anonymous asked:

I'd rather be a 'piece of shit' than be a fucked up ace freak like you. Long after every single variety of LGBT people are accepted, you freaks will still be invalid and not accepted. Being sexual is being human. You're not even deserving of the label 'human'. You're sad pathetic waste of space. I bet you're only ace because you're so fat and ugly and nasty that no one, male or female, would ever want to be near you. It's easier to say you're ace than to admit no one wants you.

lollll look at this vile creep I know there’s only two ways for ppl to bother hanging around you which’d be 1) they don’t know what nasty disgusting scum you are (they deserve better) and 2) they’re dirtstains like yourself

I know you’re trying to hurt me but I’m just disgusted like when u open a toilet stall and find a huge piece of shit. And amused you’re so pathetic? Did hearing you’re a piece of crap for viewing aces and aros this way make u angry? Obviously it did. Should I repeat it?

You’re a dirtstain and a piece of shit and it’s no wonder you get so angry at aces and aros bc we’re awesome while you’re vile.

(Though how did u know I’m secretly a vampire damn)