'i could join them.'

“Insecurities” Dean x Reader

Words: 1,466

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and reader run into her ex at a party.

Warnings: Mention of cheating, swearing, implied smut

 “Zip me up?” I say as I walk into Dean’s room. He looks at me, mouth slightly agape, and nods.

“You look beautiful.” He whispers slightly, taking a hold of my zipper and pulling it up. I smiled at him, blushing.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Winchester.” I respond, admiring him in his suit. We were on a case tonight- one that required us to go undercover to a party. I wasn’t complaining; I never got to be dressed up, and this was my one excuse to feel like a girl.

I grew up with the Winchester boys. My mom passed away giving birth to me, and my dad Bobby took me in afterwards. He tried to give me the most normal life possible, sending me to regular high school and keeping me away from hunting. Unfortunately, I was a rebel, and anytime my “older brothers” Sam and Dean would come to visit, I’d make them teach me how to hunt. By the time my dad had died, I had just graduated high school and I had nowhere to go. Sam and Dean took me in. They figured that they had taught me enough about hunting in the past that I could join them on the road.

A few years have gone by, and all those years of secret training definitely payed off. I’m a great hunter, maybe even better than the boys. Not that I would ever tell them that.

“Dean, are you ready? We have to go now if we want to make it on time.” Sam came into his room. He slightly smirked when he saw I was in Dean’s room, but it disappeared once he saw that I noticed. Sam has been suspecting something going on between Dean and I since the moment I started living with them, despite it not being true. Dean is my best friend, that’s all. My hot as hell best friend, but that doesn’t change anything.

“Are you ready, (Y/N)?” Dean asks me.

“Let’s go.” I say, nodding. I grab my purse and we make our way out of the bunker. I feel eyes on me as I walk in front of them, and I smile a little bit, knowing that I looked good.

We get to the event fashionably late, and try to make ourselves fit in. Everyone here looked very rich, and they were all beautiful. I held my head a little higher, trying to fit in with the crowd.

“What exactly are we looking for again?” I ask Sam, grabbing a glass of champagne. I down it quickly.

“Cursed object. Necklace. It’s supposed to be upstairs in one of the bedrooms. We need to find a way to get up there.”

“I can go get it. Say I was looking for the bathroom.” I shrugged.

“You’re right. No one’s going to suspect a beautiful girl of anything.” Dean said. I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not, but at the chance that he was, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

In case my plan of looking for the bathroom failed, I grabbed another glass of champagne to take with me, so I could just act like a drunk lost girl if needed. I walk up the stairs, making an effort to blend in with the crowd so no one thought anything of it.

I find the necklace with ease (It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen- I don’t know why anyone would wear such a thing), and tuck it into my purse. As I walk out of the room, I hear a girl giggling down the hallway. I turn my head and see a beautiful blonde girl stumbling out of another bedroom, with a man following behind her. I take a closer look, and see… Josh?

Josh was my boyfriend all throughout high school. My first love, and also my first heartbreak. He cheated on me. I haven’t seen him since I graduated, and that was ten years ago. Desperate to avoid an awkward “How have you been?” talk, I turn around and try to walk away.

“(Y/N)”? Josh exclaims.

Shit. I turn around slowly and try to look excited to see him.

“Wow, Josh, hi!” I say. He leans over for a hug, but I don’t hug him back. “So, who’s this?” I ask, not really caring but trying to be polite.

“This is…” He trails off. “What’s your name again, sweetie?” He asks the blonde chick. My mouth drops open. She looks very offended, and slaps him. He rubs his jaw as she stomps downstairs.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now, does it?” He laughs.

As he keeps rambling on about shit I couldn’t care less about, I pull out my phone and text Dean.

SOS. Need you up here now.

I put my phone away and pretend like I just heard anything that he just told me. I hear someone running up the stairs and I pray that it’s Dean.

Prayer answered. Dean appears in sight, looking around for me, ready to pull out his gun.

“Dean, baby.” I walk up to him, kissing his cheek. He looks intensely confused, but goes along with it.

“Josh, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Dean.” I smile, wrapping my hand in his and standing as close as possible.

“Uh, hi.” Dean says, reaching to shake his hand. He looks down on me, a look of “what the fuck is going on”, but I don’t say anything.

“Say, (Y/N)…  Isn’t he a little… Old for you?” Josh says, with a disgusted look on his face.

“Excuse me?” Dean scoffs, offended. “I’m only 38.”

“You’re a whole ten years younger than him. He rich or something?” Josh laughs, judgement echoing through his voice.

“No, I’m actually with him because he’s amazing in bed. Oh, man, that dick is-“ I start, but Dean cuts me off.

