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Game of Thrones 7x06

(couldn’t wait ya’ll, sorry. blacklist spoilers if you don’t want to see this. I can’t believe this one got leaked so early!)

Tormund and the Hound talking about Brienne was fucking golden. “I want to make babies with her” fucking hell, Tormund, that’s a line straight outta a fanfic that I want to read.

I don’t know what you did in the past, Jorah, but I think you’ve made up for it

Gendry, you MVP. getting the Raven to Dany.

I kinda thought Thoros would die. Totally sucks about Viserion. (what’s worse is the Night King turning him into the monster his people will have to fight. dammit)

But I am glad no one else died

Arya, I know you still see Sansa as that spoiled, bratty older sister who wanted to be Queen. And maybe she DOES still want power, but that doesn’t mean she wants Jon to die or wants to stomp on other people in the process. I love you, Arya, but this was probably the first time I’ve disliked you and also been terrified of you and not in a good way.

Sansa, I’m sorry you are finding out just how far off the rails Arya has gone. Please, please, please, show, fix this. I’m begging you, don’t leave it like this.

also, Sansa, I say just tell the truth to the Lords. it would be worse if Arya did. I know that letter is incriminating, but I think people will understand the circumstances. then again, who knows, they can be fickle; you did bring up how his men first appointed him Lord Commander, then turned on him, and now serve him as King in the North. So she’s right to realize that loyalty, even now, is not unbreakable.

even though I don’t think Little Finger’s advice is always bad, he has an agenda, Sansa. don’t blindly trust him.

Brienne, please stay safe in King’s Landing. I need you to stay safe and alive. (also, give Jamie a kick in the pants and tell him to shape up)

Tyrion bringing up Dany’s past lovers, and including Jon in that, is another step towards this ship

I am glad Daenerys went in and saved her people. And then she waited for Jon! she wanted to see if he survived (which he did thank god. Benjen shows up and saves him, and I have another Stark reunion…but unfortunately only Jon gets out of there)

so that scene on the boat; first, Dany sees Jon’s scars. And she realizes he was telling the truth about getting a knife to the heart. And she also knows, truly knows, that the Night King and his army are real. I love her fierce determination now that she has seen for herself, that her and Jon will conquer this threat together

Jon finally calling her his Queen, and assuring her that she does deserve peoples’ loyalty. God this whole scene, the hand holding, the emotions and everything, was wonderful and gives me all the damn feels.

I can’t wait till the finale.

Y/n : Wow I am so glad I left my hometown

 Felix: Me too dude

 A lost boy: Yeah I’m so happy Pan got me outta there

 Felix: Everyone is so lame I’m so glad I have you all

 Y/n: Yeah fuck them

 Felix: Yeah fuck everyone

 The lost boy: Totally, fuck everybody!

 Peter: Except me!

 Y/n rolls eyes : Yes Peter except you

Happy Accidents - Part 3

So this took a little longer than I intended it to :) But here it finally is! And I’ve already got the next part planned out! So hopefully that’ll be up within the next week ^_^ The response to this series has been beyond amazing! I can’t believe it lol You guys are amazing and I love you all<3 Enjoy! ^_^

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x plus-sized reader
Rating: PG-13 still
Warnings: Just swearing and a little bit of drinking for now
Word Count: 2.2 k

Part 1 | Part 2 
on ao3

The next Friday you’re coming home from yet another long week of work when you see Sebastian outside tossing a football back and forth with a friend. He notices your car and waves you over as you’re driving by, an excited grin on his face. It’s hot as hell today and your windows are down as you roll to a stop in front of his yard, a timid smile on your lips.

“Hey!” he calls as he runs up to your car window. “Hey doll, you got any plans tonight?” he asks, leaning into the window so he can talk to you face to face.

“Hey,” his friend says, a sly grin on his face, giving a little wave as he leans down to peer into the window.

“Hey,” you reply, waving back. A slight blush blooms on your cheeks at his grin and Sebastian’s use of the pet name. You try to shrug it off and act normal. Not developing a major crush on your cute neighbor-slash-friend at all, nope. “Nope. Was just gonna put on my pjs and relax. Why? What’s up?”

“Me and Anthony – this is Anthony, by the way. Mackie, this is the sweetheart I’ve been telling you about –“ your face is hot as your blush darkens “we just got a bonfire pit. We were gonna have some beers, grill up some steaks, make s’mores later. You want in?” Sebastian’s smile is so genuine it makes your insides all warm and gooey as he tips his head to you, eyes hopeful.

