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For @inutilidadesbytamara who requested:  1. I’m not here to win any popularity contest – Hank/Stella 

This will be part 3 in my Hank/Stella universe.  For the other anons who have made Hank/Stella requests, they will be fulfilled after The Fall ends.  This just happened to fit within my view of how I want this universe to play out. 

Part 1 can be found here: The Adventure of The Lady Detective and The Writer

Part 2 can be found here: Welcome to LA

Stella loitered in doorway of the front reception area of the precinct to wait for her ride to the hotel.  Her mind was swirling with all the records she would need to review, and as quickly as possible.  Despite what Jim wanted, she felt strongly that there was a connection between the murders and she was determined to find the pattern.

Her phone rang and she set her briefcase down to fish it out of the pocket of her overcoat.  Her thumb hesitated over the answer button, but she connected the call despite her misgivings.

“Gibson,” she said, quietly.

“Long time, Sherlock,” was the answer.  “Remember me?”

“Yes, Hank, it has.”  She took a glance down at the busy hall and picked up her briefcase to move deeper into the empty reception room.  “Well over a year, I believe.”

“I had a change of status in my life, and then another.  I hope you won’t hold it against me.”

“What sort of a change of status?”

“Karen and I tried to make another go of it and as usual, our lofty intentions can’t compete with reality.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay, I think we’ve resolved our issues and for once, can move on.”

“I see.”

“I’m in New York now.  I’ve been thinking about you a lot, Sherlock.”

She gazed out the window overlooking the street and watched cars drive by.  “I read your book,” she admitted.

“Then I don’t think you need to be a detective to know who I have unresolved issues now.”

Stella took a calming breath, even as she nervously flicked her hair out of her face and over her shoulder.  This was not a distraction she needed at this time.

“I’ve been thinking of coming to London,” Hank said.

“I’m not in London right now,” she answered.

“Oh.  Have you had a change of status I should know about, Sherlock?”

“No, nothing of that sort.  It’s for work.”

“Top secret, double-oh-seven type shit?”

She had to give a small chuckle at that and she scuffed the ground with her toe.  “I believe you have a misconception of what I do.  Not every officer of the law is of her majesty’s secret service.”

“I’m a writer, I have an inherent need to embellish.  I’m also very confident if you ever wanted to exchange the trademark Deerstalker for a martini, shaken, not stirred, you would kick some serious ass.”

Stella smiled and rubbed the lanyard between her fingers where it clipped to her badge.  “I appreciate the vote of confidence,” she said.  “Until then, I will have to be content to audit files and manage cases.”

“Uh oh, nobody likes an auditor.”

“Well, I’m not here to win any popularity contest, I’m here to solve a murder.”

“I should let you go, then?”

“Yes, I should probably…” she paused, flicking her hair out of her face again.  “Presently, I’m unavailable, but I’ve a flat in London now.  Obviously I’ll be back at some point.”

“And then will you call me?”

PC Ferrington knocked on the side of the doorway to announce her presence and Stella held her finger up to indicate she’d be just another moment.

“It might be a few weeks,” Stella said.  Possibly even months.”

“I’ll be around,” Hank answered.

“I’ll call.”



“Good luck with your case.”

“Thank you.”

Stella disconnected the call and slipped her phone back into her pocket.  She picked up her briefcase and followed Ferrington out to the squad car where her partner, PC Stone was waiting.

Hank Moody was not far from her mind.  She had spent many nights reliving the three days she spent with him in LA, just as she’d spent many nights thinking about their hour in a London hotel room.  No one had got under her skin the way he had.  She would love nothing more than to invite him to Belfast and into her bed once more, but she didn’t have the kind of time she wanted to take with him and the case must come first.

She was so engrossed in thoughts of him, her mind played a cruel trick when she thought she saw him shrugging on his leather jacket in the midst of a crime scene.  For a split second, she was convinced it was him, the height was close, the hair and the coloring were close enough.  But, it wasn’t him.

“Who is that?” she asked Ferrington.

“James Olson, Detective Sergeant,” she said.

It only took a few moments consideration.  “Introduce us,” she said.

The End

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He was at Omnia last night. I won't survive if he pops out in Austin. It's not happening so I'll still be here.

*starts playing piano version*

“ladies and gentlemen, Calvin Harris!”

