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It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes

This has been sitting in my brain for weeks now and eventually I’ll make a full fic out of it but… anyway here ya’ll go.

The last time Neil saw the love of his life was in 1854. 

They were crossing the Prussian border in Austria on horseback when highwaymen assaulted them. In hindsight, they were probably Reduciates, sent to eliminate the threat they posed to their brotherhood, but it wasn’t like they had much opportunity to ponder it at the time. Their intentions were clear enough: Kill Caiside and Bram both.

Those were their names back then. Neil had rather enjoyed being Caiside, even if looking Irish never did him any favors, and the lives where he was actually Irish were arguably worse.

The fight wasn’t long. It had only taken Caiside a moment to Create dozens of daggers above the highwaymen’s heads and let them plunge down, blade-first. But to Caiside’s surprise, the highwaymen weren’t, and they moved swiftly, dodging the blades and sending a hail of bullets their way before running off.

Caiside was going to smile, maybe make a joke, but the sound of Bram falling off his horse wipes any sense of accomplishment from his mind.

By the time Caiside reached Bram, the other man was already dead. Caiside held his body tight and cried. It had taken them so many years to find each other — and they were lucky, that it only took years — and now he was gone again. 

Caiside’s next move was obvious, of course. He only delayed long enough to release the horses from their packs, and then he was lying down next to Brams body, and gripped the cooling hand in his own.

And then he Created a stone slab thrice their collective size to crush them both.

It worked. Caiside’s death was quick and painless, and the next time he awakened, he was a small-time butcher in the French Alps.

And now here he is, four lives later. His name is Neil, though he was born as Nathaniel this time. He woke up six months ago, and he’s been searching for his love since. And now he’s found him.

And Neil has no idea what to do, because the love of his life has a goddamn identical twin, and he has no idea which one of them is his.

Okay I’m sorry, but how did “There is nothing going on between me and Marcus. I asked you to the dance because I wanted to come with you. I know you want to push people away, but I like you. I like you and there is nothing you can do to change that” followed by

into Pin saying “She made it pretty clear she’s not interested.” and Zoe making out with Marcus? 

Like I know that there was this whole “Last night was pretty crazy, I guess we weren’t ourselves.” conversation, but come on? That was just cute confusion. I’ve now watched this show twice, once alone and once with a friend, and she also remarked on how it felt like there’s a whole episode missing? 

Like when did Zoe develop feelings for Marcus? How are we supposed to even like him, when he behaved like a dick to her the second he heard she was going with Pin and we don’t even know what his personality is like? Why did her and Pin have eight episodes of build up just to be shoved under the rug like it had never happened in episode 10?

Youth // Jung Hoseok


the prompt: could you make a Prince Hoseok fanfic? It’d be nice if it were fluffy (Hobie’s been getting all up in my feels as of late) but I have nothing specific in mind. the au i based this scenario off of: i’m in an arranged marriage but i’m in love with the sibling help

words: 3056

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: hobi is always in my feels ngl. he’s just so happy and handsome and can we talk about the fact that hobi is the definition of husband material? my sister and i talk about that a lot. anyway, enjoy!

- destinee

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Ok. Here’s a cute thought! Imagine Sidon meeting Link’s horse for the first time. Honestly, I believe Zora don’t really see horses just for the fact that it’s downright impossible for one to wander near Zora’s domain because of the rocky paths being too steep to climb. He isn’t sure how to act around one and they’re big animals! Link would just laugh and show Sidon how to pet the mane and stroke its side. And then he dumps a whole lot of carrots and apples in Sidon’s arms and gestures for Sidon to feed the horse.

The horse can sense how nervous Sidon is and shows signs of its own nervousness, but it trusts Link and reaches for the closest apple it can find. Sidon watches apprehensively as the horse eats from his hands and after its finished with the apple, it goes for another apple, and then for a carrot…rinse and repeat. [[The horse takes after Link appetite wise, ok?]]

