For all your dream daddy needs ft.Cult! Joesph because we all have a bit of a hard on for him.

The DDADDS as Fall Things

Craig: Getting lost in a corn maze. 

Brian: Raking a massive pile of leaves and jumping in it.

Damien: Vampy oxblood lipstick. 

Hugo: Cinnamon spice and seasonal fruit spreads.

Mat:  Going to an orchard to pick apples.

Robert: An increased sense of paranoia surrounding Halloween. 

Joseph: The smell of fresh baked pumpkin pie.

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Dirk talking for hours to inanimate objects because he thinks it's Mona Wilder.

aliensdoodless  asked:

Okay forgive me, cause idk how to exactly word this, but the (Dad)'s reactibg ro Dadsona and their kids playing around or having genuine fun with each other. (Also love your blog, look forward to seeing you guys post more!)

Craig; ‘So, uh, just a little warning, I’m not the most athletic guy, kids.’ You nervously chucked as Briar and Hazel hopped out of the car, getting ready to jog their hearts out. ‘If you see me panting and looking like I’m about to die, just give me a few minutes. Or hours.’

 Craig had decided to bring you, Hazel and Briar along for his (and River’s) weekend run. Of course, the twins jumped up to the chance and practically teleported into the car when he announced this, but you, being the sleepy father that you were, had to be piggybacked all the way to the car. And even then, you were still hesitant about going out for a jog. Your legs weren’t being particularly good to you recently, but you decided to push on for the girls’ and Craig’s sake.

 Hazel grinned at you as she stretched out. ‘Don’t worry, Y/N. I have 911 on speed dial and Briar knows first aid. If that doesn’t work we can always splash pond water on your face to wake you up.’

 ‘Hazel!’ Briar shook her head at her twin and turned to you. ‘She’s joking, Y/N. She wouldn’t throw pond water on anybody-’

 Just as she spoke, Hazel had cupped a handful of pond water and splashed it on her twin’s body, making her gasp.

 ‘Oh my God! You are so in for it now, Hazel!’ Just like that, the twins ran off into the distance, disappearing behind a set of playground equipment. Craig chuckled and said he’d go after them before jogging off with River strapped to his chest. You settled for a bit of jogging yourself, trying to catch up to his pace, but you fell behind and just settled for sitting down on a bench when you felt a presence hiding behind the bench.

 When you turned around, you spotted Hazel crouching behind the bench, trying to keep in her giggles. ‘Shh, Briar’s on the lookout. Pretend I’m not here!’

 Just then, Hazel came out from the woods, looking around in search for her troublesome sister. She found you hanging around and walked over to you. ‘Hey Y/N, have you seen Briar anywhere?’

 Well aware that Briar was right behind you, you decided to mask her location. ‘I think I saw her somewhere in the… playground?’

 Unfortunately, just as Hazel turned to head off to the playground, Briar was unable to contain her laughter and burst out into a fit of giggles that caught Hazel’s attention, running over to her sister and rubbing the top of her head.

 ‘There you are, you jerk! You got my clothes soaked!’ The girl scolded as her twin laughed without a care. You slowly stood up, trying not to disturb them when Hazel faced you with a mischievous grin. ‘Oh, don’t think I’m done with you, Y/N! You’re in on this, too!’

 She pounced on you as your weak father legs failed to get away quick enough, making you lie on the ground as Hazel sat on your back. ‘Drop and give me 10, soldier!’ She jokingly ordered. Briar joined in too, hopping on your back. You felt their combined weight nearly crush you, but you pushed on for their enjoyment.

 ‘O-One, two…’ You heaved, feeling your lungs begin to cramp up as the twins laughed from on top of you. ‘T-Three…’

 Out of nowhere, Craig jogged up to you three, smiling as he watched you struggling to continue the pushups. You couldn’t tell if he was smiling at you spending time with the kids or at your inability to do pushups with two adolescents on your backside. Either way, he pursued you until you (barely) finished the push-ups and collapsed on the park ground, drained out. The twins hopped off you and helped you up.