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Still not admitting that Jos Truit is more influential in saying that "abortion is not a women's issue" than some irrelevant faab trans person on tumblr, huh.

This t**f has sent me no less than 3 messages within the span of like 24 hour hours demanding that I explain Truit’s abortion praxis and then insulting me w. messages like 

wow, NOT surprised you ignored my ask about Jos Truit and everything else! mtfs like you are such absolute GARBAGE to blame your politics on faab trans people even as you encourage them to embrace your politics! “no mtf wants to degender abortion, it was all the faab trans people’s fault!” you’re such a liar and a manipulative bastard

Like. There’s a couple of things to say here.

1) Like, sorry lady but I have a life. I can’t just sit at a computer in East Lansing (yes, I keep track of my traffic/messages) doing basically nothing but sexually harassing trans women and feeling entitled to their time. I have a job, and I was vising someone in fucking jail yesterday.

2) I’m not obligated to talk to anyone who just spends the entire time insulting me, and also like sexually harasses me/ wants me to be dead. Surprisingly, I’m not super incentivized to respond to that.

3) Yr entitlement to my time and energy (and discussions of my body/sexuality) is basically indistinguishable from how men come at me, which is kinda awkward and ironic. 

4) I’ve talked abt this before, and like, tbh Jos’ entire argument is premised from being in alliance with the things that trans men and cafab nonbinary people have asked. She didn’t come up w that position out of thin air; she was saying that in the context of trans men and cafab trans people demanding the de-gendering of reproductive health, along with the language of other institutions, such as women’s colleges. I think it’s disingenuous to act like she is talking in a vacuum or started this conversation, or that it’s not coming up specifically because of cafab trans people’s dysphoria (which I thought t**fs were down with now?)

5) I’m actually really uninterested in yr opinion of Jos’ abortion politics until  you can prove to me that you have done as much for reproductive rights as she has (including being an abortion escort)

6) I’m not Jos, and I don’t agree w her on everything. in fact, I disagree w her on multiple things, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually talked abt her on this blog. Trans women aren’t a hivemind who are responsible for each other’s opinions. Just like… women in general lol.

7) like, seriously, get a hobby that isn’t sexually harassing and being a general asshole to people.

“Sparrow, my name is Sparrow.” She smiles at him “Well Sparrow, what is a pretty lady like you doing here today?” Sparrow looks away blushing before looking back at him “I guess you would say that I am the co-host of this party ha.. Say I don’t remember you being on the guest list?” Oh shit she knows… “You must be one of Jakes friends!” Wesley pulls at the collar of his shirt before nodding enthusiastically “Ha yep! Me and Jake go waay back.” Who the fuck is Jake?? “Well what’s your name Mr. Jake’s really old friend?” Wes smirks at her believing that he has pulled it off “Wesley, but you can call me Wes.” he winks at her. “Well Wes it was nice to meet you.”

Trapped (SLBP Kirigakure Saizo/MC) Part 13

A/N: This fic will have instances of violence and sexual assault. If that makes you uncomfortable, please do not read. Chapters describing sexual assault will have trigger warnings in the beginning, but I won’t put trigger warnings for violence. 

I totally forgot to post this earlier, sorry about the wait ^^;;


Your door slammed open with a force and a young man with messy hair stepped inside and walked hastily towards you,

“Hey, prisoner-girl! I heard lady Saki has been here to see you!”

You froze. Your first instinct had been to try to slow the man down and run away, but you had realised that without a proper escape plan or clear idea of your surroundings you would only get yourself killed.

“Say something…?” The man reached for your arm and you tried to pull away, but you had already backed yourself into the wall. You screamed and twisted your arm to free it, kicked the man in the shin and shoved the book in his face as hard as you could. The man fell down yelling and he crashed on top of a table sending the tray that had been there flying, dishes breaking in the floor. You grabbed another book and ran to the other end of the small room, pressing your back against the wall.

You felt absolutely terrified. Your breath came in short panicked gasps and you tried to figure out if you could use something else as a weapon when you heard running and shouting from the hallway and you tried to look at the door and at the young man at the same time, your eyes darting desperately between the two.

“____! Are you okay?!” you heard a shout and saw someone at the doorway stepping inside and coming towards you.

