'he's strong and kind'

Dallas Winston's Childhood Headcanons

* Was in a more playful gang (like the Curtis gang)
* Referred to the gang members as his brothers and sister.
* There was a rule in his house that his parents weren’t allowed to argue or fight if he was coloring so he did it all the time.
* He got tons of coloring books and colored pencils for his birthday
* He once had a crush on one of the older gang members.
* They were a-okay with him giving them cheek kisses.
* He called cheek kisses face kisses
* Dally needs glasses but when he was younger he couldn’t afford any so he had to use his dads (that were kind of too strong)
* He has some now but he doesn’t wear them because people used to pick on him for them.
* Was a straight A student and was devastated when he got a C
* The first time he actually went to Juvenile Correction Facility wasn’t his fault.
* He was covering for one of the gang members and did it all the time
* He wasn’t treated well there because he was a hood
* It’s part of the reason he’s so hard now.
* Another reason he’s such a hard ass now is because he showed too much emotion in New York and was sent to an asylum (you’d be surprised what would land you there back then)
* In the asylum one of the nurses tried an experiment on him because he was scared of the electroshock therapy.
* She played a clip of lightning in front of him every time he was shocked.
* Because of her he is now scared of lightning.
* His old gang would always let him sleep with them when it stormed.
* He has one of the girls jackets and obviously it doesn’t fit anymore but somehow it still smells like her

phone: welcome to dominos pizzas what can i get for you?

melania: hello

phone: … hi, what can i get for you?

melania: he’s strong he’s passionate, he’s kind he’s a gentleman. he love his counthry. he’s boy talk. he is telling the truth. he is telling the truth

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i'm seeing jensen hate going around as usual and it's making me oh so sad :((( jensen is so beautiful inside and out, do you mind talking about the perfectness that is jensen ackles pls?

oh gosh, I can talk about the perfectness that is Jensen Ackles forever and ever and ever and ever ❤

Jensen Ackles is amazing. I mean, he’s so incredibly amazing.

He’s been the most beautiful person since the moment he was born, so heartachingly beautiful

and he’s grown up to be even more beautiful than anyone could have ever dreamed

and even when he should have been going through the incredibly awkward moments of adolescence that all of us normal humans went through, he was still perfectly beautiful

but not only is he beautiful, he’s so freaking talented

he’s a magnificent actor

and director

he’s so so so so good, and he deserves so much recognition for how good he is

he’s not only beautiful and talented though, he’s athletic and strong

and he’s kind

and so very soft

and he’s an amazing friend

and he’s so supportive

and even though he’s shy and reserved, a lot more than a lot of the people he is around every day, he still goes out of his way to make fans smile

and oh his smile

and he loves coffee (trust me, that’s a sign of a good person)

and he simply loveslovesloves

he’s overcome stage fright right in front of us

and sings for us, sings so incredibly

and plays guitar

and he’s just…..he’s perfect

and he doesn’t think he is because he’s too humble to think so

Jensen Ackles is so wonderful, so so so so so wonderful

and we are so lucky and undeserving of him

but he’s still here, for us and for Sam and Dean and for Jared

and I’m so grateful and in awe that a person as amazing as him exists

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love shiro, we know, you love shiro so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love shiro, we KNOW , you love shiro you fucking love shiro ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE SHIRO. WE GET IT.

so when some dude with a beard puts on flannel and chops a tree down, hes some kind of strong sensual alpha male. ok what about when a woman puts on flannel and like, i dont know, saws a plank of wood in half or something, and shes faintly sweaty and not wearing a bra, and her hands are calloused and like, i dont know, shes got a 1980s lesbian haircut and a big and tough but friendly dog named “buster” and a scar on her right shoulder and you’re in a pine forest also. wheres the candle for that. thats the kind of shit i like to think about when i’m in the bath. you’re missing out on a valuable market here, yankee candle

It’s not that Enjolras hates Christmas, he just hates capitalism and the holiday trap it sets on society. He’s not a huge fan of the Christian aspect or the religious erasure either, if he’s being really honest.

But the holiday cheer, now that’s something he can get behind.

He’ll go out of his way to make sure his friends have an amazing holiday season. He’ll cook them dinner and host their annual party. He’ll treat his friends to their morning coffee or spend a day with them and show his friendship by doing things they like. He’ll knit them hats and scarves.

However, he never buys anything commercialized. He doesn’t go out of his way to pay for the capitalist vacuum that has solidly claimed the month of December.

Except the one time he does. It’s a very strong internal debate of the capitalist kind, but he buys Grantaire a ring.

And when he sees the band on his fiance’s finger every day after that, he can’t help but think that for his first Christmas gift, it’s well picked.

‘Don’t fucking touch Craig, you asshole, only I can do that!’

Have an tiny angry Tweek protecting his tall boyfriend. Craig’s in the state of confusion of whether he should be really proud of his bf or kind of scared that he forgets how strong Tweek is- and Tweek’s just gonna fight you cause you hurt Craig- idk I was bored and wanted to do more FBW since we have to wait til spring… ;w;

Windows to the Soul - Shiro x Reader

Prompt: Do you think you could write a Shiro imagine where he’s still having trouble remembering everything that happened on the Galra ship until he remembers a girl (the reader) that was captured with him and remembers having feeling of strong emotions around her, though he isn’t sure what kind of emotions those are until they attack a Galra ship (the one with her on it) and sees her again. Thanks! (You can decide what those feelings were ;)


That’s all that Shiro can remember of you.