 ‘You did great, Y/N! I’m surprised, considering Hazel weighs like a cow.’ Briar teased, to which Hazel replied by sticking out her tongue playfully.

 ‘I think Y/N’s a little tired, why don’t you girls get some ice cream over there?’ Craig pointed over to an ice cream truck nearby and handed money to the twins, who sped off at the speed of light. Did these kids ever get tired?

 He helped you onto the bench, handing you his water bottle. ‘Bro, you and the girls get along really well, and I’m really glad you do. The twins haven’t been the best since the divorce and all, so it’s really cool that they’ve warmed up to you.’

 As you fell back on the bench, River burbled on Craig’s chest, smiling at you. You made funny faces resulting in her laughter. Craig put his arm around you.

 ‘Oh, and River, of course.’

Hugo; Being in a relationship with a middle/high school teacher had it’s pros and cons. Mostly cons, one of them being him becoming too busy with checking the students’ quiz papers that he had to postpone his long-awaited night stroll with you that evening. 

 ‘I’m sorry, honey. I’ll make it up to you soon, alright?’ Hugo meekly apologized, giving you a brief kiss before settling down at his desk. Knowing him, he would hardly leave unless he needed food, water, the toilet, or he was hit by a sudden realization that this was his life and needed moral support from his loving boyfriend. The point was, Hugo sure as hell wouldn’t be leaving his desk until he was finished, which left you to humor yourself for the night.

 You decided to go the easy route and head downstairs, plopping on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn for a trashy romcom movie fest. Switching through the channels, you settled on a particularly trashy one which had been running for about 5 minutes. Yet, you could already tell this movie was going to be cheesily awful, so you buckled down and let your eyes glaze over the screen.

 It was around the twenty-minute mark that you heard the door open, hearing Ernest’s familiar groan and the dragging of his backpack across the floor. But instead of going straight to his room, he stopped behind the sofa. You looked up to see the teen squinting at the television.

 ‘Is that… Two Loves, One Stone?’

You raised an eyebrow, caring less about the movie title and more about Ernest being invested into garbage low budget romantic comedies. ‘Uhh, yes?’

 Instead of shrugging it off and calling you a weirdo, he motioned you to scoot over so he could sit on the couch. He welcomed his hand into the bowl of popcorn and stared intensely at the screen. Was Ernest really into this stuff? You wanted to ask about this, but the young man looked so invested into the movie that you refused to disturb him and ate your popcorn in peace. Neither of you spoke until Ernest began sobbing.

 ‘E-Ernest? What’s-’

  Ernest pointed at the screen, smiling as he wiped the tears from his eyes. ‘Victor finally woke up from his coma and confessed his love for Sarah, look! Sarah’s waited four years for this, and it’s just so, so, beautiful…’

  As he went back to his happy crying, you awkwardly patted his back, even offering a piece of tissue which he silently accepted and blew his nose into. You felt a presence behind both of you and was met by Hugo leaning against a wall, looking as if he was going to cry from joy himself. You giggled from his dopey smile along with his watery eyes before turning back to Ernest.

 After the movie, Ernest retired to his room, muttering a good night to his father and slamming the door behind him. But Hugo couldn’t care less about his son’s attitude and practically crushed you into a hug, tears rolling down his cheeks as his glasses went askew.

  ‘My son! My boyfriend! Bonding over a movie!’ He cried in joy and buried his head into your shoulder. ‘It was beautiful indeed…’

Robert; There were three things that Robert loved the most; his boyfriend, his daughter, and whittling. So when he drove you and Val to the hill overlooking the city for some nice bonding time, he couldn’t contain his excitement as he handed Val a knife and a stick. She looked at the two items, a little confused.

 ‘Pops, it’s either you want me to carve this stick or you’re going to drag us into the woods to stab a cryptid you tied up, harvest its blood and sacrifice it to the Mothman.’