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Soulmates 2

Oh you know what time it is?!?! Time for the next installment of the Soulmates series! I’m glad everyone seemed to really like the first one and hopefully this one will measure up to it. Look how long the tag list got! I love you guys! 

Tag list: @i-kneel-for-king-loki @straight-outta-the-asylum @livingthestrongstyle @the-geekgoddes @geekoftv@planetahmane @ajstylesworld @littledeadrottinghood @thatwrestlingfan91@lovemybtrboys @wrestlingbabe @xstylesxclashx @littlebluespoon@gurimujox @superrezzy00 @stardustmoonlightflower @blondekel77@pjanina13 @wrestlingnoob @lady-laura-speaks@phenominalstyles @caffeineandreveries @llowkeys @littlemissava13 @vebner37 @ambrosegirlforever @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  @skrillexslays13

Warnings: Fluff. (We’ll get to the good stuff. There’s a story to be told first.)
Word Count: 2419 (oops again)
Chapter One Linkage

Chapter Two: Kinetic

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computer what the fuck

Something’s bothering me for a while now and I need to get it out.

so Maggie cheated on her long time ex gf and then made her look bad to Alex in this week’s episode.

but hey I guess that’s ok cause Alex forgave her, right?

Well, now I have the trillion dollar question:
What if Mon El were the one who did that??

There would be so much hate towards him that I can’t even imagine.

I love sanvers and I think that Maggie did something bad but she still deserves forgiveness. What I hate is that Maggie is allowed to lie and play the victim but she doesn’t get judged at all but Mon El literally tries to be a better person every single day and is called manipulative and abusive???

Like WTF????????

I’m really done with this free and unfair Mon El judging and this week’s episode was just one more proof of how a big part of the supergirl fandom are big fat huge hypocrates. There it is. I said it.

peanutbuttahs  asked:

Maybe a bit hard to explain this, companions last words while in the ss' arms? Maybe a short story of how they would sacrifice themselves for sole? Figured this might be something different to try? :| did i do that right? X.x

 It’s perfect, don’t worry you did good ^-^

As this one took so long, 4-5 hours because of drafting and re drafting situations and reactions and coming up with the story, it’s going to be the 300 follower celebration post. So thank you everyone for all this wonderful support! You guys are the best and I’ve got more reacts lined up for you!

But for now, come, let us suffer.

(Be warned, it is a long one)

Cait: It was during a sneak attack by the gunners, at the settlement the pair had been stopping at that fateful night. Cait and Sole fought off the main forces heroically, until there were nothing but stragglers left in the fray, however it only took one stray grenade for everything to change. Cait spotted as it rolled in through the doorway and without thinking she pushed Sole as hard as she could out through the door. The blast consumed the shack with Cait inside. Sole jumped to their feet and dove onto the rubble, frantically clawing away until they saw Cait’s crimson hair amongst the dust, they pulled her limp body out as her coughs produced splatters of blood. Propping Cait up as Sole placed her on their lap, she could only muster a tired smile of despair as she lay in their arms. Her voice had become a raspy echo to Sole, “Listen… I want to thank you… thank you for everything you’ve done for me,ye’ helped me turn me fucked up life around an’ for that I can’t thank ye’ enough, I’m… I’m just sad it had t’end this way.” Cait looked Deep into Sole’s eyes and they held her close “I’m glad ye’ took up with me”  Cait smiled a little after she cleared her chest with Sole holing her in their arms, that smile though gently faded away as Cait drifted from Sole’s arms into the abyss. Sole, upon realising she had gone, burst into tears, holding Cait’s lifeless body close as they rocked back and forth with muffled cries on the cold wasteland mud.