“Okay,” Dean says, letting out a breath that sounds like he’s been holding in for a long time. “(Y/N), let me talk to this guy for a moment.”

You listen to him, and walk to the other side of the hallway. You see Sam at the bottom of the stairs, and he gives you a look of confusion. I tell him to give you a minute. I try and hear what Dean is telling Josh, but I can only make out a few words. Judging by the look on Josh’s face- I don’t guess it’s good.

“We’re done here.” Dean growls, walking over to you. Josh stares at you guys, eyes wide and terrified. As if to prove a point, Dean grabs my ass as we walk away, making sure he sees it.

The car ride back to the bunker is silent. Sam tried to talk a few times, but Dean would him to shut up before he could even get a second word out.

Sam and Dean went straight to their individual rooms once we got there. Sam was annoyed at Dean for him being an asshole the whole way home, but I couldn’t figure out why Dean was still so pissed. I can talk to him about it in the morning.

I changed into my pajamas and laid down in bed, turning on the TV. Right as I got into my show, I hear a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I say. Dean walks in, wearing only pajama shorts and no shirt. I can’t help but admire how attractive his body is.

“Can we talk?”

“Sure.” I turn off the tv, giving him my full attention.

“Am I old?” He frowns, sitting on my bed. I look at him, in shock he would even ask that.

“Not at all. Look if this is about what Josh said, he’s just an asshole, don’t take it to heart.”

“It’s not just that. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I can’t get away with saying I’m in my twenties anymore to chicks.” He laughs, running his fingers through his hair.

“You don’t need to lie about your age, Dean. You’re fuckable regardless. Look at you, you’re like-“ I stopped myself. I go quiet. I have no idea why I even just said that. Must be the champagne.

I avoid looking at him. I basically just told him I want to have sex with him.

“(Y/N), look at me.” He says softly. I look up at him, and he leans in. I can’t even begin to process what was happening until he was on top of me and we were making out.

“Fuck, (Y/N), you have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that.” Dean says, pausing.

“I never said I wanted you to stop.”.

Well, let’s just say, I was right- he is amazing in bed.

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izuqu  asked:

If I could take you up on that Dad Might doodle might I suggest Bakugou and Dad Might or Izuku, Bakugou, and Dad Might? Bakugou needs a damn hug and I think he'd only take one from All Might!

[on twitter]

SORRY IT’S A BIT LATE i wanted to make sure i got this perfect <3

SO YEAH here’s some Dad Might comforting his wayward sons

Toshi holds Bakugou as he cries into his chest, sobbing out all his anger and guilt and shame. at the same time, Toshi has a hand on Izuku to reassure him, b/c he’s worried about Bakugou after finding out how this guilt over All Might’s retirement has been burdening him all this time. 

afterwards Izuku and Bakugou fall asleep against Toshi, emotionally spent, and Dad Might holds his two sad sleepy sons and eventually joins them in their rest

(i guess the first could be a companion pic to this fanfic i wrote? tho it only has Bakugou in it)



Sorry if it is short but I didn’t really know how to make it longer, you know what I mean? I feel like it is enough! Hope you like it xx

Y/N looked up, on her tip toes trying to catch a glimpse of her favorite boy but the other girls in the crowd were tall and it was hard to look through the different heads. The was almost empty now, with only a few girls behind her and in front. And as she was getting nervous, her heartbeat increasing, the girls waiting behind her quickly noticed and recognized her. “What are you doing here? Oh my god, does he know?” A blonde girl asked, earning the others to lean in and listen. “Shhh.” Was all she said before sending them a wink.

Time was ticking and the more she was getting closer, the more she was nervous. Surprises were exciting. There was now only one person on front of her and she could finally see him, a smile instantly growing on her face. She then turned to the blonde girl from earlier. “Mind filming this?” Y/N asked, handing her camera to her and the girl gladly took it, getting to record when she had to.

Joe was looking to the opposite direction when she stepped closer, he was talking to his manager and didn’t pay attention to the next “fan” that was arriving. “Would you mind signing this for your biggest fan?” She teased, pushing the book that she had already read too many times in front of his face and Joe instantly froze at the voice. And when he looked up, the biggest smile was on his face. Within seconds, Joe was up and moving around the table to wrap his arms around her, lifting her off the ground. “Joe!” She laughed, slapping the back of his head for him to put her down which he did but still grabbed on her waist as if she was about to fly right away. He pulled away just enough to crash their lips together, kissing her as if it was the last time. 