 Robert’s face turned dark. ‘I’ve raised you well, Val. C’mon, we only have till daybreak to sacrifice the spider-eyed lamb before it escapes my traps and reaps our souls and the souls of the innocent. The stick must be buried deep into the lamb’s heart, to make sure that it shall never rise to harm anybody again. The Mothman shall be pleased.’

  You stared at the father and daughter, staring at each other so seriously before collapsing in a fit of giggles. A true father and daughter pair.

 ‘Not sure if you remember, but I used to whittle a lot when you were a kid. Made you a little wooden dog around preschool.’ He grinned and started to peel with the grain. ‘You took it everywhere, y’know? You even named it.’

 ‘Sheesh, I’m 24 and you still remind me of Maxine The Great Wooden Dog? You’re a true father.’ Val rolled her eyes jokingly. ‘Surprisingly, I do remember you whittling, but I still have no idea how you do it.’

 Seeing Robert go into his own whittling world, you decided to explain it to Val yourself. ‘It’s kinda like peeling a potato, but you’re also trying to shape it so I guess it’s like shaping potatoes if that’s a thing. Don’t cut against the grain, it’s gonna splinter and ruin everything. Try cutting with it.’

 You demonstrated, slicing the bark of the stick with ease. She tried to mimic you but felt a bit disabled due to her long nails. It wasn’t long until she accidentally cut herself.

 ‘Ah, shit.’ Val muttered, spotting red blood roll down her thumb. Robert snapped out of his whittling world and approached her, wrapping a bandana around her finger as you ran to the car to get the first aid kit.

 You returned with the box in hand and had her lean over the fence. ‘This might hurt a bit.’ You warned as you swiped the blood away and dabbed a bit of antibiotic ointment onto the cut. Sealing off the area with a band-aid, you rubbed her back as she pushed herself off the fence. ‘You alright?’

 ‘Yeah. Thanks, Y/N.’

 ‘Don’t worry, I got cut on the first time I did it, too. Your father was there and he patched me right up, didn’t you, Robert?’ You turned to Robert, who simply nodded and smiled at his stick. What was he so happy about?

 On the drive home, Robert nudged you after dropping her off at her hotel room. ‘Hey, thanks for looking out for Val.’

 ‘Robert, it was just a cut-’

 ‘No, no,’ He chuckled. ‘My girl’s a tough one, she can definitely handle a little cut. What I mean is that you were really into teaching her, even going so far as to help her out when she got cut. We should go to the lookout with her again soon.’

Joseph; The kids, albeit were a little creepy, they seemed like they wouldn’t murder you in your sleep as your relationship with Joseph progressed. You baked with them, brought them to the park and even drove them to school. Of course, there were times that the twins stared at you in silence with similar grins or Chris’s soft chuckles seemed a bit darker rather than brighter, but Joseph assured you that the kids were all sweethearts. 

 The six of you decided to spend the afternoon baking sweets for the bake sale the following Saturday. You had to admit, it was nice spending time with the kids. Christie made shapes of the cookie dough, Christian mixed the brownie batter and Chris frosted the cupcakes with his father. Chrish was too young to help out, but he burbled happily in his high chair as if he were commanding you. You looked over Christopher, who’s arm looked sore from mixing the batter.

 ‘Hey, Christopher. I’ll stir it.’ You offered and he handed the bowl over to you. He looked bored and unwilling to be there, wanting to just finish the brownies and crawl off with his games. As you stirred the mix, he yawned and rested his cheek against his hand, obviously dulled to seemingly no end. Once you finished mixing, Crish had suddenly began sobbing in his high chair. Joseph turned around immediately.

 ‘Oh, jeez. He might be teething again…’ The man rushed over to see what the baby had been fussing about. Before you could turn back around to continue your business, you saw Christian with a handful of flour gripped into a fist, a mischevious grin on his face as he aimed for his father. You knew what had to be done.

 You dove in front of Joseph just as the flour flew at him, earning you flour dust all over your shirt. Chrish had stopped sobbing and laughed at your misfortune as Joseph realized what was happening.

