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ok so I know it's not Sunday but I got this idea and well...how about runaway bride Beth is in desperate need of an escape and the only person around is a mysterious looking biker smoking a cigarette at the curb

The Unexpected Road

There’s this thing about being a girl: getting married is expected. Wanting to get married is expected. Is it any wonder, when it starts so young?

You play house or play with dolls, cradling your sweet baby doll close as everyone jokes about you ‘practicing’ for when you have your own kids someday. You dress yourself up in oversized white shirts or your Mama’s discarded white sundress, so big on you that it hangs off one shoulder and trails on the ground as you clutch a bouquet of wildflowers in your hand and practice getting married, to your favorite teddybear or the herding dog, or eventually, to the boy you’re friends with.

You’re so used to it, this expectation, that it seems normal when it turns from silly fun to serious talk. You giggle and laugh in high school, when relatives and family friends joke about your boyfriend, about high school sweethearts and true love and being together forever. You smile when they talk about how they met their husbands and wives in high school too, or how their parents did, or their parents parents. You duck your head and blush when they tease you about your boyfriend, because it’s just what’s expected of you, isn’t it?

It’s expected that this teasing turn into serious questions, that you get “but when are you and that sweet boy going to get married” probably even more than you get “where are you going to college” or “what do you wanna be when you grow up?”. If you feel annoyance at being asked when he’s going to ‘pop the question’, it’s just because you don’t know when he will, right? It’s not because you don’t want him to. Because of course he will. It’s what’s expected. It’s what’s supposed to be.

People have been telling Beth Greene she’ll end up married to Jimmy Hensen since she was like six years old. So when he does pop the question, she says yes, because it’s expected, right? It just is.

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in the photo they found in amethyst's room could the other people on the boat be gems?

based on what we know…it’s pretty unlikely, in my opinion. 

assuming SU is set in a comparable time period to our own (i.e. 2000s, 2010s), “more than 5000 years ago” would place human history at around the 34th - 30th century BCE. those are the earliest days of human civilization—I’m not a historian, but to give you a general idea: based on our understanding, it was in the 35th century BCE that the first civilizations arose in southern Mesopotamia, the 30th century BCE that Egyptian civilization forming along the Nile, and until the 22nd century BCE that Chinese civilization formed along the Yellow and Yangtze rivers.

the picture of the crystal gems that Amethyst has in her room…

…seems to be based on John Singleton Copley’s Watson and the Shark (1774)

…which depicts a real shark attack on Brook Watson off the coast of Havana, Cuba in 1749.

if the First Gem War for Earth took place more than 5000 years ago and we assume that the second invasion led by Blue Diamond arrived and caused the incident where Rose could only save a handful of her closest friends shortly thereafter, then that seriously limits the possibility that the other people in the boat in 1749 were other gems. the other people don’t have visible gems or gem-corresponding color schemes either.

not that it precludes it altogether! you may be right! we don’t know if “the handful of [Rose’s] closest friends” was limited to Pearl, Garnet, and possibly Amethyst—other crystal gems may have survived that catastrophe…like, say, the gem that appears to be Bismuth (to all of you who messaged me that this gem is probably Bismuth—I agree!) that Rose kept in Lion’s mane’s pocket dimension?

that said, I like the ideas of the crystal gems having human comrades throughout history. Greg mentioned to Steven that many humans died alongside destroyed/shattered gems during the Gem Wars for Earth, and the idea that those humans chose to fight for Earth alongside the crystal gems really appeals to me…!

Grind, baby - Calum Hood

Your chest immediately feels heavy once you sit down on Calum’s lap. He’s been watching you change from your work clothes to your comfortable pajamas.

You were pretending you weren’t noticing the way his hands moved to cup himself. He hasn’t taken any of his clothes off yet. For some reason, he likes it when you’re naked and he isn’t; he likes you vulnerable. Only when it comes to sex, of course.

You were never dominant, and you had never experienced the satisfaction of having someone taking good care of you up until Calum came along. His eyes scream dominance, his hands make you submiss to his ways in bed. But he is also the sweetest person you’ve ever met; and outside of the bedroom you’re the one making the rules. You both know it, and you both like it that way.

After teasing him a little bit while taking off your jeans and panties, your butt facing him, he decided you’ve had your fun as the one in power. Now he’s claiming his place back.

You’re completely undressed and your legs are on each side of one of his, the smirk on his face is turning your cheeks a light shade of pink.

"Move, babygirl." Calum says softly yet demanding. He throws his arms behind his torso and leans on the bed, leaving you to take care of yourself.

You gulp, feeling your pussy quivering as you start grinding slowly on him, causing his jeans to get wet with your juices.

"Ca- Calum…" You sigh, taking one of your hands that was once resting on his shoulder to play with your nipple.

The friction of the cloth of his black jeans against your throbbing clit makes you shiver. You notice how, because of how skinny the jeans are, you can feel his muscles tensing up underneath them and you can’t help but grind harder, thrusting with more strength and slightly squeezing Calum’s leg in between yours.

"Come on, Y/N." He grins, lifting your chin up with his hand so your eyes lock. "You can do better than that."

You throw your head back in frustration and accelerate your pace, struggling with keeping up to the rhythm when you feel so weak as your orgasm builds up.

Calum’s hands move to your hips and he holds them roughly, grabbing them too hard, which you can’t deny turns you on. You’re positive that if he holds you like that for much longer you’ll have some bruises in the morning, and the thought itself makes your heart race.

"I’ll help you baby." He smirks, guiding your movements.

You moan loudly, digging your fingernails into his shoulders covered with the fabric of his t-shirt.

You move your hands down slowly and reach for the hem of the shirt, pulling it up his torso and exposing his beautiful chest. You bite your lip and run your fingers down his skin, slightly playing with his nipples and you gaze up at his face; it’s red and he’s clenching his jaw.

"Can you go faster, Y/N?" He asks, almost desperate to see you getting off.

You nod slowly, unsure of being able to do as he pleads. His firm grip gets even tighter and you almost lose control of your own body. It’s like it knows exactly who’s in charge.

"Calum!" You shout unwillingly when his full lips attach to your left breast, his teeth carefully biting down your nipple as his tongue swirls over it, igniting a fire inside of you. "Oh, fuck!"

"Come on. baby." He grins, giving your ass a small spank and you shiver. "Cum for me."

Your back arches and you’re sure that all the air leaves your lungs as you reach your climax. You start to shake, but Calum doesn’t stop moving your hips, causing you to almost collapse on top of him.

Once your done with your intense orgasm, you fall on his chest, and he let’s his back fall on the bed. His hands immediately travel to your back and he rubs it up and down until your heart is beating at a rather normal pace.

"Did it feel good?" He asks, holding you close and kissing the top of your head.

You hum, hugging him tightly. He never fails to make you feel good, whether physically or emotionally and you’ve never been so glad for having someone in your life as you are for having him.


this was really sucky but my friend gave me some ideas so i ended up making this whoop whoop

also this was a blurb sort of thing, that’s why it was soooo short! tell us if you’d like more of these or not. please leave your feedback we love youuu x

every time fave band member is seen out canoodling with another girl

me: [acknowledges] [convinces myself it’s totally platonic] [pretends i didn’t see anything]