SLFL: Denver

Soundscheck Highlights: 

  • Michael has a cousin in Denver and he told a story about how he tried snowboarding and sucked so he doesn’t want to do it again.
  • They were asked what do they name their instruments. Calum: Nashville; Luke: calls them by collor. Ashton: Zeus; Michael: some japanese name.
  • Funniest thing they’ve done in Denver: Michael broke his tailbone skiing a few years ago; Luke likes the artistic stuff, pianos and 16th street; Calum didn’t do anything; Ashto ate weed chocolate.
  • What they do for inspiration: Michael reads writing prompts and looks in “weird corners of the internet”.  Ashton: touring is hard and not inspiring. 
  • Things they miss about Australia: Michael: Being comfortable with his surrounding. Calum: He’s content where he’s at. Luke: being able to speak with his Australian accent. Ashton: same as Calum because he likes traveling.
  • Michael said he spends a lot of time on Reddit and he talked about soul mate AU.
  • Calum described Ashton as “dedicated” and Luke as chair.
  • Luke described Calum as “dope”.
  • Ashton described Michael as “running” because he likes verbs more and Luke as “jumping”.
  • Calum lip synced to “Never gonna give you up”.

Songs they played:

  • Disconnected.
  • Girls talk boys.

Judy Chicago explains the plates transforming from completely flat designs (in the first historical section of the table) to sculptural (in the last section) as an allusion to the freedom women slowly gained (and sometimes lost) over time. The final plates, for Georgia O'Keeffe and Virginia Woolf, are very sculptural because Chicago felt it was the historical point, beginning in the 1920s, at which women developed their own visual and written language to describe the female experience. 

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Judy Chicago (American, born 1939). Virginia Woolf Place Setting from The Dinner Party, 1974-1979. Brooklyn Museum © artist or artist’s estate

thebubblestudy  asked:

hi hi, im pretty new to studyblr ive sent you an ask before, but tbh i kinda feel like if i wanna have a nice studyblr i should get that cute & pricey stationary. do you use any like cheap stuff like those under $1 notebooks, & do you have any recommendations for cute but cheap stuff?




i use the 17 cent spiral notebooks and generic notebook / graph filler paper that i bought from fred meyers last year during a huge back to school sale and i buy binders in a big pack from costco bc they’re cheaper. my plastic binder pocket tab dividers and folders were from walmart and my uniball signo 207 pens were from walmart too. i also buy 50 cent packs of index cards too. last year, costco had these ridiculously huge packs of pastel post-it notes and the price was so nice compared to the amount that they had so i bought them and i’ve barely used up the pack (that’s just how much is in it omg).

you do not need to have expensive stationery to be a good studyblr.

besides, some of the stationery hyped by the studyblr community isn’t that great either. i really don’t like the staedtler triplus fineliners and i think that they were a waste of my money, so i gave mine away to my sister. and i’m not so sure that i’m completely on the pilot juice pen hype and i don’t like the stabilo 88, micron, and unipin pens either.


My mum’s friend came back from Japan and gave me the Mildliners that I’ve been wanting for ages 😁😁 I’m so excited to start using them properly - I’ve given them a test and they’re so aesthetically pleasing, I’ve been looking at the colours in my page made by these highlighters for the past couple of minutes 😍

Definitely some motivation to do more revision now 😁

rhett mclaughlin quotes from today’s gmmore: 

- “you and your tasting humans” 
- “to disipate something, maybe. when i’ve done a dutch oven” 
- “now i’ve also got cardamom, which is what they do when one of those girls from 16 and pregnant goes to the club HAHAHAAAA” 
- “hold on real quick…hey guys..what do they do when that 16 and pregnant girl goes back to the club next week? they cardigan” 
- “that was so good rhett!”
- “well we’RE FREAKING DADS. GET OVER IT. GOSH. your little..little pre- pre-pubescent friends making jokes? they’re not as funny as this.”
- “ what percentage cacao is this?”
- “well…you might wanna talk to your wife”
- “i become one with my animal every morning” 

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