 ‘No! My plan to vanquish the Spider King has been tainted!’ Cristopher cried out and reached for another fistful of flour. ‘Nevermind that. Squire! Help me conquer the evil Spider King and his valiant!’

 Christie’s eyes lit up as she got involved in this game, withdrawing the harmless cookie cutter and pointing it at your and Joseph’s direction. ‘Back, ye foul creatures!’

 ‘Hark! What shall we do, Y/N The Valiant? The Mage of Brownies and his rogue alchemist of cookies wish to defeat us!’ Joseph gasped. You put on a faux brave face and handed him a mixing spoon while also grabbing a spoon of your own.

 ‘Nay, Spider King. I shall battle these foes to my deathbed!’ You joked and pointed your spoon at Christie’s cookie cutter. ‘En guarde!’

 As you and Christie fake battled with a cookie cutter and a plastic mixing spoon, Joseph shielded himself from the flour dust with a frying pan. Of course, this didn’t cover his entire body and he ended up getting flour everywhere. This resulted in Joseph throwing flour onto Christopher and Chris, who cried out gleefully and got into a flour dust war with their father. You and Christie noticed this and ran to your respective sides, you with Joseph and Christie with her siblings.

 The kitchen was an all-out war area, each side throwing flour to the other. However, the most dreadful of all situations happened; you and Joseph had run out of flour. You raised your mixing spoon as a surrendering gesture to the children.

 ‘Turn out! We surrender to your unworldly grasp, Mage of Brownies!’

 This only pleased the children more, however, as Chris threw a final blow of flour at you. You gasped and made yourself fall back, collapsing against the counter as you pretended to die and grasped Joseph’s sleeve.

 ‘Farewell, my friend. I shall always be with you in spirit…’ You whispered in an exaggerated dying tone. The children laughed and walked over to you, helping you up as best as they could.

 ‘Well, that was fun. Have fun cleaning up!’ Chris exclaimed as the three of them bolted out of the kitchen, grins on their faces.

‘Scramble, foul beasts! Let it be known that the kingdom of Spider King and Y/N the Valiant shall rage on!’ Joseph called out to them, chuckling as he turned to you. ‘Well that was quite interesting, wasn’t it?’

 You attempted to dust the flour dust off of your pants. ‘As much as I love the kids, Joseph, I’d rather not be covered in flour from head to toe, thanks. It was fun, though.’

 Joseph laughed and kissed your forehead. ‘Seems like the kids have warmed up to you. It’s so pleasing to see the five people in my life get along together so well.’

  You and Joseph sat there in happy silence, Crish burbling contently in the background on his high chair.

Damien; You knew Lucien was a good kid, underneath his rebellious ways and spikey hair. He seemed nice towards you, not giving you as much attitude as he did when you first met. To be honest, you were alright with him. But as you felt a need to be closer to him, you decided to make a little treat for him.

 While Damien was enjoying some alone time in his study, you let yourself into the kitchen to start with your little treat. Lucien had mentioned to you once that he was a vegetarian, unable to handle the thought of an animal being killed whenever he took a bite of his meal. Therefore, you began making the old pie recipe that Amanda loved so much, replacing the regular butter with vegan butter, of course. You stirred the mixture together and placed it into the oven, wondering if Lucien would enjoy it or if he’d just scoff and throw it onto your face.

 Once the pie was done, you let it cool for a bit before heading upstairs to Lucien’s bedroom and knocking on the door. The teen pulled the door open as soon as you knocked. ‘What is it?’

 You cleared your voice and tried to muster up what little courage you had to speak with the edgy teen. ‘Hey, Lucien. You hungry? I made something that I think you’ll enjoy…’

 Lucien raised an eyebrow but followed you downstairs. You knew you got him once he sniffed the air.

 ‘Is that pie?’

 You led him towards the sitting room where the steaming pie awaited both of you, accompanied with finger foods and some almond milk. Lucien excitedly sat down on one of the chairs as you sliced him a piece of the pie. His eyes widened once he took a bite.