“I can’t believe you’re here!” He mumbled pecking her lips a few times, before pulling away to look at her properly. “Weren’t you supposed to have some important meetings?” He asked, confusion now itched across his face but his smile not leaving his face. “I managed to reschedule them so I could join for the rest of the week.” She explained, looking over to the girl who had the camera in hand, nodding at her to come over to them which she did and gave back the camera to Y/N. “Thanks for being my secret cameraman.” Y/N said and the girl laughed. Joe dropped a kiss on Y/N’s forehead. “Can I take a picture with you two?” The lovely girl asked and the couple exchanged a smile. “Of course.” Joe said, grabbing his sharpie to sign her book before posing for a picture.

Joe had really wanted his girlfriend to join him on the tour but with her being busy with her own YouTube stuff, it was almost impossible. And for the first week, Y/N had been overbooked with all of her meetings and projects that she was working on. But luckily, she had managed to schedule all of her things again to be able to go with him on his book tour. She knew how much it meant for him to have her there, since they were both busy they barely had time for each other and could barely get a goodnight kiss before the other had to leave for whatever they had to do.  

Being a YouTube couple was hard for them but at least, their time spent together was precious and they wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

So I had this weird dream...

In this dream I was walking in an unknown city when I came across a video games con. Being curious, I decided to visit it and then discovered that the con, apparently, had a zone reserved for TF2 fans.
So of couse I was surprised and had to check this out and…

Basically that “zone” was just an empty school gym with barely 20 persons in it, those persons mostly being TF2 cosplayers running around and furiously throwing bananas at eachother.

A guy cosplaying as Heavy (yeah he had that haircut) even offered me a bag of bananas so I could join them. I don’t even like bananas.

Anyway, excuse the shitty art and eventual English mistakes. I just felt like sharing this… wonderful yet extremely confusing dream because this seriously is exactly how I imagine a TF2 fans meeting.

Bonus : Here’s how my dream ended.

For @skiretehfox’s Siblings AU do I even need to explain myself? It’s three different Max(es) and they’re all related. I mean, I already love them individually but ALL of them TOGETHER? Fucking amazeballs and Max galore.

Triple Max

They’re triplets separated only by time or at least that’s how they introduce themselves to new acquaintances whenever they’re together. They could pass off as identical triplets if it weren’t for the differing hairstyles and height. But if you look closely, you’ll see the telltale freckles speckled on each of their faces, incriminating evidence of their bloodline. That and their inherent passion for photography.

“Always take the fucking shot.”

There’s Maximus, the eldest, she’s the prodigy who doesn’t give a shit. She’s a double major at the age of 22 who dabbles in law when she’s not cutting classes. The only perfect attendance she has on official record are all of her photohraphy classes but even then she zones out in class if it’s a lesson she’s already figured out on her own ages before. Maximus is not the most responsible academically but she makes up for it with pure talent and skills that make her formidable even outside of university.

She also holds the title for messiest hair among the siblings. It only adds to her handsomeness or so her admirers say. She has this aura that just naturally exudes power and authority. Just as much as she is dashing, she’s also intimidating and with good reason. She’s pretty much chill unless you piss her off. Do not piss her off and double do not mess with her sisters. She’s scary as fuck and with her skills, she will destroy you. The other two sisters look up to her as the protective bodyguard that has probably, if not already, killed a man.

“Ready for your close up, sweetheart?”

Up next is Maxine, second oldest, she’s the smooth talker who’s friends with everyone. She’s a theater major and a film producer at the age of 20 with an already bursting portfolio of indie films. Unlike her solitary sister, Maxine prefers to surround herself with people and genuinely enjoys their company. She’s the most fashionable out of the three but only because managing her wardrobe is part of the cinematography package or so she says.

She’s also the only sibling who grew their hair and without competition, her hair is just as smooth as her people skills. She could befriend even her worst enemies with just her suave charm. Although she comes off as easygoing, she can raise hell when pissed off. Again, do not piss her off and double do not mess with her sisters. She’s powerful as fuck and with her connections, she will destroy your reputation. The other two sisters rely on her as the social butterfly that can talk their way out of any situation.

“Wowsers, that’ll make an awesome photo!”

Lastly is Max, the youngest, she’s the doe-eyed pup who’s just trying to get by and get good photos. She’s in high school just like any other teenager but at the age of 18, she already shows enough promise for her to earn a scholarship at Blackwell Academy. Naturally, her course is photography, what else? Personally she thinks she doesn’t have anything that special when compared to her high achiever sisters but she doesn’t let that discourage her. She’s still young so maybe she just still hasn’t discovered what her specialty is yet.

Although if there is anything that comes close then maybe it’s her penchant for candid shots. Max can take the most ordinary selfies and candid shots of people and bring out a quality that’s normally unseen by any other photographer including her sisters. Two out of three vote that Max gets the best shots out of them and it would have been a consensus if she voted for herself. She’s not good with confrontations so she doesn’t fight but make no mistake, there are people willing to kill for her. She has two sisters, two! Do not piss her off and double do not mess with her. She’s innocent as fuck and with her sisters, she will unknowingly destroy your life. The other two sisters see her as the pure cinnamon roll that’s too good for this world.