“Don’t touch! Don’t come any closer!” you screamed desperately your voice breaking and you backed yourself into a corner, trying to keep yourself upright despite your legs trembling so hard you thought you could fall down any moment.

“What is wrong with you, you loud-mouthed moron?! I told you not to come here!” Your eyes darted at lord Mitsunari, who was yelling at the young man while he pulled him up from his collar and shoved him out from the door. He turned to look at you with a deep frown on his face and you flinched back squeezing the book tighter in your hand. Your eyes darted back to lord Hideyoshi, who was standing couple steps away from you a troubled look on his face.

Your legs finally gave in and you slid to floor your whole body shaking. Lord Hideyoshi kneeled and reached slowly to take the book from your hand, but you had squeezed your fingers so tightly at the back of the book he had to pry your fingers open one by one.

“___. Are you hurt?” lord Hideyoshi asked slowly looking at you.

“No, I’m fine, I’m not hurt. I’ll be fine. In a moment. Just… give me a moment. I’ll be fine…” you babbled and hugged your feet rocking yourself slightly trying to calm yourself down. Tears started to stream down your face and you muffled a sob that tried to escape your lips, “Please don’t kill me. I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt him… I didn’t leave, I stayed right here where I was supposed to. I’m so sorry…”

Your thoughts raced in your head as you listened to the voices in the hallway,

“I didn’t know she was a basket case…”

“Haha, Sakon, your nose is bleeding…”

“Just how desperate were you…”

“The girl is totally bonkers…”

“I hate you so much right now…”

No! You were not crazy! That was impossible! You pressed your head to your knees and placed your hands around your head, trying to keep the voices outside. You weren’t going crazy, no, that was not happening. You could handle this. Everything was going to be fine. Just fine.

“I’m not going to kill you, you did nothing wrong. Sakon was not supposed to come here. What did he even want?” lord Hideyoshi asked calmly. You lifted your gaze and looked at lord Hideyoshi for a few moments before you answered,

“I… I think he was asking about lady Saki… I’m sorry. I’m causing so much trouble… It’s all my fault…”

“You are not causing trouble, this was not your fault.” Lord Hideyoshi interrupted you sternly, “Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked awkwardly after silence between you two had grown slightly uncomfortable. You shook your head and buried your face in your knees again. Lord Hideyoshi stood up slowly and walked to the door, “I’ll leave now. I’m going to ask if Saki would like to join you, would that calm you down?”

You looked at lord Hideyoshi surprised, but then you nodded, “Y-yes, I would like that…”

You were left with your thoughts when you heard your door open. You jumped to your feet cursing yourself for not listening to the sounds from the hallway. You had thought that was already a habit at this point, how could you have missed something like that?

“I’m sorry to disturb you, ____.” lady Saki said as she stepped in the room. You felt instantly relieved and you slumped back to the floor. Lady Saki tiptoed her way around the broken dishes to your side and sat down next to you.

“How are you feeling?” lady Saki asked after you had sat in a silence for a while. The question made all your emotions come back to the surface and you threw yourself on lady Saki’s lap crying and sobbing aloud. After a while she started to stroke your hair hushing you, telling everything was going to be all right. Slowly you calmed down and fell asleep your head still on lady Saki’s lap.

When you woke up in the morning you smelled the clothing that was against your cheek. The kimono smelled like old books, you liked the smell, but it wasn’t the smell you were missing. Saizo…

Then you realised who the kimono belonged to and rose up waking lady Saki up.

“I’m so sorry lady Saki, I didn’t mean to fall asleep on your lap!” you said as she was yawning and massaging her eyes. She looked confused for a moment but then she smiled at you,

“It’s okay, ____. I’m glad I could make you feel better.” she said softly. She looked around in the room and you followed her gaze to the broken up dishes on the floor. Your heart sank as you looked at the pieces on the floor,

“Do you think he’ll come back, milady?” you asked.

“No. Sakon got a good lecture yesterday.” lady Saki said and you looked at her surprised, “or so I heard…” she continued quickly. Then she smiled, “Let’s clean this up and then I’ll get us some breakfast. I can stay with you a little while but then I have to go.”

You cleaned the broken dishes quickly and ate breakfast. Lady Saki looked at your hair and started brushing it gently. You enjoyed her slightly awkward touch and closed your eyes, resting your cheek on your knees.