 ‘This is…actually pretty good. Never knew you were into baking, Y/N.’ He mumbled in between bites. You practically glowed with pride.

 ‘Thanks, Lucien.’

 As you both enjoyed your meal, you saw a flash of raven hair disappear behind a corner, then two familiar magenta contact eyes peer out. Lucien finished around three pieces, muttering a thank you and heading back upstairs. You stood up, getting ready to clear out the table when you felt two arms wrapped around your waist.

 ‘I’ve never seen Lucien so happy with somebody who wasn’t causing trouble.’ Damien smiled and placed his head on your shoulder. ‘Have you cast some sort of spell on him?’

 ‘Well, who knows? I might have placed some potion into the pie that makes me inexplicably easy to get along with.’ You joked. He laughed and sat down.

 ‘In all seriousness, it brings me joy that you’re getting along well with Lucien.’ He sighed. ‘Now, shall we have some more pie?’

Mat; Carmensita was relatively nice to you, giving you all the respect you deserved and even joking around with you the same way you joked around with Amanda while she was still around. Your car rides going to school consisted of you and Carmensita singing along to the songs on the radio, Carmensita mostly as you hummed along to the familiar tunes. She was a good kid, really.

 You were relaxing at home, watching some television when Carmensita and Mat burst through the door, smiles on their faces.

 ‘Hey, Y/N! Dad’s taking me to the park, you coming?’ She grinned and plopped next to you. You stared skeptically at her.

 ‘Erghh, I don’t know, Carmen. These dad legs just can’t seem to push themselves off this couch.’ You joked. ‘Perhaps if there was a bit of offering for the creaking dad bones I could consider leaving the couch.’

 Carmensita pouted. ‘Aweee, c’mon! This is the first time we’ve gone to the park together in a while!’ She whined, pulling at your arm. Mat crossed his arms and grinned at you.

 ‘We’re bringing a picnic basket full of food.’

In a flash, you jumped up from the couch in record speed. ‘Welp, what are we waiting for, then?’

 The young girl sniggered at your antics and dragged you towards the car, Mat staying behind to pack the picnic basket and left you two to wait in the car. Carmensita reached over for the radio, switching it on and letting cheery pop music fill the air. Her face lit up with glee.

 ‘Oh, wow! I love this song!’ She cheered and began eagerly singing along, occasionally stumbling over the words with a bashful look on her face. Her enthusiasm radiated off you and seeing her so happy made you attempt to join in on her fun, tapping to the rhythm of the song on the steering wheel and trying your best to follow along with the lyrics, though you failed miserably. Carmensita took no notice of this though and enjoyed singing with you in your own still carpool karaoke. 

 ‘Hey, guys?’ Mat chimed in, climbing into the backseat. ‘As much as I love to see you two singing your hearts out, I think we should get going before the sun sets.’

 You nodded in agreement and left Carmensita to have her own solo, starting the car to drive off to the park. Despite the late afternoon setting which is around the time kids came to play, the park was actually quite empty with only a few children playing around and a couple parents relaxing on the benches. You and Mat carried the picnic basket as Carmensita set down the picnic blanket on the soft grass. Settling onto the blanket, she spotted a bunch of flowers and weeds not far from where you were sitting and walked towards them, plucking them off the ground and walking back to where you and Mat were sitting.

 ‘Y/N, have you ever made a flower crown before?’ She asked, handing you some flowers and a couple weeds. ‘It’s really fun, actually!’

 ‘I think I made one in kindergarten for a girl I liked, but the flowers I used turned out to be the ones she were allergic to and she had to get sent home. I’ve tried to avoid making them ever since.’ You shrugged. 

 Carmensita rolled her eyes jokingly and began weaving. ‘Childhood trauma aside, flower crowns are an art to make and are pleasing to my generation’s odd taste in aesthetics. Here, let me teach you.’