It can get a little confusing when all three of their names are variations of Max but they’ve worked out a nickname system for themselves.

“Xim! Your shirt’s inside out again.” Maxine pointed out with a disapproving frown.

“I think it’s kind of cool how you don’t give a fuck.” Max comments from the sofa chair across them.

“See? Max gets me.” Maximus smirks while lazily sprawled on the couch.

“Don’t encourage her.” Maxine lightly chides the youngest and then turns to the eldest. “And you, try to be more presentable.”

“What’s the point? It’s just us at home and it’s not like you judge or I care. Mostly the latter.” Maximus simply shrugs off the reprimand.

“The point is that you should set a good example.” Maxine admonishes sternly and then sighs. “It’s bad enough that Max has already picked up on your swearing.”

“Hey, I kinda like how… liberating it feels to not hold back.” Max adds in her own thoughts.

“You heard the kid.” Maximus seconds the motion with her thumb up in Max’s direction. She then smiles smugly at Maxine who’s scowling. “She’s old enough and besides, it was going to happen anyways.”

“It’s alright, Xine. I promise I won’t pick up Xim’s worst habits.” Max says tentatively and even crosses over her heart for good measure.

“Don’t promise anything you can’t keep.” Maximus quickly quips.

“Oh, hush you!” And Maxine is quick to shoot her down. “Don’t corrupt our baby sister any more than you already have, Xixim.”

“The darkness is a free choice.” Maximus corrects her and then adds on, “It’s more fun on the dark side and everyone knows that for a fact. Plus people fear you. Afraid people means less social interaction, something your extrovert species won’t understand, Xinnie.”

“That is a pretty convincing sales pitch.” Max nods all too enthusiastically.

“Darkness is overrated nowadays.” Maxine huffs with crossed arms and refuses to be beaten so easily. “Why would you want to scare people away when they could be worshipping you? And with just a few words, they’d be at your beck and call.”

“And another convincing sales pitch.” Max nods again at the rebuttal. This is some high level argument ongoing and this is intellectual entertainment at its finest.

“See, that’s the deal breaker right there. Talking. Words.” Maximus airily retorts. She doesn’t even hold back as she openly mocks her own sister, “You’re the only person in this room who enjoys that, Xine.” She pauses just so she could turn up the smugness in her smile. “Face it, I’m Max’s favorite because I get her.”

Maxine’s eyebrows twitch slightly at the sudden redirection. Oh, it’s on. “Puh-lease, don’t even get me started.” She casually flips her luxurious hair and scoffs, “Who’s the one here who actually goes with her and has never missed an event? Well you’re right about me enjoying talking and that’s because I talk to her more than you do.” She gestures with her hand with the sassiest flair the house has ever seen. “Move over, we’ve bonded more.”

The two continue to bicker back and forth while the youngest watches silently, seemingly forgotten. Max isn’t sure at what point did this argument became about which sister is her favorite but she’s sure that she has to end it before it blood spills. Literally. She does not want a rerun of the bloodbath of 2010. As amazing as it is to see her two sisters duke it out with their incredible wits, it’s also deadly as fuck. Bloodstains are a pain in the ass to remove from the carpet.

So before it escalates from just bruised egos, Max plays it cool as the peacemaker. Again. It’s kind of ironic how her two older sisters act childish sometimes and she, the youngest, has to be the mature one.

“Well I think you’re both awesome!” Max cuts in between them like a samurai or so she imagines herself as one. She turns to the couch where Maximus is still lounging on. “Xim has this cool lone wolf vibe. She can get things done on her own and power through anything.” She looks at the doorway where Maxine is fashionably leaning on. “Xine has this amazing social butterfly gait. She can get people together and even create collaborative projects.” And then she addresses them both, “You two are awesome at what you do respectively. There’s no use comparing each other when what you do is unique. It’s not a competition. You’re both my favorite sisters in the whole world.”

The room falls silent after Max’s impromptu speech. Her two sisters are still staring at her and she’s starting to get self-conscious with every second passing. Until finally they move again but instead of talking, they’re clapping. It’s a slow clap that sounds full of approval and admiration. It makes Max blush with embarrassment.

Maximus wears a toothy smile. “Safe answer. Smart choice, kid.”

“Good call. Excellent show of conflict resolution skills!” Maxine beams brightly.

“T-Thanks…!” Max ducks her head shyly and they only clap harder. She has the faintest suspicion that they’re teasing her and she too can play this game. “But if I had to pick a favorite…” She lets the sentence hang in the air long enough for her two sisters to latch onto it. Hook, line and sinker. She smiles impishly when she continues, “Then maybe, just maybe, I’d probably— definitely go with the one who takes out the trash.”

