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I want my boyfriend to treat me the way chanyeol treats baekhyun but I don't have a boyfriend LOL

Boyfriends AF (Cy)

Hello there darling~ <3 Oh well, who wouldn’t want to be treated like some friggin’ princess every passing moment? And who wouldn’t want to be pampered and cared for? Bc that’s exactly how Cy treats Bh tbh.

This has somehow turned from Cy taking care of Bh to just random domestic stuff BaekYeol has done. HAHAHA but anyways, you guys get the point. Cy is just so ideal boyfriend material towards Bh idek what to say anymore. My gosh, who treats their platonic hommie this well? TT___TT <3

I want someone who smiles bc he’s so in love when he sees me. Just like the way Cy does when he looks at Bh TT__TT

Getting Bh’s attention to show off his “Happy Birthday” hat only to get hit by a chicken leg. Ughh ;;A;;

Being dumb with Bh. ;;A;;

Ofc teasing ur boyfriend is a must haha.

And ofc, initiating skinship <3

gif credits!


Oh and don’t worry you’re not alone. I’m pretty much single as well darling, always have been since birth and I’m proud of it HAHAHA. Let us all hope we find significant others who are as caring and loving as Cy is towards Bh <3 

Thank you for dropping a message darling~ <3 I hope you have a good day! ^^

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School AU!where Suga is a teacher who cares only about his salary but well educated & jimin is a student who got 0 in suga's class since the beginning of it,so suga tried to help him but got rejected by his childish behavior in front of all students but once they're out of the class jimin is actually shy and obedient&somehow it's affect suga&so suga followed his interest but considering by the time that jimin is trying to protect himself by acting harsh&living with the bad boys PLS I NEED THIS

Oh my god anon, the head canons are brought to you by yours truly, with a massive side of feels here forth. took me barely 15 minutes to write because wow also deeper than i though ah 


By the time Yoongi recognizes the limp body on his front door is Jimin’s, he is hyperventilating too hard to be able to concentrate on anything much.

Shit, shit, shit,” he curses out, trying to calm his breathing and kneeling towards a battered up Park Jimin. Yoongi wonders why Jimin has dragged himself here of all places, to his professor’s front porch. Jimin is only four years apart from Yoongi, but he’s still a rash teenager and why it makes Yoongi’s heart clench over the fact that Jimin chose to be around Yoongi is something he dismisses a little too hurriedly.

“You really shouldn’t curse like that. I mean, for a teacher and all,” Yoongi hears Jimin mumble and he takes in a sharp breath, half in exasperation and half in relief of the fact that Jimin was in fact, functional enough to talk.

“Lets get you inside,” is the only thing Yoongi says before slinging Jimin’s arm over his shoulder and half dragging Yoongi to the living room, laying him down on the couch.

It takes twenty minutes for Yoongi to round up all of Jimin’s injuries by which time, Jimin is sitting up on the couch, cringing in pain.

“One bruised eye, a split lip, one cracked knuckle and about five hundred cuts, you asshole,” Yoongi grunts at Jimin, who just shrugs and stares at his feet. 

Yoongi sighs at Jimin’s silence, getting out the cotton and antiseptic. He wets the cotton and kneels in front of Jimin, lifting Jimin’s head with his forefinger till their eyes are level.

“Look at me, alright? This is going to sting a little.”

Jimin nods nonchalantly, avoiding Yoongi’s eyes. Yoongi reaches for Jimin’s lip with the cotton, dabbing it lightly and soaking the blood. Jimin flinches violently, but he doesn’t jerk away. 

Yoongi brushes Jimin’s bangs out of his forehead and places his palm over his forehead. At least he wasn’t running a fever from being out in the cold, Yoongi thinks, but he doesn’t let this relief register on his face.

“What happened, Jimin-ah?” Yoongi says at last, lowering the cotton to his lap and trying to catch Jimin’s eye. Yoongi has a vague idea as to why Jimin would have found his place at all, after the many after school study sessions he had brought Jimin here in an attempt to make the delinquent get a decent grade to pass at the very least.

But at this moment, the boy in front of Yoongi wasn’t a delinquent. He was small and scared and hurt. It broke Yoongi’s heart. Jimin looks to his bruised hands and blushes.

“I got into a fight,” he says simply and Yoongi huffs.

“I can see that,” he snaps and Jimin’s ears go red in shame. Yoongi softens and tries again.

“Park Jimin, look at me,” he says gently and Jimin’s eyes slowly raise to meet Yoongi’s bespectacled ones. 

“You know what I’m going to say,” Yoongi sighs, “But that doesn’t mean I won’t say it anyway. Those boys you hang around at school are bad for you, Jimin. If you can’t hear it from me as a teacher, think of me as someone who cares about you, alright? Please,” he says, swiping at the blood trickling down Jimin’s cheek with his finger.

“I can’t see you hurt like this, Park Jimin.”

Jimin’s face reddens again and he nods, catching Yoongi’s hand mid air in his and clutching it to his heart.

“Thank you, hyung,” he whispers. “Thank you for caring at all when you don’t have to.”

Yoongi considers how he has never worked for anything except fixed wage. Thinks about how little it mattered to him whether a kid passed or failed his grade as long as he got a salary to boot. Thinks about why he cared so much for this boy with red hair and a hard on the outside and soft on the inside attitude who had changed his world.

Yoongi doesn’t have the answers but it’s a world Jimin changed. So Yoongi accepts it gratefully.