She helped you weave through the weeds and flowers, and while the finished product didn’t look the best, it wasn’t bad for a beginner such as yourself. Carmensita expertly created a beautiful matching flower crown and placed in on top of your head, then putting the flower crown you made and putting it on.

 ‘See? I told you it was an art form.’ She stuck out her tongue at you, then turned to Mat. ‘Don’t we look great, Dad?’

 Mat was utterly silent, looking back and forth between you and his daughter before bursting into sudden tears. You immediately patted Mat’s back, nervously asking him what was wrong.

 ‘N-Nothing, it’s just that you both look so..adorable…’ Mat sniffed. Carmensita’s once concerned face converted back into her joking one.

 ‘Dad, don’t scare us like that!’ She groaned and hugged her father. You joined in on the family hug, feeling the father and daughter’s warm embrace course through your veins.

Brian; When you got into a relationship with Brian, to say Daisy warmed up to you was an understatement. She got relatively close to you once you and Brian stopped competing against each other, helping you with your word jumbles and taking Maxwell out for walks. A sweet and intelligent girl indeed, and you had a satisfactory relationship.

  You were cooking up lunch for the three of you, Brian working on the lawn while Daisy sat at the kitchen table, working on her assignments given to her the other day. The house was relatively silent so you could hear the scrapes of her ballpen against the parchment. From your peripheral vision, you could see that she had her tongue stuck out, concentrating on her work.

  Since you were well aware of Daisy’s intelligence and willingness to complete her assignments, you went on life autopilot, daydreaming off to who knows where as you cooked your bacon in peace. So it was surprising when you heard a faint voice call out to you from the table.

 ‘Erm, Y/N?’

 You turned to see Daisy sat upright on her seat, massaging her arm. ‘Do you think you could help me with this drawing? My hands are kinda starting to cramp up…’

 ‘Oh, sure.’ You finished cooking the bacon and slid it onto a nearby plate before sitting next to the young girl. ‘What are we drawing here?’

 The drawing was a sunny scene of two kids playing in a field, half colored with Daisy’s felt tip pens. You assumed she was cramping up from coloring, so you reached for her pens and began coloring in the scene.

 ‘This is a nice drawing, Daisy. What’s it for?’ You asked, out of pure curiosity. She turned a bright red and avoided your gaze.

 ‘Well, uh, we’re meant to draw something that we’re looking forward to this year.’ She explained. ‘I was kinda hoping to get a new friend this year, now that Amanda’s off in college.’

 She seemed a bit sensitive about the topic, so you dropped it and continued coloring the drawing. Daisy joined you after resting her hand for a bit, coloring by your side in silence.

 You were a bit too careless with your coloring, getting a smudge of blue ink on your finger. Before you could walk over to the sink to wash it out, you had a sudden flash of an idea and picked up the blue ink, doodling a little face on your finger. The girl looked up at you in confusion.

 ‘Y/N, what are you-’

 Before she could reply, you turned your middle finger with a little smiley face towards her, channeling the silliest voice you could get. ‘Hey, Daisy! I’m Mr. Blue! I heard you wanted a friend this year, and I’d be more than willing to be your friend!’

 Daisy looked perplexed at first, before bursting into a fit of giggles. Amanda taught her well in pretending. She reached for a red felt tip pen and handed it to you. ‘I think Mr. Blue is a bit lonely. You should give him a friend!’

 You got to work and doodled a similar smiley face on your pointer finger, but with little eyelashes on the end and presented it to her. ‘Hello! I’m Miss Red, and I too want to engage into a friendship with you, young lady!’ You let your voice raise a few octaves, hurting your throat but making Daisy full on laugh. She grabbed your hand and etched a few strokes of clothes onto her new finger friends. As she was applying dots of makeup onto Miss Red’s “face”, Brian walked into the kitchen, a bit confused at the setup.

 ‘Daisy? I knew you were good at drawing, but I didn’t know you were a tattoo artist.’ He peered down at her work. ‘What have you two been up to?’

 She raised your palm to show her father your inked fingers. ‘Y/N says that they’re my friends, Dad! I gave them clothes and everything!’