Her two sisters smile back and they have this moment where it’s almost as if their minds are in synch. Then the moment collapses in on itself when the two burst out into laughter.

“Sorry Max but you’re on your own in this.” Maximus waved the offer. “It’s your turn today and I ain’t touching that crap unless you’re dying. Even then the only trash I’m taking out are the scumbags who hurt you.”

“Yeah, that’s not our call to make. The rules are meant to be followed.” Maxine states matter-of-factly. “And same. I’ve already handled last week’s filth and it’s only fair that you deal with this one. Although I could manipulate someone else to do it, I’d rather not.”

Max joins them, giggling. “Eh, it was worth a shot.”

Meet the Caulfield sisters, despite their differences, they get along pretty well. If it isn’t obvious from the freckles and their passion for photography, they’re basically triplets separated only by time.


‘I wanted to give you something.’

‘Why? For what? Why are you giving me anything? What is it?’

‘Open it and see.’

It was a book—an archaic-looking hardcover book with a reddish-gold cover. The spine was elaborate despite the fact that most of the cover was faded with age. He could just make out the words ‘Paradise Lost’ on the spine.

‘You’re giving this to me? Why?’

‘I wanted to give it to you as a thank you.’

Sin had no idea what to say. A voice in the back of his head ordered him to give it back, but Sin’s fingers only dug harder into the cover. ‘Why do you keep thanking me?’

‘Because you’re nice to me. And you listened when I—You could have ignored me and you didn’t. And I… I appreciate that.’

‘Oh.’ Sin stared at the book. ‘I see.’

Evenfall, Santino & Ais
In my low periods, I wondered what was the point of creating art. For whom? Are we animating God? Are we talking to ourselves? And what was the ultimate goal? To have one’s work caged in art’s great zoos- the Modern, the Met, the Louvre?
I craved honesty, yet found dishonesty in myself. Why commit to art? For self-realization, or for itself? It seemed indulgent to add to the glut unless one offered illumination.
Often I’d sit and try to write or draw, but all of the manic activity in the streets, coupled with the Vietnam War, made my efforts seem meaningless. I could not identify with political movements. In trying to join them I felt overwhelmed by yet another form of bureaucracy. I wondered if anything I did mattered.
Robert had little patience with these introspective bouts of mine. He never seemed to question his artistic drives, and by his example, I understood that what matters is the work: the string of words propelled by God becoming a poem, a weave of colour and graphite scrawled upon the sheet that magnifies His motion. To achieve within the work a perfect balance of faith and execution. From this state of mind comes a light, life-charged.
—  Patti Smith, Just Kids
Dear Journal,

After I was done with my exam, i read it twice. I think i had all the answers right so I stood up and handed my paper to the professor. When I walked outside, I noticed that Sirius wasn’t done. I hope he had no trouble because there wasn’t a lot of time yet. I saw James and Lily out of the great hall. They were confident with their answers. They went for lunch by the lake while I waited for Sirius to come out of the room. I was nervous for him. I knew how much he wanted to become a healer and help people.

I was waiting by the door, fingers crossed when Sirius arrived.

“How did you do?!” I asked him, nervous.

“I think i did okay! I spotted a mistake last minute!” He smiled, hugging me.

“Thank Merlin, I really want you to get in healing school.” I told him.

“What about you? How was it?” He asked, looking in my eyes.

“It was okay. I’m just glad it’s over!” I laughed.

“Now let’s relax!” He smirked.

“James and Lily are by the lake having lunch. Want to join them? We could stop by the kitchens?” I asked.

“Oh yes! I’m starving!” He said.

After getting lunch, we walked down to the lake. The sky was clear and bright blue. The sun was out and shining on the water. Sirius took my hand and kissed my cheek.

“Hey boys!” Lily smiled.

“Hey i meant to ask you mates, do you two need help with moving in your flat?” James asked.

“No i think we’ll be okay. Everything is at the appartement already. But we definetly need you two to come to our housewarming party!” Sirius said, smirking.

“Oh I can’t wait to see your flat! Can I do a painting for your new home?” Lily asked, smiling.

“Of course! We have an empty was in our guest room. Maybe you could paint us something.” I smiled.

Lily loved to paint and draw. She was defiently an artist. Everything she drew or painted looked like it was straight from heaven. James always wanted her to draw something for him. He liked seeing her all concentrated while she drew.