Bright, beautiful eyes that always seemed to look at him with a degree of warmth no matter how dire the situation was. Those eyes haunted him at night. When Shiro was able to fall asleep he dreamed of those warm gentle eyes. He didn’t know where he knew them from but all he knew was that they felt all too familiar. You eyes called out to him in his dreams but it bothered him that he couldn’t remember anything else about you.

Subconsciously, Shiro was always searching for those eyes on his journeys through space but his search always came up empty. It wasn’t until he saw your eyes in a recently liberated Galra work outpost that he was flooded with memories.

“[Y/N].” He breathed. He wasn’t sure how he knew that name but all he knew was just how natural it felt leaving his lips. You looked up at him when he said your name. His eyes immediately fixated on yours as they transformed from defeated and lifeless to the warm sparkling eyes he was somehow intimately familiar with.

“Shiro? You came back for me!” You cried, throwing your arms around his neck. The force of your embrace knocked you both to the ground. You grabbed Shiro’s face and peppered him with quick kisses.

“I said I would wouldn’t I?” He replied, visions of you being pulled away as he was thrown into his cell with the other gladiators. His foggy memory remembers calling out to you vowing that he would find you again, no matter what. The last image he had of you was your mournful but yet still fiercely determined eyes.

“After all this time I thought for sure …” You trailed off, not able to voice the rest of your dark thought.

“I’m here now. You’re safe.” Shiro reassured, gently smoothing down your hair. He desperately roamed his eyes across every inch of your face to memorize every line and curve. He never wanted to forget you ever again.

“Are we going home, Shiro?” You asked, breaking him out of his concentration.

“Not quite yet, but soon. I promise.” Shiro promised. Shiro pulled the two of you to your feet and held his hand out to you invitingly. “Come with me, [Y/N]. There are some people I’d like for you to meet.”

You took his hand and never looked back.

Minhyuk is so thoughtful and cheerful even when he doesn’t have to be and he’s always helping the other members and showing affection for them and trying to pick them up when they’re down and both wonho and shownu have expressed that they lean on him a lot and find comfort in his words and he’s always trying to clarify what is being said in a way that’s easy to digest like when wonho broke down crying on the v app and he explained the situation calmly and honestly and sincerely for fans and he’s so genuinely caring like he said before he was worried he would have to be bright all the time but also mentioned that being a source of happiness for other ppl makes him feel happy too and I’ve heard so many ppl say that minhyuk wasn’t needed but i honest 2 god can’t imagine the group without him he’s seriously so supportive and kind and strong and he’s the glue of the group tbh

Gentle Love of Mine

Dean swears too much. He laughs too loud and he eats enough for two grown men. His hands are calloused and rough, and the smile he gives women are charming yet practiced. He has been in too many fights, too many brawls - and he treats his sleek black car better than he treats some people. He is strong enough to crawl out of his own grave. He is strong enough to speak his own mind. He is not strong enough to let his brother go. But he is gentle and kind, and he is great with children. He may not be the fastest reader but he has read Vonnegut and the Bible. He may not be good at talking about feelings, but he listens.

And Castiel loves him.

Dean drinks too much. He drowns his sorrows in liquor like his impala guzzles gasoline. He listens to classic rock and he sings along with a smile. A real smile. One that reaches his eyes and makes the corners crinkle. He is also tone deaf. He pretends he hates hugs and he pretends he hates shorts. He does hate running, though he is faster than his brother who jogs every morning. He likes his coffee black and he will mock anyone who doesn’t, but he will still make everyone a mug just how they like it without being asked. He likes killing monsters. He loves the feeling of slicing a vampires head off - it gives him an adrenaline rush. But sometimes he will lay alone at night wondering what that makes him.

And Castiel loves him.

Dean hurts too much. There’s a constant ache in his chest, and sometimes Dean can’t breathe. He doesn’t talk about it, but Castiel knows. He yells at Castiel, says he doesn’t know anything. He threatens to kick him out again with hard lines set to his jaw, but there’s a sadness that softens the glare in his eyes. He stays up late with Sam researching for the new case in Utah or Ontario or Sioux Falls or where ever it may be. And sometimes in the early hours of the morning, well after he has bid Sam goodnight, he ends up in Castiel’s room. He tells Castiel he doesn’t know why he is in there, and he lowers his eyes in shame because he knows he can’t keep doing this. But Castiel takes his hands and welcomes him into the bed with what Dean refuses to call cuddling.

Dean kisses gently. Out in the hunting world Dean Winchester is a man to be feared. In the safety and comfort of Castiel’s bed, Dean is free to be himself. Castiel makes love to him, like he does most nights when Dean crawls into bed with him. He touches Dean the way he likes and smiles against Dean’s neck when he quietly moans. Dean tucks his tongue into the corner of his mouth and lets out soft breathy noises when he comes. Sometimes, after sex, he cries. He tries not to let Castiel see by pressing his face into the pillow. Castiel wraps himself around Dean and whispers it’s okay you’re okay and they tangle their legs together and Dean kisses Castiel’s throat before they fall asleep.