Curie: Curie’s devotion to Sole meant she would often fearlessly charge the fight and run to Sole’s aid. Caught out in the thunder and rain, the two came under heavy fire from a gunner patrol. Sole was pinned down and had seemed to draw all of the gunners fire, Curie unleashed hell on those who dare shoot at her Sole, she charged in and took on the last few remaining and on her own and sent them running. Curie turned but turned to see a Sole filled with horror and fear, Curie then discovered why as her legs gave out and as she fell into Sole’s catching arms her delicate face had become overrun with fear and realisation, in the fray she had taken a hit but with so much adrenaline coursing through her she did not notice. Curie knew it was fatal, she was petrified. She didn’t want to die and she didn’t want Sole to see her like this. Sole slowly helped her down into their lap, cradling Curie’s delicate blood-soaked frame in their arms, all the while nervously throwing “NO NO NO NO” out in repetition. “My love… I am so scared… please… I don’t want to die.” Sole cradled her head against their chest, keeping Curie safe from the harsh rain. Her petite hands held tightly onto Sole’s shirt as she cried softly into their chest, the dark grew nearer and Curie’s fear grew with it. When Sole felt Curie’s grip loosen and release, they were torn apart. Sole in despair just wanted to reach over, pick up their pistol and go into the darkness after their Curie, but couldn’t, they knew it would be the last thing Curie would want, and they did not plan on spitting on Curie’s memory by ending it all in when they had so much to live for and so many new things to learn and discover, Sole felt it as their personal mission to live on as Curie would have wanted it.

Codsworth: When Codsworth and Sole accidentally stumbled into a Super mutant hotspot all hell broke loose, Sole unleashed hell in the form of hot lead spraying from their combat rifle and Codsworth cut mutant after mutant apart. It must have taken about 10 to subdue Codsworth and rip him to pieces, Sole upon seeing this butchered the last few in swift violent succession. Codsworth’s appendages had been strewn all across the ground, beyond any form of repair Sole came and sat next to Codsworth who’s main body leant against the wall, but one of his three eyes remained. In Codsworth’s cautious voice, that he only reserved for when he knew something wrong “Sir/mum… I f-fear they may have got me” Sole could do nothing but look despairingly at the Mr. Handy who had been loyal to him for over 210 years, sparks resonated from where Codsworths limbs used to be, in his disparity Codsworth cried out “Ohh sir/mum… I’m so terribly sorry for all this, please… don’t be too disheartened” even in his last moments Codsworth put his master ahead of himself, Sole was torn when Codsworth finally slipped away.

Danse: When Sole took a hit to the leg, fighting a synth patrol and could barely stand, Danse took it upon himself to clear out the scum who dared to hurt his Sole and comrade, as he stepped into the fire-storm, he understood what the outcome would be but thought it best for Sole to have a chance of getting out of this hell hole. Shots from institute rifles ripped pieces from his power armour until only the frame remained. Danse had managed to terminate every last synth but not without taking damage of his own. He signalled for a vertibird pickup, and while he waited he tried to stop the excessive bleeding from his abdomen, to no avail. When Sole crawled over to their loyal friend Danse had grown cold, Sole’s delicate hand on his face however rejuvenated him, for the time he needed anyway. Danse gazed into Sole’s eyes and Sole gazed back lovingly, Danse smiled as best he could despite his wounds “Soldier… I have to say, I’m glad Maxson put you under my command, serving… with you has been a great honour and I feel closer to you than anyone else” Danse reached out, his weakened hand embraced Sole’s and he held it close to him, when he and Sole made one final time, his eyelids weighed heavy and Sole could see Danse could not hold on for much longer “Ad… Ad V-victoriam” the last syllables floating on an echoed gasp as Danse gently slipped away. Sole ignored the excruciating pain from their leg to prop themselves up next to Danse’s body, leaning their head on his lifeless body and softly crying out for their friend. 

Deacon: It was the dead of night and Deacon and Sole were gathering information on Brotherhood activity in the area. They entered into the ruins of one of the various towers that occupied Boston’s skyline, when the door  opened and the two were greeted with the death glare of a lone assaultron, Deacon flung Sole down behind the wall as the Assualtron opened up on poor Deacon, as Deacon received the blow to his upper chest he fragged the bastard and left it in a smouldering pile. Deacon coughed up an un-godly amount of blood as he fell against the wall, Sole rushed over and started to panic frantically “DEACON!! SHIT… SHIT,SHIT,SHIT!” Sole exclaimed as they took Deacon in their arms, in a pained sigh Deacon checked the damage “O-oh… Sh-shit, I… I don’t think I can lie my way outta this one I’ll be honest… hey, listen, while… while I got some time left I- I wanna tell ya’, throwing in with you? Best decision I ever made, I know I got a rep as a liar, b-but… trust me when I say I’m glad you put up with my shit this long” Deacon’s heartfelt honesty had Sole tearing up, they couldn’t believe Deacon had just taken the full force of an Assaultron for them. As Deacon lay dying Sole was distraught. Sole took Deacon’s head in their hands and pressed their forehead to his, he was… colder now, a slight warmth remained and Sole could still hear Deacons subdued final breaths. When Deacon had gone Sole just sat propped up next to them, their head resting on Deacon’s shoulder, their fingers entwined with their friends. Sole softly sobbed into Deacons shirt as they sat with what once was him.