Anyway, we ate and studied a bit by the lake for the afternoon. Sirius was pretty tired so he’s took a small nap on my lap. The sun was slowly setting but still warm on our skins. I looked down at my sleeping Sirius and smiled to myslef. The orange light of the sun was creating the shadow of his lashes on his cheeks. I brushed my fingers in his soft hair, hoping it wouldn’t wake him up. I looked up at Lily and James. They were running after eachother near the water. James grabbed her by the waist and put her on his shoulder, twisting her around. They were both laughing. They looked happy and in love. Thinking about it, James got everything he ever wanted. He got the girl.

I heared a few steps approaching and looked up. Regulus was walking towards me, hands in pockets. He was smiling. He sat next to me, giggling at his asleep brother.

“He can really sleep anywhere.” He smiled.

“Oh yes he can!” I laughed.

“I’ll miss him you know.” Regulus said, looking at me.

“I know. He’ll miss you too. But our door is always open Regulus. You can come whenever you want.” I tell him.

“Thank you Remus. You make him happy. You make him so happy you have no idea.” He said.

“He makes me happy too.” I smiled.

I continued brushing Sirius’ hair slowly. His soft lips were lightly parted and it made me smile.

“How is Sophie?” I asked Regulus.

“She’s great! She really is the best girlfriend ever! I love her.” He blushed, looking down.

“I’m glad you won’t be alone next year. You’ll see, the last year is the best one!” I laughed.

Regulus and I talked while Lily and James laughed near the water. Sirius was still asleep, looking ever so peacefull.

March 21st 1976

But Baby, It Ain’t No Joke...

Pairing: Drarry
Rating: T
Summary: Draco hates April Fool’s Day.

A/N: This is probably one of the worst things I have ever written (in terms of quality), but it’s completely self indulgent, so I’m posting it anyways.

Draco woke up immediately on edge, eyes darting around to take in what he could see of the room. 

His wand was exactly as he had left it on the bedside table. His overnight bag was still zipped, with the same number of dents in it. His clothes from yesterday still sat in the far corner near Harry’s hamper, under the strict instructions that they weren’t to be laundered for at least a week.

Peeking over the edge of the bed, Draco could spot nothing wrong with the floor and despite his bunny slippers twitching their noses in sleep, he couldn’t bring himself to trust any of it.

And with good reason, too.

Every year, every single year, ever since he and Harry had started dating, the Weasley twins had subjected him to the most vicious of attacks on April Fool’s Day.

Draco hated it.

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White Rabbit - Fourteen

Agent Hotchner joined Ellen and Robert in the cafeteria where they were eating, both quietly discussing the things they’d heard Alice talking about. They stopped when they looked up to see Aaron hovering by them, pointing to a chair to ask if he could join them.

“Can I asked you some questions about how Alice was when she returned?” he said to the couple, switching on a hand held tape recorder when they nodded.

“You said originally you got a phone call one day from her and she was in a diner three hours away from your home. That would be Alice’s childhood home, yes? You didn’t move out of the house your parents left you until a few years back?”

“That’s right, yes. I remember doing laundry one day, I was off work because I’d worked a weekend shift and the phone rang, it was about seven thirty am. When I answered I could barely make out the person on the other end. It sounded like a terrified little girl so I threatened to hang up, I though it was a prank call and then I heard her voice clearer and she said her name. She begged me to come and pick her up and I did. Alice managed to get the zip code from the diner owner so I could find out where she was. She was about an hour or so drive from Rylon County where she’d gone missing.”

“And she didn’t tell you where she’d been?”

“No.” Ellen shook her head. “All she’d say was that she’d escaped, and she could never go back. She fell asleep in the back seat of the car and I had to wake her to get her into the house.”

“And then?”

“She stuffed herself full of food and passed out again, dead asleep. She didn’t wake until the next day. It was quite a shock for Robert when he came home from work to find her there.”

“So what happened when Alice woke up the next day?” Aaron asked.

“She showered and dressed in some of my old clothes, but she still wouldn’t say where she’d been, only that she’d needed to escape. She asked me ‘how far away am I?’ and I said ‘from what?’ She replied with, ‘from yesterday.’ I remember that conversation so clearly because it seemed like such an odd thing for her to say. I told her were a three hour drive from where I picked up, if that was what she meant and she seemed happy with that information.”

“But you didn’t take her to a hospital or call the police?”

Robert took over from him wife. “No. Alice didn’t appear to have any obvious injuries apart from the needle marks on her arms, although she didn’t seem to be high or suffering withdrawal from anything. When we wanted to call the police she told us no, that THEY’D find her and get her if we did. She seemed so frightened of something and no matter how much we assured her that she was safe, she wouldn’t let us. So we gave up trying. A few months later she asked if she could start using my surname and we agreed. If it made her feel safer then it was okay by me.”

“She’s got a drivers license issued in that name though?” Hotch commented, seeing the sheepish look on Robert’s face and making a mental note to get Spencer to ask about the needle marks.

