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OOH OOH REQUESTS can you draw Frisk keeping Chara in line somehow? Or Asriel and Chara goofing around (maybe with Chara's "creepy face").

If Frisk remembers previous resets I’d like to think that in at least one they remembered a something, got a little modicum of control back and trolled Chara good by convincing them to try throwing the knife once


I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you were looking for and I apologize if it’s not but it’s just what popped into my head?!! SO YEAH

  • How I always believe "your-choices-matter/multiple-ending" video games will play out: You make dozens of complex moral and logical decisions and they all have consequences! Drastically different events take place! Options branch out into multiple plot trees! NPCs behave differently to you depending on your actions and you actually impact what happens to them! Massively different ending cutscenes!
  • how they always actually play out: Same game every time. Slightly different ending cutscenes. maybe your shirt is a different color in one scene. who cares. nothing you did mattered. the world is full of lies.
Fic: Friendships and Fandoms X

It’s here at last! Sorry about the wait, folks… 

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Previously on Friendships and Fandoms: Gold is on a flying visit to the UK for an audition, Belle has learned who will be playing Lacey, Zelena has overstepped the mark, and Mal has got the truth out of Gold about his feelings towards his make-up artist.


Part Ten

In which: Gold has an audition, has a very long distance date, and almost has a heart attack, and the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland characters stretch their legs a little.

Including a Tumblr cameo by our very own @anonymousnerdgirl!


The agency that Gold was with had an office in Kensington, which was a far cry from the pokey little place in North London that they had started out with when Gold had first signed with them many years ago. Jafar always joked that Gold was their lucky charm since their big break had come just after he had joined them. Declining Ella’s offer of a lift for fear that he might not get to the office alive, Gold made his way into the city centre via the tube and emerged into a torrential downpour typical of a London late summer.

Jafar was standing in the porch of the building with an umbrella, watching his progress along the road with an expression of mild interest and amusement.

“And so the prodigal son returns,” he remarked as Gold came up the steps towards him, and after shaking hands they made their way into the building together. “I trust you had a pleasant flight?”

Gold nodded. “Yes, although I could have done without the death ride that came after. Never hire Ella Furrier as a chauffeur.”

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