So he gets more and more comfortable and even reaches out to give gentle scratches behind the horse’s ears and just showers it in compliments. So after a few more meetings, the horse just LOVES Sidon and loves getting attention from him. It has a certain whinny it greets Sidon with and soon enough Sidon is relaxed enough to affectionately braid the horse’s mane and have brief conversations with it. “Oh, look at you. Link’s lucky to have such a brave steed to ride!”

Link just can’t help but to admire his fishman bf get along so swell with his sole animal companion and it’s a great feeling!

Another sketch of Karla

I decided to imagine how the Department of Fashion would design the uniform for the Equestrian team of Arlington Academy.

I wanna know what the other Equestrian scholars think about this uniform :3

I’m still not exactly sure how delirious I was on a lack of sleep that I thought this was a brilliant idea. I mean… horse. Horse with armor. Horse.

OK, OK, I’ll stop whining. I enjoyed it… in some… painful way. Dylas might be one of my favorite characters personality-wise, but his design… makes me… a little puzzled. Just a little.

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Hello! I love your Gaston stories. I was wondering if you'd do one where Gaston ends up getting cursed like the Beast did (or instead of the Beast) and the reader is his Belle? :)

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: I’m so glad you enjoy my Gaston stories, darling! I hope you enjoy your request as well <33


You were on your way to the neighbor village, trying to get some special fabric for your mother’s birthday next week. The journey with the horse was supposed to only take you an hour or so, but you had to ride through the woods and got lost about thirty minutes ago, still trying to find your way back to the path that would lead your way.

Or any path for that matter.

“Oh, Marié, I think we’re utterly lost,” you petted the head of your horse.

It would still be quite some time till darkness would set in though, so at least you didn’t have to worry about that for now.

You got off your horse and tied her reins to a nearby tree.

“Alright. Let’s see where we are,” you looked up a tree that should’ve been high enough for you to see which way to go.

You started your climb, as careful as possible, which was a little hard with a long dress, but you somehow managed.

You found your way to the crown of the tree that was overlooking the entire forest. With that, you now knew where to go. A proud smile set on your lips that quickly disappeared when you heard Marié neighing. Loudly at that. She was your horse since she was a foal, so at this point, you knew what sounds she made when she felt certain things. Right now, she felt fear.

“Marié?” you began your climb back down, a little rushed maybe, which was a bad idea, since you missed a branch and fell down. Only a few feet, but enough to hurt yourself.

Your horse was still there, at least that was a relief.

“Are you alright?” a voice asked. A deep voice.

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ok so i’ve seen a lot of ppl stressing over a supposed “dark end” in dream daddy, and i haven’ played the game, and i’m not sure i will, not because it doesn’t look good, but because dating sims really aren’t my thing, and i haven’t played one since my tweens, but two things:

it would be almost genre breaking not to have a super fucked up over the top bad ending, like i said my experience is limited, but that’s the reality of even the fluffiest of dating sims - i played one in an all-girls academy, fuck if i remember which one, but in the bad ending a cute innocent girl turned out to be a murderous vampire… or something, other than that all the bad endings were just you not getting together with the girls

two things:

the bad ending is usually hard to get, like Easter egg hard, like knock twice on a door in game at irl midnight or smth (unless it’s a super dark game, in which case the good ending is the hard one to get - that doesn’t seem to be the case with dream daddy)

or alternatively: a punishment for your assholery as a player, it might require you to be an unrelenting asshole to one or more characters, in that case you get the over the top bad ending because you had it coming.

also, there is no canon ending in dating sims, come on, don’t be dense. 