Dean tries to tell Castiel how he feels. When he thinks Castiel is asleep he will stroke his hair away from his face and kiss his forehead. He will say you know, right? You gotta know by now, Cas. How I - how I feel about this, about you. You gotta know. And maybe Dean will never say those three words out loud, but he says it in the morning with his eyes when he watches Castiel wake up. He says it with his quiet smile. He says it with his hands. With his touch.

And Castiel knows.

And Castiel loves him.

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Shiro Relationship headcannons

  • Shiro can get super protective of you(he’s the dad friend in platonic relationships, how do you think he’d be in a romantic relationship?).
    • He’s even just picked you up before(’cause he is a strong hunk of man meat)and just kind of walked away when he feels your uncomfortable.
  • He’s probably the type of guy to get you necessities and randomly dropping them in your room.
    • Sometimes he’ll leave little notes with them. You save them and keep them in one of your books.
  • When you both started dating Shiro tried to avoid touching you with his robotic arm.
    • Later on in the relationship he gets more comfortable using his robotic arm to hold you. It took you quite a few tries to convince him to use his robotic arm
      • He kept on pointing out that he’s used his arm to break bones and that he shouldn’t be touching you with the same ligament.  
      • His urging didn’t dissuade you and he eventually caved.
  • You always get really worried when the Team goes on harder missions and helps Allura and Coran with the communication and other tasks.
  • During the first few weeks of dating you both tried to keep it on the down low until Lance decided to flirt with you.
    • “Hey y/n!”
    • “Hi, Lance”
    • “Do you think you could help me with this phone, it has a problem.”
    • “Uh, sure! What’s wrong with it?”
    • “It doesn’t have your number in it.”
    • “…”
    • “So, I was wondering if you wanted to go do something?”
    • “I’m actually kind of dating Shiro.”
    • “Are you just saying that, or are you actually…”
    • “Yeah..”
  • You and Allura always gossip about the stupid things the Paladins do and sometimes Coran joins in the gossiping.
  • That boy loves having his hair played with. Sometimes if you’re just laying with his head in your lap he’ll nudge his head into your stomach to get you to rub his head.
  • You’ve joked on multiple occasions that he’s your ‘Flower Crown Baby’ and the joke’s even gone far enough to get Shiro to bring back a flower crown made with flowers from an alien planet.
    • The flowers ended up glowing in the dark and then released some pheromones that made Coran believe he was a cat, but that’s not important.

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i am an awkward trans boy and i realize that we both named ourselves after one of our fave characters,,,,u named urself after billy kaplan and i named myself after percy jackson *nyooms away*

I’m so here for trans boys naming themselves after their favorite fictional character


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Since I haven’t seen one single thing about Alberto as Simon in the sneak peek today, I’m gonna fucking make a post. Simon Lewis was supposed to be the awkward nerd friend of the protagonist who is secretly in love with her. But somehow Alberto has absolutely turned over that trope and has breathed life into Simon (pun intended). Simon’s face when his sister discovers the blood in the flask, absolutely broke my heart, because he just wants to be normal and just be around his family again. Imagine being turned into something that your religion considers an abomination and damned, and having no control over it. He has been thrust into a world that he didn’t want it, and with that it will most likely cost him the love of his mother…and maybe his sister. Simon is strong and kind, but he does not give up. He seems to put others before himself, but when it comes to his family he will get his hands dirty. That is why he reacted so negatively when Raphael threatened his mother. He has already lost his father, he can’t lose his mother too. I love Simon and Alberto nails every goddamn scene that he’s in and transcends Simon from the books. I wish I saw more Simon gifs, headcanons, and posts on tumblr. I wish I was able to make graphics and such so I could contribute. But I will have to do what I can to spread love for Simon with my words.

okay this has really been bugging me, so i just wanna get it out of my system

this scene feels romantic to me


well, look at her face! i dont know about the rest of y’all but id expect something that was like “whoa! uncle qrow?! how did you-” or other similar expressions of shock

i mean it was like that at first but then she like dismisses the initial shock and it turns to THIS


look at her

its like

shes looking at him like

“i knew you’d always come through for me”

“i knew you wouldnt leave me”

shes looking at him like hes the most wonderful thing in the world (which he kind of is.. right now,.. given their current situation.. he just saved their lives.) like if hes around, then everything will be okay (which it kind of is now.. hes like really strong) but like in a totally GAY way, you know what i mean, its- 

-its so fond

and, and-

the SOUND she makes 

its like this happy little fond, adoring sigh ive only ever heard in shoujo anime when the girl and the guy are alone together and the guy does or says something cheesy and the girl makes that little sigh like ‘oh what am i to do with you’



and qrow replies with his own little smile, and his totally casual ‘hey’ like a guy trying to play it cool around his crush

h looks and sounds so relieved

fuck. this. shit.