BTS Getting High

Rap mon: *zoning out* man, have you ever like thought about how the bees like live you know? Like their life span is only 3days. Like wow man…

Jin: I *hehehe* I think *hehehehehe* I think I might be Rapunzel *hehehehehehe* frying pans *HAHAHAHAHAHA*

Suga: just shut up and pass so I can take a hit *starts dancing to trap music*

Jhope: *lays down spread eagle, staring at the ceiling* woah.

Jimin: *smiling and giggling the whole time* yeah. *huehuehuehuehue* mhm. *hehehe*

Taehyung: guys, watch I can fly. *arms out spinning in circles then stands on one foot*

Jungkook: guys I’ve seen this on the Internet. Watch I’m a bird. *feet pumping in place really fast* 🎶Ireumeun jungkook seukeireun jeonguk🎶


Jeon Jungkook… will aegyo for food.

beestiels asked:

ok but imagine college student punk!cas who needs to do some kind of volunteer work or something for one of his classes (lbr the details don't matter) and so he picks working on a farm bc like he's all like "animals r cool i guess whatever" and he ends up on a farm with a lot of wool sheep where he meets farmer!dean who's around 10 years or so older than him and idk B Y E

one of the little lambs basically adopts cas and follows him everywhere and barely ever leaves him alone and dean jokes that cas can never leave now or he’s gonna break little luke sheepwalker’s heart


Look at these cuties ~ trying to figure out the specific part of the Breaking News choreo the fan was talking about….lol 

SHINee Special ~ Boys Meet U