• audience:so are there like, any lgbt characters in the next series or something
  • moftiss:okay now look this isn't so easy okay, but just imagine having this grumpy bisexual character who tries to escape from his murderous wife and then this camp gay character like, imagine the story just happens to be not about their sexual preferences but about some dark shit and like, imagine that just theoretically, we repeat theoretically there is this show that just has these characters but allows you to discover the relationship between these queer characters slowly and gently without making it the sole purpose of the show, just, like, all the way through you see that it's just in the stars, this theoretical relationship, and you root for it, of course theoretically because we do not plan to introduce any lgbt characters. next question

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You don't know how much I laughed with these tags // #deedee magno hall #is a treasure honestly #and spends an amusing yet appropriate percentage of her panel bringing up rose quartz // But seriously though, I loved that. Pearl would be so proud.

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I love how she dodges a spoilery question about Lion by just launching into a very in-character “How? How is it possible? Rose tells me everything!”

No, she is hilarious and loves the show so much, it’s really a joy.

(Also I just remembered that one twitter convo between her and Susan Egan after she won the BTVA for best female lead for voicing Pearl. Island episode when? Pearl/Rose duet when???)

Prussia Reading Brothers Grimm ~ Official Art in Color [x]