Dan Howell; Calm Yourself Down

“You’re great. Take some time to just, look at something nice. Calm yourself down. Take a deep breath in, out, and say ‘I’m fine, I can do this. I’m in control of my future. Everything will be fine.’ I believe in you.

Look at some animal videos Google some dog hybreeds. Water some plants, get a plant! It’s good, it’s nice to have something green.

Take some time to just appreciate the nice things, even if there’s bad things. Do some deep breaths. Listen to some Radio head. Watch some relaxing anime. Appreciate a plant cause ya know, it’s little things that perk you up. Treat yourself. Cause you’re special and you’re worth it.

Hope you all have a wonderful, enjoyable week. Stay chill. You have the pressure to do anything. Just stay calm, be like, 'Yo, it’s mine.

We appreciate you, we love you, you special snowflakes. Have a great life. Give yourself a hug, you deserve it.

Be normal to regret 90 percent of your life and I understand how you feel.

When you’re debating the purpose of reality itself, whatever you have to do in with actual life suddenly seems very unimportant. You can’t just do your everyday life when you’re busy questioning your entire existence.

You have to take this freedom and control over your own destiny that you realize you had and find it impowering and exciting. And don’t waste any time in a funk cause something I know that I can’t run away from is no one cares. The universe doesn’t care. The world isn’t gonna stop or slow down or change just for you and your little problems. Time is ticking away so whatever it is, you just have to deal with it and GO! You decide what you want to achieve or what you love, what you dream and come up with your own meaning. Embrace the void and have the courage to exist.

You only live once, and then you die. So it’s up to you how much of a good time you have.

Find your own freedom and live life on your turn.

If something is making you unhappy then don’t moan about it spend your day being sad, deal with it. What’s making you sad? Change it, whatever it is.

There is way too much fun and joy in the world for anybody to waste their time or their life doing something that makes them unhappy, so go for it.

We have one life so let’s just try to make it more enjoyable for others for ourselves and don’t waste your time on anyone who thinks other wise. Their either hopeless or in denial.

Don’t let anybody crush your spirit. Find something positive that will nurture your talent, inspiring you

Be kind, for yourself.”

-Daniel James Howell. https://youtu.be/4yvQ2EEZIhY @danielhowell

I had a dream..

I dreamt about a open world survival fantasy game.


The world was massive bigger than any game I’ve ever played, it was full of different biomes, floating islands that are chained to the ground,Huge volcanos that have blue lava, large forests and so on. It was truly enormous and beautiful.


You could pick your own race, you weren’t limited you had a variety of them to choose from as well as hybreeds between races. The customisation was detailed as well you could truly make that character yours. In the game you can gather resources and build your home, you weren’t limited at what style of walls and furniture you could make, there was so much you could build, you can pick professions, like you could specialise in building or black smithing or tailoring and so much more,build your own shop and sell your goods to other players and so on.


I’ve mentioned a few in gameplay but here they are again.

  • Build what every house style you want.
  • Specialize in any Professions(can be 1 or 3)
  • Build anywhere (Trees,cliff sides,on water,Etc.)
  • Players have a choice to be peaceful and will not be able to be attacked by others of be Griefed.
  • You can tame pets or war mounts
  • You can breed them and do selective breeding for colors or extra additions like genetic mutations that create new kinds of that breed.(sort of what humanity did with the first dog/wolf)
  • Hunt of buy food.
  • Players can make their own family(when two players decide to marry they have an option to have kids. Of course the kid will be an NPC but careful cross breeding can lead to horrific results and the mother has a chance of dying.)


  • Antho animals ((all kinds of animal people))
  • Creatures of myths(like gorgons,Mer people, nagas,etc.)
  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Druids
  • Drow
  • And so much more.
  • The ability to pick which races where your parents.(for example you dad was a Draconian and your mother was a drow, your character would have a mixture of those two such as the small well blended patches of scales horns wings of your father the body skin color eyes of your mother and so on.)

What you can do in the story

Oh yess there is a story. The story is kinda fuzzy i can only make out that after years of peace this world now faced danger from enemies of the world of darkness,their jealousy driven them here to take away the natural order and destroy the heart of this world mother Gaia.

Players have a choice to pick sides to be good or to be evil, of in between. Both good and evil have benefits to the player such as good gear, building material supplier and each can unlock the building style of the faction and places where the player could build. Im sure some of you out there would love to build in a dark scary forest where its always a full moon looming over you XD.

So yeah.

So yeah that’s almost all of the dream…if i was a good game designer i would do my out most best to bring something like that to you guys. If you have any questions on it please ask me i wanna see how many would be interested.