folks wanted to see the botw Gladstone horse so here’s all of them (sorry for awful pictures I took on my phone ‘cause I ain’t got a nintendo account) :’D

Magica and Gladstone are the fastest shit alive istg, also if I ever catch that Royal white horse I’m calling it Donald but Donaldo was the first I caught so it’s gonna hurt to let him go…


natgeotravel Video @ladzinski // #sponsored by @djiglobal // Horses grazing at sunset on a flawless autumn day in interior #Iceland. /

Due to a congenital defect (a few malformed vertebrae) Artemis cannot move or feel her tail. Which means her balance is not great, but she also can’t tell if I’m holding onto her tail to help her 😉

The result is that she thinks she’s hot shit, and attempts daredevil moves like walking down my camera arm 😂