever complimented you on how you can text without looking at the screen?
  • Claire: That's terribly impressive darling, you must show me how it's done
  • Claire: well, YES
  • Claire: but to be fair
  • Claire: I could die any day living in this century
  • Claire: NOW who's talking all unladylike?
  • Claire: if it counts for anything
  • Claire: i'm ecstatic to see you
  • Claire: and i'm happy you're safe
  • Jamie: *sigh*
  • Jamie: i'm happy you're safe, too, ssnch
  • Jamie: i'm glad you're no' dead or in danger
  • Jamie: for the moment
  • Claire: WHAT?
  • Jamie: nevermind
  • Jamie: everything will be fine
  • Jamie: prbably
  • Claire: what exactly is the plan with these soldier brutes?
  • Jamie: oh,
  • Jamie: tie them up in the hold until further notice
  • Claire: and //i'm// allegedly the foolhardy one in this marriage
  • Claire: do you SEE how heavily fcking armed they are???
  • Jamie: dnf, ssnch
  • Claire: jhrc
  • Jamie: where are ye
  • Jamie: need to see ye for a moment
  • Jamie: **need to have my hands on your arse for a moment
  • Claire: ahem this is your daughter's phone, remember?
  • Jamie: SHIT
  • Jamie: delete that
  • Jamie: but in all seriousness
  • Jamie: I need to touch you in some moderately indecent fashion
  • Jamie: right this minute
  • Claire: i'll meet you near the big palm tree at your 4:00
  • Claire: watch out for snakes
  • Jamie: on my way
  • Jamie: tho i think that's better advice for *you* right now, mnd
  • Claire: what ?
  • Claire: oh AhAHAH
  • Claire: charming
  • Claire: just how "moderate" is the indecency you have in mind?
  • Jamie: getting more extreme by the minute
  • Claire: DEFINITELY leaving this entire chat for marsali to peruse
  • Jamie: dinnaevencare jsut get over here and take a look at this ferocious snake
OC Codex | Feynras Lavellan


↠  Birth of a Mage: Feynras came to her magic at the age of eight. Her powers manifested with an explosion, setting part of Ise’lathin, the Keeper’s aravel, on fire.

                   ↳ She was, at first, taught many of the Clan’s traditional fire spells but, after a traumatic incident that led to the partial loss of most of her elemental magic’s control, she gave up on elemental spells and devoted all of her time into studying healing magic.

                  ↳ Thankfully, her inner affinity for fire and warmth proved to be helpful factors that somewhat enhanced her healing abilities. She was tutored by the Clan’s healers, learning about both magical and non-magical ways of mending wounds. She also learned to cast En’asalin, a mass healing spell that comes straight from Clan Lavellan’s famed founder.

                 ↳ As one of the future defenders of the Clan, she was also taught defensive magic, proving to be a natural at barrier spells.

↠  Field Healer: Joining the Inquisition as an active warrior proved to be a challenge. Her fighting style was controversial for a mage and, for Cassandra’s standarts, too dangerous when it came to the Herald’s safety. Scholars and enchanters were recruited to help her cover the holes in her offensive powers.

                ↳ After vigorous training in fire magic, she managed to improve considerably, learning how to not blast whole areas with what should have been simple fireballs. Her favorite subject was glyphs; at those she excelled and, with Dorian’s help, even reseached and tweaked. By the time Skyhold was found, she was capable of using her fire magic on the field near her companions.

                ↳ Fade Step was the only spell she ever managed to learn from the Ice magic tree while Storm was completely lost on her.

                ↳ While she studied some Fade magic for the sake of taming the Mark, she never truly advanced in this magical field, always hoping that someday, somehow, the Mark would be gone. Her chosen specialization was that of the Knight Enchanter though she heavily favored summoning a blade on the tip of her staff instead of a sword.

↠  A Personal Feat, Veilfire: Her use of Veilfire dates back to her days in the Clan. The Keeper, needing her Second to be able study until late at night without wasting precious candles, gifted her with a small orb of ironwood and taught her how to light it with the harmless light of the memory-fire.

             ↳ She still carries the small orb with her during Inquisition. It was at first confiscated by Cassandra, an action that actually kept it safer during Feynras’ first hasty day on the field, and was later returned to her.

             ↳ She only found out about the harmless’ fire offensive powers until after the Inquisition reached Skyhold. During interrogating a possessed prisoner, she once grabbed the man with her hand cloaked in Veilfire, for illuminating reason, causing for him to howl in pain.

             ↳ Turns out Veilfire, as the clear memory of fire, burns demons and spirit as much or even more that its physical counterpart while leaving physical beings untouched.

             ↳ This discovery led to the creation of several new spells as not harming her companions while casting was a major problem for her wild fire magic.

