'go ahead take him home'

RobStar Week, Day 6 - Anger

(Protective Starfire best Starfire, fight me.)

“Your sarcastic quips are getting old, kid,” the man growled, circling around his captive, fingers itching with irritation.  "This could be so much easier for you if you’d just tell me what I want to hear.“

The villain bent at the waist, leaning down and placing one hand on the corner of the chair back Robin was tied to.

“I’ll ask again,” Wrath hissed.  ”Where… is… the Bat?“ he demanded, punctuating each word for emphasis.

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coffee's for closers

summary: just when you think you’ve learned the faces of all your regulars, life deals you a little surprise.

genre: fluff

pairing: jay park x reader

word count: 1.2k

a/n: just a lil repost of an older fluff for my fave aomg boy! hope you enjoy!

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“You’ve done it! That’s the right answer! Good job, you beat me! Go ahead–take him home! The back door’s right over there. Goodbye, Edward Elric!”

Me, blinking through tears and sobbing: what the fuck fi gh t m e

#21- Niall Imagine for Anon

I hope this is okay and what you wanted! 

You roll over, giggling at the tickling sensation on your legs from your boyfriends leg hairs. You were trying to sleep, but the feeling just continued to pester you, preventing your awaiting slumber.


“Niall, quit it. I’m trying to sleep.” You laughed, rolling over and facing your loving man. You furrowed your eyebrows as he let out a long groan and rolled over, shoving his face deep into his pillow. “You okay, babe?” You questioned, rubbing his back lightly, hoping to get some form of reply.


“I don’t feel good.” Niall whined into the pillow, adjusting so he was laying on his side. You moved your hand up and felt his forehead, gasping at the heat that you felt.


“Baby, you’re burning up.” You stated, jumping up and pulling the sheet up with you to cover your nude body. You ran to the bathroom and soaked a rag in cool water, hurrying back and placing it on his forehead. “Shit, I bet you have what Harry has.” You whispered, kissing his head.


“Fuck, of course this happens on Christmas.” Niall sighed, his eyes lazily opening and closing.


“I need to call my parents and tell them I won’t be able to come today.” You stated, standing up to go grab your phone from your pants pocket which was scattered on the floor, along with your other clothes.


“No, sweets. I want to go today. I’m sure after I take a few meds I’ll be fine.” Niall stated, throwing the rag on bedside table and quickly sitting up.


“I don’t know, Niall. You really don’t look good. We don’t have to go. We can do it next week when you’re feeling better. It’s okay.” You told him as you walked over and sat down next to him.


“Y/N, I really want to go today. You and I have been looking forward to this since last week and I don’t want to not go because of me. I really want to go. Please.” Niall begged. You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair.


“Only if you take a cold shower and some medicine. Also, eat some soup. I don’t want you dying at my family gathering.” You laughed. He chuckled and nodded, quickly agreeing.


“Deal, baby.” Niall leaned forward to kiss you but you leaned back and shook your head.


“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to let me kiss you when you’re sick. Get your ass in the shower. I’ll make your soup.” You told him, gently pulling him up and nudging him towards the bathroom. He groaned and trudged towards the shower, shaking his head and sighing. “If you really feel bad, Niall, then we shouldn’t go.”


“What are you talking about? I’m fine. A hundred-percent fine.” He stated, standing up straight and walking faster towards the bathroom. You sighed, cursing his stubbornness and threw on one of shirts and pulling on a pair of panties. You walk towards the kitchen a begin preparing chicken soup for the both of you, texting your mother and telling her you’ll be there around 1:30.



After making Niall eat his soup, take his medicine, and sit on the couch with a cool rag on his head while you got ready to see your parents, you both finally left his apartment and hopped in the car. Niall still looked very pale (not that he isn’t already pale), so you took the keys and offered to drive.


“Y/N, I can drive. I’m fine.” Niall complained, reaching for the keys. You shook your head and opened up the passenger side door for him.


“No, Niall. You might be okay but I want to drive. You can nap on the way.” You told him, walking over to the drivers side and starting the car.


“Whatever, mum.” You looked at him and rolled your eyes.


“Go to sleep, son.” You poked, laughing as he groaned and laid the seat back.


“Fuck you.”


“You did. Just last night.”


“Shut up, I’m trying to sleep.” Niall mumbled, already drifting off into a deep slumber.




“Mother, I’m home!” You shout as you walk through the door, adjusting your leggings and sweater dress. Your mum walked in, a big smile on her face as she walked over and hugged you tightly.


“Merry Christmas, darling. Oh, we’ve all missed you so much.” She whispered, kissing your cheek. You smiled and stepped back, shoving Niall forward so he could get his share of hugs and kisses. “Oh, Niall! Merry Christmas! I forgot you were coming! Silly me.” Your mother laughed, pulling him in for a tight hug.


“Hi Mrs. Y/M/N. It’s great to see you. Merry Christmas.” Niall whispered, struggling to keep his eyes open.


“Come follow us in the kitchen. Cousin Abby’s here with the new baby and my goodness, he is the cutest thing.” Your mother stated, walking towards the kitchen with pep in her step.


“Don’t you go anywhere near that baby.” You whispered into Niall’s here, grabbing his hand and nonchalantly feeling his forehead. “God, you’re still burning up.”


“It’s okay. I’m fine. No worries.” He lied, walking into the kitchen and sitting on one of the chairs at the table. You sighed and walked towards your mother, placing a smile on your face.


“Need any help, mum?” You questioned, glancing at all the delicious food placed on all the countertops.

“No, babe, we have most of it all set. You go sit with your boyfriend.” She shooed you away and you walked over to your cousin Abby, starting up a quick conversation and holding the baby close to your chest. You babbled as he continued to coo, but noticed Niall hurrying out of the room and quickly returned the baby to his mother.


“Niall?” You questioned, walking out of the kitchen and looking for him in your room and the living room. You hurried towards the bathroom and found him sitting in front of the toilet, gagging and coughing. You walked towards him and fluffed his hair back, filling up a glass of water and placing it down next to him. “Hey, man. Let it out.” You whispered, sitting down next to him and rubbing his back.


“Can we go home?” He desperately asked, looking at you with the saddest eyes. You nodded and pulled him up.


“Drink the water. I’ll go tell my mum.” You told him, rubbing his back and walking towards the kitchen. Your mum smiled at you as you walked into the kitchen. “Mom, I think Niall and I are going to head back home. He’s really sick and I think I’m going to have to take him to the doctor or something. It’s really bad.” You stated, worrying about your boyfriend who was probably throwing up in the bathroom.


“Oh no, it’s fine. You go ahead and take him home. We’ll celebrate another time.” Your mother stated, rubbing your arms with a small smile on her face. You quickly said goodbye and merry Christmas to all your family members, saying Niall said goodbye also. You walked towards the bathroom, sighing as Niall sat in front of the toilet with a miserable look on his face.


“Come on, lucky charms. Lets get you home.”