“It’s a fake. She made it herself, she’d always been a whizz with computers and things according to Ellen. I was shocked at how realistic it looked.”

“So what about afterwards, her behaviour.”

Robert continued talking, Ellen now eating her lunch silently, picking apart her food. “She…. I don’t know how different she was from before, I’d only just started dating Ellen when she went missing. But she did have odd behaviour. She’d… She come out of the bathroom after showering, not wearing any clothes or a towel and on a few occasions, she’d come into our bedroom when we were…. erm, making love. She’d just stand there in a daze until we’d realise and shout at her. Then she’d burst into tears and look really shocked. We used to find soiled bed clothes in the laundry as well, where she’d wet the bed and tried to hide it, but that stopped after a while of her being back.”

Robert carried on, listing how Alice would hide in her closet sometimes and would refuse to leave the house between certain hours if at all. It was only when Ellen threatened her with being taken to a psychiatrist that Alice started trying to reign in her weird quirks. What Robert found equally strange was that despite her behaviour, he could sit down with Ally and talk to her for hours about books and TV shows and she’d be fine. He’d found his sister in law to be very smart and an avid reader, and when they’d bought her a laptop, she’d spend hours online.

Aaron didn’t find the behaviour odd at all. Given what the girl had apparently been through, it could have been a lot worse. Bed wetting, sudden outbursts of emotion, possible sleepwalking by the sounds of it; they were the least of what could have happened.

Robert spoke again, “Sir, IS Alice in danger?”

“Honestly, we’re still trying to dertimine that.”


Back on the BAU floor and Spencer had taken Alice to the break out area, where Morgan had ordered pizza for them both, leaving them to it as they ate. The team seemed to realise that Spencer had connected with this girl and that if she was going to talk, it would be to him.

Alice shovelled a piece of pizza into her mouth, licking the grease off her fingers and feeling a pair of eyes on her. She glanced up at Dr Reid, seeing him watching her.

“Whatever you’re thinking, just ask it. You’ll soon find out if I’ll answer you or not.” She was used to that look, the curiosity on his face, it was one her sister and Robert often wore.

“Alright. Did you really believe Lewis? What he said about the future?” He brushed a lock of hair back behind his ears as he waited to see if she’d answer.

“I didn’t want to. It’s absurd what he was saying, how COULD he be from the future, it’s just not possible. But… The more I listened and the more he talked, the more I found myself believing him. Now, I don’t see how it could be true, but then….. I dunno. He talked with such conviction and he’d built up that place and was preparing for something he said would happen in the future, a future he wouldn’t be around for. You had to have been there, to listen to him speak.”

Spencer had interviewed enough manipulative psychopaths and had seen enough tapes of cult leaders to know how charismatic they could be, how they could woo a person with words and body language, and convince even the most intelligent or the most skeptical of people that their words, their way, was the right one. It was a skill, a skill they actually learnt in the BAU in order to talk unsubs down when they needed to, it was something that Spencer himself was very good at, being able to disarm people with words rather than weapons.

Alice spoke again, “Dr Reid, I know that you probably think I’m stupid for having fallen for his lies but….”

“Ally, I don’t think you’re stupid at all. I know how these people work,” he interrupted her and she smiled slightly.

“Thank you but what I was going to say was that I don’t think he was fooling people on purpose. I still think that Lewis genuinely believes that he’s from the future. He genuinely thinks that what he was he was doing, what he is still doing I presume, is the only way that his followers will survive.”

Spencer knew that if that was the case then this person would be a lot harder to deal with than someone who was trying to manipulate for their own good.

“Are you ready to go back? We have more questions to ask you.”

“I’m ready. I think.”

Reasons why Hannibal/Bedelia makes perfect sense:

  • he feels protective of her.
  • of all the psychiatrists he could have chosen, it was her. There’s something about her that intrigues him.
  • she has the capacity to do Very Bad Things, which is something Hannibal knew before she did.
  • he refused to accept her resignation and she chose to accept his refusal.
  • he covered up her murder as she covered up his involvement.
  • she’s the only person besides Will Graham who knows and understands him.
  • he opens up to her about his innermost thoughts and feelings to a degree he hasn’t even done with Will.
  • she’s suspected that he’s dangerous for a while but continued his therapy regardless because her professional curiosity in him was too great to resist.
  • she’s one of very few people who saw him for what he is and survived it (in part through her own intelligence, in part because he cares about her to a degree).
  • she made the conscious choice not to kill him and instead chose to join him because again, her curiosity in him is too great to resist.
  • he allowed her to go with him instead of killing her right there, when he had already left everyone else to die (Hannibal is a social creature who enjoys company and Bedelia is a familiar force in his life he feels trusting of).
  • she’s drawn to the criminal mind, Hannibal’s in particular.
  • she’s no innocent bystander; she’s complicit in his crimes and while terrified also fascinated and participating in them to a degree she hasn’t anticipated but is undeniable.
  • they have very similar tastes; Bedelia’s house closely resembles Hannibal’s and they listen to the same kind of music. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume Bedelia enjoys the environment and life they have in Italy as much as he does (apart from the crimes).
  • she’s an unconventional psychiatrist, like him, which doubtlessly drew him to her and makes her therapy with him about as unhealthy as his with Will’s.
  • she’s intelligent and capable enough to see through him and manipulate him to a degree, making her more an equal than a victim.
  • she never sugarcoats things and is always extremely frank with him, despite knowing what he is, and he reacts to those moments with almost childish petulancy, not anger. She’s much more of a guiding force in his life than he would probably like to admit.
  • he wanted to be her friend and she shot him down, stating that they’re colleagues but not that – because he doesn’t show his true face and hides behind a veil. The veil is now lifted and they share an openness and honesty Hannibal has never had with anyone else except to a degree Will Graham.
  • from what we’ve seen, her life is somewhat depressing; he’s her only patient, she’s alone in the house, and apparently nobody missed her when she disappeared. Hannibal can offer her excitement and intrigue, which she seems to be interested in, judging by her continuous involvement with someone who she knows to be dangerous.
  • them posing as a married couple is no coincidence; it’s Hannibal’s way of enforcing commitment, ensuring her loyalty. If she truly wished to betray him, a ring on her finger wouldn’t stop her, but somehow Hannibal seems to think it would – marriage clearly means something to him, and he chose her to do it with.

01 . 15 . 17 — Style Influence Map

I’ve been struggling to find my own style lately so I decided to go back and study my favorite art styles. This is a (condensed) list of the major studios that have shaped me as artist :)

[personal commentary under the cut]

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Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

Thanks for the amazing response to part one of my four day Easter drabble collection you can access HERE That Don’t Impress Me Much, here’s the next part. The points of view will alternate, this part from Klaus.

That Don’t Impress Me Much - Part Two

“I can’t believe mother’s blatant attempts at matchmaking,” Elijah drawled, consulting his appearance in the bathroom mirror. “After the last few disasters you’d think she learned her lesson.”

“Oh come on,” Klaus scoffed. “She lives for this kind of thing given Rebekah and Finn have settled down. I’m just glad her attention is focused on Kol this time, although she doesn’t have a chance in hell of success.”

“I resent that,” Kol interrupted, joining them in front of the large mirror. “I could be willing to settle down, you know for the right girl.”

“Well, Katherine Pierce is certainly not for you, little brother,” Elijah offered.

“Why not? She’s certainly hot.”

“She’s also too smart to be seduced by you.”

“Is that a bet?” He asked Elijah pointedly, Kol always did live for a challenge.

“This isn’t high school, Kol,” Elijah growled. “Just because mother is completely misguided doesn’t mean I have any intention of exposing her to your foolish and immature ways.”

“Sounds like someone is a little protective of Miss Katherine Pierce,” Klaus deduced, eyeing his brother curiously. “Does someone have a little crush?” Klaus couldn’t miss the slight blush that crept across Elijah’s usually serious face.

Klaus would be lying if he didn’t feel the same way when the blonde had appeared but he wasn’t one to settle down with anyone no matter how gorgeous they were. He’d discreetly asked around and was immediately disappointed to find out she was a political intern. If there was anything Klaus avoided like the plague it was those uptight, political types.

Unlike his siblings, Klaus had always shunned that kind of life. Yes, he came from money but he wanted to do things on his own. Although he’d studied at Oxford he spent most of his time sketching and when it came time to embrace a legal career he’d deferred it in favour of his art. Luckily for him his work was well received and one exhibition followed another. 

His parents weren’t always into art until he became successful and that’s when they’d bought their own group of galleries but even though they expected him to show his art there he resisted. He’d gotten to where he was without them and had no intention of using their name to further his career.

“I barely know the girl and she’s certainly not my type.”

“Oh you mean she doesn’t have a big stick up her ass like Tatia?” Kol joked. “Maybe it’s time you finally branched out, Elijah.”

“You just want to annoy mother.”

“Why not kill two birds with one stone? It would serve mother right for trying to interfere with my love life yet again.”

“For once I think that’s the best idea you’ve ever had, Kol.” Klaus agreed. “It would totally throw her into a spin if things didn’t go according to plan.”

“Now who’s being immature?”

“Oh come on Elijah,” Klaus said. “We’re stuck here for the weekend, what better way to pass the time then beat mother at her own game?”

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