             ↳ Veil Strike creates a ring of raging Veilfire, trapping demons in and burning them if they try to leave.

             ↳ Veil Cloak covers her with Veilfire to prevent demons from grabbing her while in close combat.

             ↳ Purge creates a tight ball of Veilfire that rapidly explodes outwards on impact and is most effective against tight mobs of demons.

             ↳ Veilblade cloaks the blade of her spear in Veilfire, allowing her to cut through demons like soft butter.

             ↳ There’s actually a whole Veilfire ability tree and many pages of magical theories and studies written by her on the subject.

↠  There And Back Again: During the year that lead to Trespasser, the Mark interfered greatly with her magic, causing for spells to explode and, during the last months, even her trusted healing magic to go astray. After losing it, her magic reacted badly to both the loss of her arm and her emotional stress. It took her a whole year before managing to cast normal spells as effectively as before.

               ↳ After Trespasser, Feynras had to relearn casting all the spells that needed movements with both hands in order to get initiated. It took a while but it actually improved her mental concentration, leading to her being able to cast a select number of “heavy” spells without any movement at all some years after going into hiding.

               ↳ Her prosthetic focuses greatly into raw power and has been tuned especially for close combat- it carries runes that enhance her magic and explode outwards when charged and touched. (Have you seen the Winter Soldier slamming his arm on Captain’s shield? Imagine that, only it’s slamming against an armour and then exploding outwards with a controlled outburst of elemental magic.)

               ↳ It uses lyrium to connect with the remaining working nerves of her cut arm. She and Cullen had to work a lot over this and it’s one of the reasons she only wears it when necessary but it allows her to channel a lot more power through that arm than a normal mage could through theirs. It also generates a continuous mana shield if charged the right way.

A thanks to @chaitea09 for posting about her girl’s magical powers today (pssst, go check Riven out!) and whose post inspired me to write my own. Thank you!

Pas de Deux

First of all, sorry for being almost inactive. Work’s being rough lately.

I took @alyssawritesalot​ challenge, and wrote a Zelink Ballet Company AU. Went for  TP Zelink ‘cause they look the part (I blame ‘Crowd Pleaser’ for blessing us with the idea of a dancer Link), and because there’s never enough Midna in our lives. Enjoy.

Music suggestion: Yuri on Ice OST- La Parfum de Fleurs.



‘I swear it Midna, if he gives me that strange stare again I’m going to break in my new pointe shoes on his face’. Zelda chugged from her thermos mug, filled with her Calamity brew, the nickname she gave to the ungodly amount of pure, concentrated​, unsweetened caffeine she drank every morning, as they walked down the street to Zelda’s studio.

‘Have you considered the possibility of him actually not hating you?’, the tall redhead dressed in black sipped her tea, 'you have just been practicing with him for what? Two weeks?’

‘Nope’, her answer was absolute, ‘ever since he arrived, over a month ago, he has had this better-than-y’all attitude. Worst thing, the Director and the Maestro love him. On the bright side, apparently, they considered his opinion when they chose me for the main role’.

'He’s made you lose all your chill, dear’, Midna cackled, 'you are always so serene and composed, so ballerina-like, and now…’

'Hello, Zelda’, a blond man in black rushed past the brunette, her gamine figure freezing at the sight.

'Holy fucking shit’, she gasped, panicking, 'He heard us’.

‘Nope, he was wearing headphones’, she calmed the already stressed ballerina. 'remember to breathe, please, darling’

Zelda sighed in relief before saying goodbye to her friend, and entering the studio to spend the rest of the day rehearsing with him.

These months are going to be SO long, she said to herself as she dropped her bag on the locker room and started changing into her dancing gear. Dammit, Stella, you and your diva attitude, why you had to quit all of a sudden?

The Prima Ballerina of the Hyrule National Ballet had resigned after having “creative disagreements” with the Director - she had actually been offered an outrageous amount of rupees from the Terminian Ballet Company, and being imposed to work with a new, slightly younger dancer - “a talented brat, nonetheless, but still a brat”, in her own words - had been the breaking point.

Zelda had been chosen as the new Prima Ballerina, for two reasons: she was, at age 25, a seasoned dancer, capable of filling the space left, and because the new Prime Danseur approved of her - reasons undisclosed.

When she entered the studio, already filled with the morning light, he had just begun warming up.

'Good morning, Link’, she greeted the blond man with messy hair as she took her place on the barre.

'Good morning, Zelda’, he answered, not even looking at her, fully concentrated on his exercises.

Both remained silently doing the warm-up exercises, until noisy steps broke their focus.

'Hello Princess and Hero!’, the booming voice echoed. 'Ready to save Hyrule from evil?’

