1764 by Matt Valeriote
Via Flickr:
This mysterious crypt, dated 1764, has piqued the curiosity of New Orleans Square visitors for years. The prevailing rumor about its backstory is that it was once meant to tie the stories of the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean together. Whatever the truth may be, it is a superb detail that deepens the unspoken history of New Orleans Square. Fanatic Photography | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | 500px | Instagram | Disneyland Ultimate Guide | Buy Prints


Toolbag Artist Highlight

Tune in for an exceptional selection of hot pixels.

Artist Credits (top to bottom):

  1. Baj Singh is burning it up with his rendition of Terry Bogard.
  2. Natalia P. Gutiérrez shows us how it’s done with her Master and Padawan characters.
  3. Xavier Coelho-Kostolny spends his free time farming fabulous fungal fellows.
  4. Chris Kuhner’s furry squirrel man will fly into your heart.

Thanks for checking out the latest featured artwork rendered in Toolbag 2. Stay tuned for more next week.