 Brian chortled at her daughter’s silly antics. It wasn’t often that he got to see his daughter so childlike. ‘Well, that’s great, pumpkin. Let’s invite them over for lunch, eh?’

 You three (well, five) had a great lunch together, letting Mr. Blue and Miss Red out occasionally to make a silly remark that made Daisy giggle in her seat. Her father looked beyond the goofy personas and stared at you wistfully.

 It wasn’t until Daisy was up in her room and you were washing away the finger friends that Brian walked up to you with a satisfied look on his face. ‘You’re great with Daisy, you know that? She really needs friends, and I think she feels comfortable with you.’

 ‘Don’t forget yourself, Brian. You’re her father for goodness sake.’ You joshed. ‘Do I hear a competition for friendliest with Daisy?’

‘Winner gets unlimited cuddles?’

‘You’re on, Harding.’

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Morena/Mona Wilder-Amanda-Water-computer system theory (4 parts)



So, together with @autistic-dirk-gently I came up with a new theory a few weeks ago. We posted it on Twitter and a part of it got accidentally confirmed by a cast member which is why we decided not to post it on Tumblr. We won’t tell you what part got confirmed but since the first episode aired, here’s the theory:

I was randomly looking at the Wikipedia page for Marzanna when I noticed a name on the page. Morena. Since it sounds kind of like Mona I got curious and klicked on it. You won’t find the stuff that I will tell you now on the English Wikipedia page for “Morena” tho because I looked at the German one and they’re different from each other.

Morena is a character in the slavic mythology associated with winter, night and death. She’s basically the equivalent to Marzanna.

Here’s the translation of a part of her Wikipedia page:

In some places of Middle Eastern Europe a haulm/straw doll, the Morena, dressed in an old dress is carried in a procession every year and is then going to be burned or drowned in water. A counterweight to Morena is a rod decorated with colourful or living material or a little tree.

Here we have a picture of Mona Wilder in a old dress. Since Morena is a doll or straw figure it would fit with Mona being the clown doll.

Then the official Dirk Gently Instagram account posted a picture of this rod thingy which is decorated with colourful material and lookS like it could be used as a weapon:

And just for reference, here’s a picture of an actual Morena doll:

Notice the similarity between the face of the doll and then the stress toy?

And the white dress, the colourful stuff which looks like the stuff hanging in Wendimoor from the trees and the similarity to another character we’ve seen a picture of which @autistic-dirk-gently and I think could maybe also be Mona Wilder.

Plus the ‘coincidence’ of the name (mona-MOreNA) which Max already did with aMANDa BROTzman-Mandelbrot.

Thanks to a post from Alexia Fast we know that Mona Wilder is the Blackwing subject Lamia.

In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (/ˈleɪmiə/; Greek: Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet (λαιμός; laimos), referring to her habit of devouring children. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamia )

So here’s what we think could be Mona’s part in season 2:

Back in season 1 Bart stole a jacket from the biker gang which had “New children of the old god“ written on its back. A god doesn’t necessarily have to be a person, god is also a term which refers to the reason that our universe exists. The Blackwing subjects all have a really strong connection to the universe so they’re basically its children. So if Lamia devours children, Mona could destroy the others. I had a thought that if all the Blackwing subjects are basically the Earth’s computer system, Mona’s purpose could be killing the parts of the system that don’t work anymore and kind of protecting the others, looking after them and pushing them into the direction that they have to go in. But I’ll get to that back later in a comment on this post (probably part 4). The whole Mona is kind of evil part seems even more likely looking at this:

“The character to end all characters”

 It’s possible that Mona appeared to Bart in a dream, telling her to "Find Dirk Gently”, knowing that Bart would try to killl Dirk. And that doing so would mean straying from the will of the universe, which would make Bart vulnerable, and could lead to her death. Morena is an ancient goddess who is not only associated with death and rebirth but also dreams which then again fits perfectly into the dream topic with Bart. And Morena being another name for Marzanna could also mean that maybe our dear Mona is on said murder mission.