'Good morning, Maestro Auru’, both greeted him respectfully, nodding at his question.

'Lets us begin, then’.

II. Tour en l’air

'You’ve been amazing’, Link told her when they were finishing their Saturday morning practice. 'Thank you for bein’ such a good partner and bearing with me’.

They had agreed meeting that day to practice together, to improve on the pas de deux they were to perform in three months.

Zelda could not believe his words - and his subtle southern accent.

'You are welcome, but you are easy to work with’. Zelda might have not liked him because he was distant and barely talked, but the man was a dancing machine. All his movements were always clean and precise, as if dancing was his second nature. He also had this noble air to him - very knight-like.

'I’m so relieved’, he sighed, 'I could honestly swear you hated me at the beginning’.

'It’s not that’, she clarified. I just wanted to punch you with my pointe shoes.

‘I know I ain’t too chatty, and people are mislead by that’, he fidgeted with a towel, 'Most think I’m a smug ass, and I’m really sorry if I gave ya that impression’.

Zelda chuckled, confirming his prior statement.

'Well, at least I hope imma changing yours’.

Ever since that day, they started having lunch together. To her surprise, he was far from being a jerk - he was really shy and socializing was really hard for him.

She realized along the passing days that they had more similarities than differences.

Progressively, and with a little of his partner’s help, he became more talkative and started getting acquainted with the rest of the dancers.

As she saw him practice the choreography - his solo scenes were full of pirouettes and jumps - on a cold morning, Zelda felt something aflutter within her, as if she was walking on air.

She started dancing better than ever.

III. Entrechat

'Link is really nice! And to think you wanted to smash his pretty face before’, Midna cackled, after being introduced to the Danseur earlier. 'He has this adorable southern drawl, he isn’t from here, is he?’

'He’s from Ordon’. The ballerina informed her friend, grabbing the fork to start dining. 'That’s why he has that accent’.

Midna’s eyebrow raised at her friend’s freshly ​delivered information. 'You know what they say about Ordonian guys?’

'No idea’, Zelda drizzled some dressing on her salad, taking a bite.

'Gents on the streets, wolves on the sheets’.

The brunette almost choked on her food. Midna’s heavily eyelined eyes were full of mirth at her reaction.

‘I swear’ - she coughed, then drank a sip of water - 'you are the worst best friend in the world’, she gasped, 'I spend over eight hours a day with the guy, with plenty of body contact involved! We play a couple of lovers, for Goddesses’ sake! -she started blushing- I don’t need these type of thoughts two weeks before the opening night!’

'Okay, don’t get stressed’ the redhead gave up on her teasing, 'your bun will get frizzy’.

Zelda sighed deeply.

'And there's​ nothing wild about him’, she noted, 'he is very sweet, kind, and polite’.

Midna nodded as she chomped on her lasagna.

'You like him’. You wanna ride his d-

'Nope. Link is just a good friend and workmate’.

'You’re in denial’, Midna stated. 'I’m a therapist, I know what I’m talking about, sweetie. I don’t blame you if you like him’ -she shrugged - 'He is a total hunk’.

A notification beep startled Zelda, picking up her mobile phone. Her face suddenly lit up.

‘What is it, Zelda?’, the friend enquired, 'You never check on your phone so fast’.

Zelda shoved the screen to her friend’s face. There was a message.

And in my dreams I see myself on a wolf’s back/ riding along a forest path/ to do battle with a sorcerer Tsar/ In that land where a princess sits under lock and key/ Pinning behind massive walls.

Wanna meet on Sunday for brunch at my place and watch this bad boy on Blu-ray? Y/N - Link

'He is into you too’, she affirmed nonchalantly, 'and what’s with that poem thing?’ Is that how dancers woo each other?

'It’s a verse of a children’s rhyme that inspired Stravinsky to create “The Firebird”!’, Zelda’s eyes almost sparkled, 'Link loves Les Ballets Russes as much as I do!’

‘Oh, I see’, Midna sipped her glass of wine, observing carefully her petite friend’s reaction. Blushed cheeks, the gleam in her eyes, she looked happier: it was obvious that her affections for her dance partner were strong, although still unnamed. And to her surprise, the feelings seemed to be mutual.

I’d better stop teasing her, and let this go with the flow.

'Go say yes quickly, Zelda’, Midna chuckled, 'don’t leave the guy waiting’.

Zelda’s fingers quickly typed an answer, as she smiled widely at the upcoming prospect.

That sunny spring Sunday, Zelda, clad in a fuchsia dress and white sneakers (something nice and simple, because this isn’t a date at all), rang at noon Link’s apartment doorbell on Castletown’s South Avenue. Next to the door there was a very cozy looking diner that caught her eye - Telma’s was the name.

