'he's like that with all the maids in camelot


Fandom: BBC Merlin

Word count: 1358

Characters: Arthur x reader, brother!Merlin

Warnings: is flirting a warning? Definitely some tension.

Summary: Arthur finds himself distracted when you deliver his food from the kitchens. Part 2

You wiped a hand across your forehead, longing for the cooler air outside the castle. The kitchen was always hot, but during the summer it was even worse. Your dress was clinging to your back with sweat, only adding to your discomfort.

As you kneaded the bread for tonight’s meal, you didn’t notice your older brother sneaking up behind you. There was a wicked grin on his face as he got to within inches of you, then clapped his hands on your shoulders. You jumped a mile, then spun around to glare at him.

“Really, Merlin?” you yelped. “Was that necessary?”

“Absolutely,” he sniggered. “That was an impressive noise you made.”

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Daggers of Self-Doubt (AKA Rumple is jealous of Merlin and Belle)

What are you reading now?”

Rumplestiltskin certainly appreciated his bedizened vocabulary, but he never suspected he’d look at his maid and think: “adorable.”

But it was indeed, very adorable how little Belle French remained glued to her book, oblivious to his question. She was quite obviously in an intense bit of The Spurned Mother Goose, as she was doing that little squint she always did (not that he had noticed it for any particular reason) when reading a particularly serious passage of a novel.

It took her a moment to note that he was a mere foot away with his index and middle finger ticking back and forth, like the hands on a grandfather clock. Thirty seconds it had taken her to gape up at him, eyes hazy from concentrating so intently on her book. “I…Yes?” Belle slowly questioned, her neck flushing a lovely shade of pink as she realized her attempt at a reply didn’t pertain to his question at all.

“Now, maid, I know I’ve been…excessively kind to you, given you a library, yada-yada, but I do expect some cleaning to take place…”
By the way her face darkened with a challenging grin on her lips, he supposed she was about to say something entirely witty and out-of-place for a maid, but a waver of magic, new magic, made his playful sneer shift into a rather irritated sneer.

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