Hancock: It was at Diamond City when it happened, taking a break at power noodles, downing some of Takahashi’s freshest batch, when Hancock spotted someone in the reflection of Takahashi’s protrectron glass, a triggerman. Drawing a silenced sub-machine gun behind Sole’s back was not something Hancock was not going to allow, springing up and diving in front of Sole, Hancock was the one to take the shots, he’d rather not take any but if Sole was involved he’d take on the Brotherhood single-handedly if it meant he could keep Sole safe. Riddled with bullets Hancock fell back against the bar and collapsed to the ground taking all manner of bowls and cups with him, Diamond City Security all piled on the triggerman as Sole took hold of their friend, with considerable struggle Hancock let out “Ah jesus… that hurt more than that hangover after rolling with Cait… shit” Hancock’s intervalled gasps were filled with pain as Sole dragged them through into Home Plate, “F-fuck… some daddy-o’d be pretty damn good right about now” Sole unbuttoned Hancock’s shirt to reveal the extent of the damage, no amount of stimpacks in the world could help him now and he’d lost too much blood to be operated on. Hancock took Sole’s hand, he knew it was the end and would rather be still with his Sole than have them running about panicking “Listen… love, I ain’t got long so I’ll be out with it, I’m glad, glad that we happened, you’re one hell of… one hell of a friend, gettin’ to wake up next to you every mornin’? Better than any chem trip” Sole immediately busrt, one last passionate kiss was in order. Sole felt all movement from their lover cease, placing their head on his still chest, they cried quietly “Oh Hancock… please…. please don’t go…” Sole cried into Hancocks bloodied shirt for the rest of the night.

MacCready: As a merc you wouldn’t think MacCready would be overly enthusiastic to sacrifice himself for anyone apart from Duncan, however Sole wasn’t just the person who threw some caps MacCready’s way anymore, they were his friend, his confidant, his lover. When a passing vertibird mistook them for raiders and opened fire, MacCready pushed Sole down, them landing down on the river bank almost going in for a swim, while of course MacCready soaked up the odd hit or several as he fired back, despite his cowardly nature he’d rather die than see Sole hurt, so when Sole found MacCreay propped up against a tree, you know he was more concerned about how they were holding up compared to his concern for himself. As MacCready lay dying he took Sole’s hands in his, with all his strength he looked deep into their eyes “I know this is fucke- er I mean I know this is messed up but… I wanna thank you, you didn’t have to help me but you did and the fact is I’m so grateful for that, the day… the day you told me you loved me was the greatest day of my life, you made me happy everyday we were together, I’m just… I’m just sorry this it how it en-” Before MacCready finishes the macabre sentence, Sole just wants to feel MacCready’s lips against theirs one last time. Whenever Sole thought of MacCready after that day, it was with a quaint smile and running their thumb over the little wooden soldier he had gifted to them weeks before, treasuring it for the rest of their days. 

Nick: Nick being a synth of high honour and decency, meant he had no quarrel putting his life on the line for his friends, so when in Goodneighbour Sole and Nick were getting harassed by the local drunks, it was only a matter of time, despite Sole’s and Nick’s attempts, before fights broke out, a single gunshot was heard before the neighbourhood watch flooded The Third Rail, dispersing the drunks, when the room cleared, Nick was on the floor, back perched up against the bar, Nick’s circuitry was badly damaged and being a prototype, there were no parts to replace the damage. “Hell.. I’m sorry kid… I don’t know what happened, now… I’m positive I ain’t got a lot a time before the old motor konks out, so… I want you to promise me you’ll take care o’yourself, don’t let all that good we’ve done for people go to waste now kiddo, I… I appreciate everythin’ you’ve done the last few weeks, you’re… you’re a good friend” Nicks golden eyes began to fade, when the last flicker had ceased, Sole knew Nick was gone.

