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sorry, been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack because I went on a showtune binge to find things for Gabriel. it turned into art that is far from original but Y’KNOW WHAT fuckit if it fits then it fits.

Egypt is the oldest continuously documented civilization on the African continent, and our collection, begun in 1902, tells the story of its art from its earliest known origins until the Roman period. The galleries for this unparalleled collection have been reorganized and reinstalled to help tell this story.

Nubia (modern Sudan), Egypt’s nearest neighbor in Africa, was distinct from Egypt in its language and way of life, though many Nubians assimilated into Egyptian culture and thus became Egyptian. Egyptians of Nubian origin fully participated in Egyptian society at all levels. They were kings and queens, high officials, priests, and peasants. But Ancient Egyptians regarded Nubians still living in the area south of Egypt as foreign enemies. This relief perhaps represents King Taharqa, one of a line of kings that ruled Egypt in dynasty 25 who had Nubian origins in the Kingdom of Kush.

Visit our reorganized and refreshed Ancient Egyptian Art galleries to take in over 4,000 years of astonishing objects from this ancient multicultural society.


#inspired !! 🔳🔲 I didn’t see any black highlight examples that I liked, so I tried it myself with what I already had! If you want to try it - it looks mildly excusable when applied super solid, right on top of the cheek bones, and blended to the temples & lower lash line. It will give your eyes a “downcast” appearance. I do not recommend “highlighting” your upper lip, nose, jaw or forehead when using “black highlight.” You 100% can if that’s what you’re going for but, if you wanna keep it “pretty-ish” stick to the cheeks! 🔲 I used- @nyxcosmetics black bean jumbo eyeshadow pencil, @milanicosmetics Brow & Eye highlighters pencil, @solalook Flashdance eyeshadow palette/Maniac & Alex shades, @urbandecaycosmetics Sin afterglow highlighter , Lure 24/7 velvet pencil & Cuff razor sharp liquid liner, #solalookxdepechegurl liquid lipstick and @sugarpill Soot & Stars eyeshadow ! 🔲🔳 #makeup #makeupvideo #makeuptutorial #blackhighlight #honestreview #highlight #nyx #nyxcosmetics #milani #milanicosmetics #urbandecay #solalook #flashdance #sugarpill #hyperlapse #queenofblending (at City of Pasadena)

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