“I don’t have to,” Yoongi agrees, raising the cotton again. “But I sure as hell do. You deserve that, at least.”


And then he scolds Jimin gently all night and tells him to get a fucking grip but also fixes him up and calls Jimin’s parents to tell them that he was safe and was ‘pulling an all nighter’ at Yoongi’s place because of some test coming up but he’s actually curled up on the couch in yoongi’s sweats eating soup and then he finishes tending to Jimin’s wounds in which Jimin is a shy ball of fluff and extremely sorry and grateful and ends up sleeping over at Yoongi’s place and Yoongi wishes he knew why the hell he cared for this idiot as much as he did.

And in the morning, Jimin makes Yoongi breakfast and Yoongi tells Jimin to go home and study before he beats Jimin up himself.

The End.


another batch!! i’m actually gonna do the whole thing! wahhooo! (captions as always! they are good u should read them~)

this time it’s:

  • during their morning rituals (if u don’t read the caption i basically say my headcanon which is that howard has insomnia and that’s why he looks tired a lot - and that doesn’t help his tiny eyes)
  • spooning
  • doing something together (naturally i had to choose crimping! wah)
  • formal (ok y’all i tried really hard on vince’s outfit bc i LOVE IT and it’s totally his aesthetic. here is the post with it on (p much all of these are his Look and they’re all beautiful) and here is a close up. i love it so much. howard’s is pretty simple but he’s a simple dude. he even tamed the curls! (sorta, a few stray curls manage to escape the slicked prison))
  • dancing (howard’s just like do u even know how to dance and vince is like ya! *raves* and howard’s like ….can you dance PROPERLY?? and vince is like ??? and thus begins a lesson and it starts clumsy cause howard is huge and vince is a puppet in an outfit but they get into the rhythm and they’re flowing like a gentle stream. and howard keeps holding vince close and vince is just like akdjs;lfkjdg. i used this as a reference for it!)

Oh gosh. I can’t even with you guys. Like. How do I begin?? I guess first of all, I never thought this blog would be successful. Mainly because it’s a multi-muse blog and people usually are very weird about multi-muse blogs?? But I am so happy I was accepted here. As you know, I’ve been around on many different RT muses. And just, having so many blogs was WAY too hard to manage. Since moving all my muses here, it’s been so much easier to manage. I am quite happy with this blog. And god, you guys are so amazing and supportive. I can’t possibly thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me.

Now, I’m not really great with follow forever lists. Mainly because I wanna put EVERYONE on here. But I’m gonna try and just shout out to the people that have been really wonderful to me and that I really appreciate. And then, of course, the senpais. The people I admire so much and would love to be better friends with. So we’re gonna start off with my close and personal friends.

★  THE CREW  ★

@heartiisms ;; My lovely girlfriend, Jaden. Such a precious Meg. We started roleplaying back when I still had my Ryan and she had her Ashley from Until Dawn. I loved our things back then and then we got to know each other and just. She’s wonderful. I’m a bit crazy sometimes, but she seems to understand that. And I can’t thank her enough for her support. I love you <3

@sexyslowmotrash ;; CAAAASSSSS. What can I say about Cas that I haven’t said before? She’s wonderful. She’s been with me since my Michael. Gosh and we have SO many threads. Her Gavin is flawless. I love him to bits and tbh, her Gavin is my main Gavin. And always will be. You are truly one of my best friends.

@heartycu ;; Jordan!!! Gosh, she’s also a wonderful Meg. She doesn’t get enough love tbh but she is SUCH a wonderful person. Like, please. Do yourself a favor and go love all over her. She’s been so supportive and has stuck by my side through a lot. I can’t even express how great you are.

@reqinae / @jerem-6401 ;; Miles is such a great person. He’s been through a lot, but things seem to be improving a bit? But gosh, they are so flawless at Jeremy. I can hear him in the way he writes. I haven’t gotten a chance to play with Mica and Jack yet, but I can’t wait!!

@the-love-inlovenstuff ;; We haven’t known each other a SUPER long time, but god, Arin has been so great to me. I love their Ryan so much. And THEIR ART MAN. JUSt. This is a perfect human being. And you should all go shower them with love and friendship tbh.

@badassblxndes / @ryanflubbinghaywood / @theraginglad ;; God, all of their muses are FLAWLESS. From their Until Dawn muses to their Ryan, Michael and Zach. I love roleplaying with them. Even if I’m slow as hell. And the mun is an absolute sweetheart. If you’re not following their blogs, I highly recommend that you do.


@hayvvoods / @00alpha (and all their many blogs ) ;; Scottie is a bae. He was here when I had my Michael. Soooo long ago it seems. A bit over a year I think? And even though we don’t communicate TOO often, I can honestly say they are, without a doubt, one of my favorites. He has inspired and motivated me to keep going with my blogs when I’ve wanted to quit. Just with a simple word or post. I can’t express in words how wonderful he is and how I’m so grateful to have him as a friend.

@bvrnie ;; My salty little cupcake. Even with all that we’ve been through, I still love you. You were also one of the people who welcomed me to the community when I was still my wee little Michael blog that was new and lonely. I took so much inspiration from you. Hell, I started using icons because of you and now I have a goddamn million of them. You’re a great person despite what anyone wants to say. We all have tough times. We all need breaks. I’m so glad things have resolved here and I am glad to have you as a friend.


Like. I wanna say something about everyone TBH, so don’t think being down here doesn’t mean I don’t fucking adore you. I’m just bad with words and don’t want to make this a SUPER long post. But GOSH I love you guys too.

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