Piper: Sole was not unknown in the Commonwealth and had made some enemies along the way. When gunners dispatched some goons to take out Sole they tracked them to Diamond City, specifically Publick Occurrences. As one entered through the roof door they saw Sole asleep, although they couldn’t see Piper, as they approached, footsteps creeped up the stairs, Pipers soft voice saying “Hey Blue, guess who’s ho-” Piper broke into pained gasps as she fell to the floor. The goon had been startled and in panic had stabbed Piper right in the gut. At the same time as Piper let out pained gasps, Sole had erupted from slumber at the sounds of their lovers pain, when Sole saw a gunner standing in Piper’s house with a bleeding Piper on the floor, Sole went beserk, tackling and almost ripping the goon’s head off in rage. A panicked Sole went to Pipers aid, she lay curled on the ground like a spoon, clenching her wound with intense agony and tear filled whimpers. Blue cradled her in their arms and placed her ever so gently down on the bed, reassuring her everything was fine, sweet meaningless nothings to calm Piper, seeing her covered in blood with tear filled eyes destroyed Sole on the inside but on the outside it wasn’t an option but to remain strong for her. Crying into Sole’s chest as they held her close she cried, “Blue… I’m- I’m scared Blue… I- I don’t wanna die… I don’t wanna die Blue” Sole saw the amount of blood Piper had lost in such a short time, they probably knew it was unlikely Piper would make it. Sole did everything they could, stimpacks and basic first aid but no use. Sole could do nothing but just cradle Piper in their arms and gently rock and forth as they cried uncontrollably “Blue… Blue? Don’t… don’t let me go” At this point Sole was a hysterical mess inside but they kept as much as it under control on the outside, although it didn’t help much, Piper could see her Blue’s pain as she grew ever more pale, as she looked them in the eyes she brought their forehead to hers, she yearned to have one last kiss but was far too weak. Piper’s hand she had brought Sole’s head to her with had lost it’s strength, Sole cried against Pipers forehead as they saw her eyelids slowly closing. Pipers head fell back and her body was limp, Sole refused to believe she was actually gone and cried their heart out against Pipers chest as they called out, begging, pleading for her to come back. 

Preston: After countless attacks on raiders, driving out the scum of the Commonwealth, Preston drew the short straw when in the heat of another battle he dived in front of Sole, taking the shot from a sniper he had see eyeing up the general. Preston fought on but not without great difficulty, every move Preston made was arduous torture. When he and Sole had finally cleared the raider scum, Preston stumbled in agony and collapsed against his general. As strong as Preston was he couldn’t hold on for ever. He tried to grit his teeth through the pain but it was too much, even for him “G-general” he uttered through his agony “General, I… I’ve got to… to tell you something” Sole begged Preston to be still and wait for reinforcements to help but Preston knew his time was short and wanted to say what he had to say, “General… I’m so glad… to… have met you. Before you… I- I was lost, I… was ready to give up on life, but.. you- you saved me, made me believe again… and for that, I can’t thank you enough… what we had together was… was the best my life had ever been, remember that even though… even though I’m gone, I’ll always… love you” As Preston lay dying in their arms Sole only thought it was right to embrace their love one last time, by the time they removed their lips from his, Preston had grown cold and silent. He was gone.

Strong: Strong’s intrepid bravery and psycho temper meant he was formidable in battle “STRONG, SMASH!” he yelled as he caved the heads of synth after synth in, but alas even strong had his limitations and could not take on the whole institute, he fought bravely as Synths overwhelmed him, his saving grace in the form of Sole blasting each one of the metal bastards off of Strong. Strong’s wounds were decisive, he wouldn’t make it through this one, not even with all the Stimpacks in the world. A punctured gut, severed artery, shattered arm, Strong knew he was done, even Super Mutants weren’t indestructible. As strong lay dying he declared to Sole “Human good… would make good Super Mutant, Human fight and kill… Strong is glad to have met Human, Human show Strong milk of human kindness, Strong… re-respect H-Human” Strong held on long enough to finish what he had to say, before drifting off into the abyss

X6-88: Spotted by a heavily armoured Brotherhood patrol X instantly became a target, he drew the fire from Sole to allow an escape, X could have easily teleported away, but instead stuck with his fellow warrior and friend, as his bond with Sole transcended the limitations X had as a synth. After the fighting had stopped and the patrol scattered, X had taken considerable damage; a missing arm, shattered leg and profuse bleeding from all over, although he was a synth, it looked damned real to Sole. X looked like any other human at this point. “Sir/ma’am, I have to get something out before I shut down, I… respect you, when Father first assigned me to you, I doubted your capabilities, but… holy shit I was wrong, I feel honoured to have fought alongside you…” Sole didn’t expect to tear up at X’s passing, but after the time they had been together Sole had grown fond of him, even without realising they had grown attached to him.