Since Mona can shapeshift she could also be the princess from the perfume ad that Bart watched in the hotel room. One of the lines from this advert is “Sometimes I feel like I’ve walked into someone else’s dream”, which fits the dream association. And Bart says that the idea to find Dirk Gently came to her in a dream. Mona could be responsible for that. Also, when Bart was watching the ad in the hotel room, she wanted to stay there instead of going to find Dirk. It almost hypnotised her. If Mona is the princess, that could have been another attempt to get Bart killed by tempting her to stray from her destined path or get her to do her damn job and protect Dirk Gently.

Plus another thing which was in the trailer and one from the first episode:

When Dirk met Mona again he goes “What are you doing here?” and smiles. He knows her (probably from his Blackwing childhood) and likes her.

I mean, look at his little smile. But then when we see him running through the corridor of the old Blackwing house screaming “It’s not the boy it’s not the boy”- he seems terrified. And now guess what’s behind him? Clown-Mona.

And her face looks like Mona so he probably knows that it’s her. But he’s still afraid.

And last but not least for the possible proof that Mona may be kind of evil part:

Getting back to the Morena part, the most interesting thing about this (apart from the doll thing) is the importance of fire and water which have been often mentioned in season 1 and play a major role in season 2, together with Amanda. And here’s how I think Amanda fits into everything (to be found in the next comment on this post because I want to keep the three parts of the theory kind of seperated from each other):

Maybe prepare for an increase in Musketeers content on my blog, because guess who just started watching it again from the beginning?


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anonymous asked:

i love panto but i'm p sure he's gonna turn out to be evil? max keeps talking about parallels and for some reason he reminds me of friedkin? (attractive guy who has no idea what he's doing but becomes evil) tbh though even if he is evil i'll probably still love him but i hate friedkin

Yo anon!

Well, I certainly can’t say you’re wrong- it’s too early in the season for anyone to know anything, and you just know Max is gonna keep us guessing! But I will say, from what we’ve seen and what we know, that I feel at this point like ‘evil’ might be a step too far. Just a few thinky thoughts on the matter, in no particular order:

1: Max seems, for the most part, to be fairly genre-savvy and also aware of his fans and the need for representation in the media. While this is no guarantee that his characters will be perfect- he’s already stated that all his characters are dummies and he doesn’t do tokenism- I do feel like he might be aware enough to know that for a couple of gay princes, a happy ending would be more subversive than a death or betrayal.

2: I’m personally not seeing a great deal of parallels between him and Friedkin at this point in time. Attractive? Sure. Doesn’t know what he’s doing? Probably. But, tbh, a lot of people on this show are attractive and almost none of them know what they’re doing. I think I’m gonna need a more solid connection than that- say for example it turns out that this prophecy was given to him by some kind of obvious Riggins equivalent. I’ve certainly not seen enough to jump to the evil conclusion yet.

3: I’m not saying, however, that Panto won’t at some point cause problems. I fully expect him to. He seems noble and to have his heart in the right place, but so was Estevez, and he smashed a machine and punched Todd and locked our mystery squad in a cage. He’s driven in his quest, and that could cause problems. He might get the wrong end of the stick, he could be coerced or tricked, take matters into his own hands without stopping to think about the consequences. He’s gonna make mistakes for sure, and cause drama because for a show to have plot you need conflict and obstacles. He might even do something really horrible, kill the wrong person, trigger off something horrendous. But that doesn’t mean he’s evil, and at this point in time I don’t see a lot of evidence to suggest that he is. I think, like many on this show, he’s probably just a flawed human being with an objective and no road map to it.

Of course, it’s way too early to see where anything’s going, and only time will tell. But for the moment, I remain cautiously optimistic that our pink prince has good intentions. Obviously good intentions are no guarantee of good actions, and like everyone else he’s surely going to screw up at some point. But I think I’m gonna need a little more info before I start comparing him to the attractive bag of dicks.