Every animate and inanimate thing is inhabited by a spirit. Human beings are spirits who have managed to implant themselves selves in bodies of flesh and blood, and it is the confining vessel of the human body that causes an indwelling spirit to take on the characteristics of personality that we recognize as human nature. Beasts, birds, fish, insects, trees, flowers, and bacteria are inhabited by their own controlling spirits. The limitations of the body tend to define the evolution of the spirit. The spirit in a tree is usually less complex and less interactive than the spirit in a horse because the senses and nervous system of a horse are more sophisticated than those of a tree. Even stones, fountains, rivers, hills, fields, and mountains have their own indwelling spirits, although the natural spirits of inanimate things do not interact with human beings. They appear to us to be asleep. A higher spirit with whom we can communicate sometimes will enter and dwell inside an inanimate object such as a stone, but they do so by possessing the object and displacing its simple natural spirit.
—  Donald Tyson. Familiar Spirits: A Practical Guide for Witches & Magicians (Kindle Locations 1077-1083). Kindle Edition. 

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for the microfic Coran and Lance cryopds

Coran was surprised when Lance offered to help him the next time the cryopods needed to be cleaned. After he was accidentally frozen in one on the day the ship went haywire, he had thought Lance would be more wary of the task. But when Coran asked, Lance shook his head and said something about getting back on the ol’ horse, which didn’t make sense to Coran. But a lot of Earth idioms didn’t make to sense to him, and he knew a lot of his Altean idioms didn’t make sense to the humans, either, so it was fair.

Once Lance started cleaning, though, he did seem very slow and was hesitant to step inside to get the inner surface. He looked around warily, checking to make sure no indicators were lit and no buttons were pressed, then finally turned and fixed Coran with a stare. “You gonna watch out for me, right?”

There was something steady there, almost steely. Something that made Coran stand at attention and nod with military precision. “Of course, paladin. I will not let anything happen to you.”

Lance seemed to accept that, his shoulders slumping. His grip firmed around the cloth in his hand, and he stepped into the pod. “Okay. This time, instead of you talking, I’m gonna talk, okay? And if my voice stops, you come and get me right away.”

“Of course,” Coran said gently. “Would you like to tell me more about Earth? Why don’t you tell me about the things you like to do with that…ah…ocean you mentioned?”

“Oh, sure.” Lance’s voice relaxed even more. “So yeah, there’s lots of things you can do on the ocean. You can swim, or surf, or take out all kinds of vehicles, or go sailing, or paddleboarding, or fishing, or scuba diving, or freediving…”

It went on for a long time. Coran listened as he cleaned, smiling at the sound of his paladin’s voice. It was a good voice. He would make very sure that it would never have need to go silent.

2,000 followers special! I am taking prompts for microfics for today only. Give me 2+ characters and a word, phrase, or situation, and I will write a minimum of three sentences.

Half-Dane pt.1

Halfdan X Reader ( Runa. It wouldn’t make sense to have a modern name)

During the siege of the great Heathen army, Halfdan, his brother and a few men happen upon your farm, where you are fighting for your life. 

Warnings: Violence, language, fluffish, attempted rape,Vikings, Halfdan and his sexiness. 

Hope everyone likes it, part two will be up really soon, I think Halfdan needs some loving. ;)

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You know what gets me down? When everyone always say lipizzaners are Austrian and god forbid I say no, they were originally bred in Slovenia just under their jurisdiction :( I also can't find any good sources in English that would provide some facts. Do you have anything up your sleeve?

The tl;dr of the matter is: breeds of horses are usually named according to where they are from; Lipica is in Slovenia and furthermore in the Slovene Lands (for both of which the adjective “Slovene/Slovenian” is both current and historically accurate); even though the area was — at the time the stud farm was established — part of Inner Austria, calling Lipica “Austrian” in the modern context would be inappropriate, since nowadays that adjective can in a neutral context only refer to the modern country of Austria, which decidedly does not include Lipica (however, in the appropriate context, the adjective “Austrian” — referring to the lands Austria historically encompassed, including the Slovene Lands — could very well be used). The most appropriate way to refer to the Lipizzaners would be to not use plain descriptors like “Austrian” or “Slovene” at all; they are a breed of horse “initially bred by and for the Habsburgs, originating in the Slovene Lands.”