Dogmeat can obviously never die so he wasn’t included in this one.

I set out writing this when I was one or two followers off 300 and now when I finish this behemoth of a react I’m almost at 400, thanks you guys so much for all the support! I really cant thank everyone enough! I hope you all enjoy this one!

anonymous asked:

"Yes I did beat him up, and no I won't apologise" - Widowmaker (for the bad idea prompts)

**I left it a little open ended because it can be continued if you want…

You had been at Talon for well over a year now, but you still found yourself getting nervous around your colleagues. You were quiet most of the time and kept to yourself; you were more of an observer. Even now, they were bickering about something and you sat and listened, well, somewhat. You had blocked them out for the most part and didn’t want to be involved in the argument in any way.

Suddenly, you hear, “What do you think, débutant?” You look at them and they’re all looking back at you. You can even feel Reaper’s eyes on you though his mask is on.

“Huh?” Your response only seems to rile them up more. Sombra rolls her eyes and Widowmaker gives a small laugh while Reaper continues to look at you.

“I told you she wasn’t listening. I don’t blame her,” Sombra says with a smile before heading to the door and walking out.

“What good are you if you’re not going to help out when we have problems?” Reaper asks, annoyed but you’re sure he was still angry at the conversation and not at you.

“I’m sorry, sir. I thought it best if I stayed out of it. I haven’t been here long enough.”

“Your input is still important,” Widowmaker cut in and Reaper turned his head to her slowly. “Le commandant is just upset that he’s getting overrun by women.”

“Don’t call me that,” Reaper growls. “And that is not the reason I’m upset…”

“I…um…” They start arguing again and you can’t get a word in. “Maybe…” Nope. They were still going. It was probably best if you left now. “I’m going now.” You sneak out before anyone could stop you. You honestly still had no idea what they were going on about and you’d rather not know.

“They still going at it in there?” Sombra asks, appearing at your side. You nod and Sombra scoffs, “They never agree on anything.”

“I’m sure they’ll come to an understanding soon,” you say hopefully.

The hacker looks at you and lets out a laugh, “You kidding? They’ll be in there for the rest of the day screaming at each other.”

“Well, I’m glad I got out of there when I did then.” You both laugh then Sombra looks behind her and her eyes widen. “What is it?” You look back and see Widowmaker storming over in your direction.

“I’m outta here,” Sombra says and disappears before you can stop her.

You try to walk faster, pretending that you didn’t see anything or anyone, but Widowmaker is hot on your heels. “I cannot believe that…that imbécile!” she says and you jump as she is right behind you.

“What happened?” Did you really want to know?

“No one is in charge of me!” she shouts suddenly.

“O-okay.” You put your hands up defensively. You hear a door slam behind you and turn to see Reaper fixing his coat and his mask. What happened in there? “Gotta go…” You try escape but Reaper appears in front of you breathing heavily.

“I’m gonna kill her!” he says.

“I’d like to see you try!” You were stuck in between the two of them and trying to squeeze your way out.

“What happened?” You turn to Reaper first, but he didn’t say a thing. You look at Widowmaker and she makes a face, “Did you…?”

“Yes, I did beat him up, and no I won’t apologize,” she says and your eyes widen.

“She didn’t…beat me up. She…punched me. There’s a difference. She ran away before I could get my revenge.” Reaper bites out.

“I did not run from you, ghost man.” They’re face-to-face again and you just look at both of them and…start laughing. They both look at you in shock.

“You both are really something else. I’m out of here.” You walk away and don’t hear footsteps or a billowing coat behind you so you think you’re safe. You hear them continue bickering as you walk away and shake your head.

Suddenly, Reaper appears in front of you and you almost scream. You wished he would stop doing that. “Yes…sir?”

“She didn’t beat me up,” he tells you.

“Um…okay.” You nod to show him you understand. He doesn’t say anything else so you start walking away.

“I don’t put my hands on women… that’s the only reason she got away with what she did,” he admits and you stop in your tracks.