“My husband liked to brush my hair. He didn’t have time to do it every day, but I liked it when he did.”

Lady Saki stopped brushing your hair and looked at you carefully,

“Why are you talking about your husband like he was dead?”

“Because he might be. I never knew when was the last time I’d see him.” you confessed, picking the broken hairpin from your sleeve.

“Such is the life of samurai, you never know what battle will be your last.” lady Saki said seriously.

“But he is not a samurai. He is… ill. Every time I see him could be the last. I just wish… I wish I could have seen him one last time… Told him once more I… loved him…” you buried your face to your knees tears burning behind your eyelids. Suddenly you were wrapped in a gentle but little awkward embrace and lady Saki stroked your hair,

“I’m so sorry… about everything…” she whispered and let you stay in her arms until you had no more tears left.


You woke up at a soft poke on your side and sat up confused.

“Answer quickly and quietly, and I might let you live. Who are you, and why did you betray lord Shingen?” you heard a cold quiet voice ask from the darkness as a cold blade was pressed to your throat.


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I'm dying here! How do you honestly feel about Lady E?!

Fuck it, time to unleash the cat out of the bag I guess. You have to excuse me because my emotions are sometimes really hard to express.

It’s that dumb type of feeling where you finally get with your high school crush, when holding her hand gives you that butterfly rush.

It’s that stupid type of puppy love, cuddling up close and exchangin kisses, sharing ice cream while you both gaze at the stars above.

Sex is a question, but it’s never the immediate answer. In fact, sex never has to come in to the equation because I’d be alright, and as an addict I’m really proud of myself for admitting this.

I’d forgot to utilise the party den/dungeon until now. Here’s this lovely lady falling unconscious in out Bradbert’s sweet crib, the door locked tightly behind her. Apprently she’s married to one of the baby mamas. Hope I’m not wasting my time here and she croaks of something else before old age.


There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


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“I’m on the battlefield, Knocking soldiers down like house of cards, I’m a one woman army, Yes, I’m a one woman army

‘One Woman Army’ by Porcelain Black

[EDIT: Since people keep asking, here’s the full list of characters included:]

1. Ellen Ripley, Aliens. 2. Xena, Xena Warrior Princess

3. Wonder Woman, Batman V. Superman:DOJ 4. Rey, Star Wars: TFA

5. Michonne, The Walking Dead 6. Sarah Connor, Terminator 2:JD

7. Lagertha, Vikings 8. Hua Mulan, Mulan: Rise of a Warrior

9. Danerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones 10. Zen, Chocolate

11. Imperator Furiosa, Mad Max Fury Road 12. Kara Danvers, Supergirl

13. Charlie’s Angels 14. Commander Lexa, The 100

15. The Landlady, Kung Fu Hustle 16. Peggy Carter, Agent Carter

17. Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises 18. Coffy

19. Leeloo, The Fifth Element  20. Psylocke, XMen Apocalypse

21. Baby Doll & Crew, Sucker Punch 22. Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill

23. Tauriel, The Hobbit   24. Xiao Mei, House of Flying Daggers

25. Mako Mori, Pacific Rim  26. Hanna

27. Tank Girl   28. Black Canary & Speedy, Arrow

29. Nikita, La Femme Nikita  30. Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

31. Sarah Manning, Orphan Black  32. Black Widow, MCU

33. Lisbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  34. Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Deadpool

35. Selene, Underworld 36. Trinity, The Matrix

37. Yuki Kashima, Lady Snowblood 38. Elektra, Daredevil

39. Hermoine, Harry Potter  40. Mikasa, Attack on Titan

41. Azumi, Azumi 42. Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad

43. Wynonna Earp,  Wynonna Earp  44. Lois Lane, Man of Steel

45. Jyn Erso, Rogue One 46. Dana Skully, The X-Files

47. Tulip O'Hare, Preacher 48. Katana, Suicide Squad

49. Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad  50. Yu Shu Lien, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

51. Geum-ja Lee, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 52. Ma-ma, Dredd

53. River Tam, Firefly/Serenity 54. Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones

55. Clarice Starling, Silence of the Lambs  56. Rita Vrataski, Edge of Tomorrow.