'here comes the crimson chin'


IMDB BLURB: Having relocated to a vivacious amusement resort in Coney Island, The Phantom of the Paris Opera House uses a pseudonym to invite renowned soprano Christine Daaé to perform. She and her husband Raoul have no idea what lies in store.

WARNINGS: Mutha fuckin’ SPACE EELS. Ben Lewis is an anaconda. There is a murder in the film but there is literally no blood. Attempted suicide. Love angles abound. 

RATING: My anaconda don’t want none unless you got a son, hon.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: All reviews are done solely for humor and should not be taken seriously ever. If you cannot handle cursing, crude humor and probably some offensive things, pls do not read this.

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hulksdontdoweak  asked:

I can hear it now in my head. The theme song for Booster Gold. "Here comes! The Crimson Chin!!!". Booster "Bronze Kneecap" Gold, at your future service.

this is me actually writing down a price for this blog.