Ich könnte stundenlang von ihm reden.

H. über L.

Ich liebe sie so sehr. Aber die beiden so zu sehen, tut trotzdem weh

“I heard a rumor that Stephanie and Triple H are really stepping up to Vince about treating the Divas with respect and giving them more opportunity. Triple H runs a majority of things at NXT where the Divas there are doing a great job and seem to respect him. He also said on Stone Cold’s podcast that he wanted Divas to have more time. Stephanie brought up the point that UFC is successful with their women because of how they market them, like Ronda Rousey. Thumbs up to Triple H and Stephanie“

‘Christian Louboutin just called me a b***h - that’s awesome!’ before launching into a powerful message about feminism. 'Modern glamorous feminism is about being in a fabulous red soled shoe and being on a pedestal and having a voice and being a three dimensional person,’ she told the crowd.
'A part of me will always be a little girl in New York City riding the subway to the Bronx and I’m so lucky to be in this show. This is the golden age of television and it’s great to be a woman. I only have a job because you guys watch me!’"
—  Kerry Washington, Accepting her award from Glamour

it’s their senior year of high school. maya & lucas share a locker because they have most of their classes together. one day, they have a little dispute over the cleanliness of the locker. maya likes it messy & lucas likes it clean. lucas decides to clean it out & maya catches him. of course, a string of curse words (& a few nicknames) spew like rapidfire. the collar of his shirt is in her clutches. & slowly but surely, she comes in for the kill. though this time, lucas decides he wants to play. he grabs her wrists (not so gently & not so rough) & he backs her against their locker. obviously, this catches her off guard & when she repeatedly opens her mouth to say something he makes little abrupt sounds to stop her from speaking. he leans toward her, his mouth positioning just before her ear, & lets out a breathy whisper. he says something along the lines of “i think it’s time we end our little game, don’t you think?” & he just looks her in the eyes before getting to her level & placing a kiss upon her lips. but then. oh, but then. she decides she wants to be bold & kisses him back (even tugging at his bottom lip with her teeth). she wriggles from his grip and walks off. “you may have ended this game, but it looks to me like another one just started, cowboy.” she says this without glancing back at him. he licks his lips in awe & goes back to cleaning out their locker. “yeah…” he laughs “i had that coming.”