“I understand, sir…”

“I would appreciate if this just stayed between the 3 of us?”

“Of course, sir.” You stand there awkwardly for a moment until he nods stiffly and moves around you then vanishes in a cloud of black mist. You smile and run off to tell Sombra what happened.

You’d deal with the consequences later.

I had a dream last night that the country was in some fucking state of lawlessness and air force one had crashed and trump had a gun and was trying to shoot me but he was a terrible shot and ran outta bullets so i just ran up and clocked him and took his gun and ran off like “check out my sweet new revolver” except then i realized what exactly am i going to do with it? I’m glad i don’t remember what happened after that because that sounds really stressful, trying to explain to national security why you’ve got the gatdam president of the United state’s personal firearm

Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by anon: “I’ve got you” with Pride

I don’t really have a good gif for this, so just enjoy a great ass shot

Word Count: 263

Warnings: none

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

The suspect kicked you over the edge of the balcony of the three story house.  You quickly grabbed onto one of the metal bars that bordered the balcony.  You looked below you, noticing the metal gate below your feet.  The metal fence was pointy and you were starting to feel nervous about dangling above a fence that could easily impale you.

You could feel your grasp on the metal bars starting to slip.  You blamed the New Orleans humidity.  When you tried to pull yourself up, it only made things worse.  “Pride, LaSalle!  He’s coming your way” you shouted, hoping that they would hear you.  

Pride ran through the third story of the house, trying to find you.  He ran out onto the balcony, seeing your hands around the bottom of the bars.  He rushed up to the railing, reaching over it and grabbing your arms.  “I’ve got’cha [Y/N],” Pride mumbled as he pulled you up and over the balcony.

Once Pride set you safely on your feet, you peered into his warm green eyes.  “Thanks for saving my life Dwayne,” you smiled.  You glanced over the edge of the balcony.  “I guess we know how he killed his wife.”

“LaSalle’s got ‘im in cuffs,” Pride noted, patting your shoulder.  “C’mon, let’s get outta here.”  Pride led you away from the balcony, his hand resting on the small of your back.

He was glad he go to you in time.  You were important to him.  You weren’t just one of his agents, you were someone he held near and dear to him.

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Oh, talented and well-opinionated Mod Thimble, could you please write a halloween-y, scary scenario in which some high ranking Decepticon (Megs, Starscream, etc.) falls for/kidnaps a human gal who is just utterly flummoxed and frightened by the idea that a giant alien robot that wants to enslave her planet just wants her in general. Like, make it something out of an sci-fi horror movie.

boi if u ever want more opinions sEND AN ASK. im too opinionated 4 my own good probably lmao. im not too good at legit horror, so i hope this turns out alright! also bc i feel like it has way more impact this way, the con im choosing is Starscream, bc the idea that you don’t matter to the leader, and could be ordered away without a single thought? thats scary.

Starscream (Transformers: Prime)

You’ve lost track of how long you’ve been trapped in this cage. It’s felt like days, but fear makes things hazy and wrong. Has it really been days? Only hours? Merely minutes? You don’t know. All you know is that… you were terrified.

Some kind of… giant robot had captured you. It was slim, sharp…. it lacked a face. It had only said one thing- in a haunting, gravely voice- to the other robots following it.

“Retrieve the human /unharmed/.”

You had tried to run, but were caught easily. Now here you were. Trapped, defenseless… alone. You huddled into the corner, shaking. You stared at the wall, eyes blank as tears silently fell.

You only looked up when the door opened. The faceless creature walked in, followed by… a sleek, gray monstrosity. It had a timid air of authority- not enough to signify leadership, but it was clear this one was ranked highly.

Your cage shook, and you fell as it raised into the air. It swung slightly, making you whimper softly. You were eye-level with the winged monster. It smiled, the expression dripping with amusement.

“My, you’re even more… lovely… in person.” You reeled back at the voice, eyes shooting to the silent mech in the corner. that wasn’t the faceless one’s voice? It was this one’s? Your eyes shifted back to the red ones staring through you.

“I know you’re confused, and scared, but don’t worry,” he purred, although the comforting tone in his voice seemed forced. “I, your new master, will keep you safe from harm.” Your blood ran cold. You didn’t react as he reached up, unhooking the cage from the chain suspending it. The robot began walking, dismissing the faceless one.

