I meant to do this at the end of June, but I got caught up in all the pride icons I was making!

Anyway, I’m starting monthly shout-outs! Winners of monthly shout-outs will be my four “biggest fans” for the month according to my Tumblr activity page (you know, that little thing under the graph). There’s no entry or raffle or choosing, I’m just shouting out followers who’ve been generous with their activity to me! Honestly, I’d like to thank everyone who follows me, because Tumblr actually kind of means a lot to me, probably more than it should. And it really validates me and my choice to be a digital art major every time someone likes or reblogs my edits/art. That’s why I want to give shout-outs every month! If I could, I’d give a shoutout to all of my followers individually, but I’d probably be sitting at my computer typing out names for way longer than I have the patience for (I have 0 patience). But anyways, thanks to everyone who’s supported my blog, my edits, and my art!

And without further ado, this month’s shout-outs go to:

I’m giving you each a graphics request of anything you want! So let me know what you want in my ask/submit!

From Sunnah is that when you invite someone to your place, you go out with him (to the door), until he leaves.
—  Ibn ‘Abbās RaḍiAllāhu-'Anhumā [بهجة المجالس ٣\٨٤]

Farewell Mr Yu.

He passed away age 76 and has apparently been sick for quite some time. He was known for his roles in many martial arts related films and dramas, including Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, Return of the Condor Heroes, and Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre.

I grew up watching him in Zhang Ji Zhong’s adaptations of Jin Yong’s wuxia novels.



Chinese  pre-cultural revolution records, with hits like  Drunken fisherman singing in the evening. You can find a huge 10 cd compilation of popular pre-cultural revolution Chinese songs on soulseek. Since I downloaded it DJ Shuffle makes me discover these baddies.

anonymous asked:

Ok so ya know how Tsukki is often seen with hus hands together when he's nervous and stuff? My mom always picks the skin on her hands so I was thinking what if Tsukki did that when he's nervous and it hurts his hands a lot so when Yama notices that Tsukki is nervous he'll make sure he holds his hands to stop him from picking at his skin.

Aww cute i know a guy who does that actually, happens to be gay too lmao