Once the owner welcomed his guest, Zelda was in awe at how luminous and homely the place was: a big, inviting sofa with blankets and pillows, lots of potted plants, books, CD’s and a sound system. Her place was bleak in comparison.

'These Benedict eggs are fantastic’, she savored her meal. 'Mine are always bland. Any secret?’

'The secret is that all you’re eating is from my folks’ farm’, he smiled, 'pure ol’ Ordon goodness’.

Once all plates were empty - not a difficult feat - they watched their beloved ballet, not realizing how close they were to each other already.

'I wish I could dance it someday’, Zelda rested her head on Link’s shoulder, sighing.

'We can practice it now, if we make room’, Link offered, 'I’ve done it before’.

'Let’s do the pas de deux then!’, Zelda chimed, all fired up.

After that day, Zelda and Link had nicknames for each other.

IV. Adagio

‘I couldn't​ have done this without your help, Firebird’, Link, in full costume and make-up, whispered Zelda minutes before their debut. 'I’m so grateful to you’.

'What are you saying? I should be thanking you!’, she held his shaky hands​. 'You are the best partner I could have ever asked for, Prince Ivan’.

He embraced her tight.

'Your words mean the world to me’, he sighed, 'Break a leg, Princess’.

'You too, Hero’.

The following morning, the reviews for The Guardians of The Golden Power were stellar. All shows for the season had almost sold out.

Director Impa and Maestro Auru’s brows raised at one sentence of The Hyrule Times review: “The crescent sexual tension between the main characters is so excellently portrayed by the performers that makes you think they have something going on between them”.

The question that rose over the weeks that followed the premiere was are they, or aren’t they?

Apparently they had not gotten involved, but wouldn’t it be nice?

V. Grand pas de deux

It was the last show. Probably they would dance together again, but it would be a wholly different experience.

As the strings of the orchestra started playing, they danced flawlessly, no longer for the enjoyment of others​, but for themselves.

Their hearts raced as the climax of the ballet unraveled, the scene where the protagonists declared their love to each other before facing their nemesis. The music was slow, almost like a waltz, and subtly sensual, for the scene ended with their bodies entangled, and almost kissing.

Once the curtain fell after bowing to the audience, applause still roaring on the theatre, a feeling of emptiness washed over Zelda.

As the rest of the ensemble went to change clothes and go celebrate, Zelda remained backstage for a moment, alone with Link.

'The final pas de deux was…’, Link sighed, 'Somethin’ outta this world’.

'Yeah’, she interlaced her fingers with his, 'It was almost… as if we were them for a moment’.

She later let his hand go and stood up, heading for her dressing room, silently, still entranced for what happened on-stage.

'I… should go get changed’.

A soft tug at the train of her costume - just like the prince did to the magical bird on the ballet - stopped her in her tracks. Her head turned.

'Firebird… I…’ - his gaze was fixed on hers.

She recognized the expression on his intensely blue eyes; Zelda dragged him by the collar of his shirt, placing​ a kiss on his slightly parted lips.

'Your house or mine’, she whispered, visibly red despite her makeup, 'after the party, I mean’.

‘You mean after we take a pic with the big shots, and hail a cab before I drag ya to defile my dressing room?’, he hummed against her neck.

‘Sounds like a plan’.

VI. Coda

Zelda awoke to a notification beep from her phone.

Heeey gurl! How was the final show? I hope you celebrated properly - with plenty of booze. xoxo M


She would probably be popping bottles of champagne if she knew last night’s outcome, which involved: several orgasms, no clothes whatsoever, general soreness, lack of sleep, a hickey on her inner thigh, and most importantly, a very asleep - and only covered by a blanket - male dancer.

Middie, the final show was great. I didn’t party a lot though. On a completely unrelated note, I must tell you I’m really sorry for not believing that saying about Ordon men. xoxo Z

Zelda hit sent and forgot about her phone, as fingers caressed her back, inviting her to return to her partner’s arms.

Nothing But Love
  • Peter Capaldi: My wife and I have been married for 25 years, we've been together for 31 years and this year we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I made a little film, made up of old super 8 movies from our past, including our wedding day, and I put it, I used that track as the soundtrack to it. Because I think it's a beautiful song, and it says so much about us, and how lucky I am.
  • Jo Whiley: You're wife is smiling at us.
  • PC: She's smiling. I'm very, very lucky. She's a wonderful, wonderful person and also she's, she's never been into Doctor Who.
  • JW: Was she not a member of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society?
  • PC: We didn't meet through Doctor WHo and I don't think she ever really watched an episode before I showed up in it, so she's now quite an expert on Doctor WHo. But she's been fantastic, through it all, because it changes your life a lot and I couldn't have done any of it without her. So thank you.