“I know your name by now, my dear, so you don’t need to introduce yourself. I am Starscream- but you will call me Lord Starscream.” Your head snapped up, looking up at him through the clear cage ceiling. You finally forced out a sentence, voice cracking from fear.

“What do you want with me?”

He chuckled, entering what appeared to be his room. You were set down in, what looked to be, a large enclosure. It was furnished much like a human room- aside from the clear, smooth walls. It had minimal furnishings- a bed, table, dresser, and a desk and chair. You noticed a few other things sitting on the large table in the middle of the enormous room- what looked to be boxes, and an already-made shelf.

“I wanted you for myself, before we enslaved your planet,” he said, as if he was answering a normal question- like ‘what’s the weather today’. The cage opened, letting you free- into the larger cage.

“Be grateful I went to such lengths to furnish your new home with human-standard furniture. It was a hassle to collect.” You didn’t move from the platform of the smaller cage, making him scowl.

“En… Enslave my planet?” “Yes- will I have to repeat myself all the time with you?” Your eyes went wide. Confused, and angry, you felt tears fall again.

“Why me?!” “I happened to find you one day, while out on a patrol. I don’t know what drew me to you…” He reached into the cage, running a talon over your skin. You flinched away from the deadly digit. “But I knew, after watching you a while… that I had to have you for myself.” He’s just glad Megatron allowed him this one indulgence.

Starscream smirked, looking down at your terrified, tear-filled eyes.

“The first human pet to the Decepticons… the first consort to the future leader- those titles have nice rings, don’t they?”

Happy Birthday, Kiyotaka

I’m taking a small break from requests to write a birthday fic!! Sorry this is a few days late. 

Plot: Ishimaru has never really had a birthday, so Mondo throws him a surprise one. Really fluffy. Too fluffy for my own good I need to write more death probably

I guess warnings for mentions of bullying? Not much though

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Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World, 7/12/76 Soundcheck

Hey, Happy Birthday Keith!

Ever camera-shy, he’s barely visible in this great video. But his very fine contributions are certainly audible.

There are a lot of words you can use to describe 1976 Dead, and one of them certainly could be “cocaine”. Whatever; I always feel super warm and fuzzy when I’m nestled deep into a thick & gooey Eyes jam, and this one certainly applies. I often feel like Jerry got his butteriest tone outta that Travis Bean.

Give this vid a few minutes to find itself. You’ll be glad you did.

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nope. unfortunately, it was one of those really sharp, probably shouldn't leave the kitchen knives. scared the shit outta me. thankfully he got arrested. the universe doesn't seem to like me much (lowkey gonna just start putting 🍀 on my asks if that's chill as a sort of ironic joke)

I am horrified AND legit scared for your life!!! anon,, the fuck, why is the universe so unfair to you,, my poor bab. I’m glad that he got arrested but ohh my godd I am so sorry you had to experience something like that. The universe rly likes to fuck innocent people’s lives,, I feel you on that. And oml yess do that it would be so funny

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talk!! about!! wa2p!! <3

Anonymous said: talk about them! @wa2p

firstly i lovve apis hes such a good troll i remember first talkin ta him so damn long ago an i lovve that i still get ta talk ta him hes too good too soft an he deservves the best i wwouldnt hesitate ta fight someone for him an i adore jokin around wwith him an teasing him he wworries me sometimes an i knoww he struggles wwith shit but he tries his hardest an its amazin ta wwatch hes wwonderful i wwant the best for him hes one a my feww purely platonic friends and i appreciate the fuck outta him i lovve him so much hes a damn gem of a person if ivve got my say on it im glad he seems so much happier lately an it honestly brightens my damn day

Imagine #88

Character: Minho

Rating: K

Words: 1,197

Warning: nothing really

Request: Maybe change it around that y/n gets struck by lightning instead and he helps her and realise that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her?


Minho x Reader they like each other but they don’t know that the other likes them until they just come out and say it! Don’t know if that makes sense but please make it cute! Thank you

A/N: So not many of you answered but you guys seem to want a Minho one so tada! I was actually working on an entirely different Minho imagine last night but I got this request and then I couldn't focus on the other one I was writing because I really wanted to write this one, so enjoy!


It wasn’t the greatest thing waking up to Thomas screaming, especially when you felt like you had barely fallen asleep. You were huddled around the other Gladers, sleeping on a flat plain in the middle of the desert. 

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